The Induction

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Two of the guys grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed. They lifted my legs high exposing my ass for whoever wanted to take it. Variance took his position and shoved his cock inside me. I was sore and my ass seemed strained but I was here to please them and please them I was going to do. Since I was just a youngster I always wanted to be in a secret club… Two of the guys grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed. They lifted my legs high exposing my ass for whoever wanted to take it. Variance took his position and shoved his cock inside me. I was sore and my ass seemed strained but I was here to please them and please them I was going to do.

Since I was just a youngster I always wanted to be in a secret club… perhaps a spy… or just someone who knew something that others didn’t. Something that made me just that little more special then the next guy.

I was turning 19 and gay. Living in a small town didn’t offer much in the way of a private life.

I started chatting online to a group calling themselves ‘The Insiders’. It was secret group meeting in their words to ‘put the world to rights’, well, in their small way. I was chatting to the local sector but the group was apparently nationwide.

I met with Variance – he was my contact – and we had a lengthy interview. He was tall and well built and it felt like he could see right through me with his sharp blue eyes.  A tight, long sleeved cotton shirt showed his shapely physique off perfectly – I couldn’t help but imagine what he looked like naked.

My 19th Birthday was the day ‘The Insiders’ were to inform me of their decision to accept me in or not.

Each time my phone rang I jumped hoping it would be Variance. I checked my emails a thousand times. Family and friends were the only people who had been in touch all day and it totally frustrated me.

Finally at 5.25pm an email arrived from Variance.

“You have been granted temporary membership. You will need to pass the initiation before you become a full member of The Insiders.

Be at the meeting point at 8pm tomorrow evening.

  • Do not be late
  • Do not bring anyone with you
  • Do not speak of the group or anyone involved.â€
  • I arrived at the meeting point 10 minutes earlier then our set time and waited. Soon enough a van pulled up and two people waited in the front.

    A text arrived simply saying ‘get in.’

    The rear door opened and I walked to the van and got in as I did a bag was placed over my head.

    “Don’t panic. You can’t know where we are going – do you hear me?†a voice said.

    “YES!†I screamed wanting to be heard.

    My heart was racing and my mouth was dry. We drove for about 20 minutes. The van stopped and two guys helped me – out one on either arm. They guided me into a room and sat me on a chair. I sat waiting nervously for the initiation to begin. For some strange reason my cock was throbbing and straining against my pants.

    I heard a door close in the background.

    “Is this the new candidate?†a deep voice full of authority boomed out.

    “Yes Elixir this is him.†I heard Variance say.

    “Good remove the hood let’s get started.†There was no mistake who was in charge.

    My hood was removed and it took a moment for the 4? 5? No 7 people in the room to come into focus. My heart was beating fast in my mouth.

    I could see figures but not faces. Everyone wore black robes and face masks as if from some ancient time.

    “Do you come of your own free will?†asked Elixir.

    “Yes I do.†was my reply.

    “Do you know this is a secret meeting place and all members are sworn to secrecy for life?†he asked 

    “Yes I do.†I answered.

    “Do you agree to abide by our code & rules?†he asked his voice serious.

    “Yes I do.â€

    “Dale James Smith you have agreed and sworn to uphold the code of this group. From this day forth you shall be called Remedy by your fellow brothers.â€

    I nodded only to show I was happy.

    “Remedy we know who you are and all about you. We know what you buy, what food you eat and what you watch on the net. We also know that you are gay.† 

    I froze on the spot how they could know all of this. I wanted to run but with seven guys around me it was useless.

    “Yes I am and proud of it.†I said.

    Elixir stood up and walked over to me. He held my face softly.

    “Don’t be scared. You are with friends – we are all brothers now.†he said as he helped me up leading me into another room of this abandoned warehouse.

    In the room there was a single light hanging from the roof. It shone perfectly on a mattress and base. The rest of the room was black. I followed Elixir and he instructed me to sit on the bed. I did without a word. I was scared but even more turned on then before.

    Remedy to seal your initiation you must remove all your clothes and allow us to take our way with you.

    5 guys stood in front of me at the end of the bed I was sitting on. I knew my place and what was required and couldn’t believe my luck! 5 gay guys or bi-sexual – it didn’t matter – in my small redneck town!

    I smiled and reached out with both hands and rubbed Elixir’s cock. It was big, real big, like in the movies.

    “Yes Sir!†was my reply.

    The 5 guys all undid their robes and let them fall to the floor. Their bodies were now in full view thanks to the one light in the room.

    I noticed Variance’s body right away. He was fully shaved and his cock was thin but long. Next to him stook a mocha coloured guy. He was strongly built and low to the ground and he must have gone back for seconds when they handed out cocks as he was almost as big as Elixir. Next was a guy blessed with an amazing body and much taller than the other guys – his cock was already hard. Lastly was a white skinned guy – his body needed work – but I was here to please them all.

    I fell to my knees knowing who was in charge. My mouth went directly to Elixir’s cock and I engulfed it all. My hands reached for other cocks and I started to pull Variance as the rest of the guys crowded around me.

    This had been a fantasy of mine ever since I was 16 now… well now it was real. Elixir’s massive cock grew in my mouth as number 3 held my hand still and fucked it. I pulled hard on Variance and number 4 in turn making them both nice hard and ready.

    Elixir pushed me back onto the bed.

    “Move!†he commanded. All the other guys moved the moment Elixir spoke and started to ravage me. I felt hands roam all over my body, and someone kiss my lips. The kiss was strong and passionate, my cock felt the joy of a man’s mouth for the first time as someone else grabbed and sucked on my balls.

    It wasn’t long until Elixir’s cock found its way back into my mouth and he fucked my face as the rest took their time and pleasure on me.

    Elixir pulled out and another cock entered. Over and over they fucked my mouth and face dropping their balls into my mouth for me to suck and polish clean. On and on they played. I felt a tongue lick the outer rim of my ass hole, teasing it. Then a finger then two slide inside opening me up and getting me ready for the onslaught that was about to happen.

    “Yes guys do it to me give it to me good.†I wailed.

    “On your knees.†I heard Elixir say.

    I jumped into position. I was as scared but willing. My 6 inch butt plug is the most I have had inside me when I wank. Watching porn. Wishing it was me. Now it was me and I wanted it all.

    < p>Within seconds I felt someone put lube on my ass and his two fingers quickly coated the inside. I almost came there and then. Without hesitation Elixir walked behind me and put the head of his massive cock at the point of my ass hole.

    I shook in anticipation and fear. ‘Just do it!’ screamed in my head. ‘Take it Dale – no Remedy – take it – be good!’

    Elixir’s cock entered me. He was slow but it hurt just the same. He spread my little ass wider then it had ever been spread before. It burned and I thought I would split in two. Then a feeling of accomplishment swept through me as I felt his pelvis touch my body, knowing I had just taken the biggest cock I have ever seen up my cock virgin ass.

    Someone moved in front of me and offered his hard cock to suck. Then another. I filled my mouth with them one at a time as Elixir enjoyed my now non-virgin ass. He slid in and out his pace increasing with each stroke.

    “Ohhh yesss that is so fuckin tight. You are so fucking tight.†I heard him yell.

    “Oh Brothers you will enjoy this!†he said to the room.

    I felt proud that he was talking about me and that I was pleasing two guys now with my mouth as Elixir was enjoying fucking my ass – opening it for his Brothers to enjoy.

    I felt Elixir pull out and what I hoped to be Variance slide right in. He was smaller and thinner but fucked me harder than I had just taken. His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me back as he thrust his long, hard cock in my ass hole.

    “Fuck me! Yes fuck me!†I screamed as I felt myself cum from being fucked in the ass for the first time. Then I felt someone crawl under me, his mouth wrapping around my cock, as Variance continued to pound into me.

    My ass started to shake and quiver and the vibrations shot through me as I came and and came hard. Cum shot out of the end of my cock and was caught and swallowed by number 5. He sucked it all out as Variance pounded away.

    I looked back as number 3 took his turn to be behind and in me. His was cock way bigger and fatter then Variance’s. It spread me wide again and he pounded himself into me again and again. I couldn’t even lift my head as number 3 pillaged me harder and faster than the other two I had already pleased.

    “Oh I’m cumming!†I heard him scream and number 5 slid out of the bed and dropped down next to him. At the point of impact he pulled out and shot his load into number 5’s wide open mouth – some missing and hitting his face. Number 5 scooped it back into his mouth and swallowed.

    Number 4 took his spot inside me and fucked me just as hard.  He came in no time at all. Once again felt proud that I could make someone cum so quickly. Number 5 again opened his mouth and wrapped it around number 4’s cock, holding 5’s head until his cum was unloaded and guzzled down.

    I was happy but I felt cheated as I was making these guys cum and not getting any reward.

    “Guys I want you to cum all over me!†I shouted.

    4 of the guys, still wearing their masks, surrounded me as I lay naked on the bed. My ass was throbbing from the pounding it had received and had my mouth was sore from the hours’ worth of sucking it had endured. But I needed more, I needed them to cum and cum on me.

    Two of the guys grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed. They lifted my legs high exposing my ass for whoever wanted to take it. Variance took his position and shoved his cock inside me. I was sore and my ass seemed strained but I was here to please them and please them I was going to do.

    I moaned on and on as Variance pounded himself into my perfectly positioned ass. Then moving and taking hold of my legs and letting someone else in. I felt another cock in my mouth as my ass was filled again. ‘Double penetration! Yes! Another wish ticked off on this glorious night!’ screamed my head.

    My body shook again and again and I felt more cum about to burst.

    “I’m cumming I’m cumming!†I screamed.

    My hot cum shot into the air and landed on my stomach, setting off chain reaction of guys standing around me cumming.

    Elixir who had taken up his pride of place in my ass and Variance in my mouth fucked in tandem and I felt myself about to cum again – a feeling stronger then I hand ever felt before.

    Hot streams of cum landed on my chest, neck stomach and face as I felt Variance squirt cum into my mouth and slide down my throat. Elixir giving out a scream as he held my legs tight.

    “Welcome Remedy – welcome to our group!†he screamed as he took the honour to be the first guy to fill my ass with red hot cum. He continued to pump using my hole to drain every last ounce of joy and cum out of his beautiful cock.

    When they had all finished one by one they removed their masks. To my surprise I knew most of the guys. The two others from outside had joined us – they were lookouts I was told – for tonight anyway. But I knew of them as well. I knew all their faces – I went to Junior School with most of them. 

    Elixir turned and said

    “You see we are all like you but this town will never accept us. This is why you can never speak of us or what our group does here.â€

    I knew I had found my place – my something that made me just a bit different from others in my town. When I walked down the street and saw them I knew I had found my place in my society. 


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