Justine’s introduction to Sir Cy

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Justine, upon seeing the One she had come to know, before her and in person, felt shivers up her spine that made her shake inside. Yet, she was under enough control to not show this to Him. Yet. She gave Him one of her patent, but nervous smiles and saw the gleam in his eyes as he gazed at her. This comforted her greatly and when He invited her into His home she knew that this was where she wanted to be. Justine had finally arrived in the US, laJustine, upon seeing the One she had come to know, before her and in person, felt shivers up her spine that made her shake inside. Yet, she was under enough control to not show this to Him. Yet. She gave Him one of her patent, but nervous smiles and saw the gleam in his eyes as he gazed at her. This comforted her greatly and when He invited her into His home she knew that this was where she wanted to be.

Justine had finally arrived in the US, landing at San Francisco International Airport, very tired and a somewhat anxious.

She was tired, because it had been a long, grueling flight from Sydney, Australia, with the long layover in Honolulu, Hawaii, passing customs, before continuing on to her final destination, Redding, California.

She was anxious because she had come to the States to meet a man. A man she had never met. Yet, after several months, chatting on instant messaging and over Skype and sending emails back and forth she felt she knew very well and quite intimately.

She had come to meet her future Master, Sir Cy.

She had one more flight left, but today, she was to rest and relax and get acquainted with the time difference between where she lived and where she was at. There was a 19-hour time zone difference between Australia and the USA. If she had taken the time to really think about it, she had arrived earlier than she had taken off.     

She had instructions from Sir Cy to check into a room that he had paid and reserved for her at airport hotel.

Justine was to go there, so she could recuperate from her long flight, and regain her strength and stamina by resting and relaxing. For tomorrow, she was going to meet the One she had chosen to submit to and give her gift. She was going to meet Him, her new Master.

Justine spent the rest of the day, trying to stay awake for as long as she could, eating enough to regain her strength, before going to sleep.

She was startled from her sleep by the phone ringing on the nightstand beside the bed. When she had answered it, she was told that it was her wake up call and that she had a note left for her at the front desk. This surprised her greatly, because she did not remember asking to be woken up when she checked in.

She got out of bed and went to the en-suite to wake up and get herself clean. After taking a long, hot shower, she felt well enough to continue her journey. She got dressed, went downstairs to the lobby and picked up the note.

It was hand-written:

My dear Justine,

I am so glad that you made it here. You looked so beautiful walking through the terminal yesterday that I almost wanted to come up to you and welcome you to America. But I told you that we would finally meet in person when you showed up at my home at the appointed time.

I just wanted to say that I loved how you smiled at people when you walked by them and how you greeted that young lady who waited on you at the hotel. Your voice was so beautiful and sweet. I just wanted to say welcome to the US, and that I am looking forward to seeing you later tonight.

Hope you enjoy your last flight.


Sir Cy

P.S. Enjoy a healthy meal before getting on the flight at the hotel restaurant It may be the only one you get today, for when you arrive, we will begin to play.


Justine was taken aback a bit, her Master was close enough to see her and hear her, but she did not see Him.

This troubled her a bit, yet, she found comfort that he had been so close to her to make sure that she was safe and okay. She reached down and checked the itinerary she had for her next flight and saw that she still had about three hours left to kill before getting on it.

She took His advice and went to the hotel restaurant and ordered herself something to eat. When she was done eating, she asked for the bill, but was told a gentleman paid for the meal earlier.    

After getting something to read, she walked back to the terminal to catch the flight that would take her the last 250 miles to meet Him. Finally the attendant announced that the flight to Redding was ready for boarding. She had quickly gathered her things handed over her ticket and walked the last hundred or so feet to the waiting airplane.

Once she got on the plane and found her seat and another note her soon to be Master had left her to read and follow.

It had told her that once she had arrived in Redding, she was to collect her luggage at the baggage terminal and look for the individual who would be waiting there for her to bring her to Him. She also was reminded of the little things that He had told her to remember and think about, because He was not going to say much of anything until He felt that it was time to do so.

He listed the things He had referred too before. Things like knocking on the door after she was dropped off, and once greeted, to come inside and go to the middle of the room and begin undressing.

He reminded her that He would not say anything to her and would wait for her to begin. If she wanted to wait a bit, He was more than willing to let her have the necessary time to feel comfortable, but that he was not going to say anything to her until He felt it was time to do so.

He also reminded her by mentioning that if she was not ready to proceed, that she should say something to Him about it and He would guide her to a room in His place till she felt she was ready to move on.

Justine knew of Sir Cy’s personal philosophy and code of ethics that He has chosen to lived by.

She knew and felt, that He was very sincere and true to his words and that she would be quite safe, whether she was in His arms being held or in his ropes or restraints while she was there with Him. She had remembered when He had told her about it and had committed it to memory.

Justine remembered with fondness the numerous chats they had shared, the e-mails they had sent to one another and the conversations they had enjoyed. Remembering all of these things took her mind off the flight and it passed quickly. It felt like they had just taken off when the announcement came over the intercom that they were. She was only minutes away from meeting Him in person, for the first time.

As soon as Justine picked up her bags at the luggage terminal, she started to head towards the airport exit. Waiting, as expected, was a gentleman who held a sign with her name on it in big bold letters. Justine walked up to the man and said that she was the person he was waiting for. He asked her for identification, then took her luggage to the car.

Justine walked over to where the man held opened the door for her and entered the back seat of the vehicle. The young man closed the door and walked round to the driver’s seat. He drove out of the airport and down Knighton Rd. so he could get on the local interstate highway and head north towards downtown Redding area.

Justine had no idea where she was heading or where she was at. She just knew that at the end of her trip, she would be arriving at the home of her one and only, new Master.

The young man had been given specific orders to follow and was paid nicely to follow them to the letter. He took her on a short tour of Redding going from one point of town, to the other side and back again, several times covering various aspects and tourist sites, such as Turtle Bay Museum and the Sundia
l Bridge.

After traveling around and visiting the various sites of her Master’s hometown. She was told that by the driver that they were now heading to her final destination.

Justine, quite lost by now, was staring out the window of the car when it came to a stop outside of a nice home. She turned in time to see the driver put the car in park and get out of the car and come around to open the door for her. He helped her out of the vehicle and went and got her luggage and took it to the front door for her. She thanked the driver for showing her around town and he thanked her for traveling with him that day.

Timidly, she walked up to the house, noticing this and that about the place and liking what she saw. She walked up to the front door and knocked on it. The sound was quite soft and almost timid in nature, but had rang out loud and clear inside of the house for the owner of it. He had been expecting and waiting for this lovely young lady to arrive.

When He opened the front door of his home and saw the beauty before him, he felt like it once did when he played sports so long ago. His heart began to beat faster, his nerves began to tingle and everything he seemed to touch felt electrical.

It was not him suffering from being nervous at all, it was him feeling alive once more. Just like he used to feel when he stepped on the field of competition. But those days were so far removed from that and now he needed something else, and he found it in this young lady.

He stood there, taking in the vision of beauty before him and every nuance of her lovely face. That face of hers, that he had so wanted to touch, hold and caress, for so very long.

Then he saw that soft smile he fell in love with, and that quirky smirk she seem to have so many times when they talked online and those beautiful eyes that were so expressive and shared with him what she was feeling at any given time.

He was absolutely mesmerized by her in so many ways and now, she was here, right before him, to serve him as he chose for her to serve him, as his loving and willing submissive. Which he hoped would lead to something so much more.

He welcomed her to his home, Redding, California and the United States and invited her into his house.

Justine, upon seeing the One she had come to know, before her and in person, felt shivers up her spine that made her shake inside. Yet, she was under enough control to not show this to Him. Yet. She gave Him one of her patent, but nervous smiles and saw the gleam in his eyes as he gazed at her. This comforted her greatly and when He invited her into His home she knew that this was where she wanted to be.

Upon closing the door behind Justine, her Master began with a short tour of His house so she would have a reasonable idea where things were at any given time. He showed her the front room where her adventure would soon begin, then the kitchen, the various bedrooms and bathrooms, leaving the master bedroom, where He slept as the final part of this short tour.

While showing Justine the house, he had gathered up her luggage and carried it with him and placed it in the room next to his.

She wondered why he had done that instead of placing it the master bedroom where he stayed and she thought she would be too. As he set the two large cases down, her Master turned to her and told her that if she was to change her mind, this room was for her use and to be used as a safe zone room.

He explained to her that if she needed some time to herself, she could come into this room and be free from any expectation of serving him. This was her place to rest, relax or just take some quiet time for herself free from the aspects of this type of relationship. Justine nodded in understanding when he asked her if she did.

After showing her the last room of the house, His, he turned and walked out, leaving her to look around and explore, if she chose to.

It took Justine several minutes to realize that He was not there anymore and began to look around for Him. When she found Him, she saw that he was sitting down on the couch in the living room and that there was a light instrumental music being played in the background. It was then, that she realized, it was time for her to make a decision, one that could change her life for the better or worse. But she did not know which it would be until she had made that choice.

He was just sitting there, passively, not saying a thing. Just staring at her, specifically, directly focusing on her face and Justine gave to Him, one of her coy smiles back. She looked back at Him, but never directly, waiting for Him to do something, anything with her.

Then she remembered what He had told her. She remembered that he stated he would not do anything or force her to anything, that she would have to start off their encounter and that he would join in when He felt that she was ready for Him, to join in and take over.

Justine stood there a few more minutes before beginning anything. The silence between the two of them was deafening.

She found it a bit un-nerving and had it not been for the soft music playing in the background, she may have already chosen to not follow through at all. When she decided that she was ready, she started off by unbuttoning the top button on her sweater and looked up at Him to see if He approved or disapproved.

He did nothing to indicate one way or another. She undid the next and still got nothing from Him. So she continued, constantly looking up at Him to see if he would do or say anything at all, but got nothing but His constant passive, stare.

When she had undone the last button and began to remove the sweater off of her body, she was hoping that he would say or do something to help her alleviate the nervousness she was feeling inside. But she found out that He would not give her any indication that He approved or disapproved what she was doing at all.

She tossed the sweater down to the floor and started to work on her slacks. Unbuckling the belt she had on, before popping the button that held her pants up. She continued her efforts and dropped the pants to the ground and stepped out of them.

When she looked up at Him, she noticed that we was still looking at her, but she noticed that His eyes were glancing down at the clothes on the floor and wondered why he was doing that.

It was then, that she remembered one of His instructions to her and quickly gathered up the clothes off the floor and looked around the room for the small table he said would be there. When she turned her back and saw it, she quickly walked over to it and began folding her clothes into a neat pile.

She never heard him get up and off the couch. When she had finished folding her clothing and setting it down into place, she turned around and was startled to see Him standing there, looking at her with lust in his eyes.

It was then that she felt the burning desire that was deep within her and yet, felt a pang of fear as well. She wondered how someone so large in size could move so quietly and effortlessly, as He had just done and not notice it.

She then remembered, that he had told her that he once was a professional athlete and like most athletes of any size, they were quick, strong and graceful, on their feet. She knew right then and there, that He was going to keep her on her toes forever.

She looked down and closed her eyes in submission and trepidation. She then felt his finger touch the bottom of her chin and it was then that He spoke to her.

“Are you sure that you are ready to serve me?†He had asked her softly, so softly that she had to strain to hear Him above the music playing in the background. Yet, she understood Him clearly and nodded her head that she was ready to continue.


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