Sex in a Dungeon with my Wife part 2

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I told her in an angry tone that her “insolence would not be tolerated†and let loose with a flurry of blows to her already red swollen ass. Her screams grew louder so I found the ball gag on the trolley, placed it in her mouth and buckled it tight around her head and neck. Straddling a pommel horse shaped bench covered in studded leather, my wife sat naked in the dimly light dungeon.Her body trembled with excitement and anticipI told her in an angry tone that her “insolence would not be tolerated†and let loose with a flurry of blows to her already red swollen ass. Her screams grew louder so I found the ball gag on the trolley, placed it in her mouth and buckled it tight around her head and neck.

Straddling a pommel horse shaped bench covered in studded leather, my wife sat naked in the dimly light dungeon.

Her body trembled with excitement and anticipation. Her eyes were wide open, staring at me wantonly, desperate for me to take her and use her at my will.

I teased her, approaching slowly, gently running my hands over her sexy body paying special attention to her swollen breasts and sensitive nipples, coaxing them until they stood out long and hard.

I kept kissing, sucking and licking her nipples and made my way all over her body ensuring not to touch her hot wet pussy. My wife was already worked up, her musky scent filled the air. I knew she was ready for anything I desired.

Yes, we were at it again. Our first dungeon experience had taken us to new heights of pleasure. We had not been able to stop talking about it and fucked every chance we got.

I had enjoyed our first encounter so much I spent hours surfing the net learning as much as I could about the world of BDSM and passion and pain.

Still novices we had a lot to learn and try, but both of us had gone a little psycho about this new world we were discovering.

With a hard pinch on each nipple, a short loud scream followed by the word “fuck†came from her mouth. Instantly I pinched then again not letting go.

A wild look came across her face as I reminded her of the rules. She knew what I meant but began to call me a “cunt†and tell me to “fuck offâ€.

I pinched her nipples harder and harder and twisted and pulled until she screamed again and shut her mouth. I released my grip and slapped each breast hard several times then walked away leaving her squirming on the leather bench. Shiny wet patches appeared as her wet pussy left its mark, smeared across the leather bench as the smell of her wet cunt became stronger.

Taking deep breaths to contain my own growing excitement, I picked up a long, thick rubber paddle with a primitive handle carved into one end. Moving slowly back towards my wife waving this ugly chunk of leather in front of me, I ordered her to stand up and bend over the rounded top of the bench.

Knowing what was to come my wife nervously did as she was told. As soon as she was in position I let her have four firm strokes of the paddle on each cheek of her sexy ass.

Her body convulsed as she cried out in pain. She looked over her shoulder at me, her eyes begging me for mercy. I let her have two more hard slaps to each cheek. Again she cried out in pain.

I told her in an angry tone that her “insolence would not be tolerated†and let loose with a flurry of blows to her already red swollen ass. Her screams grew louder so I found the ball gag on the trolley, placed it in her mouth and buckled it tight around her head and neck.

Holding her hair I roughly stood her upright and had her lay face down along the bench, she shivered slightly as the wetness on the bench came in contact with her chest and tits, coating them with her own thick juice.

I shackled her wrists and ankles to the bench’s legs leaving her head hanging over one end and her beautiful ass and pussy hanging over the other. Her pussy lips were open slightly, covered in the juices she had been leaking for some time.

Overwhelming desire took over.

Unable to control myself, I released my fat, throbbing cock from the restraint of my shorts and with one thrust shoved it balls deep in her hot cunt. Pussy juice squirted everywhere and ran down my balls and legs as I slammed into her.

Trying to regain some self-control I pulled my pulsing dick from her pussy, and took deep breaths to hold back the pending eruption. Her wet, steamy cunt and tight ass looked perfect. On display just for me.

I used my fingers to push her hot slippery juices up to her puckered ass hole then gently but firmly pushed two fingers into ass, her own juice lubricating her passage.

In no time at all her sphincter muscles relaxed allowing me easy access for which I took full advantage. Her muscles relaxed more and more with each thrust. I added another finger and before long another until I had four fingers and half my hand fucking my wife’s ass.

She panted and moaned as I shoved my hand as far inside her ass as I could. I inserted my thumb into her soaking wet cunt as I continued my assault on her ass.

This sent her over the top and she orgasmed heavily, forcing herself onto my fingers as she did so, her cum dripping from her cunt onto my hand and then falling to the floor forming a puddle.

By now my cock was aching for relief. Removing my hand from her wet gaping holes I quickly replaced my thumb with my cock.

Forcefully I thrust deep into her hot slippery cunt, her juices spraying out as I did. My wife’s moans and groans enticed me more as she looked at me over her shoulder, urging me with her eyes to fill her cunt with my seed.

As she pushed her cunt up to meet every stroke, I could hold back no more and with one final hard thrust emptied a torrent of hot cum deep in her pussy. I held my cock there bathing it in our combined love juice.

Sweat ran from my face onto her back as I struggled to catch my breath.

Pulling out I cupped one hand under her pussy and using two fingers from the other begin to purge my cum from her hot cunt. Wads of cum dribbled from her, covering my palm and forming a pool.

I moved around and undid her ball gag.

I offered her the reward and she eagerly accepted, slurping and licking the cum from my hand. She swirled it around her mouth, savouring the taste, before swallowing the lot and licking my hand clean.

My dick was hard again in seconds.

Her head was still hanging over the bench so I shoved it in her mouth. Again my wife enjoyed our cum whilst she sucked hard on my cock.

She gagged and choked slightly as the head of my cock made its way down her throat until once again she was able to lick my balls and taste our juices still coating them.

After several minutes of fucking my wife’s throat I withdrew and secured her ball gag firmly back in place.

Hanging on one wall were various cuffs, collars, chains and weird restraints. I chose a heavy black leather collar and short chain leash.

I fixed the collar to her neck tight but not enough to restrict her breathing.

Releasing her wrists and ankles I allowed her to stand. Drawing her to me with the leash we kissed deeply, our tongues entwining each others’ like we were wrestling.

I could taste our cum on her lips and tongue and it sent me wild. I forced my hand between her legs and she quickly spread them to give me access. I rubbed and fingered her cunt for a minute before slapping her bald pussy, soft at first then harder and harder.

Her tongue thrashed wildly in my mouth as we kissed, she got wilder and wilder as I continued to slap her cunt. Her arms were locked around me trying to pull me closer to her.

Stopping suddenly I gently pushed her away, She stood panting, sweat covering her body, pussy red and swollen with her erect clitoris poking from between the fold of her lips.

I tugged on the leash and led her to a wall across the room.

For the first time my wife was able to see the assortment of toys and accessories at our disposal.

Leading her slowly around the walls of the dungeon, I allowed her to feel and examine whatever took her interest.

Among the usual sex toys were lots of devices we had no idea about. Made from different materials some looked scary and some looked down right dangerous. Regardless everything seemed to add to our imagination, increasing our desire to explore.

After showing her around the walls I led her to an cross-shaped timber structure with four restraints attached to it.

Once again I strapped my sexy lady up. Leaving her spread eagle and vulnerable I returned to some of the items she had shown interest in and began to re-examine them trying to gauge her reaction as I had done with the black monster last time.

However she was switched on to this and tried to show no emotion at all.

“Clever girl.†I thought, “I’ll show youâ€.

I gathered several items from the wall and wheeled the trolley into place so my wife could see what I was doing. She squirmed and groaned impatiently as I fiddled with the items on the trolley.

I let her hang, fiddling unnecessarily to further build her frustration.

After several minutes of her moaning, groaning and fidgeting against her restraints I picked up an average size dildo. Working it over her body and between her legs it was soon covered in cunt juice.

Rubbing it along her slit, she bucked continuously trying to impale herself on it. I teasingly pushed the head of the dildo between her soaking pussy lips holding it there for a short time before plunging it deep into her cunt.

She humped wildly on it as I fucked her hard with the rubber cock. Once again her juices flowed, soaking my hand. I had never seen her so turned on. She was in her element and loving every second of it.

Slowing down the pace, I told her she was not to cum until I gave her permission. A nod told me she understood. After shoving the dildo back up her as far as possible, I let it go and instructed her to hold it in her cunt and not let it fall out. Her muscles clenched as she clamped her cunt around it.

Next in line were the nipple clamps. Sharp screams came from her as I attached the clamps to her erect nipples. I then ran short chains from the clamps up to her collar, ensuring they were tight and constantly pulling on her sensitive nips.

Whilst doing this she could no longer hold the dildo inside her and it fell to the floor with a thud. I glared at her showing my disapproval and using my open hand, slapped her several times on the inner thigh.

She flinched on each slap causing the chains to pull tight, screams of pain escaped her with every blow. Picking up the dildo I forced it back inside her cunt and again instructed her to hold it in. She struggled and strained trying to hold it in.

Reaching for a small flogger I start to strike my wife across the abdomen and thigh, each stroke sending her into convulsions and pulling hard on her nipples stretching them further than ever before.

Unable to cope the dildo fell out once again.

I let her have it, flogging her again and again until her belly and thighs were bright red and swollen. The look on her face told me we were fast approaching the limit of what she could take so I eased off and slowly stopped the flogging.

The look of anger and daggers in her eyes, soon turned to the look of a wanton whore.

I asked if she enjoyed being my whore slave and weather she wanted me to continue. She nodded approvingly and thrust her cunt toward me, urging me to give her what she so badly needed.

Taking a smaller dildo from the trolley I roughly inserted it in her wet gaping cunt. Fucking her hard and fast with it, I waited for it to get covered with her juice then slid it up her ass with one hard thrust.

She shook violently again stretching her rock hard nipples, clearly she was on her way to another climax. As I fucked her ass with the dildo, I released one ankle and one wrist.

Lifting her leg for better access I told her to fuck her ass with the dildo. She instantly took control and began to fuck herself much harder than I had done.

My head was spinning, my cock was throbbing so bad it ached. Entering her mercilessly I fucked her wet cunt while she shoved the dildo in and out of her ass.

We became one as we both neared the point of no return. Pussy juice ran down her leg as we continued to fuck like there was no tomorrow.

The musky aroma of our sex filled my nostrils, her leg shook under the pressure as we both slammed into her holes. I removed her ball gag we kissed hard and passionately as we started to cum together.

Her body quivered and her back arched as I pumped wad after wad into her, pushing harder and harder in an effort to get further up her. Cum flowed freely down her legs as our fucking subsided.

I took my cock from her cunt and she removed the dildo from her ass, she then used the dildo to collect as much cum as possible from her leg and crotch and took delight in licking and sucking it clean.


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