My wife fucked, outdoors, in the middle of the day

My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years and we have been in the lifestyle for about 6-7 years. We have had many great experiences and have many more great friends over the years. . She is about 5’6″ with nice 40 D tits that she purchased 4 years ago for her 40th birthday gift to herself. Recently -secretly, she has been thinking about finding herself a “boyfriend” as i am just unable to “keep up” with her anymore.

We were on sls and we found a single guy and started talking. After we traded pics we agreed to meet up. He was willing to host and he had a pool and hotub. We got our stuff together and we left the house at Noon. She walked out wearing only 2 pieces of clothing . Short skirt and a see through very low cut revealing top .We stopped at the local liquer store in route and she purchased her fave drink of choice, Rum /Coke.she jumped back in the truck and poured herself a drink and said “lets Go” We arrived an hour later and was greeted by a much younger man. he gave her a hug and we meet. We went to the back yard and got a view of the pool and hottub. It was a very nice set-up and it was 92* in the texas sun. we spent a few minutes talking and quickly agreed to jump in the hotub naked, all 3 of us .

He was about 5’8″ weighed about 160 lbs and she was impressed with is hanging 7 inch member. He slippedin the hottub and my wife followed right behind him.She got up real close and I sandwiched her by sitting next to her .After a few minutes of relaxing, i started playing with her nipples and invited him to join. She slid her legs up and i noticed his hand went under the water.Watching her expression change was fun knowing that she was getting finger fucked with the hot jets pulsating her body. after few minutes of us two guys playing and being naughty she stood up and walked to the cold pool and dived in. He quickly followed as i stayed back in the hotutb. I am a baby when it comes to cold water….

In a matter a mintues he was screwing her in the water .It was great sitting in the hotub and watching everything unfold.Over the next 10 minutes they fucked in 3 different places making quit a scene. It ws obviously she was enjoying his new life sized member that he brought to their personal party. We then all got out and went to sit at the outdoor patio and enjoyed another drink together. Shortly later he stepped in for a minute and my wife decides to go lay out on the furniture to sun bath. As she was laying there I decided to walk over there and started eating her pussy that was just recently pumped. A few minutes later he walked back out to find me and my wife having fun. He walked up and my wife did something i have never seen her do . ever. She took his cock and started sucking his cock while i was eating her wet pussy. After a spell she pushed me away and he bent over and took my place as she continued to suck his cock . wow, i have never seen her give any guy a blow job before. Now i just went , sat at the patio furniture and watched these two go at it again. Before to long he was on his back and she was riding cowboy on his cock . up and down – back and forth. My wife was totallly riding this man in the midle of the day with 5 other neighbors backyards closely together. After this session was over ther came back to the patio again and rested again. This was amazing to see my wife so going after this poor young man. 10 minutes later she stood up and went to him sitting in the chair and staddled him while he was enjoying his drink. After a fw mintures she got off and he stood up and they walked hand- in -hand in the house. 20 minutes later they cam back out and i could tell that she was thoroughly fucked and was exhausted. She feel asleep on the drive home .

She also left her glasses, so now she is excited to go back and retrieve them. yeah right, I think someone found herself a “boyfriend”

What do you think! If you enjoyed this story , you have a pool or hottub and live in the dallas area please look us up here on sls . thanks for reading everyone.. send us love!

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