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The next morning I asked Lynn if she recalled the previous day. She said she was a little foggy of somethings, but asked if she was really slutty and sucked some strangers cock and then fuck both Brian and me. I smiled and told her yes, she sure did. I asked her if she remembered telling me that she always had wanted to fuck a group of young boys, or about wanting to suck and fuck a dog. She hung her head and kinda whispered yes she remembered. I asked her which one she wanted to try first. She looked at me with a surprised look on her face and said…..

"Really, you're not upset about my being so slutty or wanting to have sex with a dog.

"My reply was "No, I get hard just thinking about you with a dog or fucking a group of young boys."

"Didn't you say something about a Gloryhole, last night?"


"What's that?"

I explained that at the adult bookstores they have movie booths and in the walls there are holes that go thru to other booths and guys will stick their cocks thru hoping for a hand job or blow job, even a fuck.

"You want me to do that to someone we haven't even seen?" she asked surprised.

"Yes I do and you know you want to, you little slut."

I reached my hand to her cunt it was sopping wet, I knew she found the idea of doing someone she can't even see a total turn on. She looked at me with a shy smile and said….

"Then let's do the Gloryhole tonight and then I want to try a dog."

I was in anticipation of going out all day. We went to dinner, had a few drinks, I knew she was ready when she started flirting with the waiter. When he brought our check, Lynn knocked her spoon on the floor

and when the waiter bent over to pick it up she spread legs open revealing to him no panties and a freshly shaved cunt. Poor kids eyes about popped out of his head.

We headed off to the bookstore and when we got there, Lynn started browsing the toys, while I got quarters for the booth. I walked over to get Lynn and she had picked up a dildo that was in the shape of a horse cock. She wanted it, because she wanted to practice for trying a horse after having the dog. The damn thing was 24" long had a huge flanged head on it. I took it up to the clerk and paid for her new toy.

We then headed to the booths in the back and told her to pick out a booth with movies she wanted to see, she pick one that had women and animals.

When inside, she started looking around…….

"Where are the holes?"

I pointed out the holes on either wall and told her not to worry, once we started the movie if someone was in either bordering booth there would be a cock poking thru shortly. I started the movie, it was of a girl, who looked about 18 sucking a Golden Retrievers cock.

"That's exactly what I want to try" She said as she watched intently, while fingering herself,

I noticed a cock come thru one of the holes and pointed it out to Lynn. She let out a little squeal, looked at me and said….

"It's a black man's"


"I've never done a black man."

"You will tonight."

The cock hung soft about 8", Lynn went over and took hold slowly stroking it until it grew to 10". She asked me……

"Do I just jack him off?"

"What do you want to do."

She smiled licked her lips and so very slowly took that throbbing cock in her mouth. She sucked it down to her then she licked up and down the shaft stopping at the bulbous head, she tongued his piss hole. His piss hole was so big she wet her little finger and slid it in. With one hand slowly stroking the other she fingered his piss hole.

"Damn bitch you're good." came faintly thru the wall.

Lynn went back to sucking his cock, you could see it pop into her throat every once in awhile. I could hear him moaning thru the wall, he was close to cumming. I told Lynn it was up to her to swallow or finish him by hand, because he was going to cum soon. she elected this time to finish him by hand. She took hold and started stroking him faster, his moaning louder and then BOOM. The first shot of cum hit the other wall, next about half way, the third, Lynn took it straight in her mouth and finished him by milking and sucking out the last drop of hot cum. We heard and then the door to his booth close as he left.

Lynn asked me "Why don't you put your cock thru a hole and see what happens."

"You want me to let a guy suck my cock? You realize it's mostly men that come to these places."

"I think it's hot knowing a guy is sucking your cock on the other side of the wall."

So I stuck my cock thru the hole and within seconds I felt, what I assumed was a wet mouth engulf my cock. As he or she, as I really didn't know, started sucking up and down my cock I started pumping in rhythm. Every once in awhile they would stop and lick up and down the shaft of my throbbing cock. Lynn moved behind me and started rimming me, I love her tongue
breaching my hole, then she slipped in a wet finger, as she massaged my prostate I quickened my pace, the urge of cumming was was nearing. I could no longer hold back………….

"F U C K" I moaned as I started spurting my hot sticky cum in the mouth on the opposite side of the wall. My cock was sucked dry and then licked and sucked on til I could no longer stand it. As I removed my cock from the hole a male voice said………….

"Quite nice, Thank You."

Lynn was quite excited that I had just been sucked off by another guy, but she told me that it would be more exciting being able to watch as another guy sucked my cock. She had an idea and wanted to head home to try it, but she wouldn't say what she had in mind.

Next Lynn wants to have her Son suck my cock while she

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Author: unusualappetite

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