My first fivesome

One of the last things people on SLS look for is a single male. The very last thing most people on SLS look for is what I am, a single bi male. I very seldom ever request a chat from someone and sometimes I will email someone to see if they are interested. Meeting people from SLS is not a hard thing but it can be difficult. I got a chat request the other day from a couple nearby. I looked at their profile before accepting the chat and noticed both were straight. I know a lot of couples will put the male being straight when they are actually bi or curious so they don’t scare off most couples. When a couple sends me an email or request a chat I am pretty sure the male is either bi or curious. I started chatting with the couple and they both seemed very nice. They asked me if I wanted to meet them that night at a local bar. When I got there I noticed that looked exactly like their pictures, which made me happy.

The wife wanted me to sit in between them on the bench they were seated at. When sat and talked and had a few drinks. The meeting was going very well, when all of the sudden the wife took my hand and layed it in her lap. At the same exact time the husband started touching my cock through my pants. This answered one very important question, were they interested in me? My hand made its way under her dress where I found out she had no panties on. I started playing with her pussy as my cock of course was getting hard with her husband playing with me. I love big woman, always have and this woman was exactly what I wanted. She was about 250 lbs and a size 50JJJ bra. She had no problem wearing a blouse that showed off her massive tits. It was very difficult to not stare at those tits. We sat and played with each other under the table for awhile when the wife said you guys ready to go? I payed the bar tab and headed out the door. I aksed where too and they replied we have a hotel room right down the street. I followed them to the hotel and we both parked.

I walked behind them into the hotel and headed to their room. When we got to the room they asked if I would go get some ice. When i got back to the room both of them were naked. The walked over to me and she and I started kissing. As we kissed her husband started to undress me. When he pulled off my pants and underwear and started sucking my cock while his wife and I were making out. My bi experience has only been oral and never had done anything else with a man. I have had a woman fuck with me a strap on so I was not a total virgin in the ass. We all made it to the bed and I started eating her pussy. My ass was in the air on the bed when I could feel her husband touching my ass. All of the sudden I could feel some lube on my ass then his cock entering my ass. I am very thankful that he was not a big man when it came to his cock. there I was eating pussy and he was fucking my ass. He really started fucking my ass when i could feel a thrust of cum going from his cock into my ass. It was a very weird feeling the first time. I stood by the bed and started fucking her when he came over and shoved his cock in my face which of course I started sucking. As I was fucking her I could feel his cock getting hard and the taste of cum still on his cock. We did this for awhile until he shot a load in my mouth and I shot a load in her pussy. We sat and talked for awhile when there came a knock at the door. They looked at me and said we have friends coming over to help out. I am laying on the bed naked when another couple walks in. The wife of the new couple didn’t have as big of tits as the other woman but they were big ones.

The new couple got undressed and sat on the other bed in the room. I layed there wondering what to do when the new wife said are you rested enough to start again. I got up and walked over to her bed and started kissing her. Kissing gets me hard ever time, and my cock did not disappoint me. As she and I were kissing I could feel the two men touching my ass and cock. One started playing with my ass and the other one started sucking my cock. I played with the new set of tits and loving every minute of it. She layed on the bed and wanted to suck my cock, as she started sucking I could feel the new husband sticking his cock in my ass. Then I motioned for the other male and started sucking his cock while I was getting fucked and getting my cock sucked all at the same time. I could see the first wife sucking on the other woman’s tits. It was truly amazing. We all didn;t cum at the exact same time but it was close. All night we exchanged partners and everyone was cummed out.

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