Our first playtime

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Our first playtime

I should start at the beginning of it all, so our point of view can be understood. Our names are Angela and Bill, we are what in some circles are referred to as swingers or lifestyle people. Simply put, we like the idea of multiple partners during sex, however for us it is more than just mindless heartless sex. We are not into the fuck and flee sex that so many of our fellow swingers seem to enjoy. We need something deeper, something with more soul to it. We need to establish that mental connection with what we call our playmates. One could safely say we expect more from the couples with whom we choose to be involved.

Now it takes a tremendous amount of trust and love for each other, as a married couple, to even think about being in this lifestyle. This way of life is not for those who?s marriages are in turmoil of any kind, it will only lead it to a miserable ending. Beware that this is not a way to fix problems in a marriage. Occasionally though, for those that can be honest with their partner and themselves, for those few who can truly accept this lifestyle, it can make ones marriage even stronger.

Strangely the catalyst for our involvement with this beautiful lifestyle ,was at first glance our constant search for new spicy things to do during sex. Later we started to gear our desires towards Angela?s bisexuality and my passion for satisfying women.

One of the largest misconceptions is that the lifestyle is limited to just wife swapping. Now for some, the wife swapping is a major part of the lifestyle. To us life is never that black and white. As for us we always look for the grays, there is so much more fun in the middle of the roads.

Angela and I have only been in the lifestyle for a short time. We had discussed for months what we wanted in the playmates we would choose. What our sexual boundaries would be with those playmate and our emotional involvement. The difficult part, was finding just the right couple. A couple, with whom we shared the same goals and boundaries while still having the initial sexual and mental attraction to each other. With all that said this still was not a part of our first wonderful tryst.

Like many others we went to the clubs, and found one in particular we could feel free and comfortable. We loved going to the Paradise club to watch and talk with other couples who had a similar appetite for sex. The public displays of lust only made us inpatient as we longed to experience the delight for ourselves

Like over anxious children we rushed into the first time. One Saturday night, I believe it was naked twister night at the club. The club was jammed with other horny lifestyle people from the area. All of whom were touching and fondling each other all over the place. Half naked women and men playing like pubescent teens at a make out party. In many ways it was such erotic fun, yet it was kind of sophomoric foreplay at the same time. As adults, we just seem to relish that stuff don’t we? We played the game for a bit with each other, fondling and teasing one another. Truth be told we were a little to scared to actually play with other people. How far would we be expected to go, and were would we truly want each other to stop. After playing a bit with each other, we went down stairs to peek into the rooms. It was about 11:30 and that’s usually when they lock the doors and people drift downstairs and the action really starts. We loved watching all those horny people fuck and suck each other with total abandonment. That sweet smell of sex that fills the rooms, inviting us with every whiff. Part of each of us wanting this sexual freedom, not as a separate freedom to be enjoyed alone, but as something we could share as a couple. All we needed was the trust in each other and the right couple, not to mention the courage to play.

Much to our surprise nobody was down stairs at all. Generally by that time of night someone is downstairs fucking their brains out. We decided this was a good time to try getting used to being naked around the club. Our excuse would be to give each other a massage with Angela?s new oil. Although we knew we would be seen, we pretended that our intentions were completely innocent. Still we loved the erotica and that socially unacceptable part of be naked in public.

Now Angela loves this little Wiccan shop up here. The woman who works there, makes Angela herbal mixes and oils for her aroma therapy and Wiccan interest. This week Angela had her make her a sensual massage oil, which Angela designed of course. This is Angela’s new talent, one that she is getting very good at. So with oil in hand we journeyed into the massage room. We quickly undressed while laughing like school kids. Our clothing thrown over the oversized chair in the corner of the plain white room. Now one needs to realize all the rooms downstairs have doors, except for the big group room and the massage room. So there we stood completely exposed to all who would pass. You know both of us were getting more and more aroused at that thought alone. As you already know, being naked to us is no big deal, and has always been a turn on. The only new thing was our location. After all we are new to this club scene, and we only were naked once before here and that was in the hot tub, well hidden by the bubbles. So this was still a new experience for us both, being blatantly naked for all to see. Angela, with a momentary squeal, laid her naked body down on the long cold brown leather massage table. I poured and liberal amount of oil into my hands, an attempt to warm it before I applied it to her back. I started to massage Angela with that wonderful sensual oil, the aroma was intoxicating. The smell of sandalwood, lemon, jasmine, and all of Angela’s secret herbs blended so sweetly in the air. The shine it left on her skin made her look as soft as she felt. Angela’s olive skin has always felt like silk and now it had the same shine.

I work on every inch of Angela’s body. Slowly and with sensual care and patients, I placed my hands each and every time, with erotic seductive intent. Angela’s body melted under my touch, moans of relaxation and arousal came with every sensual stroke. One could clearly see that Angela was enjoying her massage. Although her body gave way to each tender caress of my fingers, I knew my actions were turning her on. My hands did a slow loving dance on every inch of Angela’s hot body. Working my way down from her neck to her buns, she so did love her buns massaged. Then I slowly work my way down her legs and massaged her next favorite area her toes. Angela moaned with delight, as I caressed each and every toe. After massaging Angela’s entire back she rolled over inviting me to continue my erotic dance on the front of her body. The sensation was as erotic for me as it was for her, I felt myself growing harder. Angela’s nipple became more wrinkled and aroused with every stroke of my hand. I stood at the head of the table and slid my hands down her body, as I drew my hands back I felt Angela inch her way back up with them. She inched her way back so her head would be hanging off the table facing my bobbing cock. She sucked it into her hot mouth, it was like and electric shock to my body. I wanted so to just fuck her face. I pumped rhythmically for a bit shoving it deep down her throat. As I would pinch her nipples and stroke her ample tits. She would suck even harder. “Not yet I cried” I love the way she sucks my cock, but did not want to cum. No not just yet later.

Occasionally a couple or single would look in the room, but this didn’t stop us at all. I truly believe that the knowledge that people could watch us just turned us on even more. One couple in particular had made a comment about how lucky Angela was and then just left. No body really asked to join, they just watched a bit and moved on.

Shortly after our last visitors left, Angela rose from the table. She had that, I mean business look. One could clearly see she rose with a purpose and said to me “it was my turn.” No way was I going to argue, I always love a good massage. Angela’s has a sensual touch and a talent for erotic massage which I love. First she did my back, so tender was she and so seductive. After my back she worked on my legs and feet intentionally brushing my sack and cock as she stroked my inner thighs. Angela knew I was getting hard and wanted to tease me more. She had me roll over. My cock bobbed in the air, as she poured oil on it. She grabbed my cock and stroked it slow. Gradually she increased her speed, but never to hard. My toes curled she could do anything to me right now, I was hers to play with. Then she put one hand on my belly and stroked my shaft so fast she made me moan with ecstasy, and then stopped. “Fuck, shit!” was all I could say. She knew if she had continued, I would have shot my load all over the room.

We had never seen anyone have sex in the massage room maybe a little foreplay but never sex, and we weren’t going to be the first. Angela just wanted to tease the living shit out of me with every opportunity she got. Prolonging the moment was so much fun for us, we always could save the hot sex for one of the other rooms. Hopefully the room with the new sex swing. After our massage we decided to jump in the clubs outdoor hot tub but, due to a thunder storm we ended up in their indoor heated pool. We cuddled and rubbed and danced naked in each others arms in the warm water of the pool. After a bit we noticed very few people were around and we decided to venture back down stairs, however much to our dismay, this time none of the rooms were available. They were fucking to the left and sucking to the right, the club was a buzz with horny bodies everywhere. To be perfectly honest we don’t know exactly what anyone was doing, we still felt kind of funny about staring and watching them, but love to at the same time.Angela and I drifted into the game room to watch the porn tapes that were running on the big screen T.V. We were watching the best blow job scene on TV when a couple strolled into the room. Paula and Rick, they were basically doing exactly the same thing we were, looking for a room to fuck and watching everyone else fuck. We started to talk with no intentions, just being social and making small talk. We all decided to go peek at all the other horny people fucking, their company would give us the courage to actually watch. Somehow we worked our way back to the massage room. Then it clicked they were the couple who remarked on how lucky Angela was. We all went into the massage room and made some small talk. Paula took off all her clothes, as if she had known us for years, the lady was not one bit inhibited by our presence. This was all so strange to me, it was part of that contradiction to my up bringing, that made this so much of a turn on. Paula was a big breasted blonde from down south and Rick was from New Jersey. I was impressed with Paula’s huge tits they looked as good with her top off as she did with it on. I must admit Angela was talking away like it was nothing, but I was the one who felt as if we were intruding. I tried to coax Angela into leaving them alone when they stopped us and told us to stay, they were enjoying the conversation. Rick was struggling with the clubs massage cream, as fast as he would put it on that’s how fast it would dry up.

Angela suggested we offer our oil, after all they were such nice people. We ran up stairs and grabbed our bag of tricks. The oil worked so much better, Paula was visibly pleased with the improvement. We were speaking about the kids and occupations and the lifestyle. Telling them how new we were, and the fact that one of Angela’s fantasy was to be with another woman. Rick seized the opportunity to invite Angela, to help him massage Paula. I was amazed and pleased at how fast Angela jumped right in. Her taking part in this new adventure was such a turn on. Rick would occasionally slip his hand between Paula’s legs to see how wet she was getting. Judging from the wet shine on his fingers she was very glad that Angela joined the mix. Angela fondled her voluptuous breasts and made her nipples wrinkle with obvious excitement. We had our bag of tricks with us and we started showing off some of Angela’s dildo’s and vibrators.

Paula was once again visibly impressed and twice as wet. Rick suggested that we take this to a better place. I looked into Angela’s eyes and saw beyond the initial fear. She was excited and willing to play on some level. It wasn’t the idea of the couple that turned Angela on it was Paula, she wanted to experience her first woman.

Encouragement and security was all I could give her. I looked at Rick and explained, it was as if Angela was speaking through me. I knew what she wanted, how she needed to take small steps and savor each level of this. Rick was a patient and sensitive of that fact. We were both new and agreed that this would be only a girl, girl thing. He explained that this was usually how things got started and would not to be surprised if it went a little further. I smiled and said to him, that I was cool with it but, doubted that it would. We grabbed our bag of toys and all moved without hesitation to the first opened room we could find. It was the clubs tropical room. It had a child like painted mural with two beds and box springs next to each other on the floor, but yet it was cute and whimsical at the same time. The room had clean sheets and towels on the side of the bed and romantic music and lights on a dimmer, like all the rest of the rooms.

We were all naked in minutes and Angela talked on, with no end in sight to her nervous conversation. Paula lay on the bed just beside her naked and waiting for her to make her first welcome advance. Angela looked at me for reassurance and some clue as to where to start. Looking into her eyes with my eyes, eyes that were speaking my deep love and trust in her. I without hesitation told her to kiss the lady, and Angela did.

Tender and sensually she kissed her first lover, our first encounter was well on its way. Angela did everything the way I would have, her tongue danced in Paula’s waiting and wanting mouth. Angela’s kisses worked their way down Paula’s neck, as they caressed each others breasts. My hot and horny wife worked her way down sucking Paula’s full breasts in her mouth and biting lightly on her large hardened nipples. Paula moaned and as she continued working her way down lower and lower. Angela wanted to taste Paula’s delicious honey. Anyone could see that was why she kissed her way down her body so quickly. Paula was enjoying the attention and Rick and I were enjoying the show. I can’t explain it and didn’t think it was possible, but I felt closer and more in love with my Angela.

Watching her having sex was so exciting so erotic, unbelievably not one bit of jealousy or regret ever came to my mind. She licked her pussy like a pro, I watched like the proud teacher knowing she was using all the techniques that I always used on her. It was almost as if I were licking Paula’s wet pussy with an extension of myself.

Paula relished every moment sighing and moaning with Angela’s skillful mouth bringing her closer to her first of many orgasms. Angela broke out her favorite toy and wiped it down with alcohol. Licking her pussy some more just to make sure it was good and wet and ready. Angela slowly plunged the phallic inch by inch into Paula’s gaping and by this time sloppy wet pussy. Paula spread her willing leg far apart giving this talented novice full access to play. She fucked and buzzed her pussy with that vibrator deeper with each stroke, at the same time she licked her clit with prefect pressure. A pressure only another woman can know. Licking like only a woman can lick a pussy. So skilled was she, so much natural talent. I could see Angela was enjoying herself.

I took out a second dildo and inserted it into Angela’s wet pussy and started to fuck her as well. She was so wet, so into pleasing Paula, what I was doing just seemed to distracted her. Angela wanted only to concentrate on Paula and pleasuring her. She didn’t want to be fucked just yet she wanted to fuck this pussy that lay in front of her.

Again and again she moved the vibrator in and out of Paula’s hot dripping pussy. Paula reeled her hips in and effort to fuck back she wanted more of that vibrating cock. Angela played with its many functions making it pulse and spin throb and gyrate. Once again Angela’s conquest started to cum she begged for more and for her hubby to give her his big fat cock to suck.. Rick was hypnotized by the show, left them alone to enjoy each other. Paula played with both Rick and my balls while Angela stuffed her good with this wonderful toy. She came again and again cries of ecstasy came from her mouth. Paula had all she could stand she rolled off the bed her juices still dripping from her pussy.

She now was going to do to Angela, what Angela had done to her. Paula moved closer to Angela, she sucked on each of Angela?s lips ,playing with them in her mouth as if they were the lips of Angela?s drenched pussy. Paula fondled her new lovers breasts, pinching and tugging her erect nipples with the perfect pressure. Cupping each breasts, Paula began to tease and suck on Angela?s nipples. I could see how hard and wrinkled and shinny they were becoming. Angela began to moan softly as Paula work her hand down her belly to her now dripping pussy. Pushing Angela down on her back Paula took complete charge of the moment. She massaged Angela?s clit with the tip of her finger. This made Angela buck and hump in a desperate attempt to get more finger deeper in her wanting pussy. Paula gabbed the toy and little by little slowly fucked it into my wife. At first she worked the tip around the opening of her pussy. From where I sat I could see that wet pussy contract and clutch the tip, then with this toy turned on full function and letting it guide itself in inch by inch, sending Angela into multiple orgasms. Paula fucked her and licked her clit until she brought Angela to another screaming orgasm. They both collapsed and caressed each other for a few moments. Shortly after the both wives went to work on their patiently waiting husbands, but that?s another story


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