My Dear Sweet Slave: Part 1 – New Pet

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With the strength earned from millions of hammer swings, he effortlessly picked her up and held her against him, her back pressed against his bare chest. He could feel her heart beating wildly and her lungs expand and contract with each fluttering breath she took. Careful not to let her fall, he reached up with one arm and grabbed her left breast, squeezing hard. With his other arm, he reached down and rammed his ring and middle finger into her virgin slit, while clamping down on her erect clitoWith the strength earned from millions of hammer swings, he effortlessly picked her up and held her against him, her back pressed against his bare chest. He could feel her heart beating wildly and her lungs expand and contract with each fluttering breath she took. Careful not to let her fall, he reached up with one arm and grabbed her left breast, squeezing hard. With his other arm, he reached down and rammed his ring and middle finger into her virgin slit, while clamping down on her erect clitoris with his thumb and index finger.

Her sweet smile, that was the first thing Isaac noticed about her. Having just stepped into his favorite diner, he found his eyes drawn to the cute waitress maneuvering through the tables with a pot of coffee in one hand and a tray of food in the other. She was clearly eighteen; her “proportions†boasted her physical maturity while their perkiness showed her untapped youth. She was rather tall for her age, standing just over six feet, maybe a few inches shorter than Isaac himself.

Clashing with her pale skin, she had long black hair that was braided into a ponytail with two locks framing her teardrop face and big brown eyes that looked as though they belonged to a kitten begging for food. That smile of hers, there was something particular about it. It was so bright and cheerful, childish almost. It was the kind of smile that could sweeten your coffee if you met her eyes when she handed it to you.

The early summer sun was shining through the windows of the building, allowing for the lights to remain off. It was ten in the morning on a Thursday, so the diner held less than a dozen people and she was the only waitress on duty. Perfect, he would hopefully be able to talk with her and get a beach hold on the battlefield of dating. Isaac wouldn’t normally flirt with someone so much younger than him, but this girl had caught his attention.

Intrigued, Isaac walked over to his usual seat at the counter and waited for the new girl to come take his order. Isaac was in his mid twenties with brown hair that was cut short and a clean-shaven face. He was in excellent health, one of the many rewards of his contracting job. Sitting at the stool, he kept his glimpses of the waitress short and subtle, so as not to portray his interest. After a few minutes of tending to the other customers, she moved behind the counter and greeted him with a smile.

“What can I get for you this morning, sir?â€

“A short stack of pancakes and some coffee please. No better way to start a day off.â€

She relayed the order to the cook, and after giving a brief scan of the diner to see if anyone needed her, she rejoined him.

“It’s your day off? What do you do for a living?†She asked while pouring him a steaming cup of coffee.

“I’m sort of a jack of all trades. I do contracting, welding, plumbing, construction, auto-repair, landscaping, electrical work, and just about any other job that lets me work with my tools or my hands.†He replied, trying to impress her without bragging or boasting. His efforts worked and he saw amazement flash across her face.

“Incredible! Where did you learn to do all that?â€

“Well growing up, it was just my dad and I. He was a self-made man, learned all of the skills he needed, and started up Renaissance Trade Co. Most of the time, it was just the two of us on jobs. From first grade through high school, I spent almost every afternoon helping him wherever he was working and learning more useful stuff than I ever did sitting in a classroom. He passed away soon after I graduated and handed the business over to me. A few college courses later to solidify everything I had learned, and here I am before you today.â€

“That sounds truly wonderful. You could say I grew up learning a lot of different skills, but my childhood was probably more hectic than yours. I’m Holly by the way, Holly Thompson.†She said with a sweet and tender smile.

“I’m Isaac Helton, it’s a pleasure to meet you. So where did you grow up?â€

Before she could answer, the kitchen bell was rung and the cook shouted Isaac’s order. Holly retrieved the stack of pancakes and laid them out on the large white plate, placing a bottle of syrup next to it. Isaac offered her some, but she politely refused.

“I grew up in an orphanage. There were a lot of kids, so the older you got, the more responsibilities you had. I started out as a little kid being taken care of, but I ended up becoming a parent to everyone younger than me.â€

“That certainly sounds tough, especially for someone so young.â€

“Oh no, I loved it! Actually, you had a lot of responsibilities no matter what age you were. The orphanage was on a farm, the food we grew being used to cut expenses. As soon as you could walk, you had chores. It became such a part of our daily lives that I’m only really happy if someone is telling me what to do. I don’t feel comfortable when I’m unneeded or there is nothing I can do for someone else. You could say I live to serve.†She said happily. Isaac finished his mouthful of syrup-soaked dough before responding, not wanting to appear rude or lacking manners.

“Then this job is certainly perfect for you. When did you start working here?â€

“This actually my first day, but you could say I’ve been doing this kind of stuff for years. Like I said, I grew up learning a lot of different skills. But you’re right; I love it here already. I love fulfilling people’s needs and receiving orders. Between you and me, I hate making decisions, so there is just something soothing about focusing your mind on the role given you.â€

Another bell was sounded, this time from the entrance. The number of customers had just doubled, either some late breakfast rush or an early lunch rush. Whatever it was, Isaac had run out of time.

“Sorry, I have to get back to work. But if there is anything you need, anything at all, please tell me.†She said happily.

She then left the counter to attend to the new customers, but was stopped by Isaac’s hand grasping her own. He could certainly feel the strength in her hand from years of working like a serf, but it still felt soft and delicate compared to his own. Even though he wasn’t gripping her, to Holly, the feel of Isaac’s powerful fingers wrapped around hers sent a rush through her body. While the back of his hand was scarred and lined, his palm and fingers were as rough as rhino skin from all of the calluses earned over the years. Isaac didn’t even need gloves while working. The feel of that rough skin against hers made her shiver. He wasn’t the only one who was intrigued.

“There is something you can do for me: go out to dinner with me tomorrow night.â€

Holly’s vanilla face immediately became flushed with embarrassment. This was the first time a man had ever asked her out on a date, and an older man at that! Was this what the outside world was like?

Holly stammered for several seconds, unable to respond while so overwhelmed with embarrassment. With a smile, Isaac let go and reminded her that there were a lot of people waiting for their order to be taken. She hurried off, still blushing and holding her order notebook with shaky hands. While he
finished his breakfast, Isaac watched Holly work. The scene quickly became very hectic, but Holly appeared to thrive under the pressure. And what she had told Isaac about living to serve seemed to ring true. Whether it was a request for another cup off coffee or a second serving of eggs, Holly’s smile grew with each need of the customers she fulfilled. Her enthusiasm was certainly due to more than just the need for tips.

At last, when everyone had been served and she had a minute to rest, she turned back to where Isaac was seated. She had wanted to continue talking to him, but the trade prodigy had departed while she was busy. Left behind in his place were some empty dishes, dirty silverware, and the paid bill. Walking over, Holly smiled. Not only had he left her a very generous tip, but his business card, on which he wrote “meet me here at 7â€. She couldn’t refuse unless she called him up and said so, she essentially had no choice in the matter, but that was what excited her.

“Well you appear to be in a good mood.†said Donna as Isaac entered lobby of his apartment building.

Donna was the buildings landlady, a woman twenty years older than him with blond hair. She had a fantastic body for her age, especially considering she had given birth to three kids. While her hips and ass showed the irreparable effects of childbirth, her waist and stomach were amazingly slender, her boobs were large and still appeared firm, and her face showed almost no signs of aging. For lack of a better word, she was fucktastic, and with summer starting, soon she would start walking around in skimpy denim shorts and showing off her nice rear end. Damn, you could rest your drink on that sweet milf ass of hers.

“I got a date tomorrow night with a cute waitress. She certainly seems like an interesting girl.†He said with a modest smile.

“Well hopefully you’ll be done before then. Here is all the things that have gone wrong since last night.†She said, handing him a to-do list.

As well as his landlady, Donna was also Isaac’s most prominent client. When her third deadbeat husband ran off, he left her with nothing but a bun in the oven and the building. Donna had never had much luck with men, or anything in general. She had been knocked up in high school and had two more kids before the age of 25, each child having a different father that was never in the picture. She hadn’t even bothered paying any attention to the building until about ten years ago because it was a crap shack to say the least. That’s not to say it didn’t have its charms, Alex had certainly seen worse buildings. But this rickety hive was like a monument to Murphy’s Law: anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong. It was barely up to code and her husband had clearly never done any sort of repairs or renovations. Isaac had tarred the roof, installed windows, replaced toilets, fixed plumping, laid tiles, heaved laundry machines, secured drywall, and almost rebuilt the entire building from the ground up.

With all the work Isaac did for Donna, not once in the eight years since he moved in had he needed to pay rent. In fact, he made a small yet continuous profit off her, while saving her tons of money that would have been poured into contractors with half the skill and speed Isaac brought to the table. But damn, it got frustrating pretty quick. A job is a job, but Isaac would have killed for a change of scenery. He never cut corners with his work and he made sure everything was done right, but if he looked at something 99 times and replaced 99 parts, the 100th part was guaranteed to break a week later. Every time something was fixed, everything around it spontaneously crumbled.

Cursing, Isaac took the list and read through it.

“Damn it, the heating system still isn’t working!? I’ve switched out everything broken and everything about to break! What’s left!?â€

“Knowing this place, it was probably a freak accident out of Final Destination. But I think you should start with the third one down.â€

“Alice’s sink is broken. Oh joy, I wonder what she has in store for me…â€

The auburn-haired eighteen-year-old kneeled beside Isaac, who was on his back with the cabinet beneath the sink consuming his whole upper-body. This sink had given him a lot of trouble over the years, but he certainly wouldn’t put it past Alice to sabotage it. Alice lived alone in the unit, her closest relative being her uncle on the other side of the building. She had no parents and her uncle didn’t really want to deal with her and simply paid her bills. She was fine during the school year, but during vacations like summer break, she rarely left her apartment, simply because she had nowhere to go. Isaac wondered if she actually had any friends. She seemed like a girl who was afraid to talk to others but was desperate for someone to talk to. Her closest family seemed to be Donna, who she looked up to as a role model. However, Donna was either always busy with building repairs or working odd hours at the local grocery store, so Alive never got to spend much time with her.

Unfortunately for Isaac, she had set her sights on him. He knew that she had a huge crush on him, she even threw herself at him a couple times in the past. The last time he was in her apartment, he had to fix her shower. As soon as it was functioning, she stripped off all her clothes right in front of him and stepped in like he wasn’t even there. He had learned how to carefully reject her without hurting her feelings, but she always followed him around like a lost pet. Now she was kneeling beside him, having yet to change out of her nightgown, and he suspected, wearing nothing underneath.

“So you say it simply stopped?†He asked while he pointed to where he wanted her to shine his flashlight.

“Yeah, I was filling up the tea kettle and it suddenly made a groaning noise and stopped.â€

“Ok, that narrows the list.†He sighed while dismantling the inner pump.

“Hey, Isaac?â€


“What do you look for in a woman?â€

“Tits.†He replied without missing a beat.

Alice looked down at her chest, once again noting the incredible two-dimensionality of what she longed to be a womanly shelf. Rejected.

“Ah, here it is. The draw line for the handle broke. I swear, whoever furnished this building bought everything from a mystical gypsy that can never be found twice, whose merchandise was all made in an eastern European country that no longer exists.†He grumbled.

“Hold on, let me see.â€

Before Isaac could say anything to stop her, Alice got on top of him and squirmed in under the sink. Their faces were just inches apart but Isaac was not in the mood for proximity.

“Alice, you’re crowding me. Move back.†He said dryly.

Reluctantly, she moved back and sat up, but she did not get off him. She was sitting on his lap, or straddling to be precise. As she grinded her crotch against his, he could feel powerful rushes of blood surging through him.


The word was as absolute as it was simple, and as if she had been yanked back by the collar of her nightgown, Alice fell off Isaac’s lap.

‘It’s going to be a long day.’

Isaac’s assumption was correct, as without a shred of mercy, the cursed building stole his day off. After repairing Alice’s sink, he had to fix a dishwasher, install some new wiring, remake an apartment floor, and remove several dead rodents that had hidden in the walls during the winter and had now begun to stink.

With the day spent, he returned to his own apartment to crash on his couch. He was exhausted but in good spirits. He was looking forward to his date the next night, and for some reason, he was more excited than he would be for any other
date. That excitement carried him on through the next day, where he met with a client across Portland who wanted to renovate his art studio. As Isaac spoke about the budget and materials and looked over blueprints, his mind kept drifting back to Holly.

It was thirty seconds to 7:00 when Isaac pulled into the parking lot of the diner. There, standing at the entrance, was Holly. Her clothes were very simple, a pair of jeans with a white blouse and black tank top underneath, but the smile on her face was sparkling. Before arriving, Alex had thoroughly showered and shaved and cleaned the cab of his pickup to the point where it looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line. Stepping out of the truck, he walked towards her with the same smile.

“I’m glad you came.†He said.

“You told me to, and I don’t like disobeying people. But thank you, I know I said I hate having to make decisions. And I’m really happy, I’ve never been on a date before.†She said nervously, avoiding his gaze with her face blushing.

Damn, she was so adorable.

“You’ll have a fun time. I know the perfect restaurant and there is a movie playing in the Nickelodeon Theater that I think you’ll love.†He said, extending his hand to take hers. Just like in the diner, she let his fingers enwrap hers and relished the feeling of his gentle yet firm grip.

Holly stared at the chopsticks with wonder and confusion and her eyes widened as she scanned the menu of the Japanese restaurant. Isaac watched her with a silent laugh, amused by her reaction to entering such a place for the first time. The restaurant was one of his favorites, he often came here with other contractors when he was hired to work at large scenes that required more than one man. Upon entering the restaurant, the customer faced a long bar stocked with sake. To the right, several booths were set up with low-set tables and traditional Japanese floor pillows with potted bamboo for decoration. To the left of the bar, past a large babbling water fountain, were the regular tables.

“I take it you’ve never eaten at a place like this?†Isaac asked.

“No, never! I heard a couple stories from my sisters when they went out on dates, but I’ve never even heard of these foods!†She exclaimed.

“Your sisters?â€

“Oh, yeah, the other girls at orphanage. They were all my sisters and the boys were all my brothers, well I at least thought of them that way. When I was little, there was a rule that only the older kids could go out on dates and have fun on the weekends. Unfortunately, when one of my sisters ended up getting pregnant, that privilege was taken away. Other than the diner, this is the first time I’ve ever been in a restaurant. I’ve only heard about them in stories from my sisters after they went out on dates. In fact, I almost never left the orphanage.â€

“So tell me more about the orphanage, I’m curious as to how you grew up.â€

While a simple and routine question, Holly blushed at the inquiry. There were many things she had never experienced, one them feeling the bliss of someone’s attention and curiosity, especially someone so handsome. About to reply, she was stopped when the waiter came to get their drink orders. Isaac ordered a rum and coke, but Holly decided to just go with water. When the waiter left, Isaac repeated the question, while careful not to be too pushy.

“Please, I want to know more about you.â€

“Well… uh… Like I said before, there were a lot of other kids, about two-dozen boys and girls. I actually never spent much time with the boys, the boys and girls were almost always divided up. I believe I told you the orphanage was on a farm? Well the boys and girls got different chores every morning. My sisters and I took care of the animals, cooked, cleaned, and learned homemaking skills, while the boys worked in the fields and outside. After lunch, we were home schooled, again in different rooms. At five, we would be allowed to play until dinner. I was never really sure what to do, so I just followed my sisters around and did whatever they told me to do.â€

“Whatever they told you? Come on, there must have been some game that was your favorite.†Isaac chuckled. Holly looked away, blushing in embarrassment but with a small smile on her lips.

“I… I liked pretending I was their pet. My favorite game was always pretending to be a cat or dog. My foster parents who ran the orphanage made me stop it when I got older, but I always loved acting like a pet. I would crawl around on all fours, I would beg at the table, I would even bark or meow when people talked to me. Oh, what am I doing? You don’t want to hear about this!†She stammered.

Isaac chuckled at how cute she was and reached out and placed his hand on hers.

“No, I do want to hear this. I want to know all about you.â€

Isaac spoke the words with complete honesty. When he first saw Holly, he imagined he could get a short relationship with her, a few months or a year at the most. He was almost ten years older than her after all. But every time he looked at her face and saw her bright smile, every time he heard her talk, he imagined the expiration date of this possible relationship was being pushed back farther and farther.

The waiter came back with their drinks and asked Isaac and Holly what they wanted for dinner. Isaac decided to go with the breaded pork, and indecisive as she was, Holly asked him to order for her. From there, the date truly blossomed with conversation becoming second nature to the two of them. Isaac told Holly about some of the jobs he and his dad had worked on, told her about what public school had been like, and described his apartment building and the tenants. Likewise, Holly told endless stories about her and her sisters, talked about the animals she helped raise, and described what it was like being a surrogate mom to many of the youngest children as she got older.

Doing far more talking than eating, they finally left the restaurant at a quarter to nine, giving them just enough time to get to the theater. Exiting the restaurant and walking back to Isaac’s truck, Holly leaned over and clutched Isaac’s arm, smiling from her overwhelming happiness. Isaac was happy as well, this girl was already leaving a deep imprint in his mind, not to mention the sensation of her breasts against his arm was beginning to make him hard.

“Have you ever been to a movie theater before?†Isaac asked as they drove through Portland.

“No, but every week we would get to watch a movie at the orphanage. I loved the romantic movies the most, but I also really liked comedies.â€

“Well you’ll probably like this one, it’s a comedy called A Million Ways To Die In The West. It’s supposed to be hilarious.â€

After parking his truck, Isaac and Holly hurried into the movie theater to get their tickets. While it cost him more than their dinner, Isaac treated Holly to whatever she wanted from the concession stand. The look on her face was like a little kid on Christmas Day. Entering the theater itself, Isaac guided Holly down the dark aisle. She was completely fixated on the huge projector screen, already in the process of playing previews. Just getting her to divert her focus away from the screen to take a single step was like a tug of war. She was completely hypnotized. Eventually, he just decided to grab her from behind and carry her to their seats. The sudden rush of physical contact woke her from her stupor and she felt waves of arousal rush through her from the physical sensation of Isaac’s arms around her slender body.

Once they reached their seats, she fully woke up from the screen’s hypnosis.

“Sorry.†She said. Isaac just laughed.

“It’s ok. Considering this is your first time, I certain
ly can’t blame you. I just can’t believe you’ve never done this before.â€

“Well like I said, when my older sister got pregnant, our foster parents were furious. They said we could never leave the orphanage again without permission or chaperone, even the boys weren’t allowed to go out.â€

“That must have been really hard for your other sisters. I imagine a few of them had boyfriends on the outside.â€

“They all did, and because they couldn’t see them anymore, they weren’t able to have sex. So from then on, they used me.â€

Wait, WHAT?

“Excuse me?†Isaac asked, wondering if he had heard her right over the sound one of the summer blockbuster’s trailer explosions.

“When they weren’t allowed to see their boyfriends, they took out all their sexual urges on me and made me their slave. It was so much fun!†She hummed with her face blushing.

“Excuse me!?†Isaac asked again, refusing to believe what he had just heard.

“During the night, they would all gang up on me and take turns abusing me. One of my sisters would always be sitting on my face and another would be working her fingers in me. They choked me, spanked me, pinched my nipples, and forced everything they could find inside me. Even my little sisters joined in and made me their slave! Oh, when I think back to all the hours they spent violating me over and over again, it makes me so wet.†She purred in euphoria.

Isaac sat there with a look of horror on his face, unsure of whether or not to revolted or aroused by the story of her childhood. He had to admit, it was a little of both. Now it all made sense; her indecisiveness, her need to be given orders and be told what to do, her love for pretending to be someone’s pet! She was a masochist, and a fucking bat-shit crazy one at that! Isaac had only had a few girlfriends in his life, always short lived relationships, and he wasn’t exactly fluent in the depravity that could be found online, so to meet a girl like Holly was actually kind of intimidating.

The movie flew by with not a single scene sticking in Isaac’s mind. He was staring straight at the screen but he would not remember a single line uttered. Meanwhile, Holly was laughing her molested little ass off, completely unaware of the sexual clusterfuck she had just ignited in Isaac’s mind. Once the movie ended, Isaac told her he would drive her home and they walked back to his truck. Other than her giving him directions, the drive was dead silent, completely different from the date so far, and Holly quickly noticed something was wrong.

Why was he so quiet? Had she done something wrong? Had she done something to make him mad or lose interest? The last thing she said to him was when she told him of the nightly S&M sex parties with her foster sisters. Was that wrong of her? He said he wanted to know everything about her, but was she supposed to keep that a secret? What was she supposed to do?! Her sisters never told her about how to do a date!

“Alright, this is it.†Holly finally said as they came to a large brick building on the outskirts of Portland. Isaac looked around in confusion.

“I thought the orphanage was on a farm?â€

“It was, but I left two days ago. I turned eighteen and I finished homeschooling, so I couldn’t stay there any longer.†She said sadly. It hit him then, this was a homeless shelter.

“I’ve been staying here until I can save up enough money to get a place of my own. Thank you for the wonderful evening.†She said, her tone still mournful and now with her back to him. She opened the door, and without even thinking it, Isaac spoke.

“Holly, wait. Instead of sleeping here… how about you stay at my place until you’ve saved enough?†He offered. Holly’s face immediately lit up at the proposal, shining with the brightest smile Isaac had ever seen.

“Really? I can stay with you?†She squealed.

‘Eh, why not?’ Isaac thought to himself.


Holly then screamed in happiness and pounced on him, hugging him tightly and thanking him over and over.

“I have to go get my things, thank you so much!†She said happily.

“It’s my pleasure.†Isaac sighed, watching her run into the homeless shelter.

Clutching the suitcase of her few meager possessions, Holly nervously stepped into Isaac’s apartment. Of the long list of things she had never done, entering a man’s home was pretty high up on the list. Equally high were her arousal levels as she sampled the smell of tools and testosterone in the air. It was certainly a man’s apartment, Isaac had not expected company and hadn’t bothered to clean up. Tools that would have been in storage were strewn about, as well as some articles of clothing discarded tiredly whenever Isaac returned home from a long day of work. In the apartment den, the coffee table between the TV and couch was covered in paperwork and dishes, same with the unkempt kitchen.

‘Crap, I really should have cleaned up…’ Isaac thought to himself while quickly apologizing for the mess.

“I’m so happy.†He heard. Turning his attention away from the tool belt he had left on the couch, he looked over to Holly, who was standing in the doorway of the bedroom.


“Because I didn’t think I would find a master so soon after leaving the orphanage.†She murmured, nearly on the verge of tears.


“Ever since my sisters let me become their slave, I’ve been hoping to meet a man who could become my true master. They told me that once I left the orphanage, I would be able to become the slave of someone handsome and kind, someone who would fuck and abuse me as much as I wanted and more. It was my dream to find someone like you, someone who would make me their pet and dominate me.â€

It took a moment for Isaac to completely process what he had just heard, in which he struggled to think up the best reply.

“Sorry Holly, but I’m not the right person for the job. To be honest, I think you are crazy and you scare the shit out of me. I love wild sex as much as the next guy, but sadomasochism really isn’t a turn-on for me.†Isaac blurted out, beginning to regret this decision.

“But you ARE the man who should be my master. You’re handsome, you’re kind, and why else would you welcome me into your home than if not to use my body for pleasure? I want nothing more than to be given a purpose in life, to find someone I can serve and obey. Please let me be your slave, I’ll do whatever you want me to do for the rest of my life.â€

Setting her suitcase down, Holly slowly walked over and got down on her knees. She was running one hand between her legs and using the other hand to massage her breasts. She was panting heavily and her face was flushed with arousal.

“Please Master, tell me what to do. Give me an order on what I can do to pleasure you.†She begged.

Much of Isaac’s tension immediately melted away. Being called “Masterâ€, there was something very satisfying about it. Besides, he had an eighteen-year-old submissive nymphomaniac begging to be used, he should be thanking every deity he could think of. Maybe this whole slave/pet thing could be fun.

“Have you ever given a blowjob before?â€

“No, I’ve never done anything with a boy. But my sisters taught me how to do it. They would put something inside of me or themselves and have me lick it clean.â€

“Well then, time for the real thing. I order you to suck my dick.†He hummed, already starting to enjoy himself.

Holly’s face immediately lit up with a bright smile. Isaac had not only accepted her as a slave, but n
ow she would be able to indulge both his sexual desires and her own. He had given her an order and thereby a very rewarding purpose. Reaching up with trembling hands, she unfastened his belt and then his pants. She could feel his erect manhood through his jeans, feel his pulse in the hard muscle. Biting her lip, she lowered the waistband of his underwear and let his cock spring forth.

Wow, ok… she hadn’t expected it to be that… big. It was like a cross between a cucumber and a pork tenderloin. This contractor didn’t have a hammer, he had a freaking sledge! Not only that, but the closest she had ever come to seeing a man’s penis was the sketch one of her older sister’s once drew of her boyfriend’s. This muscly thing was going inside her? Damn, her mouth was already watering. She slowly wrapped her hand around it with the same look on her face as when she entered the movie theater and saw the projector screen. Her expression was the cutest thing Isaac had ever seen.

She massaged his appendage for several seconds, using her hand to get used to the feel of it. As horny a masochist as she was, even Holly felt a tremor of fear as she imagined it barreling into her.

“Come on Holly, I thought you wanted to be my slave?â€

The coaxing reignited her desire and her head darted forward, taking in the tip of her master’s cock. Isaac let out a small groan of happiness from the sensation of her warm wet mouth sealing itself around his organ, lovingly sucking on it. There were VERY few things that felt better than a blowjob, and the sensation was downright iconic with its unique form of euphoria. For Holly, the smell and taste were like nothing she had ever experienced. Isaac had thoroughly showered before the date, but the scent filling her mouth and nose was completely overwhelming, even going so far as to leave her lightheaded.

That wasn’t even counting the psychological aspect of the act. She had dreamed of finding a master she could do this to, a man she could give her body to. Regardless, there was a sense of revulsion to this act, knowing that a man’s cock was dirtying her mouth, yet it was that revulsion that turned her on so much. Her foster parents had taught her that such an act was wrong, that it was sinful, that it was disgusting. The fact that her body was being used for such a gross act made her so hot and wet, it fulfilled her masochistic desire to be violated and used like a toy.

She soon began to expand her horizons, remembering her the training her sisters had put her through. True, broom handles and bananas certainly couldn’t compare to this, but she had studied thoroughly so that she would know what to do. She took the member deeper in her mouth, letting the head rub against the ridges of the back of her throat. She could barely get half of the mass in her mouth, but she worked that length with loving care. As her movements became faster, the recognizable sound of oral sex could be heard. The breaking and reforming of suction and the lapping of her tongue and lips against the muscular flesh made it sound like she was chewing gum, but with a much splashier echo.

Deciding to take it even farther, Isaac placed his hand on the back of Holly’s head and began to push her closer to him. She had said that her sisters used to choke her, so if she really were a masochist, this would be heaven for her. At his slow but irresistible pushing, Holly felt her horniness skyrocket to new levels. She truly felt like she was in the palm of his hand, a tool for his personal use. She coughed and gagged as his cock was forced deeper and deeper into her throat, but every centimeter just excited her more. Breathing soon became near impossible for her, prompting her body to panic. In response to the fear rushing through her veins, Holly forced open her jeans and began rubbing her slit frantically. Known in the orphanage for being a squirter, she had already thoroughly soaked her jeans and panties.

After thirty seconds, Isaac let her pull back and catch her breath. Sitting on the floor, she gasped for air while clumsily unbuttoning her blouse while saliva and precum dribbled down her chin and tears rolled down her cheeks. She then pulled off the tank top underneath, leaving her with only her bra to contain her D-cup breasts. She sat back up and wrapped her fingers around his wet cock, but instead of resuming the blowjob, she pressed it against the side of her face and held it there. Once she had caught her breath, she began running her tongue up the shaft, trying to wet as much surface area as possible.

“My balls could also use some attention.†Isaac shrugged.

Holly ecstatically obeyed and began running her tongue across his scrotum, sucking on the wrinkled flesh like it was coated in chocolate syrup. She moved back and forth, using her tongue to play with the flesh-wrapped orbs and tease him. After a minute, she resumed sucking Isaac off, and he immediately placed his hand on the top of her head.

“I’m about to cum, don’t stop.†He groaned.

With unchallenged devotion, Holly doubled her efforts, working her mouth around the head and the top five inches, and using her hand to stroke the remaining six. At last, Isaac grunted in happiness as a thick jet of white cum erupted from the head of his cock and flooded her mouth and throat. Choking on the foamy mess, Holly fell back and the second stream sprayed across her chest and the floor. After swallowing the thick cream that had filled her mouth, she wiped the semen off her chest and wrapped her tongue around her fingers to lap up every drop. Surprising Isaac, she even got down on all fours and hungrily licked his seed off the floor like a dog in the kitchen of a clumsy chef. Once she was certain she had consumed every glob, she returned to the tap and once again sucked him off, trying to drain any last bullets that had not been fired. Damn, this girl was wild.

“Oh my god, that was so delicious. I’ve always wanted to be soaked in my master’s semen.†She purred.

“How about having it inside you?â€

Holly’s face lit up.

“You mean it?†She squealed.

“Sure, we don’t even need condoms. Unfortunately, while I can certainly shoot a lot, my guys… aren’t very strong.†He sighed. Holly looked at him in confusion.

“My tadpoles… don’t have tails. They’re basically stagnant and useless. High quantity, low quality. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted was to start a family, but… I’m sterile. Just… keep it a secret, ok?†He explained, embarrassed by his genetic failure. This wasn’t like just having received a vasectomy, he had no choice in the matter. It didn’t matter if he had a large member or could build a home with his own two hands, the fact that he was incapable of getting a woman pregnant was a huge devalue to his masculinity and it made him feel like he would die alone without having ever made anything that really mattered.

Sensing her master’s vulnerability, Holly stood up and walked over. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned in and kissed him, the first time she had ever kissed a man.

“That just means you can pump all of your seed into me and never have to worry. Now please Master, make me your slave forever.†She murmured lovingly when their lips separated. She then let go and walked into his bedroom, unfastening her bra as she walked and removing her pants and underwear when she reached his bed.

“I’ve been waiting to find a man who could become my master and take my virginity.†She hummed, clutching herself nervously as she felt Isaac’s eyes run up her supple body. Isaac let slip a small chuckle.

“You’re a virgin?â€

Holly blushed with arousal from the rush of flashbacks sparking in her mind.

“My sisters always told me that I should sav
e my virginity for the man I fall in love with. When I said they took turns violating me for hours on end, I meant that they sodomized me. I loved it so much, all the things they forced inside me and how they made my asshole gape. But they never put anything more than fingers in my pussy, they were always sure that my hymen wouldn’t be broken. They truly did love me and cared about me.†She giggled. She then climbed up onto the bed and got on all fours, spreading her legs and letting Isaac stare at her glistening pussy and her accepting anus.

“Now please Master, come here and rape me.†She begged. Isaac sighed.

“Ok, you really shouldn’t joke like that.†He scolded. Holly giggled and began shaking her rear from side to side.

“I mean it, I want you to violently force yourself in me. Please Master, rip away my virginity with your cock. I want it to hurt, I want it to be painful and brutal. I want to scream and cry in ecstasy. Rape me like a dirty little slut, make me your property. I want to be your personal cum dumpster for you to abuse and violate whenever you want. Please Master, rape me with all your strength.†She murmured.

‘Yep, bat-shit crazy…’ Isaac thought to himself.

In his mind, Isaac was considering the ramifications of fulfilling his offer. On one hand, this girl was clearly mentally unstable and potentially dangerous. He really didn’t want to end up skinned alive and worn as footy pajamas because of Holly’s “devotion†to her master. On the other hand, he would get his own personal sex slave, not to mention that crazy girls were always the best in bed. Looking down at his erect cock, he knew the answer had been made for him.

Shrugging, he fully undressed and climbed on the bed. But instead of simply mounting her, he decided to tease her. Lowering his head, he grabbed her hips and began flicking his tongue through her sopping wet pussy. She was nearly dripping with liquid arousal, how could he not want to sample her lovely honeypot? She was delicious to say the least, sweet like tea and as soft as ripe fruit. With each movement of his tongue, he drank her in and savored her moans of pleasure. Holly was used to having her pussy licked, she would spend countless hours with one of her sisters long hair laid across her belly with her head bobbing. But to feel a man’s tongue against her womanhood was almost a completely different sensation, especially since she knew what was coming.

“Master, please! I can’t wait any longer!†She begged.

“Well that’s too bad. You’re my toy and I’m going to play with you however I want. You’re my property, remember?†He grunted. Holly smiled and a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek.

“Yes, I remember. Use my body however you want Master, I’m your slave.†She whispered with her heart (and pussy) overflowing. She was finally home.

Continuing to familiarize himself with his new toy, he moved up and began sodomizing her with his tongue. The homeless shelter she stayed at must have had some good showers, because Holly might as well have had her anus bleached. As he plunged his tongue into her over and over, he reached up and began thumbing her pussy. Holly had her face buried in Isaac’s pillow, moaning in happiness and basking in her master’s scent while she felt his thumb stir her womanhood. She had learned how to stifle her voice in the orphanage. She and her sisters all knew Hell would be raised if their foster parents had discovered their nightly all-girl gangbangs. However, she was unwinding in this new environment, and she was becoming carelessly loud.

“Oh Master! It’s too much!†She cried out. Her orgasm was as dramatic as her voice, as Isaac nearly had his thumb forced out by the spray of liquid arousal that pumped from her slit. Isaac sat up and laughed.

“Look at this, my new pet just made a mess on my bed. Seems this dog kennel mutt isn’t housebroken.†He teased, getting back into the mental rhythm he had experimented with when she sucked him off.

“I’m sorry I’m such a dirty bitch Master.†She whined happily.

“Sorry isn’t going to cover it, you need to be punished.†He said before getting off the bed.

Reaching into his nearby bureau, he drew one of his unused ties and then grabbed Holly’s soaked panties. Climbing back onto the bed, he did not hesitate to cram the lingerie into her mouth, then holding her arms behind her back, he bound her wrists with the tie. With the gag and restraints, Holly nearly came right then and there. Tying her up was one of her sisters’ favorite games to play at night and it made every sensation ten times kinkier and thereby a hundred times more enjoyable.

With the strength earned from millions of hammer swings, he effortlessly picked her up and held her against him, her back pressed against his bare chest. He could feel her heart beating wildly and her lungs expand and contract with each fluttering breath she took. Careful not to let her fall, he reached up with one arm and grabbed her left breast, squeezing hard. With his other arm, he reached down and rammed his ring and middle finger into her virgin slit, while clamping down on her erect clitoris with his thumb and index finger.

The combination of the brutal squeeze of her breast and hard pinch of her clitoris left Holly screaming at the top of her lungs through her gag. To a masochist like her, the pain she was experiencing was unlike any sensation she had ever encountered, the greatest euphoria in her life. There was also the proximity of Isaac’s cock to her pussy, it was so close that he could have entered her easily. Holding her up, Isaac violently worked his fingers in her virgin slit, while his grip in his left and right hand never once faltered. He was really beginning to enjoy this S&M thing. He was not a cruel man or sadistic, but the fact that she was so willing and desperate to receive pain allowed him to experiment with new things. He had to admit, her screams of pleasure and pain did excite him.

It took less than a minute for Holly to have her second orgasm, and it was even wetter than her first. She was semi-conscious and the happiest she had ever been. Isaac laid her back down on the bed but raised her hips. He couldn’t hold back any longer, he had to fuck her.

“You said you wanted it to be rough and painful, so I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to deflower you in one shove. If you want me to stop, slam your feet against the bed.†He warned. In reply, she just shook her ass like a cat in heat, her nonverbal means of begging him to fuck her.

Taking a deep breath, Isaac hefted his manhood and held it against her glistening slit. He slowly inserted the head, giving him just enough of a hold so that he wouldn’t immediately fall out. Holly shivered as she felt his organ penetrate her, even if it was only the head. At last, she would be his true slave. Taking another deep breath, Isaac secured his hand on her hips and then pushed forward with everything he had. He knew she was a virgin, yet he had tricked himself into thinking she would be loose because of her history. But damn, she was TIGHT! He almost had to stop halfway just so that he could collect himself and try again. He was glad he was circumcised, because he could easily imagine someone else tearing their foreskin.

It took less than a second for him to fully enter her, but as soon as she felt her hymen break and the first few inches spread her wide, she screamed at the top of her lungs through her gag. Never in her life had she felt anything like this before, even when her older sister first sodomized her with a toothbrush handle. There were so many nerve endings screeching in pain, feeling like they had just been scraped against rough pavement. She had been as wet as possible, but the friction she f
elt when he entered her was still agonizing, not to mention the sheer size of Isaac’s cock made her feel like she was about to be split open. However, no aspect of anything just listed was short of total jubilation. To say she was in heaven would be an understatement, she could not imagine heaven possibly being better than this moment right now, and the tears of pleasure and pain running down her face only solidified that.

Considering the fact that she wasn’t frantically slapping her feet against the bed, Isaac took it as a sign that she was enjoying herself. Taking a moment to get used to her tightness, he pulled his cock halfway out and examined the crimson varnish of her torn hymen, chuckling to himself as it dripped off the raised veins of his manhood. Reforming his grip on her sides, he forced himself back into her and made her scream a second time, but at a lower volume. After a few strokes inside to loosen her up, Isaac began to pick up speed.

Holly’s pussy was so tight around his cock, it felt like she was sucking him in with a vacuum. But it was also so wet and soft, he felt like he was receiving another blowjob. Again and again, he slammed his body against her cute barely-legal ass, forcing his cock as far into her as possible. The view was as sexy as could be, with her jiggling ass being skewered and crashing against his lap. He could see the ripples from each thrust echoing out through her soft flesh, a testament to how hard he was fucking her. Every penetration sent his manhood crashing against her womb, making her scream in masochistic joy. As time passed, the clapping of her thighs against his and the creaking of the bed springs intensified, much like Isaac’s aggressive horniness. With each deep impact he made, Holly’s screams of pain became moans of pleasure, but he wanted to continue making her wince and cry, he wanted to push her masochism to its limits.

Reaching around, he pulled her panties out of her mouth, letting her fully breathe and speak. Before she could say anything, Holly shuddered as Isaac pushed the saliva-soaked panties into her asshole.

“So how do you like getting fucked?†Isaac chuckled.

“Oh god! It feels like you’re going to rip me open! Master, your cock is going to tear me apart!†She screamed happily.

In reply, Isaac, grabbed her bound wrists and her braided ponytail, using them both as handles and pulling her up so that she no longer had her face buried in his pillow. He continued to push against her with all his strength, each time throwing her forward with every penetration, then pulling her back onto his cock before it could come out. The pain in her shoulders and her scalp from having her arms and hair pulled more than fulfilled her masochistic desire, and the fact that Isaac was now pulling her against his cock like a human fleshlight instead of simply mounting her granted her the euphoric sense of degradation she so richly desired.

“Oh yes! Please Master, rape me harder! Rape my slutty pussy! Let me get addicted to your cock!†She moaned with her tongue out like the members of KISS. Between her legs, splash after splash of her orgasmic fluid was running down the underside of Isaac’s cock before soaking the bed beneath them.

Isaac then let her go and pushed her down into the bed, putting his whole weight on her as he penetrated her deepest recesses. He had her completely pinned and was even holding onto the edges of the mattress to give himself better leverage. As well as having her snatch hammered, Holly was relishing in the sensation of being smothered by her new master. It made her feel weak, it made her feel vulnerable, and it made her feel completely at mercy to his desires. Over and over, he lifted up his torso and then dropped it back down, sending himself deep into her enveloping wet lips. As he fucked her, he ran his lips up the side of her neck, savoring the taste of her soft skin. As he became more familiar with the move, his strength and speed increased. In just over a minute, be was crashing into Holly’s womb with so much force that his bed was beginning to rock and bounce, and his headboard was knocking flakes of plaster off the wall.

Once the sound of wood on wood overshadowed Holly’s screams of ecstasy, he decided it was time to change position. Lying down beside her, he pulled her panties out of her asshole and then crammed them back into her mouth. She certainly didn’t object, he nearly lost his fingers when she hungrily ripped them from his grip with her teeth. Flipping her onto her side, he raised her leg and worked himself back into her. However, instead of resuming the cycling thrusts, he pulled his cock all the way out simply so that he could re-enter her. Every time the tip of his cock spread her lips, a shiver of happiness ran through Holly’s body.

His teasing was short lived, and soon enough, he had returned to his machine-like rhythm. As he thrust into her, Isaac thought back through what Holly had told him about her older sisters during their nightly sexcapades. Along with spanking and nonstop sodomy, she said she was often choked. Isaac had never choked anyone, but as long as he was careful, Holly would be fine. Taking the risk, he reached up and closed his hand around her neck with a gentle squeeze. As soon as she felt his rough powerful hand wrap around her soft vulnerable throat, Holly screamed through her gag and an undulating fountain of her biological lubrication sprayed from her skewered pussy, flying clear across the room. Isaac was squeezing her throat just enough to make breathing difficult, and that fearful excitement was more than enough to make her climax over and over again.

Having lost track of time, Isaac could feel his own climax bubbling within him. What had originally been a far-off deadline was now an impending completion to this amazing night. His strength was declining rapidly and his control was weakening. Grunting, he gave a last desperate handful of thrusts, before a flood of semen erupted from his cock and filled Holly’s pussy to the point of overflowing. Jet after jet was fired straight into her womb, making her moan with its warmth. She felt like steaming-hot soup had just been poured directly into her womanhood, a sensation so intense that she nearly thought she was being burned.

Pulling out of her, Isaac fired his last round, spraying his seed across her chest and face and marking her as his own. More exhausted than he had been in months, he pulled her panties out of her mouth and untied her wrists.

“Thank you Master, that was everything I had dreamed it being and more.†She whispered happily, rubbing his semen across her naked body like it was sunscreen. She wanted more, she wanted to be completely drenched in his scent, but this would do for now. Chuckling, Isaac leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, on the one bare spot not covered with rapidly drying semen.

“Forget getting a place of your own, this is your home now. From now on, you’re my pet, my toy, and my slave.†He hummed, having come to fully accept her and realizing that this sadomasochism thing was more fun than he had ever imagined.

“Thank you Master.†She whispered with a tear of happiness rolling down her cheek.


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