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When we got within 30 minutes from where Bob and Amy was, Jacqui called Amy and told her we was almost there and ask if they were ready for a wild night. We found a little rv park and begun to set up. Mike, Dave and I got things set up rather fast as the girls were working on some dinner. Jacqui called Amy and told her where we were and told them to check out of the motel and stay with us. Bob and Amy showed up about 45 minuted latter in the rental car. We all were sitting in the common area when Amy seen Alice, let out a scream and ran toward her. We all did our hugs and kisses and introduced Mike and Becky. We sat around the fire pit talking but didn’t have a fire going.

After an hour we figured it’s time to start dinner. The girls had most everything except the cooking. The guys were drinking beer and the girls were doing mixed drinks and was getting really loose. Becky fit right in with the other girls and Mike fit in with us guys. Bob wanted to do the cooking then said “So damn glad to have someone to talk to. Better get done with dinner. It’s getting dark the girls are hungry and horny”. After dinner, we built a fire and sat around having a good time. The girls were lit, giggling and laughing, flashing their tits to us. The park didn’t have a lot of campers so we didn’t disturb anyone After a couple more hours, we all went into our trailer.

We sat and talked and Dave brought up about Jacqui coming out of the shower and me being nude fixing coffee. Amy said “Hell that’s normal at their house”. Mike said “damn, I would love to see that”. Alice said “See him or her”? Everyone laughed then Mike said “Well, mostly Jacqui but if it’s a package deal then it’s all good”. Becky said to Alice “Did you enjoy the view”? Alice said “Hell yea. He has a very nice cock. One you want to try on for size”. Becky said “I have a pic of it covered with cum. Want to see”? Alice and Amy said “HELL YEA”. Becky pulled out her phone and statred going through the pictures showing ones of her tits and pussy and some of Mikes cock at various stages of hardness when she got to the one of my cock after I came. Amy said to Jacqui “Did you lick it up or what”? Jacqui said “I don’t let a good load go to waste. Amy and Jacqui started talking about our BBQ, swim and fuck parties. As they went on in detail I noticed Becky squirming and a little flushed said “Wow. Sounds like you guys have great parties”.

Mike and Dave were rubbing their hard cocks outside their pants when Amy said “Why don’t you take them out so we can watch what you are doing. Don’t be bashful now”. Becky said “Do it honey. We are all friends here”. Mike stood, undone his pants and slowly released his, very nice, hard, smooth cock for all to see. Jacqui said “Fuck’n nice cock. Ok Dave, your turn then the rest of you”. Dave looking at Mike’s cock then at Alice and she was fixated on Mikes hard cock. Dave dropped his pants and his cock stuck out, hard as hell and a curve to the left. Jacqui watching Dave’s cock said “Oh fuck, I bet that feels good inside”. Amy said “Oh honey, you have no idea.

You really need to try it”. Becky said “Oh I will. I want to see what it feels like”. Jacqui said “Slow down honey. We don’t want to give up to fast. Ok guys, get them out”. I said “Well, what about you girls”? Jacqui, smiling said “In time honey, in time”. I stood, took all my clothes off then Bob. Bob was also hard as hell and I was only half. Becky ask if that’s all I have. I said Give it some time. Come over and help it out a little”. Becky got close to me and started stroking my cock. Such a gentle touch then she took me into her mouth and began sucking slow and soft. She started taking off her clothes as she sucked hard on my cock. Jacqui said “So much for going slow”. Becky cut loose of my cock, wiped her mouth then said “That was nice”. She then went to Dave and began sucking his curved cock, then Jacqui and Amy went to Mike, took turns sucking and licking his cock and balls. Alice stood in front of Bob and I, undoing her clothes, then said “I’m not as beautiful as these other girls but I’m all that’s left”. I looked at her and said “Honey, you are just as beautiful. I’ve been wanting to get my hands, and other things on your body”. Bob said “I’ve missed slipping my hard cock in your hot, tight, wet pussy”.

Alice, smiling said “You really think I’m still tight”? Bob said “Oh yes honey. You are amazing”. I watched as Alice removed the rest of her clothes and my cock was hard and throbbing. Her clothes hid a lot. Her boobs were somewhat saggy but was smooth and soft and her nipples had a nice up turn. She had some stretch marks from having children and had a few extra round curves. Bob started sucking one nipple as I slipped my finger between her hairy, wet pussy lips. Alice bent over to suck Bob’s hard cock so I put my other hand around and was fingering her pussy from behind. The inside of her pussy was hot, soft and silky and very wet.

I took my finger and moved some of the wetness to her little ass hole then pushed it hard, deep into her ass. She tightened up and pushed back onto my hand as I put another finger into her pussy. I looked over and Becky had Dave laid out on the couch and from reverse cowgirl was guiding his curved cock into her bald pussy. His cock slid easily into her. Amy and Jacqui had taken off all their clothes, had Mike in a chair and was still taking turns sucking and licking his hard cock. Alice had just finished a huge climax and my hand was soaked. Looking at Jacqui, on her knees, bent over Mike, I could see her shaved pussy was dripping wet and open waiting to be entered. Jacqui stood, turned around, held Mike’s cock and sat down guiding his cock into her hot pussy. Becky was riding Dave, Jacqui had her pussy full of Mike’s cock ridding him hard and fast. Alice was catching her breath from her climax. Amy was on the floor watching Mike’s cock in Jacqui’s pussy when Bob went to her and sat next to her. I was in a chair when Alice got up, kissed me then said “You really know how to finger a girl’s pussy.

Will you please put this in me”. I kissed her back then said “I thought you would never ask”. I laid her back on the floor, she spread and lifted her legs. I got between them and guided my hard cock to her hairy, wet pussy and slowly entered her. I watched her face as my cock slid slowly until I hit bottom but still had a little more cock to get into her. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was moving but there was no words. Bob was right, even from having a few kids, she was still rather tight and very hot. I started fucking her a little faster. She put her legs around my ass and pulled me deeper into her. Each time I hit bottom she would say “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck”. She had opened her eyes and I seen they were glassy and the color was like crystal. Her tits were flopping all over as I pounded her hot pussy and I was about ready to blow my load. I said while looking into her crystal eyes “I’m going to cum and fill your pussy”. She was shaking as she looked back at me then said “YES. Pump your cock into me. I want your cum in me now. NOW, fill my cunt now, fuck me hard”.

As I let loose the first shot she said “Fuck yes, I feel your hot cum inside my cunt. More, more”. I pumped into her until I was empty then rolled off after unlocking her legs from me. I looked over and Mike was recovering from Jacqui giving him a great fucking. Jacqui was on Dave with his curved cock buried deep into her pussy. Bob had Becky on all 4’s fucking her dog style. Amy was getting Mike hard again and got on the floor and told Mike to fuck her like his wife is getting it. Mike got down and entered Amy’s pussy and began fucking her hard and fast. Amy’s tits were slamming so hard I thought they would fly off. I sat back in the chair and Alice on the floor next to me stroking my cock then came up and started sucking it. I looked at her as she looked up to me, pulled my half hard cock from her mouth, smiled and said “I want some more of this. I’ll be a good girl if you give me some more. I wanted it when I came in your trailer and seen you nude. I wanted your cock hard and fucking me so bad I was soaking wet, almost like I peed my pants.

Do you think Jacqui will let me have more of you”? I looked over at Jacqui and she was still fucking Dave and looked as though she just kept cumming and cumming. I said “Well, I’ll bet that won’t be a problem. She seems to like what Dave has and I’m sure she will want his cock a lot more”. We all seemed to settle down and relax. The trailer smelled of sex and sweat. Jacqui came over and sat on my lap, kissed and hugged me, and as her pussy was leaking cum on my leg she said “Wow honey”. Everyone except Alice and Mike were relaxing and she had just finished milking the last drop of cum from his cock and he was spent. Alice had the biggest smile on her face when Jacqui said to her “Well, you glad you came along”? Alice said “Beside being tired, it’s been a great trip”. Becky said “I’m not disappointed. Most of our encounters have been just one on one. I like being in a group like this then everyone can see what’s going on and be involved. Jacqui said “That’s what we like too. It’s more like sharing that way”. Alice ask “You haven’t done anything with out him there”? Jacqui answered “I have with Bob and Amy but I called him first to make sure it was ok”. Amy piped up and said “Except the time you introduced me to, you know, eating pussy.

Girl on girl”. Jacqui said “Oh yes Amy, and you were wonderful. But I told him latter, when he got home”. Alice said “I just can’t do that”. Amy said “I didn’t think I could ether but then it happened”. Becky then said “I would like to try. I’ve thought about it sometimes but haven’t done it”. Bob said “Hell, I eat pussy all the time”. The rest of us guys said in turn, Me too. Jacqui gave us a crusty look then went over to Becky, had her lay down, told her to relax then put her head between Becky’s legs and lightly began licking her soft pussy. We all watched as Becky lifted her legs and put them around Jacqui’s neck then Becky said “OH MY GOD. I’M FUCKING CUMMING”.

Becky’s legs were shaking. Amy said “Fucking take it girl”. Bob’s cock as well as mine, Mike and Dave were now hard again. Alice went over to Bob, held his cock up and slammed her pussy onto it and began fucking him like a mad woman. I didn’t know what was the better show, Jacqui and Becky or Bob and Alice. Jacqui came up from Becky’s pussy and told me to come fuck her. I put my hard cock to Becky’s wet as hell pussy and slammed all the way in to the bottom. Jacqui put her pussy to Becky’s face and Becky started licking and sucking Jacqui’s pussy as I fucked the hell out Becky’s pussy. This was the first time I was able to fuck Becky and her pussy was amazing. Felt like it was sucking my cock while fucking it. That is the best way I can describe the feeling. Mike came over, in front of Jacqui as she was sitting on Becky’s face, took Mike’s cock in her mouth, holding his balls as she sucked his cock. Mike didn’t last long and filled Jacqui’s mouth. I was filling Becky with a load of my hot cum. Becky was cumming again and her whole body was shaking.

Jacqui started to cum and as her hot liquid flowed over Becky’s face. As Jacqui got off Becky’s face, I kept my cock inside her hot pussy until I softened enough to just slip out. Becky had Jacqui’s cum on her face and in her hair as she sat up, looked around at everyone then said “That was fucking awesome”. After chatting for a bit, we all decited to call it a night being it was after 1 am. Bob and Amy went with Dave and Alice to sleep in their camper. Mike and Becky give us a hug and said they would see us in the morning. Jacqui and I realized they all left nude, left all their clothes at our place. Jacqui got into bed where she snuggled up to me then ask “Did you enjoy things tonight”? I told her “I think we had a real nice night”. Jacqui took a hold of my cock slowly rubbing it as I got hard then got on top of me, guided my cock into her wet pussy, rocked and rotated her hips then said “I love this part most of all”. Jacqui’s pussy began pulsating on my cock and I felt it squeezing as she rocked. I felt my balls tighten and started pumping a load deep inside her. She laid on me for a minute then said “I love you honey”. I told her that I love her, she rolled off and we went to sleep.


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