The Beginning and the End

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I could see the world burning around me and all I cared about was the pleasure Cassidy’s mouth was bringing me. Eventually I pulled her head off me. Her face was red and covered in sweat. She fell back to the bed. I kissed her lips. They were soft and worn from my thick cock pillaging them. “Ok I want you back on your knees.†I demanded. “Let’s watch this together.†I was miles away from where wanted to be, how I could see the world burning around me and all I cared about was the pleasure Cassidy’s mouth was bringing me. Eventually I pulled her head off me. Her face was red and covered in sweat. She fell back to the bed. I kissed her lips. They were soft and worn from my thick cock pillaging them. “Ok I want you back on your knees.†I demanded. “Let’s watch this together.â€

I was miles away from where wanted to be, how or why didn’t matter anymore, I wanted to be around my family but there was no chance, instead I was far away from them.

The announcement was clear. The end was near. Three massive asteroids were heading towards earth, time was up for the human race.

It was clear the ones they wanted had already left the earth as there had been bright lights flying through the sky for the last few days. There was speculation but nothing was clear.

Martial law had been declared and the government and their selected had left us to face what little future we had.

I drove along a country road since the city had turned to chaos. Fear, confusion and death now ruled where once a great civilisation ruled. Groups of people flocked to churches, temples and synagogues to pray to their respective gods – but to me if there was one this would not be happening, I had to go.

I drove past a house where I saw Cassidy. She was standing on her front porch waving her hands madly trying to stop me. She looked to be in her mid-twenties.  I drove past. Then reconsidered.

Slamming on my breaks and stopping about two hundred metres down the road, I threw my car into reverse and backed up into her drive. She ran to meet the car jumping in the passenger side.

“Hey I am Cassidy,†she said her face full of concern.

“I’m Tom†I replied.

“Have you heard?†I asked.

“Yes it’s everywhere. Is it true?†she asked grabbing my arm.

“That’s what they are saying.  I honestly don’t know.†I said

“Is there anything we can do? Please Tom is there?†she begged.   

At that moment a shadow engulfed the car – the sun had completely disappeared although there were no clouds in the sky.

“Tom I don’t want to go, but if its true can you take me somewhere? It’s an old cabin built on a hill overlooking forever. That’s where I want to be.”

A cabin overlooking forever sounded better than driving in the car. I agreed and she gave me directions.

We drove for another hour, the sun had reappeared – there were now two specks in the sky when you looked up.

We arrived at the cabin, she was right it was beautiful. The view went on for miles, rivers ran, birds flew and different flowers colored the area and drenched the air with their scent.  The sun covered it all with its warming light.

“Tom here is the key. This was my uncle’s place before he died. Now we use it for.” Her words faded away as she stood looking at the sky

“Do you believe in heaven Tom?” she asked.

Cassidy I believe in right now and right now we are all we have. If there is a heaven and another place for tomorrow well I guess when it’s all over I will see your there.

She smiled.

In the distance a fireball crashed into the earth and dirt and fire flew miles into the air. It came at a speed I have never seen before and the impact shook the foundations where we stood.

“Cassidy lets go inside.†I said taking her by the hand.

I had thought about what I would do if this situation happened – mostly when we were out drinking – but nothing could have prepared me for the fact that it is today and there was no way to be near my family. No way to contact anyone. Cassidy was now my only one.

“I took hold of her and looked into her eyes. Tell me what you want to do.†I said.

“I want to be with you, I don’t care what we do. I just want to be here and be with you.†she replied.

In hopelessness our bond was sealed.

I started to kiss her she held tight to me.

She pulled away then took my hand dragging me to the front room.

“Here Tom, this is where I want to be.†she said.

The room was old and rustic it was partly falling apart. There was a bed set in front of a large set of doors that had drawn curtains on them. She walked around, opened the curtains and pushed the doors open. Light flooded the room filling it with the joy only sunlight can bring.

She walked to a small cabinet and pulled out two glasses and a bottle of Johnny Walker.

“If we are going to go let’s have a good time doing it.†she said.

Pouring two glasses she sculled hers before I could reach mine.

She refilled her own.

“Cheers to new forevers and right nows.†I said as we clinked our glasses together.

The brave juice had kicked in after her second straight glass she turned to me undoing her top.

“Well Tom I if I going, I’m going fucking. You in?† she asked

Without a second thought I started to strip off. Jumping on the bed Cassidy started to kiss my neck and back as I took off my jeans.

“I hope you have a big cock Tom. It might be the last one I ever have.†she said.

I stood naked my eight inch cock dangling in the sun.

“So good enough?†I asked.

“Fuck yes it is.†She leaned forward and sucked the head into her mouth and sucked hard on it then she took the shaft in sucking it as deep as she could. 

“Yes Tom, fuck yes.†she said. “Tom don’t be shy fuck me good.†she demanded.

Cassidy lay back on the bed her body drenched in the light.

“Come and fuck my face Tom†she called. Her hand was already running over and exploring her pussy. As I reached her she shoved her two drenched fingers into my mouth

“Suck them Tom. Nice hey?†she asked.

I shoved my fingers in her drenched hole and pumped them in and out. Cassidy squirmed with pleasure as she sucked my cock nice and hard.

“Yer, that’s it suck it, make it hard to fuck you with go on.†I said.

My fingers kept pumping and I felt her cunt tighten then she screamed out

“Yesssss, yessss, yessss! Shove my fuck hole you!â€

I pumped it harder and faster pushing her orgasm along with it.

“Oh I need your cock inside me, come on Tom fuck me! Shove that cock in my hole.†She demanded as we felt the bed shake and dust sprinkle over us once again.

“Come on Tom get in me!†she yelled.

I walked behind her and shoved my thick cock deep inside her wet fun tunnel.

“Yes that’s it Tom that it in there, get it fucking in. Oooohhhhh gggrrr fuck yes! Fuck fuck me with that fucking fat cock. Shove it deep split me open.†Cassidy screamed.

I held tight and fucked her cunt for all my life moving as deep into her as possible – pulling it all the way out and shoving it deep back inside again.

“Pull my hair, do it, pull my fucking hair.†she screamed.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back hard, she screamed again I held her hair like reigns as if I was riding a horse and pounded into her as hard as possible. My free had slapped her ass as I rode this wild woman.

“Aaaaarrrrggggg!†she screamed louder
than before “Ooooohhhhh fuuckkkkkkkkkkkk!â€Aaaaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh.†She screamed – no words just sounds poured out of her body.

 The building shook, things fell to the floor and something hit close.

After Cassidy’s orgasm settled I pulled out and tossed her on her back.

“I want all of you. If this is the last time ever I am going to have all of you.†I said.

I slid between her legs and tasted her beautiful already well-fucked hole. I licked and sucked as she grabbed at my head and her nipples pulling them as I went to work on her magic button. I slid my tongue deep inside her, licking her walls and moving back up to her bud again.

Cassidy grabbed hold of my hair with both hands and pushed my face harder into her.

“Suck my cunt suck it good.” she cried.

Another loud band then another and another. They were closer than the first ones, but we were too lost in the pleasure we were creating to think about anything else.

I shoved two fingers in her as I continued to suck her clit into my mouth and lick it at the same time.

“Mmmmmmmm.†Better then fine wine I savoured every drop of her.

“Tom don’t stop. Don’t stop!†her voice rose with every word. “Suuuuuccckkkk it!†she screamed is I shoved a third then a forth finger in her.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.†Cassidy came again juice squirting out all over my chin and down my chest. Her body bucked hard in the air and her cunt slammed into my face as I continued to drive my fingers deep inside her.  I continued to lick and suck until she slowed her bucking.

“Fuck Tom!†she said her eyes full of lust. “I’m shaking.†

I dragged her to the edge of the bed and grabbed hold of her head. I pulled her up one of my legs straddled her body. Her hungry mouth found my cock and she sucked on it. But I wanted more.

“No I.†said. “Open wide I am going to fuck your face better than ever before.â€

I grabbed her head with both hands and started to pull her head back and forth on my cock in and out of her mouth.

“Oh yes, that’s great. Oh fuck Cas that is great.†My words were slow but my pace wasn’t, I started to fuck her face as I pulled her head into me.

I looked up and all around in the distance all I could see was fire and smoke. There were flame balls constantly flying past crashing into the earth some bigger than others. I didn’t know it then but they were just a light show for what was coming.

I could see the world burning around me and all I cared about was the pleasure Cassidy’s mouth was bringing me.

Eventually I pulled her head off me. Her face was red and covered in sweat. She fell back to the bed. I kissed her lips. They were soft and worn from my thick cock pillaging them.

“Ok I want you back on your knees.†I demanded. “Let’s watch this together.â€

I shoved my cock into her mush hole and she wiggled back. Her head was down; she was choosing not to look at the reality, just live in the now.

 “That’s it offer up your forever.†I said.

She did with pleasure, her head laying on the bed and her pussy and ass in the air ready for me. Ready for what I chose to do to her. I shoved my cock back inside her and started to pump into her. My thumb was now pushing against her ass hole. I slid it in when I pulled out and out when I pushed back in. I loosened her ass ready for a fucking.

“Oh yes that’s it open it. Open my ass.†She said.

“That’s it I will. I’m going to open it. I am going to fuck it. Fuck you. Fuck your tight ass.â€

I continued to fuck her pussy until she came hard on my cock squeezing pulsing on my meat and giving us both total pleasure.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and looked up. It was dark outside except for the fires that had set the valley ablaze.

I knew time was short and could smell the smoke, hear the cracking of the trees and feel the shaking of the floor.

Grabbing hold of my cock I slid inside Cassidy’s ass and started to pump. She was tight and she moaned loud.

“Do it Tom do it. Ohhh I love it!†She said as she kept her face stuck to the bed.

“Do it. Go Tom. Fuck me.†she screamed. I pumped her hard and fast and she bucked back and took me deep in her back door.

“That’s it take it take it ohh fuck yes that is it.†I screamed.

I pumped her good and hard alternating from her ass to her pussy and back again sending her into a continual orgasm.

It was hot. I felt my skin burning up and heard a sound I have never heard before coming from the outside. I grabbed hold of Cassidy one more time and I shoved my cock back in her ass and start to fuck again.

In and out, faster and faster.

I closed my eyes and imagine what it looked like hours ago before this all started. Slowly closer and closer I started feel the shaking of my body I felt my butt clench and the nerves in my body shook.

I knew it was coming so I held on tight I felt the familiar warmth run through me until I unleashed and…


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