My first encounter alone

When my husband and I first got into the lifestyle we agreed that we would only play together and we would not play alone. Little did I know that in the fall of last year I would break that rule; I had to call the manager of our apartments to have the maintenance man come over to fix our kitchen sink, just after he got it fixed we started talking and he told me that he owned a couple of horses and wanted to know if I would want to come out to his place to see them as he was going to need help taking care of them. I said ?yeah that would be great as I love horses and would love to have some time out of the house every now and then.? He the asked me if I would like to come over that day to see them.?

Well of course I agreed. When we first got in his truck to go to his place I didn?t even suspect that he was even interested in me in that way, we got to the house and saw the horses and then he took me inside to show me the house, which I still thought this was all innocent until we started to leave. As we got to the door he asks me for a hug and I agreed.

He started hugging me and the next thing I know we are locked in this really hot full tongue kiss and oh my god was it good. I then pulled away from him as all of the sudden I felt like I can?t do this my husband isn?t here and I had not had sex with anyone but him in the 7 years we had been married. Well the next thing I know his hands are all over my ass and he is pulling me toward him for more kissing and groping, never in my life did I think I would give in to a man like this that wasn?t my husband. His kisses were so hard and long I started soaking my panties and jeans standing there at the door as we are getting ready to leave or so I thought. When he broke the kiss this time he lead me to the bedroom and told me that He had been watching me for weeks and loved the way my ass looked in my workout pants and that it really turned him on.

He then pulled me to him and I could feel his hard cock against me as he held me for another long hard kiss. By this time I was so hot that I didn?t care what happen next. He then starts to run his hand all over my body as if he was reading brail and making me shiver and shake all over as he then move his hands under my shirt to lift it up so he could get to my breasts and touch and kiss them. When his lips found my now hard nipples I moaned and pulled him closer to me. I then finished pulling off my shirt and bra and took off the rest of mine and his clothes so we could get our hands all over each other. When I looked down and saw how big his cock really was I thought to myself I didn?t know if I could take all of him. As he was pulling off his pants I got on my knees and took him in my hand and finished getting him hard again so I could take him in my mouth. I first just ran my tongue from his ball to the head and just from that he tasted good and I couldn?t wait to have his entire dick in mouth. I then slowly ran my tongue around his head and started to take him in my mouth as I did this he reached around the back of my head and grab a handful of hair as if to hold him up as I swallowed most of his throbbing cock in my mouth.

As I started sliding my mouth up and down on his cock I could taste his pre-cum as he got more excited with each stroke. He then pulled me off of his cock and put me on the bed. He then starts kissing my stomach and moving down until he is lightly licking and kissing the inside of my thighs I can feel his hot breath on my soaking wet pussy. By this time I am moaning and grabbing the bed sheets waiting to feel his tongue on my wet clit. He slowly started kissing and licking me to tease me, as I got more excited he begin to lick and suck my clit harder and faster. After about 5 min of this he inserts a finger in my dripping pussy and begins to fuck me with his fingers and rubbing my g-spot to make me cum in his mouth. After about five more minutes of this I start to feel my body shake as I get close to orgasm, I am also at this point moaning and screaming for him not to stop.

He then slowly moves up on top of me and I can feel his hard monster pressing against my hot, wet pussy, begging him to put it in me and to have his way with me. He then slowly starts to kiss me so I can taste my own juices on his tongue and mouth as a hungrily lick and kiss my juices off of him, he then reaches down and begins to rub is hard cock on my slit to get it wet before he begins to enter me. I then feel his hardness press against my opening and slowly slide in and then begin to thrust back and forth moving faster and faster as we both get hotter and hotter. He is telling ?god your pussy is so wet and hot I could fuck you all night long? as he says this I feel my next orgasm start gripping and releasing his hard cock as he is fucking me. Just about the time this orgasm stops I feel the next one start and I feel his hard member jerk and twitch as he is about to cum. I tell him that I want to have him cum in my mouth so he pulls out and I start sucking him until I feel him stiffen up as he erupts in my mouth, hot squirt after salty squirt. I try to swallow it all but he is cumming so much that I can?t swallow it all and it runs down my chin and lands on my tits. As we both get off of the bed to get dressed he tells me that he wants to do this more often as well, I then tell him that I have to talk to my husband first but that shouldn?t be a problem. So we get dressed and get in his truck so he can bring me home and he can get back to work. When I get inside I realize that I?m not sure how to tell my husband about all of this but that is a story for another time.

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