Sex with a Stranger in a Panel Shop

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Natasha was taking the full force I could dish out. I held her legs tight together as my cock spread her greedy cock hungry hole. Again and again I pounded into her, watching her roll her head around the table where 5 of the guys sit each day to eat their food. I bet nothing ever tasted as good as she did on here. It was already 6pm and everyone else had left the panel shop and headed out for their long weekend.  I had drawn the unlucky strNatasha was taking the full force I could dish out. I held her legs tight together as my cock spread her greedy cock hungry hole. Again and again I pounded into her, watching her roll her head around the table where 5 of the guys sit each day to eat their food. I bet nothing ever tasted as good as she did on here.

It was already 6pm and everyone else had left the panel shop and headed out for their long weekend.  I had drawn the unlucky straw and had to wait for the customer, Natasha, to pick up the care she soooo needed for the weekend.

My patience was already wearing thin when Natasha called and said that she would be another 30 minutes…

She finally arrived at nearly 7pm and I greeted her in the reception area. She introduced herself and I handed her the invoice for the work as I spoke to her about the repairs to her vehicle and gave her the $150 bill.

‘I don’t have money for that,’ she said.

‘Our policy is no money no car.’ I said. There was no way the money was coming out of my pocket – which is what would happen if I let the car go without it being paid for.

She tried a credit card but it was maxed out and so was her bankcard. She then smiled and said,

‘Can I come back on Tuesday and pay then?’

‘Sure,’ I said. ‘You can pick up your car on Tuesday when you have the money.’

Her smile turned to a frown and she started to get loud.

‘It’s my car; you can’t stop me from taking it. I will ring the police.’

I passed her the phone and sat with a smile. She knew I had called her bluff and she had no corners to hide in.

‘Ok Natasha I need to go. So how about you come back Tuesday morning with the money and I will give you your car?’

Her frown turned to a sad face; her eyes almost glassy with tears.

‘I need my car. Can we work it out some other way?’ she said; now looking at me with a glint in her misty eyes.

‘You see I had the money but I spent it.’  She looked at me now with a new naughtiness and cunning and I knew she had more up her sleeve.

She put her bag on the bench and walked around to my side of the reception desk.

‘I spent my money making sure I look my best for the weekend,’ she said showing me her nails matching finger and toes.

They did look great. I love a woman who takes care of herself. Her body looked great under her short sundress and my cock starter to flick in my jeans.

‘Well I also had a facial and a massage,’ she said, ‘then I… well…’

She lifted up the front of her flowing light sundress and revealed a beautiful shaved pussy. Her mound glistened with just a hint of sweat on it.

My cock again sprang with life and tried to find room in my jeans to the point it was becoming uncomfortable.

Natasha turned around and bent over exposing her sweet shaved love hole and a peach shaped ass with a perfect asshole that I am sure was ripe for the picking.

Slowly she stood back up and turned around,  

‘Are you really sure that we can’t work something out? What I spent the money on was worth it wasn’t it?’

‘Yes it was.’ I said. I realized this girl meant business and I could drink $150 in a night that’s for sure. But a sweet peach like Natasha doesn’t come along too often

‘So you want to work out a way to pay off the debt? No problems I can do that.’ I smiled.

She smiled back and dropped straight to her knees. She looked up at me as she undid the button on my jeans and started to slide the zipper down. My cock pulsed awaiting her touch.

I was so hard and horny I wanted my cock in her mouth so bad. She rubbed her face against it and then looked back up at me.

‘So are we even?’ she asked.

I just smiled

‘Not by a long shot.’ I was going to make the most of this.

‘Keep going.’ I said.

She pulled the front of my jeans away leaving my boxers looking like a banana had fallen into them. Natasha looked right at it and sucked the head through the fabric. She bit it and chewed on the shaft. I was in heaven. My boxers were soaked when she down pulled them down.

She grabbed my cock and started to pull it with one hand as the other hand went straight between her legs. The view was blocked by her dress. Taking long slow strokes she started driving me wild. I would have paid double just to get my cock into her mouth.

‘Teasing over. Earn you keep!’ I demanded and grabbed her hair pulling her face to my cock.

Her mouth opened wide with no complaints just a mouth ready for sucking. And suck she could.

She sucked and licked my cock better than I had ever experienced before, it seemed she was rubbing her pussy with every mouthful she took. She sucked me deeper and deeper with each stroke.  Then she licked around the rim of my head, as she pulled my shaft with her little hands, her red sparkly nails adding to the erotic sight of it all.

I fell back to the reception desk to as the pleasure distracted my legs from standing.

Natasha let out a sigh

‘Oh no don’t take it away from me,’ she said. She crawled back in front of me and looked up at me, my cock resting on her face.

‘Mine!’ she said like a spoilt child and started to suck it again, her mouth running the length of my shaft. Finding my balls she sucked them into her mouth rolling her tongue over them and sucking and tugging on then gently. It felt so good. She sure knew what she was doing. 

I sat there enjoying this European beauty sucking my sweaty cock and balls. She seemed lost in her endeavours but I wanted to taste that beautiful shaved honey pot.

I grabbed her and pulled her up onto the desk. I pushed our receptionist’s stuff aside as Natasha laid back just a little exposing her small brown lips. There was just a bit of her inner pink flesh, showing from inside.

I pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and she unclipped her bra and dropped it on the floor. Her tits were round, worked on for sure, but beautiful all the same.

‘Suck them. Suck my tits.’

I fell forward kicking off my jeans as I went. I opened my mouth and sucked her left nipple, small but cherry like brown to match her face and pussy lips and so delightful.

My hand roamed down to her drenched pussy and I rubbed my fingers over the bud which was already standing to attention from the work out Natasha had given it.

I sucked nipple-to-nipple and back again squeezing her breasts as I slipped two fingers inside her finding her G-spot worth ease. She came.

Her cunt clenched around my fingers so fucking tight I thought they would lose circulation but I continued to work her until her orgasm subsided and her cunt released my probing digits. 

‘I need some of that,’ I said as I slid down and lapped at Natasha’s pussy like a mangy dog starved of a meal for weeks and finding a succulent feast to gorge on.

I licked her from crevice to crevice sucking her lips in as my fingers ran along the opening of her fuck tube.

She bucked. She wanted my fingers inside her again. Not yet. This was my ride and it was my way.

‘Lick it. Lick it. Please, please lick
it!’ she begged.

I stuck out my tongue in a point and licked the bud lightly just at the tip using little slow touches. Natasha started to buck harder.

‘Oh please suck it you are killing me. Lick it, suck my cunt, suck up my juices!’

This was well under way as I had already licked up all her sweet nectar and was now working my tongue on her clit.

Round and round, softer and harder teasing and rewarding her clit, then running my tongue the full length of her slit and sticking it as deep as possible into her love tunnel and lapping around giving her a good tongue fucking whilst rubbing her clit with my thumb. She came again, this time slower more intense.

‘Oh yes that’s it she wailed, don’t stop lick it, lick it, tongue fuck my hole tongue fuck it!’

‘OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH  AAAAAAAAGGGRRRR!’ she screamed so loud grabbing my head and a handfull of hair forcing it into her cunt as she cunt fucked my face her juices running like a tap all over my face and neck.

I licked and sucked trying to keep pace my cook spilling its own love juice. She released my head and I licked her until her thrusts stopped, eagerly lapping up the exquisite nectar she had provided.

Once she was clean, I stood up, grabbed her hand and dragged her to the workshop out back and the boys’ lunch table. Smashed cars, half repaired cars, half eaten food, drinks not tossed away, dirt and grime just seemed to add to her fire.

I told her to lie on the table and she jumped straight up.

‘Is this where you want me?’ she asked. Lust filled her eyes just as my throbbing cock was about to fill her cunt.

‘Yes that’s it. Lay back.’ I lifted her legs and slid my cock inside her with no problems. Two or three thrusts and I was in all the way to the base with my 8-inch ramrod. No pleasantries.

Natasha was taking the full force I could dish out. I held her legs tight together as my cock spread her greedy cock hungry hole. Again and again I pounded into her, watching her roll her head around the table where 5 of the guys sit each day to eat their food. I bet nothing ever tasted as good as she did on here.

I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as I could. Slowing my pace dramatically I slid in and out feeling every bit of her every bump and all her muscle squeezes, whether on purpose or involuntary.

‘Play with you clit!’ I barked.

Her hand went straight to work. Her pussy clenched me tighter the second she found her joy button.

‘That’s it, oh fuck, you are tight!  Fuck that’s so fucking nice.’ I heard myself say.

Going even slower I forced my cock all the way in and dragged it out all the way and enthused as I spread her wide again.

‘I can’t take it. I want to cum so much. Fuck me fuck me hard! Please fuck me hard!’ she screamed. ‘Don’t you want your money’s worth?’

I started pumping for my life again; the reminder she was being paid for just made it all even hotter. I felt the movement of the pleasure dome inside me start to shift and ploughed on.

‘Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy.’

Her cunt was amazing and took my sound battering. Her accent drove me even wilder each time she spoke and came. Her cunt clenched me hard, her finger moving fast on her clit as she sucked on the other hand and bit on her palms.

‘Fuckkkkkkkkmeeeeeee!’ she screamed.

 I fucked with everything I had the sweat dripping and flying off me as I endlessly pounded into her convulsing love hole.

 â€˜Aaaaaaggerresssss.’   Her words had gone. Just sounds of pleasure resinated from her. She thrashed her cunt in the direction of my invading pussy hunter. Her orgasm intensified

‘Fuck meeeeeeee!’ she screamed. And then back to unbridled mumbling.

 Pleasure shot through me like never before filling my nerve sensors to overload and back again until I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her spread legs as tight as I could and drove into her with the rhythmic dance that only comes once you are about to orgasm.

I felt it rush from the top of my head and through my body spurting out the end of my manhood, shooting deep inside this incredible specimen of woman.

Her rhythm matched mine and she flew off into another rage of ecstasy our cum mix dripping out everywhere all over the boys table and down on the ground. I pumped until the last bit of me was inside this beautiful creature.

I felt elated, exhausted and very well pleased at the adventure life had just provided.

I walked back into the office. Natasha picked up her bra and undies and put them it in her bag.

‘That was great!’ she said. A smile was all I could offer as the pleasure buds in my brain were still on overload.

I reached over and grabbed her car keys and passed them to her.

‘So Taylor is it?’

I nodded

‘Yep that’s me.’

I picked up the paid stamp and pasted it across her invoice.

‘There you go. It was worth every cent.’

‘Yes it was,’ agreed Natasha still smiling from ear to ear. The pleasure she had received made her shine and even though her hair was as soaked as her mushy pussy was, she still was incredible beautiful.

‘Thank you Taylor,’ she said as she picked up her bag and reached inside.

‘Here you go!’ She threw four crisp fifty-dollar bills on the reception bench. She smiled, turned and left never to be seen again. 


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