The day her dream came true

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To start off.. my wife has always had a thing for meeting a guy and being gang banged…well i decided to set something up with a few guys that go to this bar that we go to.She was going out that night to have a few drinks…so i called the guys and told the one guy named brad to hit on her a bit.Well thtas all it took… after she had about 5 drinks she feels pretty good…so she calls me up and asks if its ok if she fucks this guy at the bar…I of course said yeah go ahead… little did she know that Brad had a hotel room and I was there waiting for along with 4 other guys…

Brad takes her out to his car where she starts unzipping his pants.. Brad stops her and says I have a hotel room lets go there.They come to the room.. he asks her if he can blindfold her.. shes a little reluctant but goes along with it.She enters the room and her clothes come off.. she feels 8 hands all over her.. now she is wondering what is going on.. she thought she was just with brad… she gets put on the bed and her legs are spread wide open as she feels a hot.. wet tongue kissing her thigh.. and a finger inside of her pussy.. wow she thinks this feels unbeleiveable.. but shes still scared.

She feels the head of a cock on her lips.. she opens her mouth and begins to suck this huge hot cock.. .. shes about to cum but holds it she doesnt want to cum just yet.. she gets told by Brad not to cum just yet.. cause there more in store for her… she gets her mouth fucked so hard and she feels the cock in her mouth getting bigger and bigger.. he pulls out of her and explodes all over her face…her pussy is so wet and dripping with her juices she cant hold it any more and starts rocking her hips and soon finds herself getting fingered even faster… she gets told to roll over nad put her ass in the air… shes never been fucked in the ass but she does as they say…onefinger in her ass… wow its ok so far feels good… she cant hold her orgasm any more she tries and tries…just as shes ready to cum they all stop… a guy slides under her and begins to lick her hard clit… damn the juices are flowing all voer face…

Then she feels 2 fingers in her ass….oh damn…. then she feels them pull out.. no what she thinks… she findsa cock to suck on adn begins fingering this guys ass.. he moans in pleasure…. she starts to cum but stops… the fingers come out and a dick gets pushed up against her ass… oh no… shes very unsure but liked the fingers…her starts pushing the head of his cock in her… she moans in pleasure… this feels good… he pulls out and tells her to get on top of another guy and ride him.. she does as they say.. but soon finds herself with a cock in her mouth…a cock in her wet pussy.. and now one finding her asshole.. oh damn shes gonna be airtight in a monet but shes excited…

The guy find her ass.. and shoves his massive cock in her ass… wow she gets the fucking of a lifetime.. all of the sudden her blindfold comes off and she finds her husbands dick in her ass.. she loves it and starts cumming over and over again… she gets off the dick adn her husband gets out of her ass and her husband says the asshole you were fingering was mine and i loved it… but i have one more surprise for you.. i am also very curious about sucking a dick.. the one other guy in the room comes over and lets her husband suck on his dick.. her clit is hard and she is fingering herself in pleasure of watching her husband sucking another mand cock.. he comes over to the bed starts licking her hard wet pussy and the other guy starts fucking her husband up the ass.. wow he eats her pussy like hes never eaten it before she has multiple orgasms over nad over nad her hubands ass gets the fucking of a lifetime he starts moaning and soon his ass is full of cum…

His dick is hard as a rock and bends the guy over the bed and lets him taste his wonderful wife and he starts ass fucking him.. he loves the feel of his cock in another man.. and fucks him until he fills his ass full of his hot steamy cumm.. they all collapse onto the bed and fall sleep… in the morning the woman wakes up…. in her own bed with her husband beside her… this was a dream oh damn it seems so real.. she feels her cunt .. she is soaked.. sahe rolls over to her husband and tells him her dream and says i want that to come true.. make it happen for me!!!!


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