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Jennifer climbed on the sofa her arms over the back ready and willing. “Martin it’s been a long time but…†she paused… “Can you fuck my ass, please? I so want that cock up my ass.â€â€œMy pleasure.†I said with delight shoving my cock straight back into her pussy to harden it up. It didn’t take long. Jennifer was a mother of two young kids that went to the local Jennifer climbed on the sofa her arms over the back ready and willing. “Martin it’s been a long time but…†she paused… “Can you fuck my ass, please? I so want that cock up my ass.â€â€œMy pleasure.†I said with delight shoving my cock straight back into her pussy to harden it up. It didn’t take long.

Jennifer was a mother of two young kids that went to the local self-defense class.

She had turned 38 and after a few unsuccessful attempts at reconciliations with her ex she had decided to move on and been single for about 12 months.

I sat next to Jennifer watching my youngster go through her paces. We hadn’t really spoken before – just a quick hello and a few conversations about the class and why am I not doing it. We always enjoyed few laughs when something funny happened.

Today was our first real chat.

“Oh you have a Lumi.†she said. (Lumis were the new wristband craze to hit the pre-teen market.)

“Yes my little one made it for me.†I said showing it to her.

She took my hand. Her nails were long, painted and nicely manicured. Her skin was soft and tender like her touch.

“Oh that’s great.†she said. “I make loads for my little ones to give away.â€

I smile

“That’s nice of you.â€

“Not much else to do at night when the kids are asleep. Even worse when they are at their Dad’s for the night.â€

I didn’t think much more about the conversation. I figured she was just a busy mum learning the harsh reality of single parenting.

A few weeks passed and Jennifer seemed to seek me out each time I came in. One night I was running late – the traffic on the trip home from work was horrendous. But, I had made it.

I looked for a place to sit and Jennifer waved me over.

“Here Martin. I saved a spot for you.†she called. Then once I sat down she purred quietly in my ear.

“I didn’t think you were going to make it tonight. That would have been a shame.â€

She was wearing a black cashmere top with a short white skirt and white 4-inch high heels. Her make up was perfect and her hair was done and tied back into a ponytail. She was wearing Chanel and smelled divine.

For a few seconds I drunk her in shifting my thoughts into another realm. Finally I spoke

“You look great. Going somewhere special?†

“No, just dropping the kids to their Dad’s and wanted to feel good.†She replied.

I was in my work gear. Un-tucked business shirt over my jeans, old sneakers shoved on that were more comfortable then my work shoes. The tie long since banished from around my neck left was hanging over the seat in the car.

“Well I think you look awesome – good enough to eat.†I flirted. My kids were going back to their Mum’s and I had no plans – so why not?

Sometimes men think with our minds sometimes we think with our dicks – tonight my dick ruled the conversation and I let it go wild. The rest of the class drifted away as we chatted more and more about what we like and our sexual adventures until it was almost time to go. My cock and I wanted to stay.

“Good enough to eat you say? That would be nice. So is it your place or mine? Either way you’re going to end up inside me.†Jennifer said. Her eyes were full of lust and want.

“Yours sounds great to me.†I said as the thought of dishes in the sink and clothes left where they dropped at my place.

“Mine it is then. What’s your number? I’ll text you my address.†She said.

“Oh and for the record don’t get any ideas. I don’t need or want a boyfriend. It’s Friday night and I really just need a good fucking. I haven’t had sex with anyone since I spilt with Mathew.â€

“No problems. I have to say I do see other ladies. Nothing serious as in love – just great hook-ups on a regular basis that suit all our needs.†I said.

“Perfect. I’ll be home about 8:30. See you after that… Fuck I’m so wet for you right now.†she said with a huge smile.

Drop off done, I dashed home, showered and shaved and threw on some Tomorrow aftershave as it worked well on me. I arrived just before 9 with a bottle of red in hand.

The porch light was on so I walked through the open gate and knocked on the door. The heavy oak had glass panes cut into it, letting out light from inside. Two rose patterns adorned each pane emblazing a multitude of colors on my white t-shirt as I stood waiting for Jennifer to answer.

The door opened, I walked in and it swung closed behind me.

I turned to see Jennifer no longer dressed in her clothes but a stunning set of lingerie. Black lacy bra and pants with suspenders and ¾ stockings with a lacy top. The outfit sent shockwaves through my body straight to my cock.

She was holding a large glass of red wine which was almost finished.

“Would you like a drink or should we just fuck?†she asked draining the glass.

“I’ll have a wine, then fucking sounds good to me.†I said

She walked to the kitchen – black high heels making her legs look incredible and her ass wiggle as she strutted in front of me to the kitchen.

I followed. Apart from the foyer, the rest of the house was lit up with candles, which made it the whole situation feel sexier and made me feel more at ease.

Jennifer poured me a glass and handed it to me. I sipped it – warm full-bodied red – just as I like it.

“I’m glad you came Martin. Did you know I don’t wear any undies to class in the hope you might catch a glimpse of me when you sit on the other side?â€

“No I had no ideaâ€

“And since meeting and taking to you I now shave my pussy again and regularly play with my clit and fuck my hole while thinking about you.†she said with fire in her words

“Well no, but it’s nice to know. I will look in the future.†I said surprised.

I walked to the dining room and put my glass on the table.

“So a good fucking you said.†My cock throbbed to every word

“Yes a good fucking.†she nodded as the words rolled out.

“Ok then.â€

I reached down, pulled her to her feet and kissed her lips for the first time. They were soft, supple a little moist.

She fell into the kiss just letting herself go and be taken for the ride. She had done her part, been brave and put it out there… now it was my turn to take control and devour this horny woman.

As I kissed her I grabbed her hair and pulled her head from side to exposing her neck to feast on. And then I went back to her lips again with tender but strong kisses holding her head tight and cupping her face to control our kiss.

Her hands wandered all over my body and I continued kissing and tonguing her mouth. Then biting her neck and coming back to her mouth again.

“Do you want some?†I whispered into her ear.

“Yes I want some, oh fuck yes!†she said

“I don’t think you’re ready for me yet.†I said teasingly

“I’m ready. I’m ready I want it.†Her words were frantic like it was slipping away.

t yet.†I whisper as I feel her body fall into mine. “Show me how much you want it.†I said pulling away from our kiss. “Show me you want and need a good fucking.†My words were forceful.

I moved to the table and cleared everything off. Grabbing Jennifer’s hand I laid her down on it then lifted and slid her to the center so I could see her from all sides.

I unclipped the suspender buttons allowing me access to the silks that protected her womanhood from the world. She looked magical in the flicking light of the candles that danced around us.

After looking for a few seconds I removing her undies and tossed them aside.

She glistened and was well wet and ready but I wanted more. I wanted to see what she would do.

“Play for me.†I said as I ran my fingers over her body, walking around the table and touching her from all angles. “Play for me Jennifer.†My words were soft but sure.

Her hand went between her legs and slowly touched her private regions. The other hand ran between her face and her breasts, back and forth sometimes running her fingers through her hair.

I leant in close to her and kissed her lips from top of the table above her head.

“That’s a good girl,†I whispered into her ear. Her hand worked a bit faster as I bit her earlobe and sucked it softly into my mouth.

I continued to circle around her and touch parts of her; with each touch her sounds grew louder.

“Jennifer you look so beautiful but I don’t think you are ready yet.†I said

“I am ready! I am so fucking ready.â€

“I want you to cum. I want to watch the beauty of your body as the pleasure wave envelops you and takes control of your senses.â€

“I’ll cum for you. I will.†she spoke louder and faster. “I want to cum for you.â€

My hand found her nipples and I squeezed lightly and let go pulling just a touch in rhythm to the way she was playing with her magic button.

“Put your fingers inside yourself Jennifer, finger your pussy for me.†I commanded

Without hesitation she found her inner self.

“Oh fuck Martin! Oh fuck Maaaartiiiiin!†she got louder with every word. “I’m going to cum!†she screamed

Her words were gone and moans filled their place as she writhed on the table, her back arching as she air-fucked her hand until the wave subsided. She continued to work her clit as the mini pleasure hits still worked their magic on her soul.

I kissed her holding her face.

“That was beautiful, so beautiful Jennifer, thank you for sharing that with me.â€

Watching a woman cum, really cum, is a treasure not to be taken for granted and I never did.

“Don’t stop playing.†I said as I undid my belt. Her eyes watched each and every move I made. I dropped my pants to the floor and tossed away my tee.

The candlelight flickered off my skin as I walked around this wanton woman. She lay in a relaxed daze enjoying what had just happened and wondering what was next. I drank some wine then pulled Jennifer’s face to the side of the table.

“I have something for you.†I said taking my cock in my hands.

“Yes! Yes I want to suck it.â€

“Oh Jennifer where are your manners? I’m offering you my cock here to suck.†I said to her a displeased tone now in my voice.

“Sorry I, I… please can I suck your cock. Please put it in my mouth.†she begged.

“Are you playing?†I ask – I have noticed she’s stopped.

“Yes! Yes! I will please let me suck you Martin.â€

My cock, alive from watching this beautiful woman cum, slid into her open mouth and I slowly pulled it in and out. Slowly and deliberately, holding the back of her head in place to remind she was mine for now.

Her fingers worked intensely on her clit and into her fuck tunnel as she bucked to meet them.

“That’s so nice you have such a beautiful mouth.†I said softly. She stopped and smiled

“Thank you Martin.â€

“I think you are ready now. Don’t you?â€

“Oh yes I am ready. Thanks.†she moaned

I walked between her legs pulling her back down to meet me. My cock standing straight was perfectly positioned to enter this sexy fuck hole.

“I am ready. Please fuck me.†She said her eyes pleading more then her words.

Wasting no time I slid in my cock all the way to the base and pulled her already spread legs close to me. I lay on her moving my body so my cock, still buried to the hilt, moved inside her.

“More, I want it – please fuck me with that.†She moaned.

“I will.†I said “I want you to squeeze me with everything you have – squeeze tight. Wrap me with your love muscles.†I willed her.

Jennifer’s pussy started to choke my meat. I started to fuck her slowly pulling my cock all the way out until the tip of the head was just inside and slowly forcing my way back in – feeling the inner walls of her beauty form around my hard, protruding love stick.

Relentlessly I toyed with her.

“More, fuck me Martin fuck me!†she screamed.

But I took my time knowing only to well that her pussy would be severely pounded by the time I was finished.

“Open up Jennifer, open wide let me in, let me have all of you.†I demanded

She opened her legs as required. I grabbed hold of her hips and legs at the same time. Slamming into her hard then pulling back and slamming again. Within a few pounds her pussy gave in and convulsed around my cock. Her moans were the sounds of a woman out of control of her senses and I loved it.

“Take it Jennifer take it all, that’s a good girl.†I said

She opened her legs wider as if by instinct and I fucked her relentlessly.

“Fuck me, fuuucccckkk mere, fuck me Martin! Shove that cock inside me. SPREAD ME SPREAD ME. Spread my hole, spread it good.†she screamed without care.

I released her legs and pulled out of her for a moment reaching for a candle that flicked near by.

“Noooooooooo no don’t stop keep fucking me please.†she called. Her eyes opened wider as I brought the candle near tipping out the overflow of wax onto the saucer.

I slid my cock back inside her and started to pump away and Jennifer spread her legs even wider.

“Do it do it Martin! Do me good.” She was on fire and her words showed it.

I fucked for all I was worth pounding her harder than I had ever fucked a woman before. I grabbed the candle and lifted it over her. Again her eyes opened wide

“No No Martin.†she called but I continued to fuck her harder without remorse.

I tipped the candle and a drop of hot wax fell and hit her pussy mound. She jumped as it hit her body. But her cunt pulsed harder.

“No no I, I can’t.†she called as I dripped another drop then another while I continued to fuck her with all my might. Her cries of no were gone replaced by calls for more.

“Do it Martin Do it! Take me home. Fuck you’re blowing my mind!†she called.

I blew the candle out and dripped the last drops of wax over her breasts making her scream with delight and pain all at once.

I picked her up and turned her over.

“Doggie time.†I said.

“Oh yes please.†She said looking around at me like a cat about to get the cream.

While grabbing her hips I slid my cock back inside her. She grabbed hold of the table as I started to thrust into her again and again

“Yes that’s it. Good girl.†I said.

“Thank you, I love it, love it, keep going.†she called

I had no intentions of stopping, I was fucking her for all I was worth and she loved it all. 

Eventually her legs started to weaken so I pulled out.

œWhere’s your sofa†I asked. She turned walked up the hall and past pictures of a smiling family and past the stairs that led I’m sure to her room or pleasure dome. She turned left into the lounge. Leather sofa, ‘Nice’ I thought.

Jennifer climbed on the sofa her arms over the back ready and willing.

“Martin it’s been a long time but…†she paused… “Can you fuck my ass, please? I so want that cock up my ass.â€

“My pleasure.†I said with delight shoving my cock straight back into her pussy to harden it up. It didn’t take long.

I pulled out, my meat was hard and throbbing looking to get back into a warm spot. I placed it at the entrance of her ass hole. She wiggled and pushed back.

“That’s it, do it Martin. It’s been a long time. Do it! Fuck you!†she demanded.

I did – my head sliding in slowly. She screamed.

“Don’t stop get it in! Just get it in!†she screamed. “Fuck it Martin, come on shove it in my ass like you did my pussy. She begged.â€

Her ass tight gripped me firm and it didn’t take to long for her to loosen.

“Go Martin, go. Drill me deep. Drill me, drill me.†she screamed as she came her ass tightening further around my cock.                                                     

My balls tightened and I felt a swell well up deep inside me. I moved positions and changed my pace – I wanted to savor this moment.

Jennifer moved with me, bending lower sticking her ass more into the air.

“Is that better for you?†she asked.

Her ass and pussy were in the air and her knees were just hanging onto the side of the sofa. This girl knew how to get fucked and she was willing to offer herself up perfectly for it.

I drilled her, sweat flying through the air with each pound as I caved into her asshole. Again and again I pounded.

“Oh fuck you take it good.†I screamed grabbing hold of her hips harder pulling and her into me as I gave it to her.

Her continual moans told the story. She screamed into the cushions over and over. She moved her head

“Cum please! Cum I can’t take any more. Cum please.â€

That’s all I needed.

“Ok here it comes, here it comes I’m going to explode.†My voice was building with each and every stroke.

“Don’t stop, fuck it! Cum in me, cum in my ass. Blow that fire out.†she screamed through her moans

My legs shook as all the muscles tightened up to help set my juices free. My ass cheeks tightened and my back arched as the tingles flowed through my fingers and out of my body.

“Aaaarrggg fuck.†I screamed as I pounded into her. Caving her ass in as I went I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. And she defiantly didn’t want me too.

“Aaaaahhhhhggggg fuck me, rip it Martin, rip it fuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk meeeeee.â€

“I’m Cumming,†I screamed and grabbed hold of her hips and pounded with out remorse.

“Aaaaahhhhhgggeeeeerrrrrr yes yes cum blow that load.†she screamed

Cum spurted out of the end of my cock deep inside her ass.

“YESSSSSSSSS OOOOHHHH YES THAT’S IT OHHHHH.†I screamed at the top of my lungs as I emptied myself deep inside her beautiful hole.

Jennifer stayed firm, waiting until I had emptied all of myself deep inside her. She fell to her side as I finished and pulled out.

“Fuck you are incredible.†she said looking at me as she stretched out on the lounge. “That was fucking amazing.â€

“I hope that’s not all. I don’t have to be anywhere in the morning how about you?†I said wanting more of her.

“No… I didn’t expect… but sure. Lets go upstairs and share a shower.â€

I followed her upstairs into her very girly bathroom. She turned on the shower and we jumped in together.

I grabbed the shower gel and put it into her hand.

“Make me clean so I can go back inside you.†I said.


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