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First a little introduction. I have been having a relationship that is ultimately sexual with a man I shall call John for a little over a year now. This man is simply astounding in bed. Incredible is not even close to describing it and I would know, I have had more than my fair share of partners! He never does the same thing twice. We never have just the same ol? boring sex that people become prone to doing after a while of being with each other and quite frankly it amazes me.

Well John and I went out for drinks (as was our weekly routine) at a quaint little dive bar downtown. We got to the front door of the bar, but just as we were about to walk in, his phone rang. He chatted a bit and I tried my best not to eavesdrop, but I was caught off guard when I heard him ask his friend to come join us at the bar. I can?t say I was very happy about this, as I thought to myself that I would not be enjoying him burring his meat deep inside of me tonight. I lied and smiled as I told him it was alright and I could understand him wanting to just chat with him for a second.

We sat outside and conversed, neither of us wanting to get too deep into any heavy conversation- not knowing when his friend was going to show. We talked about a play he had been to, how school was going for me and watched passersby. His friend showed up right as we started on our second drink. It was rather a surprise to see that he had brought another friend with him and I tried to hide my shocked look as I stood up to shake hands and be introduced to his friends. They introduced themselves as Mark and Sam, we said our ?nice-to-meet-yous? and sat down to enjoy the night air.

The boys talked about things that I really had no knowledge of or interest in, so my mind began to wander. I watched the musicians inside, stared at John?s crotch, smoked cigarettes and played the quiet, shy girl role. Suddenly Mark?s phone rang and he jumped up to go answer it in private. When he came back he announced that he had to leave to go meet someone, said goodbye and took off. Sam asked John and I if we would like to go back to his house and have a glass of wine, as it had been 3 years since he and John had seen each other. We agreed to follow him and headed out after paying our tab.

While driving to Sam?s house John asked me if I wanted to ditch his friend. (of course I did! I wanted to go to his house and get hammered by his cock!) I lied again and told him it was fine that we go. We drove to his house, got out of the car and followed him into the living room when we arrived. The boys picked out a wine selection as I went to the restroom, carefully running my fingers over the slit of my freshly shaved pussy. I was halfway tempted to just find an orgasm right then and there, as I was so sure that there was no way I was going to be able to get John to leave in enough time to go back to his place. Instead I walked back out to the living room and then to the kitchen where the boys were still talking about boring things. I looked at John and noticed him staring at my large breasts. ?see anything you like?? I asked him. ?you have nice tits and I am looking at them.? I laughed, but was taken aback when his friend spoke up. ?you do have great tits, they are really beautiful,? Sam said. ?Thanks, I grew them myself!? I replied, flashing them both a seductive smile and pulling my shirt down a bit to reveal my DDs.

Somehow, after that conversation they got to talking about cars again. I was once again staring off into space and wishing we could leave. Sam went to go turn the music on and I tugged on John?s jacket. I pouted and gave him the best fuck me eyes I could manage and said ?we should go, it?s getting pretty late.? He agreed and when Sam came back John told him we were gonna head out. ?But the night is still young? Sam argued. ?Stay and have one more drink with me, then you can go. I mean it?s been three years man!? John looked at me, shrugged and looked back at his friend. ?I guess one more drink couldn?t hurt.? he said as he gauged my reaction. I basically threw in the towel at this point and set my purse down after refusing to do so the whole night. I tossed my keys on top of it and kicked off my sandals. The boys went into the kitchen, poured some more wine and wandered back to the living room where I had planted myself on the back of the couch. John asked Sam since we were gonna be staying a bit if he and I could have sex on his kitchen floor. Sam said sure as long as he wasn?t around, but John asked him what if he was- would he like to watch? ?No, no watching.? Sam said. ?well would you join in then?? asked John. ?maybe.? is all Sam said with a coy smile. I thought that they were joking, so I blew it off dismissing them as being a bit drunk.

I had stopped drinking and just sat watching them as their intoxication level rose. I am not sure if it was the wine, or something meant to look unintentional, but Sam positioned himself directly between my thighs,( not touching me) but standing sideways to talk to John. They started to speak about fighting classes and then the unspeakable happened- they realized that I was bored outta my mind! Oh my gosh! They apologized and John headed outside to smoke. While he was outside, Sam slipped his arm around my waist and gave me a playful squeeze. He asked me what I was thinking, but I played dumb. I didn?t want to talk to him, I wanted to leave! Ha! All I could think about was getting to fuck John.

Now Sam was not what you could call unattractive, he was slim but muscular, had a defined jaw line and killer blue eyes. He had spiky black hair and slight slouch to his demeanor. The slouch made him appear to be shorter, but I estimate he was around 6ft.

He was nothing though compared to John. John was about six foot two, extremely well built, green eyes that were beyond intoxicating with a crew cut of light brown hair. He was well tanned and in really good shape. As I sat and compared how attractive they were in my mind, John slid the patio door open and came in to see his friend?s arm around my waist, almost what you would call dangerously close to my breast.

?What?s going on guys?? he asked smiling. ?Nothing really, just talking? I said. Then Sam stood up and walked in front of me, stood next to John and they both stared at me. I could not have gotten out of that spot on the couch if I had bolted for the door. They were shoulder to shoulder give a few inches and each one of them had a position in front of one of my legs. John looked at me intensely for a minute and then asked ?how many is too many??

?Too many what?? I asked even though I already knew the answer. They both looked at each other and laughed and looked back at me and said ?you know.? ?I don?t want to play this game? I pouted, ?too many what?? Silence was all I got for a moment and then John said, ?cocks.?

?are you asking me how many cocks I can handle?? I asked as I stared at him and then added ?how many do you think is a good number??

?I think 2 is a good number,? John said, then asked me then if I thought I could handle that. ?you know how many I?ve handled before,? I reminded him about the 5 guy gangbang I took on when I was a bit younger. ?you wanna try?? he asked. ?well what did you have in mind?? I was curious and couldn?t help myself to want to be fucked hard by these two dominating guys. He told me to suck him off a bit to get him hard and then we would take it from there.

I don?t know what possessed me, but I consented. I allowed to guys to unzip my sweater and then followed John to the front of the couch. I watched as he undid his zipper and let his pants fall to the floor in front of him. I was forced down on my knees, eye level with John?s huge already erect cock. I could feel the heat coming off of it as it got closer and closer to my mouth. Eagerly I engulfed it, slowly enveloping it with the soft wetness of my tongue and lips. I felt it pule as I swirled my warmth around him, letting my hand cup his balls as I guided my way up and down his pole going further down each time. I knew I was doing something right as I opened my eyes to see his mouth slightly parted, eyes closed and head back. Sam came up from behind me once the music was turned louder. Actually he had the music so loud I couldn?t think and my body felt every little note of the bass as it vibrated my being. I could feel it in my twat as I sucked.

Then there was touching. There I was slurping and sucking John?s cock with my utmost intensity when I felt a hand undo the buttons on my pants. Slowly they were pulled down to my ankles, along with my sopping wet panties to reveal my round ass and wetness. When they were all the way down, and my head sufficiently impaled on John?s prick, I felt Sam?s fingers enter my velvet purse. He stroked them in and out, letting his thumb circulate around the edges of my sensitive clit. He made his way up to it with his pole and firmly pressed his way in until my ass was snug up against his stomach. He was pumping in and out and rubbing my button when I was on the verge of an awesome orgasm. He pumped harder and I sucked faster and then I couldn?t hold back. My body shook violently as I moaned with John?s stick shoved deep down my throat. I felt my twat ripple up and down the length of Sam?s meat and heard him grunt as it tightened around him. He pumped a bit longer and then John decided they should switch, saying he wanted a shot at my hot dripping cunt.

He got up and went behind me and Sam came and sat in front of me, his dick pointing to the ceiling. While he was a well endowed thick 7 inches, John had an enormous cock, so it was a lot easier to take Sam all the way down. As I went to slide my mouth the length of his meat I felt John seeking entrance against my slippery pie. He moved back and forth until he penetrated me with his hugeness, the pressure of his steel stuffing me up caused me to let out a moan and a gasp as I was forced all the way down the entirety of Sam?s cock. I felt as it hit the back of my throat, and then the small pop like sensation as he slid back further. The rhythmic rocking back and forth as I was being pounded from behind sent me going up and down hard and fast Sam?s shaft much to his delight. John pulled back my long hair hard, shoving my tits in Sam?s face to the point he could not help himself but to push me back some more and teat open my shirt, ripping it in the process. My flesh popped out and John undid my lacy bra as Sam grabbed at the newly exposed skin with urgency.

Meanwhile John slammed into my pussy hard and began slapping my ass as Sam sucked on my titties. My hair was still being pulled forcing me to arch my back allowing him access to my perky nipple and bouncing mountains. My knees were being rubbed raw as I was getting fucked and Sam was beginning to bite my nipples harder before he grabbed my face and grinded it back onto his cock. Waves of ecstasy shot threw me as I clamped down onto John?s prick. My cunt contracted around him and my ass was slapped harder and harder as I felt my wet juices run down my inner thighs. We switched again after my orgasm, this time with me lying across John, my back to his chest. Sam positioned himself between my legs burying his mouth into my dripping snatch. John adeptly rubbed my hard swollen clit as Sam sucked my pussy juices and I felt John?s other hand move up to my breasts. I stroked his cock as he grabbed a hold of one of my nipple and pinched it, softly at first but then increased the pressure slowly until it ached with pain and pleasure. Lightning bolts of sensations shot through me as Sam licked and stroked my clit with his tongue and I was squeezing John?s cock with my hand for every ounce of elation I was feeling. John was now cupping my other breast with his left hand and pulling on my nipple with the other. I was going to explode!

Before I could let myself get off I switched positions again, sucking John off instead of jerking his meat. I sucked him up and swallowed him whole. I devoured him as I felt Sam seeking entrance to my chocolate starfish. I felt the wetness of his saliva as he spit down the crack of my ass and rubbed his cockhead against my asshole. He tried to push past but I was so tight there was no way for him to get in. We switched positions again, this time me riding John?s hardness as I bounced around sucking off Sam. I rode them both hard, Sam in my mouth and John in my cunt until my body burned from it all. John got up and sat next to Sam and I alternate sucking them off and jerking the other off at the same time. I bobbed my head up and down on Sam?s pole then leaving behind warm wetness went to fucking John?s prick with my face as I glided Sam?s snake up and down with my other hand. They fucked my face and I sucked their balls and played with their taints. I licked their shafts and was smacked on the roundness of my ass by each one until it stung like I was on fire.

Sam erupted in my mouth after I swirled around him several more times. I felt stream after stream unload down my throat as he shifted his hips to fuck my face faster while I sucked him dry. I know he was feeling good as he growled as I continued to choke it down. I swallowed all I could of his hot sticky cum and then pulled back. He kissed me as I pulled myself off him, then shoved my face into John?s crotch. I licked up the sweet precum dripping down John?s balls and began to ram my mouth down his stick. I licked, I sucked, I hummed and I rolled his balls in my hand as I lapped him up like a naughty girl should. I heard him grit his teeth and say ?yeah, suck it good, yeah.? I know he was getting closer. I wanted to taste his jizz too, I wanted his warmth flowing down the back of my mouth. His cock was slipping all the way down my throat, his entire 9 ½ inches gliding down, filling me to the brim. I was soaked with sweet sweat and dripping saliva, my cunt was pulsing as I struggled to take choke his enormous length down.

Now it takes a lot to get John off, I always work on him good and hard and usually he cannot cum for a while, in fact the last time I sucked him a whole two hours, but tonight was different. I pumped his rod good and felt the Sam come behind me again. He was fingering me, pulling at my titties and biting my hips as I rode John?s cock with my face. As I sucked his balls and stroked him off I felt Sam slide his fingers up and down the crack of my ass. I know both he and John wanted to get back there so bad, but it was too difficult to dry fuck that way. I wish we had some lube, I would have took them double penetration and rode them both until I collapsed, but that was not what was happening at the moment.

I tried so hard to focus and gave everything I had to sucking John?s rigid cock until he came. I wanted his cum all over my face and tits, but I was so greedy that when it came time and I heard him say ?fuck, I?m gonna cum, suck me deep,? I couldn?t help myself. I had to swallow it all. What a greedy dirty girl I am. I could tell it was a wonderful orgasm since his dick suddenly went into spasms down my throat. It was choking me, cutting off my breath, but I didn?t care. I didn?t care as I came myself just from the feelings of him shooting his cream down my throat and Sam?s fingers buried as far into my twat as they could go.. I came all over his hand as John pulled my face further and further down his shaft. It was delicious.

Thoroughly exhausted we all rolled over and caught our breath. The guys finished off the last of the wine and we said our goodbyes. Now let me ask you, how was I supposed to explain why I smelled like sex, my shirt was ripped, my hair was drenched in sweat, I had rug burns on my knees that had began to bleed, my panties were soaked in cum and I had bruises all over my ass and tits to my husband? Ha! I loved every minute of it, even though I now feel like I was run over by a semi-truck. I can?t wait to see what John has in store for me next week!


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