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The encouragement made Caroline start to lick harder and more directly as two of her fingers disappeared inside me. She finger fucked me hard, the way I like it, as she licked my clit lapping like a dog drinking water. Is what I do right? I don’t know.Am I evil? I don’t think so. Everyone has his or her own free will.I like married men, married women or people that are in a relatioThe encouragement made Caroline start to lick harder and more directly as two of her fingers disappeared inside me. She finger fucked me hard, the way I like it, as she licked my clit lapping like a dog drinking water.

Is what I do right? I don’t know.

Am I evil? I don’t think so. Everyone has his or her own free will.

I like married men, married women or people that are in a relationship. I find seducing them a thrill that I can’t get enough of.

Maybe I am collecting weak willed souls? I don’t know. Either way its what I do.

Elizabeth Prenter is my name. It says it on the door of my office.

I had just celebrated my 33rd birthday when I met James.

He was 44 and married with three children. His wife Jane was a lovely lady and had worked for the last two years doing accounts in my internet marketing company.

James had an exceptional body – his form showed through the tight tee shirt he wore one afternoon picking up Jane after work.

I couldn’t help it. His short, dark hair went perfectly with his crystal green eyes and strong chiselled jaw. His muscles bludged under his shirt – his arms were well defied.

I imagined what they would do if he took hold of you. I also wondered why a fine specimen of man was with Jane. Yes she was a lovely girl. But she wasn’t anything special. In fact I would describe her as tired looking. Her hair was long but lifeless. It looked like she hadn’t been to the gym in years and carried weight behind loose fitting clothes.

‘Hello I am James. I’m here to pick up Jane – were going away for the weekend.’ He said offering his hand

‘Hello James’ I said in a soft feeble voice. ‘Nice to meet you I am Elizabeth.’

‘Oh you’re Elizabeth – Jane has told me so much about you.’

‘So where are you two heading off to for the weekend?’ I enquired. My mind ticking and setting its sights on conjuring this Adonis of a man. Between my legs.

‘Just down south to a little place called Berry. It’s a small country beach town. We have a small cabin a friend has lent us and the kids are with Jane’s mum. So we are going to take the chance and have time for us. My mate owns it and I need some work. My business is quiet so we are going to use it as an escape.’

‘Well I hope you guys have a great time,’ I said smiling. Not because I cared about their weekend away. But because I knew who my next conquest was going to be. He deserved a better setting then a run down cabin to be pleasured.

I went back to my office passing Jane on the way.

‘I just met your husband Jane. He’s such a lovely guy – you are very lucky.’ I said with a laugh.

‘Oh he is here is he?’ Jane asked.

‘Yes. Why don’t you just take off now. Don’t make him wait in reception – I may never get any work done out there.’

Jane looked at me more with shock and horror than appreciation. She didn’t trust me and was quite right not to.

In my office my pussy was churning. I needed a release. I picked up my phone.

‘Caroline’ I said ‘Come in here please I have a job for you.’

Caroline had worked for me for three years. She was a lady’s lady and she always did as she was told. I was going to have her, as a sub at home but there was no fight in her so I knew she would bore me quickly.

But Caroline could lick and suck pussy in fact she was very good.

Her work in the office was not the best, but having her at reception and using her to take a letter or two allowed me to keep a little play thing here for moments like this.

There was a knock at the door.

‘Come in’ I said my voice firm.

The door opened and a small brown haired girl waked through. She was slight and easily lead. Dressed in a business skirt and white buttoned blouse as required for her position. I told her to lock the door as she closed it behind her.

Caroline complied not saying a word. Her eyes cast down.

‘Come over here my girl. I need you to do your thing.’

Slowly Caroline walked over as I swivelled my padded leather chair out from behind my large desk.

‘You know what I need. I want you on your knees and to crawl the rest of the way here.’

Caroline dropped to her knees and crawled between my legs. She lifted up my skirt as I raised myself just enough off the chair. I was wearing, as always, my black three quarter stockings with Victoria’s Secret suspensors.

My shaved pussy was already starting to drip. I laid back and Caroline started to lick my hot pussy. Her tongue was so good and she knew just how I liked it.

I closed my eyes and my thoughts drifted to James, his muscles and how good it would be to have him unleash his passion inside me.

Caroline licked, her tongue circling my clit as her fingers ran along the outside of my aching hole.

‘That’s it. That’s a good girl.’ I said.

The encouragement made Caroline start to lick harder and more directly as two of her fingers disappeared inside me. She finger fucked me hard, the way I like it, as she licked my clit lapping like a dog drinking water.

I came my juice running down between my thighs onto the carpet below us.

Caroline continued licking and fingering my hole, until the pleasure waves subsided.

‘That’s a good girl. Good girl.’ I said through my gritted teeth stroking her hair. Although the walls were sound proof I always kept my office pleasure quiet.

‘Make sure you clean it off; you know how I like it.’

She licked the entire crevice that made my pleasure pit. Licking my cum juice from my skin and my leather seat where it had run out of me. Until I was clean.

I stood up.

‘That’s a good girl. That will be all.’

Caroline looked at me her eyes filled with want.

‘Is there something I can do for you I said?’

She looked down as she stood up then turned and walked out of the door, closing it behind her.

I took some time to compose myself then walked out of the office. My body was still filled with endorphins and I was never scared to say what I wanted. Jane had just picked up her bag and was heading out.

‘Jane, I will walk out with you.’ I said.

She stopped and looked at me. I was sure she didn’t want me anywhere near her or her man which only made me more determined to be there.

Once we reached reception James walked over and gave Jane a kiss.

‘Are we off he said?’

Jane nodded as she turned to say good-bye holding her husband’s hand like they were walking in a hurricane.

The weekend came and went and I had been working most of it. Walking into the office Caroline stood smiling

‘Good morning Mrs Preston. How was your weekend?’

I looked at her and didn’t have the care to want to speak to her.

‘It was fine thank you.’ and I walked straight on past to my office.

We had our morning meeting where I discuss with each department head all aspects of my business. As my father said

‘Ensure everyone only knows what you want him or her to know.’

Jane walked into my
office to update me on our accounts charts, printouts at the ready. She looked good and refreshed. A weekend with her man had even done her good.

Once I was happy with our accounts I asked her how her weekend was,

‘Great’ she replied, ‘James worked most of it but we did catch some fish and have a nice home dinner on Saturday.’

‘A waste!’ was all I kept thinking about. ‘Why would a specimen like him waste time with a lower class of person like this?’ I just couldn’t understand. It intrigued me.

I spoke to Jane again,

‘Well I was thinking on the weekend. James mentioned to me that he was quiet and I need some things to be done around my place. What do you think? That will help won’t it?’

Jane looked at me. I am sure the words ‘fucking bitch’ were forming in her head. But she said respectfully

‘I will mention it to him. He is quite busy right now.’

‘Oh I am sure he said it was quiet at the moment. Maybe I was wrong.’

Each word Jane said stoked my fire even more to seduce James. To make him mine – well for the time I wanted him anyway. This lady needed to be put in her place.

Jane stood to leave picking up her paperwork and brief case.

‘Oh Jane give him my personal mobile number. We wouldn’t want him to not be able to find me would we now?’

‘Oh OK, I will talk to him and let you know.’ said Jane

‘No its OK, just get him to call me. I understand how busy you are working and having three kids. I am sure I can find a way to help.’


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