Discovering Kitty’s Castle

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It took 20 minutes to get to Kitty’s Castle. I walked up to the door and knocked using the big, heavy steel knocker. Surprisingly I felt no nerves, just anticipation about what was behind the door. Would it change my world or my view on the world I live in today? I didn’t know but was eager to find out. “They’re here!†yelled Leon as he walked in the door.“What are you on about Leon?†I said lookinIt took 20 minutes to get to Kitty’s Castle. I walked up to the door and knocked using the big, heavy steel knocker. Surprisingly I felt no nerves, just anticipation about what was behind the door. Would it change my world or my view on the world I live in today? I didn’t know but was eager to find out.

“They’re here!†yelled Leon as he walked in the door.

“What are you on about Leon?†I said looking up from my computer. I was busy searching the net love sites for some new ladies.

“Jay you have a memory like a sieve, really! I told you I was getting tickets to Kitty’s Castle party this weekend.†he said jumping on the sofa and shoving the tickets at me.

I took the two tickets and read out loud

“Admit one to Kitty’s Castle BDSM party.†I looked up at him

“BDSM mate? What do you know about that?†I asked as I handed the tickets back to him.

“Nothing but we’re going unless you’re scared.†he replied

“Scared my ass! The only things I’m scared of are my Mum and bloody cobwebs.†I said. None the less I decided to do some homework.

I looked up BDSM online finding awesome sites that explained the ins and out of the whole scene. What I learned amazed and shocked me. I couldn’t believe that people actually lived this way. I looked forward to seeing and learning more… Saturday night was just taking forever to come around.

When Saturday finally arrived and I picked up some new gear stuff I had read about on line. My new black boots made me stand tall and empowered me in a way I never realized they could. Black leather pants and vest topped with a skin tight-tee shirt showed off the well-toned body I have worked hard to sculpture.

The phone rang. It was Leon. ‘Late as usual.’ I thought.

“Mate I am not going to make it tonight got stuff I have to do.†he said

“No, no buddy we are going. I’m dressed and ready to go. Stop talking shit and let’s go. I’ll meet you there.†I said, anger clearly in my tone.

“Look Jay you go. The tickets are in my room on the dresser. Leave my ticket there and if I can make it I will.†he said and hung up.

I was cranky. Leon did this all the time. But my interest had been sparked and I was going with or without him. I sunk a couple of straight scotches just to take the edge of things and jumped in the taxi that had pulled up out the front.

It took 20 minutes to get to Kitty’s Castle. I walked up to the door and knocked using the big, heavy steel knocker. Surprisingly I felt no nerves, just anticipation about what was behind the door. Would it change my world or my view on the world I live in today? I didn’t know but was eager to find out.

The door opened. A beautiful lady stood there and smiled

“Ah hello,†I said, pulling the ticket out of my pocket.

“Hello. Are you alone?†she asked looking around.

“Yes I am. Well sort of. A friend was delayed – he may make it later.†My words flowed freely.

“Well please come inside; let me check you off the guest list. I am Mistress Amanda and you are?â€

“I’m Jay – it’s my first time here.†I said as we walked into the hallway leading off into a very crowded lounge room.

“It’s nice to meet you Sir Jay.†she said.

The name Sir Jay ran through my head and straight to my pleasure point. She started to walk and I followed her as we reached the lounge area she stopped in the doorway.

“A bit of quiet please.†she said her soft but sure tone.

The room hushed and all heads turned.

“This is Sir Jay and it’s his first time with us. I am sure you will all make him welcome.â€

She turned to me

“If you have any question please ask.â€

She stopped and looked at some young ladies sitting together. They were all dressed as sexily as I have ever seen a woman before.

“Mia!†she called. Mia jumped straight to her feet from where she was sitting with 2 other young ladies.

“Mia will escort you around if you choose. She will be yours for the evening.†said Mistress Amanda.

“Mia sounds lovely.†I said respectfully. “I will seek you out if I need anything. For now I would just like to have a look around for a while.â€

Mia walked over and stood next to me. She looked down at the ground and did not speak.

“Mia if we are to get along tonight you will need to guide me around, so looking up and being proud is totally alright.†I said feeling stronger with every word.

“Yes Sir,†she replied. “Would Sir like to explore the castle?†she asked her voice soft and shy.

I took some time to look at her. She was about 26, her body was firm and the corset she wore made everything look perfect. Her collar was a thin leather strip with a clasp at the end. Her hair was dark and her eyes, also dark seemed to go on forever. I could tell there were stories deep inside them and I intended to find out more tonight.

“Yes Mia, take me to your favorite room.†I said.

We walked up the stairs where a mistress was leading a naked male sub down. His collar had a thick metal chain and he had fresh welt marks on his behind. In my head I started to judge him. ‘Why anyone would let someone do that to them?’ I thought. I still didn’t understand the will to serve.

Mia turned into a room decked out like a classroom. There were chairs and tables, a blackboard and a teacher’s desk. The room was blue in color.

“This is the room Sir.†said Mia. Once again her voice was soft.

“Why Mia? Why is this your favourite room?†I asked.

I Walked over and leaned on the teacher’s desk.

“I like to role play Sir.†Mia said looking around the room.

“Explain more to me.†I replied

“I like it when I have been naughty and the teacher has to deal with me. I live to serve Sir. It’s something in me that requires nurturing daily.â€

“So how long have you lived this way?†I wanted to know more.

The more she spoke the more entranced I was with her.

“Ok I understand. So are you into mild BDSM or corporal punishment?†I pushed her for more.

“Whatever my master requires Sir.†she replied as her eyes fell once again to the floor.

“Well I am not into corporal punishment so there will be none of that tonight.†I said

My mind said ‘how do you know you have never tried it?’

For me it was totally more about Mia now. I wanted to learn more about her and not about the surroundings. I wanted to understand her yearning to serve.

“Sir, there is going to be a spanking in the next room. Mistress Amanda will be showing her life long skill with her personal sub Tina. Would you like to see?†she asked.

“Thank you Mia that would be great.†I replied. We walked into another room with red walls. Black cuffs hung on chains from the celling. Whips, paddles and straps were lined up along the wall clean and ready to use.

In the centre of the room was mistress Amanda. Sub Tina was over her lap and Mistress Amanda had just started her spanking. She wor
ked on both cheeks, making them glow a slight pink in colour. She told all that had gathered in the room that Tina was in need of a good spanking.

I watched and learned. I had spanked many a girl’s ass before while fucking them in the motion but never just over my lap. There was something different and totally arousing about it. It was more then just the spanking; it was the two people involved.

Even us voyeurs watching receiving what they needed from the situation and it worked perfectly as a glove fits a hand.

Mistress Amanda after warming her up was handed a paddle. Smack, Smack, Smack! She landed three fierce blows to each cheek of her sub’s reddening ass cheeks.

“What do you say?†she said looking at her sub over her lap.

“Thank you mistress.†she replied.

“Show me your manners or I will just leave you in the cage and ignore you for the evening.†Mistress Amanda admonished her.

“Yes mistress I am sorry mistress.†she said. The fear in her voice was not from the spanking but the thought of disappointing her Mistress.

Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack! Five more blows rained down on her redden cheeks. Sub Tina squirmed as the leather paddle hit its flesh target.

“Thank you Mistress. Thank you.†she said holding in the pain.

“That’s a good girl. Now up you get and show everyone you beautiful ass. Then sit back at my feet until I need you again.†Mistress Amanda commanded.

There was no screaming or yelling, just strong, straight tone in her voice. Tina’s want to serve and impress Mistress Amanda was enough.

I watched as sub Tina showed us all her spanked behind. Seeing the reddened cheeks made my loins throb once again. Not that she was in pain but the love connection that they had just shared. To some it would be strange; to them perfectly it was right.

The crowed moved off to the next room where Mistress Amanda had slave boy Evan trussed up to a pole, his hands ties above his head. His legs were cuffed by chains to floor. He was completely naked except for the rope binds that wrapped around his genitals and gag that was in his mouth.

The crowd settled and Mistress Amanda walked into the room.

“Well here is one of my slave boys. He is such a naughty boy. Aren’t you slave boy Evan.†she said speaking to the room as much as her slave.

He is here tonight to be punished for being a lazy slave. Not once did he complete any of the chores I set for him today. I think he likes his punishment just a bit too much.

She picked up a whip. The leather ends were long, not too thick or thin and the handle was thick and padded.

Running the whip across his back she teased him.

“Are you ready slave boy.†she asked

Muffled sounds came out of his mouth. I’m sure he would have said “Yes mistress.†if he could. He nodded to show he was.

Mistress Amanda raised the whip and expertly guided it directly across his back. Then again and again being sure to cover a wide area to make it all red.

“I think you need a reminder who’s boss.†said Mistress Amanda

Her slave nodded. The Mistress picked another item up off the wall. It was a black leather strap about 4 inches wide and 8 inches long. She walked behind her slave and spanked his ass cheeks with it. Not like Sub Tina but harder with less tenderness in her application. His ass quickly grew red and welts started to appear.

I decided enough was enough and I turned and walked out. I wasn’t disgusted; it just didn’t take my interest anymore. Mia followed me.

“Not of your liking Sir?†she asked.

“It was all right but I couldn’t find a connection to it. And as I have learned already I need connection, whether its B&D or just plain old vanilla style sex.†I replied.

“Sir you have the understanding of a good Master.†Mia said with excitement in her voice for the first time.

“Sir would you like to see more.†She inquired.

I looked at my watch it was 1am. I was to due catch up with the guys at 10 the next day, so I decided it was time to go.

“Yes Mia I would. I would like to see more of you. I don’t think these parties are for me, although I see great merit in the playrooms and will definitely be back here again.†I said, my words flowing and confidence seeping out of every pore.

“But I think I need someone that I could share it with, someone I could call mine. Do you understand that Mia?†I asked.

“Yes Sir I understand you completely. I would like to tell you something if I may sir.†Again her eyes dropped to the floor.

I put my hand under her chin and softly lifted her face.

“Look me in eyes Mia. I have already lost myself in your beauty. Mia you have no need to look down when you’re with me.†I said

“Sir I do not work here. Tonight I was like you an interested guest seeking to explore my submissive side. Mistress Amanda told me she would look after me and she did.†Mia said.

“Sir, may I be so forward as to ask for you to take me with you if you are leaving?â€

“Mia it would be my pleasure.†Mia collected her coat and purse and we went to say our goodbyes.

“Mistress Amanda I would like to thank you for a wonderful evening. I have seen and learnt so much already.†I said holding her hands in mine.

“Sir Jay it was my pleasure. Thank you for coming and sharing time with us.â€

Others started milling around and Mia was swamped by other ladies as she kissed them good-bye.

“I do hope we will see you two back here again.â€

“I think you just might Mistress. Good night all.†I said as we waved goodbye and left.

I smiled as I held Mia’s hand tightly and we walked out anew. We sat at a 24-hour café by the water and talked until the sun came up.

We shared so much of our inner selves that night with an ease of conversation that only comes with the certainty of comfort and safety. A world where sex, although important, always took a back seat to understanding and connection. Something we still share until this day.


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