Taking in my brothers adopted daughter

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We had finally reached the pinnacle of our lives when we finally had the 2 kids out of the house and off to their own careers. Being married for 20 years had afforded us the chance to raise two successful children and allowed us to become the ?empty nesters? that we have looked forward to. Peace and quiet along with starting to regain the one on one relationship that temporarily took the backseat to fulfill our obligations to family. Don’t get me wrong, we could not have been more blessed than having the two children we were allowed to have, but, as all parents know, there is that time of relief from the hectic life. Kathy and I have looked forward to this and were ready to start up a new life style. .We still have our careers to finish and excitedly look forward to full retirement.

Kathy is in marketing and travels through the week to all parts of the country while I work in the medical field at a hospital. I had sort of become the house mom and played the role of both parents in raising the children. Becky and Mark were great kids, and are now both in medical school to become Doctors. Mark wants to become a ER doctor and Becky a pediatrician. My career as a CT tech probably intrigued them to go into the field itself. I always had great stories of interest to share with them as they grew in their teenage years.

This is where the story begins. I received a strange phone call from my bother who was in pure desperation and needed our assistance. Jack and Liz were involved in church mission work and had to leave the country for one year. The only problem was that they were requesting Kathy and I to allow their ?adopted? daughter of 20 years In age, to come stay with us while they finished their educational work. This really laid one on us.

Jack didnt trust anyone else in the family and we were the only ones he felt they could rely on. Jack also had raised their fine daughter in an ultra-conservative environment.

I just told him that I would have to get back to him later, This is something that Kathy and I would have to seriously discuss. As I hung up the phone, all I could think about was how it would all change back to family again. There were lots of concerns that we must analyze.

When Kathy returned from her weekly trip, we went out to dinner and during our after meal drinks, I brought up the phone call. I shouldn’t have been surprised at her immediate response. She is always the one in the family to take on challenge and be there as the help mate. It was a part of her nature and why she was so successful in her position with the company. She always was supprotive and willing to jump in and take a new challenge wherher at home or in the workplace. We have always been open in our relationship to all types of situations. We can discuss any topic, situation, or event without feelings of threat to our marriage. In fact, we were so looking forward to having the kids gone so we could explore the “lifestyle” of swapping.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I have a wonderuful sexual relationship. We have to wait till weekends, but with waiting the full week, there are plenty of situations in our own workplaces to build the anticpation of getting together.  A little descrption of her is that she is 5’5 and about 145 lbs. Her top is 34c and she has wonderful legs and thighs. Her butt has remained firm over the years which is a pleasurable site in itself.

She may be a little heavier than most men prefer, but those thighs will tear you up.  Just the mear thought of the recoil working of the ass while fucking her makes my cock get hard.  While on the road we have our “w” night. This is the Wednesday of each week.  It is mid week and just about the time we are both vulnerable to want sex. We have bought cam’s so that we can see each other masturbate while she is on the road. I purchased one with sound and we can talk about situations in the workplace and the thoughts in our minds. She would take my favorite baby doll nightie with her and disrobe in front of the cam. it was like being there myself. I would disrobe for her as well and sllowly stroke my cock for her.  I found it interesting that she would always mentiion a contact she had on a weekly basis. His name was Dave and he is the cooperate finance officer. They had been working on a project of a huge client and waiting for the money to be transfered by wire to close the purchase of services.  Only problem was that their meetings were always into the early evening and they were always on the “W” night.  We were into a hot session a couple of months ago and she brought up his name. I told her during her climax” why dont you just give in and fuck him.”.  This heated the moment up to another level of intensity.  For the next serval weeks, it started to bocme part of the sessions.  Again, neither of us have done anything like that, but at the same time,  we would never question and descisions we made in our marriage. We have that much trust and jealously has never been an issue.

Last wek she told me she had another meeting for Wednesday and it was finally going to be the one that sealed the cooperate deal. The money transfer was set up for late evening due to overseas time differences. So, I expected our “W” night to be a little late in the evening.  I sat by the TV waitng for the cam invite to pop up. I had it set up to go from my computer to the 54 inch TV screen earlier in the year. So, about 10 pm the invite to accept her cam was on the screen. I grabbed the laptop and connected. All I could see of her was her face and she looked like she had a fever. I asked if she was ok and she said absouletly wonderful. She said she hadnt felt that great in qute a while. I asked “did the deal go through ok?”. She said “YES. the huge deposit was indeed made.”.  Then she said “actually two were made”  Thinking they doubled the account order, i was impressed.  But then she said she had something to show me. The cam was moving around and she put it up close at the lips of her pussy.  She spread her legs and I saw a large deposit of man cum covering her pussy hole. I immediately got an errection.  I heard her say “David left the second deposit of the day and he just walked out the door before I cam on here”. She continued “honey, it is still warm. I can feel his cum down there.”. She put a finger on it and I saw the stringy trail of cum leave her lips. She then moved the fingers to her mouth and sucked them off.  I couldnt handle anymore. I put the cam down on me and was jakcing my cock for her. I suddenly shot a thick load of cum for her viewing.  I dont know that I ever cum as hard as that. The cum was so thick and just running down my shaft in globs.  Needless to say, when she got home that weekend, the bedroom was heated up tremendously. We fucked in every way possible while reliving the events of the week. She went into detail of how it started at a celebration dinner, and how her panties were so wet, and dripping.  How she saw the bulge developing in his slacks and brushing against it while dancing. After several more drinks, she was ready. And did. I was not a bit bothered by it.  I always told her that I would never force her into the lifestyle. I would not participate if she didn’t. It had to be something she was comfortable with.

Which now brings me back to the current dilemma.  We cant enjoy the “W” nights or explore deeper now, with another person to raise for a year. I may seem selfish , but we deserved to enjoy the latter years.

With extra discussions and encouragement, Kathy convinced me that we could have  a positive influence on her life. So, reluctantly I put it all on hold.

This brings us in full circle to current events. My brother Jack dropped our adopted niece off at the house on a spring morning. The door bell rang and there Robin was.  It had been 8 years since i had seen her. I could only suppose that she was just starting wear training bras at that time, but you couldn’t tell with a dress that went from the neck to the toes. Jack and Liz were so conservative, they kept her in doors as much as possible.

I do remember the pretty smile  though. The features of her face were so young and innocent, just as the parents had raised her. She always called me Mr. John and my wife Ms Kathy. it was a southern  term we were raised with but also fit perfect from the fact we were not blood relatives. So, when i got outside the door my brother shook my hand and she stayed distant ans said. “Hi Mr. John.  Good to see you again”. So formal in conversation and actions. I welcomed them inside and then went to the car to unload her 6 pieces of luggage. I asked her to go to her new room and plan where she wanted her belongings. Jack and I sat down for a chat.

He pretty much told me about the last 8 years and that he felt bad about asking us to help out. I advised him that everything would be fine. After an hour of conversation he looked at me and said “John, I know you and I didn’t agree on how you raised your children and what you allowed them to do. But, I will say this. What ever you did, must have worked because you have two successful kids. All I ask of you, is to  help us in that same area.”.  With that, he turned and left. Talk about pressure. I was supposed to make all the right decisions with Robin, and not offend my brother. The only thing I was thinking was the Kathy and I would have to cool the ?W? night again. No more jacking off in the living room while having the cam and sound on. I would have to once again retreat to the bedroom and mute the speakers. Just like when we were raising out kids.

When Kathy returned home from her trip, she took Robin out for new clothes. The first thing she wanted to do was change the way she dressed too give her more confidence in her own self. She wanted her to feel like a young woman in modern days. That evening Kathy told me about the clothes she was wearing. She had to get new bras because the ones Robin had didn’t fit the 36c cups. And she told me that she was wearing granny pants underneath all that dress material. Kathy said ?that poor girl had to be humiliated around the other girls her own age while growing up.? She also said she had a long talk at lunch with her and that Liz wouldn’t discuss anything about sex to her. She said it was a sin to even discuss it. Kathy said we had our work cut out for us. Also she said that she trusted everything I do and would never question the reasoning. That gave me some sense of relief in the situation. There was no doubt of the love and trust between us.

As time went on, the first month went really well. Robin was a heck of a cook and did cleaning and laundry as well. This added a lot of extra time to my week. I actually sat down in my recliner and read books to catch up on. I have to certify my license each year by continuing education hours. I started to notice a change in Robin. Her clothes were different and she started becoming a girl of the new century. Still shy and proper, but at least she had the appearance of someone different. I actually got to see her legs and thighs along with a glimpse of cleavage. That started to become a challenge for me. To not think of her in any way other than who she really was to the family.

Our evening discussions would comprise of future careers and what changes she needed to make to get there. We did touch on my brother Jack and sister-in-law Liz. I explained that when she was adopted that her real Mother was a prostitute and drug addict. She had given her up for adoption due to criminal charges she was facing. ? Jack and Liz raised you so that you wouldn’t end up like your mother. That is why they were so conservative regarding clothes, and talking with boys. They actually went to the extreme which hindered you in a lot of areas regarding social relationships.? She then told me that the only time she saw boys was at church functions. She was watched constantly to keep from doing things she shouldn’t or talking about things that were sin. When girls talked about dates, she said she would run to her parents because she could add nothing to the experiences. She was embarrassed to even listen to them. She told me that when they described things that happened and detailed descriptions, she had no clue to what was being talked about. All I could think is the damage that has been done to her. I wanted to deck my brother rather than hug him.

During the second month there, I noticed her reading medical books. It seemed the interest was getting a medical career. She was reading books of mine and the two kids.

We would have pizza and on Wednesdays and then retire early to bed. After all, this was the ?W? night and I was determined to not give those up. She was reading a medical book and accidentally knocked her empty plate off the end table. When she got up to get it, she bent straight over to pick it up. She still hadn’t got used to shorter skirts and how to maneuver in them. I looked over at her and I could see her panties under the skirt stretched across her ass, I noticed a wet spot the size of a quarter in the crotch of them. I felt like I was stealing something when I saw it. I turned my head away quickly and redirected my mind to the book I was reading. I had on my boxers jogging pants relaxing but couldn’t get my mind off of what I just witnessed. All I could do was wonder what caused that. We weren’t discussing sex or even guys. When she got up to go to her room, she laid the medical book face down an opened to the page she was reading. It was so she would not loose her place. My curiosity , on the other hand, got to me. So I lifted the book to discover she was reading about the male and female anatomy. It discussed a very detailed in describing all the body parts and how they worked. It even had hand drawn pictures of some of them. She was getting tuned on by the reading. It also used different terminology in some cases. It eventually led to almost being a sex education book. Well, at least she didn’t have to ask me questions that I would be concerned in answering. This took more pressure off of me. I did notice that my discovery in both situations (the wet spot and the books) began to effect my cock. I felt it beginning to get hard. I looked down and the bulge was noticeable. I turned and practically sprinted back to my recliner so that she wouldn’t catch me if she turned around and came back for the book. That would be all I would need. Having to explain to Jack how Robin saw my growing cock in my sweatpants.

I went upstairs and turned on the cam. There was Kathy waiting as usual. I called her from my cell phone and explained what had just happened. She laughed, of all things.

She said that she would talk to Robin about being careful unless she wants a covered up visual of a penis. I didn’t find as much humor in the situation. Kathy then went on to say that she would help me with the growing problem and proceeded to strip her baby doll nightie off. That is what I Love about her. She takes the most uncomfortable things and turns them into a positive conclusion.

The third month seemed so much comfortable. It began to become more relaxing. When my kids were home we didn’t too much about lounging around in underclothing or scurrying to the bathroom in boxers or undies. After all , it was our home. No one from the outside would see, so what made the difference. At first, I guess that was a concern of mine with Robin moving in. That comfort would stay away for a year. But, with her doing housework, cooking, and laundry, she was becoming part of the family type atmosphere.

I still paid attention to the signals that would be mistaken for fear of relaying everything back to my brother in letters or phone calls. They would view us as terrible people. Not that I cared all that much, but I guess no one wants to be thought of as bad individuals.

So, it became frequent or me to read in my recliner with my favorite NFL shirt and boxers, especially since the weather was getting warmer outside and we were trying to keep the electric bill under control by not using the a/c. In the south, you have to take advantage of cooler weather because the electric bills will kill ya in the summer months.

One night, I was sitting in the recliner reading a novel and Robin was reading the medical books. She was sitting across from me on the couch and dressed in her skirt.

She constantly would wear those due to not being able to dress like that for all those years. Anyway, I was Wednesday and I was in the middle of a detective book and the detective started to fall for a victim he was trying to protect. I must say, it got pretty heated. I was beginning to get that growth feeling in my cock, but not to the point of extension. Kind of building up a bit. Forgetting how I was dressed, the head of my cock must have peeked out of the leg opening of my boxers. When I first noticed it, I quickly covered the head back up. I looked over to Robin and she appeared to be intently reading and no harm was done. However, she was doing some adjusting of her legs and a little squirming. She was crossing and uncrossing her legs without paying much mind to my angle of view. I assumed the book she had was once again on anatomy. It became her favorite of interest. As much as I tried to ignore the movements, I still would peek over the top of my book to check her out. Not used to shorter skirts, she would open the legs a little more than most women when crossing and uncrossing. I got a good view of her thighs and at one point could see the white cotton panties she was wearing. Obviously, with my novel getting hot, and her movements my condition was getting worse. I was in a tough spot. My cock was growing rapidly to full length of a little more than 7 inches. The afghan I wanted to cover up with was on a chair I couldn’t reach to and get. All I could do was continue adjusting and covering it up. I knew inside that at one point, I woudln’t be successful in hiding covering it fully. I was in a real crises. I knew her movements were getting more frequent and when I peeked over the book, I caught her doing the same. She didnt realize she was busted. She was too engrossed in watching me. That confirmed that the book she was reading wasnt the turn on. I was at the point of asking her to go turn on the ceiling fans so I could grab the afghan or just ignore it and let it go. Try to take the non chalet approach. My Wednesday horny feelings took over and I decided to ignore it. I could feel the pre-cue sm leaking from my cock. Robin stood up to adjust the couch cushions. She turned around, and as usual, bent straight over to adjust them. Her panty covered ass was in full view and the wet spot was as big as a half dollar. She turned back around, sat down and picked up the book again. Damn, I was getting so fucking hard. It was then that the head of my cock finally made its way out of the leg opening. I kept pretending to read but watching her the whole time. She was wearing a thin blouse, and I could see her nipple erection starting to show through. She suddenly startled me with ?Mr, John, I think I see your penis.?. It kinda of surprised me that she would even comment. She said ?So that is what they look like??. It is the first one I have ever seen?. I told her ?yes, that is just the head though?. She asked ?why does the end look wet??. ? I told her that it was the pre-cum leaking out of it. When a man gets hard, it will leak cum from the tip.? I asked if she would like to see all of the penis. She nodded, yes. I pulled the boxers aside, and pulled my cock out to full length view and uncovered my balls. She sighed and just stared from the couch. Her legs began to rock faster. I told her that she could come over and get a closer look if she wanted. She got up and walked over to me, I took her hand and told her not to be scared. I placed it on the shaft and closed it up in a fist. I told her to just push the skin up over the head slowly. She worked my cock up and down as instructed. I reached under her skirt and rubbed her panty covered ass. I worked my finger down the ass crack till I could feel the lips on the mound. He breathing increased and her chest started heaving.

Her panties were so wet they just slid to the side. It was then that my finger slipped from the outer lips and into her pussy crack. She said she really didnt know what to do. She had so many questions. She wanted to know if women put those in their mouth. I told her some do, and asked if she would like to. I then pulled her head closer and told her to just lick the end of it. Her tongue went right to the pee hole and licked the cum. Then she started to lick the crown and down the shaft to my balls. She wanted to know how she was doing. I told her everything was just right. While she did that, I put my thumb in the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down. I wanted to see this young virgin pussy that has been hiding all these years. I stopped her licking and turned her back to me. I pulled the panties off and brought them to my nostrils to get the first scent of her pussy. I she took off her blouse and bra and had her 34c tits right in front of me. I began sucking them and inserting my finger in her tight hole as deep as I could go After a few minutes, she started bucking. She said she wanted to experience it all. I got out of the chair, and took her hand to our bedroom. I laid her gently on the bed and spread her legs. I worked my tongue up her thighs and began licking and sucking on her tender lips.

Her legs began to spread wider like she was trying to stick my face all the way inside of her. When she was well lubed, I climbed over the top of her and rubbed my cock on her wet lips. She was panting and wriggling all over. I told her it will hurt a bit but get better as it goes. She looked at me and said ?take me Mr John. ? I slowly entered her and pressed till I found the resistance. With one quick thrust, I broke thought the cherry. She groaned with the pain , but then settled in. I started to pick up my pace driving my cock deep within her body. I felt my balls pounding against her ass. The sound of her juicy pussy getting fucked and the skin slapping filled the room. She let out a scream and climaxed all over my cock, and I could not hold out longer. I picked up the pace and soon was reaching my own climax. I could feel the cum go right up the shaft and exploded deep inside of her. I knew I was safe from having a vasectomy. So I let it fill her completely. I could feel the shooting inside. I shot 4 loads of cum inside of her. When I finished, I pulled out and we both laughed. I looked down between her lips and saw the glob of cum left laying and covering her hole.

It was then I remembered the ?W? night and turned on the cam. Kathy was waiting patiently. She asked where I had been, and I said I was making a deposit. With that, I placed the cam between Robin’s legs showing her the pussy and the cum laying here. I turned up the sound button and Kathy said ?Robin, was it as good as I said it would be??

I was shocked. My wife and her had planned out this whole activity.

Needless to say, with Kathy and her new found friend, and my own discovery, It was going to be a great balance of the year.


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