Valentine’s Day Sex Story with Paris

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I kissed her face from above, kissing it all over as her body squirmed in front of me. My hands wandered down her face and neck until they reached her nipples, still kissing her my fingers teased her breasts. Her hips started to buck ever so slightly. Moving around the table I pulled a chair up to the left of her and started to suck her nipples. Kneeling on the chair I leant over her and softly bit and sucked as my hand massaged her ample breasts. I kissed her face from above, kissing it all over as her body squirmed in front of me. My hands wandered down her face and neck until they reached her nipples, still kissing her my fingers teased her breasts. Her hips started to buck ever so slightly. Moving around the table I pulled a chair up to the left of her and started to suck her nipples. Kneeling on the chair I leant over her and softly bit and sucked as my hand massaged her ample breasts.

It was our first Valentine’s Day together. Paris had told me how she was never spoiled in her past relationship, so I before I left for work I covered her car with cardboard colored love hearts.

About an hour later Paris called me – she was over the moon. The cardboard hearts had put a smile on her face and that made me happy.

My day was busy. So before I knew it was lunchtime, then a meeting with the boss. During the meeting I was told that someone was here to see me.

I was surprised – I wasn’t expecting anyone. Next moment Paris walked in to my office with a bunch of roses and an ‘I love you’ balloon. She had just come from a corporate function dressed in her power suit she looked incredible.

I know Paris inside out. So I knew she was wearing something totally sexy under the corporate suit. Lace? Bows? Three-quarter stockings? Different possibilities were running through my mind.

The smile Paris carried was better then the gift itself – I’m sure she was enjoying giving love as much as receiving it. I left the meeting with James and walked Paris out to her car. Holding her, smelling her, drinking her in. Then she was off, telling me she would have dinner ready and just to come home safely.

6 o’clock finally came, and as I got closer to Paris’ place I wondered what she had planned for the night ahead.

It didn’t take me long to find out.

Paris met me at the door wearing a sexy black teddy and three-quarter, hold-up stockings, which I love. She guided me through to the deck overlooking her pool. She had chips, dips and a Corona with fresh lime waiting for me.

We kissed and I drew her body close to mine my meat rubbing against her. We finished our beers and I headed to the shower before dinner. Tossing my clothes in the basket I stepped into the gushing water. I washed my hair and body and shaved to get rid of my daily stubble. As I dried myself, my cock grew in anticipation of what was to come. Dressing in a smart pair of jeans, collared shirt and smart shoes I added a few dabs of cologne and headed back out to the deck.

Paris had opened a bottle of wine and unwrapped a beautiful cheese and meat platter with fresh bread, olives and fruit. She handed me a glass and said

“Happy Valentines baby.â€

Conversation flowed as we feasted on her meal until the mozzies decided to crash the party. We headed inside where Paris pulled out desert; chopped strawberries blue berries and banana, and put a bowl of shredded chocolate over a pan of boiled water to melt.

I poured us another another wine and headed into the main dining room. Paris brought in the chocolate and fruit. I picked up a strawberry and covered it in melted chocolate and fed it to Paris she did the same to me, on and on until the fruit was gone.

Only the candles Paris had lit earlier lighted the room. Paris looked at me with eyes that penetrated to my core.

I pulled her to me. As our mouths touched I bit her bottom lip softly and gently sucked it in. My tongue tiptoed around her lips and she let out a soft moan.

I slid the teddy off her as I bit my way down her neckline and back up to her ear.

“I want you.†I whispered in her ear “My body needs you. Now.â€

“Yes please.†is all she muttered.

Her nipples were now exposed and firm. I scooped some chocolate out of the bowl and covered then. Then I took my time to lick and suck it all off.

Her hand grabbed the back of my head, again she said

“Yes please.â€

I picked up a bright, pink blanket from the sofa and pushed the candles back to the end of the table. I laid the blanket on the table and put a cushion down for her head.

Words escaped her but her eyes said all that was needed. She trusted me, she wanted me.

I laid her on the table, kissing her mouth and face as I gently pushed her down. Her hair cascaded over the cushion and her body shone in the candlelight.

I walked to the top of the table and moved the candles into a safer position, wondering if she had ever had wax dripped on to her. My cock throbbed at the thought.

I kissed her face from above, kissing it all over as her body squirmed in front of me. My hands wandered down her face and neck until they reached her nipples, still kissing her my fingers teased her breasts. Her hips started to buck ever so slightly. Moving around the table I pulled a chair up to the left of her and started to suck her nipples. Kneeling on the chair I leant over her and softly bit and sucked as my hand massaged her ample breasts.

My other hand wandered down her body finding her womanhood. She was wet already. My finger ran the outer length of her love hole the just inside the outer lips. I moved further up and kissed her mouth and face and ears.

She came as my two fingers entered her and rubbed her g-spot. Her hips rose off the table to meet my thrusts into her.

Letting her recover for a second at least I made my way around the table until I found her other breast and nipple. I sucked on it hard and she moaned as I chewed and bit the nipple while my both hands squeezed and fed it into my mouth.

I freed one of my hands and ran it over her face pushing her head to the side and dragging it back again. Her mouth open as if by instinct and I slid two fingers into it.

She sucked my fingers as lovingly as she sucks on my cock. Still sucking her nipple, my other hand found her clit and I massaged it back to life. She was dripping wet with her legs open wide. She was in pure bliss. She came again this time much harder and louder then the last.

I dragged the chair with me and moved it to the end of the table where she laid. I grabbed Paris’s legs and dragged her to the end of the table where I sat and stared at the delight I was about to devour. Her hips were bucking in small circles.

I bit her thigh lightly, made my way to her groin and sucked on it where the vein runs over the bone. She squirmed. I kissed over her mound and licked and kissed her other groin. She squirmed even more.

Slowly I licked around her outer lips lapping at the love drops dripping out of her. I smiled at her and saw her face full of pleasure and freedom flickering in the candlelight.

My tongue found her clit and her hand brushed my head.

“Please baby, please,†she begged.

I licked, sucked and teased her bringing her almost to orgasm then changed the pace just enough to keep her high but not tip her over. Her fingers were now running through my hair and her hips lifting into my face with more intensity.

Slowly I ran my fingers down her body as I again started to lick and suck her, this time barely touching her clit with gentle but random licks. My fingers reached the outer rim of her love hole and I start to play with her entrance as I licked her pleasure bud.

This time there was no let up, no pace change, no movement except a man possessed. Her hip
s started to bounce off my face and my finger started to enter her hole just a little

She came, screaming and shuddering with delight. My fingers explored deeper inside her as my tongue licked her bud to completion. My hand was soaked with her love juice. I cleaned her up before I moved up to her face and kissed her.

“Fuck baby, fuck that was so intense. Fuck.†she said grabbing my hair and looking into my eyes.

I lifted her up and took her cream leather sofa and told her to sit. I undid my shirt button and asked her to undo my pants. She did eagerly, trying to pull everything off in one go.

“No.†I said “Not yet.â€

I pushed her back and asked

“Do you want some?†she nodded. I asked her again more forcefully

“I said do you want it?â€

“Yes baby I want it!†she said.

“Show me then.†I commanded.

She sat up kissing my chest and stomach and rubbed her face over my boxers her mouth biting softly on my shaft through the material.

“Please baby let me have it in my mouth. I’ll be good. You know I’m a good girl.â€

I took off my shoes and jeans and slid off my boxers. She smiled like a cat about to get some cream. Again I pushed her back. I stood up on the side of the sofa and she sat and took my mongrel cock into her sweet, soft, hot mouth.

Her hand reached around to my butt cheeks and she pumped my body into her mouth.

My cock was now hard and I pushed her back, I wanted to fuck.

“Roll over Paris.†I tell her. She flipped without hesitation, leaning on the back of the sofa ready to be taken doggy.

Paris’s sofa was in front of a large window that looked out over the front garden and into the street. She wiggled into position her butt and pussy glistening.

I moved behind her and took some time to admire her body. She works hard to keep it looking great and I appreciate every bit of it.

Taking hold of my shaft I slid the head of my cock just inside her. She moaned softly. I moved my head around inside her and took it out and put it back in again.

“Fuck me baby.†she cried “Fuck me I want your cock inside me.â€

How could I refuse?

I slowly started to pump my meat into her tight love hole grabbing her hips as I went. My mind was swimming with pleasure and interest as the street light shone the way. I saw cars drive past and people walking in the distance without missing a beat inside her.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck me. I’ll take it. I’m a good girl.†This only stoked the fire that controlled my hips and I thrust harder and faster into her until I felt her hole tighten and her juice squirt over me.

I slapped her ass leaving a small red handprint. She came again.

“Yes baby. More please!†Grabbing her hips I pounded her, then stopped, then slammed into her again then stopped again. She came again.

I slowed and rubbed her ass. Then I enjoyed her again, fucking and bucking away. She came again and again.

She moved a little since her knees were going numb. I noticed and guided her to the bedroom. We grabbed some water on the way. Sweat was covering my hair and running down my body. I grabbed a towel and patted myself down as Paris finished her bottle of water.

She walked over to me and I said

“Remember the first time I threw you on the bed?†she smiled, and I continued

“And you were like ‘hey you can’t do that to me!’ But you were so fucking wet from it. Then I slid my cock into you and fucked you. No asking, no pleases, just taking and enjoying you totally.â€

She smiled and nodded then shuddered as the thought of it made her cum for the first time in her room that night. I held both of her legs together and pushed them back as I pulled her ass closer to the end of the bed.

I thrust into her. Pounding and pounding. She came again and again.

“You fuck me so goood baby. So good. I love you.â€

I leant over her so my body now rubbed her clit as my cock slid in and out of her. My hand found one of her nipples and I pinched and played with it as I pumped. She came again and again.

“Give me more baby! I love it! I love you fucking pounding my hole ba…†her words got lost as she came again.

“I’m your good girl.†she said.

“Yes baby you’re a good girl. Such a beautiful good girl.â€

“Thank you baby. Thank you.†she said.

“Do you know what all good girls get?†I asked. Her cunt churned around my cock again.

“Yes baby please!†she wailed.

“Well what do they get?†I asked.

“I get my pussy filled with your cum baby.†

“Do you want that Paris? Do you want me to fill my good girl’s pussy with my man juice?â€

Her voice was now high as she begged

“Please! Yes please! I would love that I’m a good girl please! Please!â€

I felt it start at my groin. Then pleasure started to head to my toes as a second phase headed off to the top of my body.

“Cum baby.†I heard “Cum.â€

I was fucking for all I was worth. Her legs were and held apart by my hands.

“Please baby, fill me! Please!†The pleasure reached it’s end and bounced back and hurried through my body until it met and my groin and I exploded deep inside her, pumping her with wild abandonment.

Load after load, drop after drop was milked out by her fabulous pussy.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!†she came again. I screamed

“Take that. Take it all! Come on drain my balls baby.â€

“I will, I will baby.†she said. I pumped until every drop had left my cock.

I leant forward and kissed her.

“Thank you baby I murmured. Thank you.â€

“Wow this is my life thank you.†she said.  I grabbed a towel and a drink to share.

Laying on the bed Paris curled up in my arms and I held her tight as we drifted off to sleep.


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