Chapter 2 Sir Cy explores Justine

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It was a leather wrist cuff. He showed her the cuff by reaching around from behind her and handed it to her and asked her to put it on. She took it from him and the small lock he handed to her, as well, and placed the cuff on her wrist and latched it.She then put the lock in the latch, after making sure that the cuff was snug and closed the locking mechanism.He handed her another cuff and lock and motioned for her to put it on and lock that in place as well, which she did willingly. With the cufIt was a leather wrist cuff. He showed her the cuff by reaching around from behind her and handed it to her and asked her to put it on. She took it from him and the small lock he handed to her, as well, and placed the cuff on her wrist and latched it.She then put the lock in the latch, after making sure that the cuff was snug and closed the locking mechanism.He handed her another cuff and lock and motioned for her to put it on and lock that in place as well, which she did willingly. With the cuffs in place, he asked her to put them behind her back and hesitantly, she did.

He turned to his left and motioned for her to move back to the center of the room, followed her there and stood behind her.

He reached up and placed his hands upon her shoulders and began to softly move his hands back and forth over her shoulders, then moved his hands down the side of her body, only touching her arms as he did so.

He knew, by the way that she reacted to what he was doing that she was scared, yet excited too.

He could hear her sigh as his hands moved down the length of her arms and stopped when he touched the back of her hands. He began the journey back up the length of her arms and over the top of her shoulders and continued on till, he touched the base of her neck. She shivered.

He worked his hands back down the length of her arms, pausing this time, at certain points, touching, caressing and feeling the subtle nuances as he did. He could feel her shudder when he touched the area around the elbows.

He continued his exploration of her limbs, moving down towards her hands before coming back up to the top of her shoulders. On this trek, he did not stop at the base of her neck, he continued on and moved his hands up the side of her neck and caressed the length of her jaw before tracing the outer aspects of her lips and nose.

He moved his left hand to softly touch, feel and caress her neck and throat. Using his right hand, he touched and outlined her jaw line, cheekbones, nose and finished at the edge of her mouth. She could tell, by his actions, that he was seeking out every distinction of her facial features.

When He touched her lips, she instinctively opened her mouth and sucked His finger in, using her tongue to feel and taste, like a snake would, Him. And he in turn, moved his finger in and out of her mouth, testing her willingness and efforts, for later play.

After ten or so minutes of searching her face he asked her the second time that night, if she was ready. She nodded once more, yet, he wanted a more affirmative statement from her and he wanted her to vocalize it clearly to him.

He asked her again and this time, he pulled his finger out so she could say what he wanted to hear from her. And when she nodded again, he pulled his hand away from her face and placed them upon her shoulders and asked her once more.

It was then, that she realized what it was that He wanted from her.

“Yes, I am ready Sir!†she spoke with some hesitancy in her voice and he had noticed it too.

“Are you sure?†He asked her.

After taking some time and swallowing what ever it was that she swallowed. She spoke up with a bit more certainty and told him so.

“Yes Sir, I am ready to serve you!†she stated clearly before taking a deep breath.

“Good, very good!†He told her and handed her the first item of several that he held inside of his pockets.

It was a leather wrist cuff. He showed her the cuff by reaching around from behind her and handed it to her and asked her to put it on. She took it from him and the small lock he handed to her, as well, and placed the cuff on her wrist and latched it.

She then put the lock in the latch, after making sure that the cuff was snug and closed the locking mechanism.

He handed her another cuff and lock and motioned for her to put it on and lock that in place as well, which she did willingly. With the cuffs in place, he asked her to put them behind her back and hesitantly, she did.

Once both of her hands were behind her back, he her hands in one of his and linked them together with a lock.

With both hands now secured, Justine was beginning to feel a bit terrified and vulnerable, having just allowed a man she barely knew and up till now, had never met in person before, do this to her.

Her mind began playing sick and twisted games with her head, flashing images of her being abused, tortured and left for dead on some deserted highway. Yet, she knew she had to trust her instincts and they were telling her that this man was everything he claimed to be and that everything was going to be alright.

She would not have come some 11,000 miles to be with him to have all those horrible things done to her. No, she came here for a reason and purpose and she hoped that what she felt in her heart was right on the mark.

After he had secured her hands the way he wanted for them to be at this moment, He decided that it was time to unleash those magnificent orbs of flesh she held contained in that black strapless bra she was wearing. He moved his hands back up the Justine’s shoulders. He could feel her shaking, but from what, he could not tell without looking at her eyes and she was looking away from him at the moment.

It was then that he decided to speak to her, in a very soft and soothing voice.

“Do not be afraid my beautiful Fairytale Angel!†He told her sweetly. “You are safe here with me and I will take you to new heights and sensations that you have only dreamed of. Just relax and let your mind drift off and enjoy the night you are about to experience!â€

After He said that to her, he could feel Justine’s the muscles in her shoulders become less tense. He continued to softly rub and caress her shoulders and neck until he was sure that she had relaxed enough to proceed.

He moved his hands down the middle of Justine’s back and stopped where the clasp of her strapless bra should have been, but found that there was none there. He smiled at the thought of this little minx wearing a front type clasp bra, peered over her shoulder and found that he was correct with his assumption.

He reached around her lovely body, moving his hands tenderly and gently, as if savoring every part of her he touched. When he got to the bra, he moved in a bit closer to her body and pulled her back towards him so she could lean up against him for support.

He took his time, exploring the bra, gently touching here and there, but never making any sort of movement for her precious gems that lay under the silken fabric that held them in place. He took his time, enjoying his slow, delicate tour of her covered breasts. He could tell that Justine’s breasts were made for some serious breast bondage and he had just the set-up to help highlight them when it came time for him to bind them.

He decided that it was time to end this delicious, yet torturous adventure and release the lovely globes from their fabric cage that held them so nicely in place. With very little effort, he had unlinked the latches of the silken bra quite quickly, as if he had designed it and knew just where to touch it precisely.

When the latches of the bra had separated, the fabric parts flew apart and nearly fell off of her body, exposing her bountiful breasts to him for the first time in person. If Justine’s arms had not been secured the way they were, her bra might already hav
e cascaded down to the floor. Thankfully for him, it had not. He wanted to remove it from her body, himself.

With her breasts now exposed, he took his time enjoying the view before him and decided to do some more intensive exploring of the these well-built mountains of flesh. He lowered his hands down to her stomach and could feel the flutter of the muscles beneath the surface of the skin, move in rapid fashion.

As his hands moved back up and towards Justine’s breasts, he could hear her sigh very deeply, as if she had been anticipating this moment for so very long. Yet, when he got to her breasts, he stopped short of touching them.

This caused Justine to exhale loudly and moan a bit, almost as if she was whimpering a bit. The wait, over these past several months, had been very long and torturous for her and all she sought, now, was His touch upon her breasts and His mouth upon her nipples. But He denied her that at this particular moment. She could feel Him tracing the outer boundaries of her generous mounds, slowly moving back and forth, just over and just under her sensitive orbs. Teasing her with His antics, making her desire His touch even more she had thought possible.

When he finally had chosen the time to touch her tits, it was a bit of a shock for her, because his movement was not slow, it was lightening fast. Instead of his slow and delicious absorption of what she offered Him, he chose to surprise her with a sudden strike, reaching around her body and grasping both melons and his large hands and holding them tightly to her body.

He began a thorough kneading of them, feeling them for firmness, pliability and sensitivity. Once he had satisfied his curiosity, he went back to his gentle and slow trek of examining her lovely flesh.

He lightly and gently, allowed his fingers to flow over the top of her nipples, barely touching them before encircling them several times, before touching them in a more direct fashion. Once his fingers touched her nipples, he decided to see just how sensitive they were and began to test them manually with his pointing finger and thumb.

He rubbed the nubbin in between the two fingers on both breasts and listen to her breathing change in pace and depth. He lightly rubbed over the top of both and still listen for any change in her reaction. He then began to squeeze and pinch them, lightly at first and then harder, until he had heard what he was looking for.

He was able to determine that her nipples were somewhat sensitive and perfect for some nice titillating stimulation he had in mind for her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps. With his left hand, he rubbed the teat of her left orb until it was fully erect and pinch the areola just behind the nipple and applied the first clamp to her firm nubbin.

Justine moaned loudly and whimpered just a bit at this new sensation. He waited until she had relaxed enough before he repeated the process with her right breast’s teat. He held her tight to him until she had calmed down once more and adjusted to this new sensation she was feeling within her.

What He was doing to her, playing with her mind and body, made Justine tingle inside like she was being electrified and very hot. She could feel her pussy moisten even more than she had thought possible and felt like she was going to soak her panties and begin dripping her juices down her legs and onto the carpet beneath her.

He played with Justine’s breasts for a few minutes more before moving on and taking the silken cage made of fabric from her body and tossing it to the side. He told her to stand still as he got down on one knee behind her and started to fasten one of the leather ankle cuffs he had in his pockets.

He pulled out a small lock and placed it on the latch, but did not close it just yet. He had to attach a short chain, which, when attached to her other ankle, would force her to take small, deliberate steps, instead of her normal long stride, graceful steps she would normally take in every day life. He wanted her to feel and live out her submission and slavery to him while she was here at his abode.

Before he went on and attached the last cuff and attached the chain to her other ankle, he had to remove the last vestige of modesty that was still left to her, her panties, off of her body. He reached around her body and gently touched her stomach once more and could feel her tremble in anticipation of what was about the happen. He moved his fingers down to her waist and slipped it under the waistband and began to draw it downwards, towards the floor. He heard Justine gasp loudly before calming down once more.

He gently slipped the garment over her lovely, firm hips and down past her tight buttocks before moving them down the length of her long legs. He had chosen to do it this way than rip it off of her body like some heathen might have chosen to do so, if given this same opportunity.

Justine’s future Master wanted her to know how precious she was to him and that she could feel safe and secure with him, instead of feeling like a piece of meat that he could discard whenever he felt like it. When the garment reached the floor, he asked Justine to lift one leg and then the other so he could take it off and away from her feet.

When it was removed and tossed to the side, like her bra had been, he went on and secured the last cuff and chain to her other ankle. With both of her feet secure, he took some time to touch and feel as he proceeded to explore the lower half of her body with his hands.

Justine stood there, but then again, what else could she do. She was in no position to escape even if she wanted to. But she realized, that she had no such desire. She was exactly where she wanted to be and that was here with this man who had secured her in so many ways.

Justine’s Master, while on his knees, told Justine to turn around slowly so he could enjoy the vision before him. When she had turned completely around and was now facing him. He restarted his tour of her lower half, this time from in front of her. He began the tour this time, beginning at the bottom of her feet and moving up slowly.

While moving up her legs, he would look up at her and see how she reacted to each part of her body he touched.

He noticed and remembered how she may have shivered in one area versus sucking in air in another. As he got to the back of her knees, Justine began shaking a bit, but stopped when he passed on. He then moved very slowly up to her thighs and he wanted her face intently as he slid his hands up the inside of her thighs.

The change on her face was exquisite and intense, as if she was fighting something deep within her, trying to prevent it from escaping.

Yet, Sir Cy was going to help whatever it was inside of her to escape and he thought he knew exactly what it was too.

He continued his adventure up her legs until he was just below and off to the side of her vaginal lips and he saw that she was still fighting hard not to let it go. He decided to make it stay in place for a little while longer and began circling the area with his hands, avoiding any direct or indirect contact with her pubic area.

He encircled her thigh and came back towards her front and touching all around her pussy and clitoris. Yet, he never came close to touching either of them until he was wanting and ready to do so and this frustrated Justine no end.

He knew by the way she was biting her lower lip, that she was very close to cumming already, but needed that last bit to help to get her over the top and that was the way he wanted her – to stay in state, for just a bit longer.

Sir Cy moved his hands up her Justine’s stomach and felt her muscles underneath her skin ripple with excitement and trepidation. It seemed that the unknown still frightened her immensely, but he was hoping that she would get over it soon. He had a strategy to help her overcome a lot of those
fears and help her enjoy some of the things that she has been so scared to try up to this point.

Sir Cy had already decided that he was not going to rush Justine or force her to do anything against her will. It just wasn’t his nature to do so, though physically, he could practically do whatever he wanted if he had so chosen to.

Yet, it was Daniel’s ultimate goal, to have Justine crave some of the things that frighten her, yet excite him, a bit. Things like tight Shibari bondage and anal sex. He wanted Justine to need him to do these things to her. It was Cy’s desires to have Justine burn with a flaming desire to take untold pleasure in the same things that he enjoyed.

He wanted Justine to benefit from what he did to and with her, as much as he planned to enjoy doing them to and with her.

“Justine, you are going to be safe and well cared for with me!†He told her in hoping her to settle down a bit. “You will come to no harm as long as you are with me. Please relax and think of the pleasure you are about to receive!â€

Sir Cy continued to look up at her as he continued to touch and talk to her, asking her questions a bit more specific and sexual than he had before. He wanted to engage Justine in some short conversations, since she would not have that ability much longer this night (after she was gagged).

Daniel wanted to get her in the right frame of mind and have her focus on the right sensations he was trying to stimulate within her. He knew that she was excited, but he could also tell that she was still concerned as to whether she was doing the right thing. He knew that he had to make this night something special.

He began telling her that he was going to take her last cherry and that she was going to help him do it too. When he saw Justine lift her head up, as if she was thinking of the possibility of what he had in mind. He moved his right hand and placed a finger on the edge of her vaginal lips. He began to trace their edges, noticing how they look and feel, committing it all to memory.

While his right hand was occupied, he moved his left hand up to her breasts and began playing with them too. He continued to watch Justine’s expressive face and when she had made a certain type of face that he had come to enjoy, while watching her on the web cam the past several months.

He waited patiently, toying with her pussy lips and tits, and when she began to take a deep breath, Daniel moved his right hand’s long index finger onto and over the outer layers of her vaginal labia lips, deeper into her inner self.

He watched her as she took in a much deeper breath as the long digit of his right hand slid inside of her hot, moist love canal. Sir Cy pushed his finger in slowly, allowing her to adjust to its thickness and size, before pulling it out and slipping it back in. Once he was sure that Justine was comfortable with his finger moving in and out of her pussy, he inserted a second finger into her body and began moving it in and out too. By the time had worked the second finger all the way in, Daniel knew that Justine was on the verge of cumming.

Justine’s knees were shaking steadily and the moans that emanated from her told her new soon to be Master that she was close, very close, to climaxing. So, he chose to stop moving his fingers and held them in place, buried deep within her cunt. This new lack of activity frustrated Justine to greater heights of anticipation.

“Please,†she begged, “continue to fuck my pussy with your fingers.â€

“Did you say something?†He asked her as he held his fingers in place while watching her face.

“Please?†she said as she took a deep breath, while she looked down, “continue fucking my cunt!â€

“I believe that you forgot to say something!†He told Justine, reminding her of the instructions he gave her before she left Australia. “Don’t you remember?â€

He could tell that Justine had forgotten the instructions he had given her by just looking upon the face staring right back at him. He waited for a minute before deciding to help her out some. And then he waited another minute before giving her a hint on what it was. It gave her time to find it for herself and at the same time, it allowed her to calm down some and forget about the fingers he still had buried deep within her pussy.

When she appeared to have either forgotten or not have a clue, Cy reminded her of who He was to her and why she was here and that she should address Him as such. The look upon Justine’s face told him that what he had said to her must have juggled her memory. She swallowed whatever was in her throat before speaking again.

“I am sorry Sir,†Justine began, “that I forgot to address you properly. It won’t happen again!â€

“That is good to hear,†He told her, “because next time, I will give you a swat to help remind you. Now, you had something that you wanted to ask me?â€

Now that the urge of needing to cum had passed her by, she had forgot what it was that she was wanting to ask him to do, that was, until he began wiggling his fingers inside of her pussy.

“Please Sir,†Justine began by asking again, “please, fuck my pussy with your fingers?â€

She tried to emphasize how much she wanted those fingers to move within her by trying to scrunch down, bending her legs at the knees and forcing them, her future Master’s fingers, deeper within her vagina.

But he sensed that was what she was trying to do and moved his hand to coincide her movement so that his fingers would not penetrate into her body further.

In fact, when she realized that her efforts had failed in pushing His fingers deeper within her, she stood once more, standing straight up. Unfortunately for Justine, He had decided to pull his fingers out of her pussy and make her wait a bit more.

He was going to teach her a lesson n patience and how it was a virtue and that she had to earn the right to cum. He was going to teach her over the following week that having an orgasm, whether it was by his hands, his tongue, his cock or by her own doing, was a privilege she was going to have to earn with Him.

Yet, she was also going to learn that He was a very kind and generous man too and that he loved seeing His subs enjoy themselves.


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