Strange sex story – pleasure from my beauty therapist

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“Ever been pleasured by a woman before?†she asks. I shake my head unable to speak. “A woman’s touch is the best†she says “Women know what women want. And I know what you want now.†She lowers her face until her lips are just a few millimeters from my aching pussy. She is around 40 I guess and immaculatelygroomed. She has a meticulously made up face with perfect red lipstick to matchher nail polish.  A severe bla“Ever been pleasured by a woman before?†she asks. I shake my head unable to speak. “A woman’s touch is the best†she says “Women know what women want. And I know what you want now.†She lowers her face until her lips are just a few millimeters from my aching pussy. She is around 40 I guess and immaculatelygroomed. She has a meticulously made up face with perfect red lipstick to matchher nail polish.  A severe black bob frames her angular features and makes hergreen eyes stand out. Her crisply ironed, white beautician’s uniform shows offher slender frame. She’s the utmost professional.

On the other had, my 18 year old body ishidden in track pants and a baggy sweat-top. My hair is scraped back into aponytail and my face is totally bare of make up.

I feelinadequate!

“Lisa Smith?†therapist woman asks me hergreen eyes piercing into me.

“Yes†I stammer heat rising in my face.

Whyam I blushing? This woman is making me feel seriously uncomfortable.

“Is this your first waxing?â€

I nod. My mouth is dry. I’m not sure myvoice will work.

“And you’re having underarms and Hollywood waxtoday?â€

I swallow painfully, nod again and look atmy feet.

“So that’s all your pubic hair removed?â€

I force myself to look up at her. She’s staring at me with raised eyebrows. The silence makes my mouth dry.

“My boyfriend wants to see what I look likebald.†I blurt out.

Shitwhy did I tell her that?

“Well a bald pussy is much cleaner and moreacceptable for oral sex.â€

Didshe just say what I thought she said?

Her red lips are still moving. My cheeksare on fire.

“But in my experience young girls like youcan’t cope with the pain of waxing. I’m busy today and I haven’t got time forwimpy teenagers wriggling around and complaining when I’m working.  I need you to lie still and co-operate withme.â€

Therapist woman’s green eyes pierce mysoul. And for some reason I don’t understand I feel butterflies in my groin.

“I’ll be brave,†I hear myself saying, “Ipromise.â€

“Good girl. Follow meâ€.

Her room is warm and smells of expensiveperfume.

“Take your top off ready for your underarmsand lie on the bed – I’ll be back in a minute.â€

I lay down and look at myself in themirror. If I say it myself my pert, naked teenage breasts look hot.

I can’t resist running my hands over mybeautiful breasts, stroking and fondling them as I watch in the mirror.  My nipples are soon hard and erect under mytouch just the way my boyfriend Steve likes them.

I close my eyes and for a moment and butinstead of seeing Steve’s mouth around my nipples as I normally would, the green eyes and red lips of beautician woman fill my brain.

The door clicks. Fuck doesn’t she knock?

I snatch my hands back to my sides. The door opens. Obviously not!

“You’re ready for me. Good girl.† Therapist woman smiles at me. She looks at mybreasts as she slowly stirs the hot wax. “It’s a shame a beautiful girl likeyou hides away in baggy clothes.â€

Whyam I feeling butterflies in my groin again?

“Arm up†she barks. The smile is gone from her face. I quickly bend my left arm and rest my forearm behind my head. She smears wax on my armpit. It feels lovely and warm. This is not so bad.

She smoothes the material strip onto myunderarm and with a deft movement she whips it off ripping the hairs out withit.

“Arrrrgh†I hear myself yell out. The painis red hot. I squirm as she goes to apply another fabric strip on my stingingarmpit.

“Shut up you little teenage slut!†beautician bitch snaps at me “You told me you were going to be a good girl. Now fuckinglie still and close your mouth.â€

“Sorry†I hear myself saying. I lieperfectly still.

She rips the strip off. The pain is red hotbut I lie still, keep my mouth closed and try to ignore the tears welling in myeyes. One more rip and my left armpit is bald.

“Good girl. Well done.†Bitch beauticiansmiles at me.

Mmmm it’sgood to see that smile.

I lie perfectly still while she does myright armpit. Tears run down my cheeks but I hold all other signs of paininside me.

“Well done Lisa†nice therapist ladysmiles. “You did well. Good girls get rewards.â€

She gently and slowly massages cooling gelinto my sore underarms.  This feelsheavenly. I feel her breath come closer to my ear.

“Beautiful breasts. You have beautifulbreasts Lisa.â€

She brushes the edge of my left breast withthe back of her hand.  It’s the briefesttouch. A shot of electricity goes straight to my groin and I feel warm and wetbetween my legs.

“Did you like that?†therapist woman asksgently.

I nod.

She circles around my left breast with herfinger tracing a spiral up towards my nipple. Her touch is soft and tender andthe pleasure is exquisite. When she reaches my nipple she tweaks it urgentlybetween her thumb and finger making it come erect and alive. She squeezes hard.I can’t help myself – I cry out.

“Shhh naughty girl†she says gently “Getready for your Hollywood wax – I’ll be back in a few minutesâ€.

She leaves the room.

I jump up and peel off my jeans andknickers.

Whatjust happened? What the fuck just happened? I’m 18 I have a boyfriend who Ihave regular sex with and a 40-year-old beauty therapist is making me feelhotter than I’ve ever felt in my life.

I lie back on the bed totally naked and hugmy knees into my chest like a baby.

Didthat crazy woman just touch my breasts? Yes! Did I love it? Yes! Do I wantmore? Yes? Oh Fuck!!!!

The door opens – beautician bitch is back.

“Are you ready for me?†she barks. Her faceis hard.

“I think so.†I mutter.

“You think so? What kind of answer is that?Do you want to get a beautiful bald pussy or not?â€

“Yes.†I whisper “I’m ready.â€

“Drop your knees out sideways th
en. Now!â€

I do as she asks and spread my legs.

Beautician woman stares at my pussy withdistain.

“Hairy pussys are very ugly. Let’s get youfixed up and beautiful.â€

She starts to spread the warm wax onto mewith the spatula. It feels moist, gooey and warm. I lay my head back and watch. She takes her time to coat all the hairs. And then slowly and deliberately shesmooths the first material strip down the side of my pussy close to my innerthigh.

She holds the skin just above the stripfirmly in her left hand, takes the fabric strip in her right hand and pauses.She stares at me. Tension mounts inside me.

Justfucking get on with it will you?

She stares at me for a few more momentsthen keeping full eye contact she rips the strip off.

The pain is incredible. It totallyoverwhelms all my senses. My pussy is on fire. I cry out and squirm bringing mylegs together.

Beautician bitch leans over so her face isjust a few inches from mine. She eyeballs me and speaks slowly in a hiss.

“Spread… your…  legs…  you… useless…  little…  slut…â€

I gulp and drop my knees.

“Don’t make me tell you again!†she snaps.

I whimper quietly with each agonizing ripbut I lie still. The pain is excruciating. I feel like it’s never, ever goingto end.  I want to die. Just when I feelI can’t take any more it’s over.

“You’re done†smiles beautician bitch “Goodgirl!â€

She casually strokes my sore red pussy.

“I think because you’ve been such a goodgirl, you deserve a little treat.â€

She shakes her gel bottle and then squirtssome onto her hand. Gently and lovingly she massages gel into my pussy. Itfeels fantastic.

“You have a very beautiful pussy now we’vegot rid of all of that ugly hair.â€

My groin churns and I feel wetness againbetween my legs.

As her fingers stroked down past my clitshe looks at me with her intense green eyes.

Slowly, agonizingly slowly she brushes overmy clitoris time and time again feeling. I hear myself moan gently as sheuncovers my bud and intensifies the massage. My breath deepens as she strokesme expertly.

“Ever been pleasured by a woman before?â€she asks.

I shake my head unable to speak.

“A woman’s touch is the best†she says“Women know what women want. And I know what you want now.â€

HolyFuck I feel incredible. I feel my breath shallow in my throat. Please give memore!

Slowly and deliberately she walks over tothe stool on the other side of the room and sits down facing me.

She sits down tucks her hair behind herears. She stares me in the face, licks her red lips and slowly wheels the chairtowards me. Then once she’s right between my legs she lowers her face until herlips are just a few centimeters from my aching pussy. I can feel her warmbreath.

Please!Please! Please!

She breathes slowly in and out teasing me.

The first touch is complete heaven. Shestarts with gentle soft kisses on my inner thighs, then all around my red, sore pussy skirting around my clit teasing me making me wait.

Waves of pleasure wash over my body. I hearmyself moan softly.

She gently kisses my clit and then opens upmy bud with her tongue and starts with little snake-like flicks.

I can’t hold on any more. I let go. My orgasm crashes over me like a tidal wave, like nothing I had ever felt before. She keeps flicking my clit gently as thewaves subside – all the while staring up at me with her green eyes.

Then with one swift movement she’s standingbent over with two fingers deep inside me moving fast and hard. The feeling is soincredibly intense I cry out and try to bring my knees together.

“Spread your legs and shut up you littleslut!â€

I clamp my hand over my mouth and forcemyself to open my legs.

Ican’t take it I can’t take it.

The intensity is incredible I want to cryout then suddenly I relax and crash through another earth shattering orgasmwhich leaves me jelly like and shuddering on the bed.

“Good girl. Well done.†Beautician bitchsmiles at me.

She walks over to the cupboard in thecorner of the room and slowly opens the door. There must be 20 dildos lined up on the shelf. She turns to look at me.

“Next time†she smiles. “Only if you’re mygood girl.â€



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