The princesss punishment and reward

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Its early saturday afternoon now, the princess has been without an orgasm or a fuck for a whole week at 3 pm. It seems she has displeased her Master the weekend before and she is being punished. She does not recall what it was she did, but it must have been something. Everytime she came to him with her pink ribbon in her hair he took it out and put it in his pocket. She thought to herself I am glad I have several ribbons in my room. Every night that week she would come to him with a ribbon in her hair and he would take it out and make her go to her room for the night. He never even came in to visit her, or sleep with her in her bed that whole week. She knew better than to ask why. The punishment for asking was almost unindurable. If she asked him for sex, and he was not wanting to give her any, he would not allow her to drink any alcohol at the bar or at home, she would have to drink only gr*pefruit juice, and would have to have as many glasses of gr*pefruit juice as he had drinks. She also knew if she gave herself an orgasm he would punish her for that too.

He would handcuff her behind her back, whenever she was alone, or in bed alone sleeping, for 2 days. So she was very good about not doing it, unless he said she could, but its been a whole week and she was soooo horny she was about to burst. Not knowing why she has been neglected. At 2 pm he called her from the office and said he would be home by 3 and to pick out an outfit that would please him, meet him at the door nude. Looking through her closet she picked out a short pink skirt and a very silky thin pink extreme cleavage top, Lace top stockings a garter belt and some nice pink stiletto’s that would do nicely she thought. When he got home, she was there at the door waiting there with a drink in one hand and a pink ribbon in the other. He came in the door slowly, (she was sure hoping one of the neighbors would see her naked) took off his shoes, took the drink from her hand with one and took her hand with the other and lead her to the bedroom. He told her to undress him, and take him into the shower and wash him. Which she did. After the shower he asked her to dry him.

Which she did. He said I am going to brush my teeth, you fix yourself a drink and come back here to me. Which she did. He took her hand and led her to her bedroom, told her to show him what she picked out, looking it all over he told her to put on the stockings and garter belt and come to his bedroom afterwshe was finished. when she arrived in his bedroom he was laying on the bed waiting for her. He said come lay next to me which she did. come next to me so we can just snuggle. After about 10 minutes he said to her “I bet you were wondering why I have not wanted to have sex with you for the past week, well i will tell you. First of all, this punishment was very hard on me, it hurt me worse than it hurt you, but it was very neccesary. You acted jealously towards your mistress, this is something i cannot and will not allow you to do. It is a poison pill that can spell disaster to this special relationship.

She said I am sorry my Master, it is sometimes hard for me to share you and it got the better of me that day. I promise it will never happen again. He said good, all is forgiven and we can resume our special sexual relationship. He asked her what it is that she would like to do first, she said I want to suck all the juice out of Your cock right now. He said ok but be sure that none goes to waste I would not want to have any of my juices to go anywhere but inside of your mouth. It did not take long before he was cumming very hard and boistrous. She asked him did I do well my Master, he said very good my slave princess, I will reward you for this act of devotion to me. Tonight just you and me are going out to a club so i can watch you dance for me. Were going to Gabby,s lounge to hear Boys Night Out the band that plays all that good dance music you like so well. I want you to pick a girlie to dance with, letting her know you are dancing for me, because you are my slave girl and I like it when you dance very sexily for me. I want you to try to get her to dance sexily with you too.

While the evening progresses, get her to come to where we are sitting and try to get her to kiss and make out with you, right there in the bar. This part will be up to you if you wish to, get her to come home with us and you two have sex while I watch if you want me to participate i will, but that will be totally up to you. I will not ask or command you to allow me to play, unless you want me to. I like what you picked out to wear. I want you to wear that push up half bra so your nipples will show through that silk top and a pair of tiny thong panties, so when you twirl around in that flaired skirt your panties will show. No nudity tonight all your dancing will be sensual keeping your nipples and pussy covered. when we arrived at the bar it was almost empty, very few people there. we looked at the time it was only 8 30 pm band does not start till 9. We got there early because it get very busy there after the band starts, at midnight or so the place will be totally packed. So we found a good spot to sit where I could see the whole dance floor. Ordered drinks and you started your search for miss right.

Scanning everyone there, and everyone coming in. You hoped you would find the right one for tonight so you could please your Master. Your whole life revolves around pleasing your Master. He has been sooooooo good to you. He has kept you on the straight path for many months now, and the desires of your former addiction have been replaced with the desire to please your Master. After the week of hell you went through, being diciplined, you were more determined to please him than ever before. The band started playing, and miss right has not arrived yet. The first set was into its 3rd song, one of your favorites, you then asked your Master if you could dance for him. He said by all means please do. You got up and danced very conservatetivly, did not want to get too crazy till you found miss right. The song ended and you came back and sat next to your Master, leaning over and giving him a kiss, telling him I love you my magnanimous Master. The band continued to play, the place strated getting more and more people coming in, but no miss right. The band said they were going on break and the dj started to play some tunes and you were just sitting enjoying the music and watching for miss right. The band started to get back to playing, when out of the corner of your eye you see a girl about 30 or so you think very petite about 5′ 6” noticing she had perky tits musing they were about a b cup, wearing a tight leather mini skirt and a very deep cut halter top that was cut all the way down to her navel, watching her to see where she was going to sit and who she was with. She came in with 2 other girls all 3 dressed very sexy and they sat at a table directly across from where you and your Master were sitting, the other 2 girls had their backs to you but the one in the halter top sat facing you.

They ordered drinks, the band started playing, and you were watching the girl with intensity. She noticed you looking at her and she smiled. You then said to your Master “I think I see miss right, may I dance and see if she will come and join me on the dance floor” he said please do. As soon as you got up to go dance the three girls did too at the same time. You danced where Your master could see you hoping the girl would come near you so you could kind of join their little dance group. The girl you thought was miss right kept getting closer to you and the other girls followed her closer and closer till the were all dancing beside you. the dance floor was packed and she was almost on top of you while you all danced. Then she turned and looked right at you you both smiled a big smile at each other and she was dancing with only you at this point. The song ended and you introduced yourself.

You said hi my name is princess courtney. She said her name was Teressa and that you danced very well You said thank you and that you were dancing for your Master Dale she said Master?? and you said yes I am a slave girl and I live my life to please my Master. She looked at you funny, and said hmmm interesting, come tell me about it. Ok but let me tell my Master were going into the ladies room, I have to ask permission to be out of his sight, he is so good to me I would not want to displease him in any way. You came over to him whispered in his ear what you were going to do and he gave you permission to go. So you two went into the ladies room to talk where it was i little quieter. When you got into the ladies room the girl wanted to know all about it what you do, and how it all worked, not being in control of your life, but allowing someone else, especially a man control your every move.

You gave her a very brief history of things in your life before your master took control and how much better it is now that he has total control of your every want and desire. She wanted to know more but you said later right now I want to get back to dancing please come join me, but first I want you to meet my Master. You two came over and you introduced her to me we all chatted for a few minutes and you then asked me in front of teressa please my Master may I go dance with teressa. He said please do, I want to see you shake that fine ass of yours up there. Teressa looked at you smiled very broadly and took your hand and led you to the dance floor. You were up there doing spins and jumping up and down and really going at it very sexily. Teressa was not dancing too wildly, because every time she would do a spin or raise her arms up her left breast would peek out of her top and she was embarrased. the song ended and you said to her very nice dancing, but you need to relax you seem uptight. She said to you that her breast kept showing, and she did not want some guy trying to hit on her. You said dont worry you can tell him your with me. The band went on another break and the both of you came over to sit with your Master. You sat next to him and she sat next to you. We all chatted like we were old friends for several minutes, when the other two girls came over to Teressa and said “come on Teressa were going to get out of here and go somewhere else” .

You could tell she really did not want to go, so you said to her look Teressa if you want to stay we will make sure you get home safe and sound if you want to stay here with us. which she said “that sounds great ” she went up to her two friends and told them she was staying and for them to go on without her. Which they did after trying to get her to go with them. she said no she wanted to hear all about the princess slave girl and that she would call them tomorrow. With that they left. So we three talked and talked and you two danced and danced you had teressa dancing very wildly her perky breast peeked out alot, but you encouraged her to keep it up and she did. It got to be around midnight and the place was very very crowded. You asked your Master if he thought it was ok to get out of there because it was so crowded on the dance floor that it was very hard to dance like you liked to dance because of the crowd.

He said ok lets go. so he paid the tab for all three of us and we left. Walking to the car your Master asked her where she lived she said in cooper city, he said ok let us take you home. When you piped up and said in front of Teressa Master maybe we can invite her to our house with us and we can continue the party there, we have that new bottle of vodka and the cranberry juice. Teressa said she would like that very much. To which your Master said ok to Davie we go. We all got into the truck we had the pickup truck that night with the bench seat, your Master opened up the passenger door like he always did and you slid in first into the middle and Teressa slid in next to you and he shut the door.

When he came and got in and started the truck up you leaned over and kissed your Master very passionatly and asked him not to be in a hurry to get home take the long way. which he did. while we were driving down pines blvd past flamingo you put you arm around Teressa leaned over to her and looked deeply into her eyes and leaned in to give her a kiss on her lips, just a quick peck on the lips, and you sat back up straight to see what her reaction would be. she looked at you and smiled very wide and said thank you for a wonderful night out and she had alot of fun dancing and was very intrigued by your slavery to your Master and she then leaned over and kissed you just a little then pulled away for just a second or two then came right back and really kissed you passionately, using her tongue to find your tonsils you thought. then sat back up in her seat and said you know i have never had any kind of sex before with a girl but it feels so right i had to do it. to which you said that you really enjoyed it and that you love to kiss girls and thats not all you love to have sex with girls too and your master likes to watch and sometimes participate in my sexual encounters with girls. Teressa said “really” “I think I might like to try that with you tonight if your up to it” You said anytime is a good time to have sex. then you leaned back over to her and kissed her again reaching into her top to play with her perky breasts and she was trying to play with yours but you had on a bra and all she could do was rub your nipples that were uncovered because of the bra you had on you then stopped for a minute removed your top and Teressa removed hers and you said to Teressa reach around and unhook my bra I want you to really play with my huge breasts ok please. which she did and you two were really making out hot and heavy when we pulled up next to a semi your Master slowed down just a bit to see if he noticed to his surprise he did and we kept pace with each other along 595 for several miles when we got to the dark part of the road I turned on the dome light so the trucker could see you two girls making out. After about 4 miles of this Your Master turned out the light and sped off we got off on hiatus road and went south you then reached over and put your hand on my crotch and felt the huge hard-on I had, and said to Teressa see even my Master likes it and you laughed..

Then you said please excuse me for a bit I want to please my Master for awhile. you then asked your Master, ” my Master Sir may I free your cock from its restraints in your pants and suck on him so Teressa here can see how much I worship and adore my most benevolant Master. He said I was hoping you would. so you unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and sucked on him till you got him about to explode. He could see Teressa watching you with astonishment just before he was about to cum you stopped and sat up and said to Teressa I love my Master and i show him my love every day this is the best way i know how to show him my love and devotion to him you then leaned over to her gave a kiss on her lips then leaned back over the other way and proceeded to again suck on your Masters cock till he exploded his cum into your mouth sucking it dry till there was none left that would be wasted you made sure you got it all. Sitting up again Teressa said that was the most erotic thing i’ve seen anyone do. princess courtney you have got me soooooooooooo horney I need to have sex right now. you said we were very close to home will be there in a couple of minutes Teressa said ok but hurry I am dying here with that she lifted her butt off the seat and pulled off her panties handing them to you saying look feel how wet these panties are. you took them felt them then handed them to your Master and said see Sir what I can do to a woman. He said I know what did she do for you. you then lifted your butt off the seat and pulled off your panties handed them to your Master,and they were just as wet as hers. About that time we pulled into the driveway.

Teressa started to put her top back on, and you said to her that wont be neccesary my Mastr likes me to go into the house topless I wish for you to go in that way too she said ok Teressa then reached to open the door to get out and you stopped her before she could and said please dont open the door my Master will do that he would not be pleased if we opened the door ourselves. she said he sure does seem like a strict Master you have alot of rules to follow you said I know that is why i love my Master so he cares deeply for me and keeps me on the straight path. I will obey his every command and will not stray from his benevolance ever. your Master opened the door letting you both out, then led both of you to the front door slowly opened it squeezed your tits and kissed you before you entered and helped you two inside. Once inside your Master said “ok my princess the rest of the night is your to command.

I will make us all a drink you will decide how far things will go till dawn. After dawn comes I am in charge again.” with that you looked at Teressa gave her a very slutty smile walked up to her kissed her ever so gently on the lips and unbuttened her skirt letting it fall to the ground and doing the same to yours. Teressa was standing there completly nude while you had on your garter belt and stockings. you looked at her and she at you and you said wait something is missing, with that you took her into your room went tint your dresser and picked out a garter belt and lace top stockings for teressa and asked her to please put these on my Master loves to see women in garters and stockings.

She said ok but you will have to help me I have never worn these before you will have to show me how you were happy to oblidge you came back into the living room to show your Master your new creation and you could tell from the smile he was pleased. Teressa you said I would like to remove my Masters clothes now would you like to help she said yes she would very much. So you took off all his clothes and his cock was sticking straight out as hard as it could get.. And you said looky at what I found. Teressa said tha was one huge cock and I have never seen a naked man that is completely shaved there before. No wonder you love your Master so.

You said that was only a small part of the reason no pun intended mostly I love my Master because he is so good to me keeps me on the straight path and severly punishes me if i stray off juts a tiny bit. With that you and Teressa sat on the couch with you asking your Master to sit on the love seat saying “will you watch me Master ravage this fine looking lady I seduced for your pleasure” he agreed sat and watched while you proceeded to make out hot and heavy again with Teressa. After a time you stopped worked on you drink along with Teressa then stood up reaching for Teressa’s hand pulling her up and leading her to the king sized bed in Your Masters bedroom saying to him if it pleases my Master please come into the bedroom and continue to watch me my most beloved Master. he did just that when he got in you said to him please sit on the bed right next to me and see me make this fine lady cum like she never came before. with that you put your head between her legs and started to lick her till she did cum with a loud scream. wanting to make her cum again you kept looking up at him just sitting there not doing anything but just watching, just like he said he would, you felt he should be rewarded for his good behavior just like he rewarded you for your good behavior and punished you for bad since he was so good you asked Teressa if he could play with your breasts while you made her cum again she said she would like that very much. while he was playing with her breasts and she came 2 more times Teressa said princess i need a break i want more of my drink so you let her up and the three of us were laying on the bed enjoying the vodka your Master made.

After a few minutes of laying beside one another you reached over to caress my cock making it instantly hard Teressa looked over at you and asked if she could feel too you said I really do not like sharing my Master with anyone but I think I will share him just a little here tonight I will allow you to touch, and you may suck on him but only I will make him cum I want to be the only one to drink and swallow his cum and only I will fuck him. those are my rules if you can live with that lets go for it. you both then proceeded to caress and play and make him feel very hot. Knowing you had already made him cum in the truck you then started to lick his balls and you had Teressa come down and put his now throbbing cock into her mouth and instructed her to take in as deeply as she could she could not take it very far in as she had not been trained by your Master on how to suck on a cock deep throat style so you two switched for a while then switched back then you stopped and watched Teressa suck on your Masters cock not believing you were actually enjoying sharing him with this other woman it might have been the dicipline from the week before or it might be the training he has been giving you on jealousy has finally kicked in but you were certain that you were going to be the one fucking him this night.

Ok Teressa thats enough I want to make you cum again please lay here on the middle so I can be on my knees lick you and have my Master put that magnum cock inside of my pussy the three of us were lined up like a train just going to town your pussy was dripping wet. You then asked Teressa if she wanted to lick your pussy and Teressa said I’ve never done that before I dont think I know how. You said just do what feels good to you and the rest will be fine. so you laid on the bed had me come to the side of the bed so you could reach my cock with your mouth and teressa went right between your legs and started licking away at your now soaked pussy. It was’nt long before you started to feel the first feelings of an orgasm and with in just a minute or so you were screaming yes yes lick me good make this slave cum like the slut I am and with that you came very hard squirting Teressa right in the eye with your hot pussy juice.

Teressa then said all these cummies I would sure like a fuck right about now. Thinking to yourself since you were Teressa’s first girl to have sex with and she did make you cum you might let her fuck your Master so you said to your Master Sir I would like for you to fuck Teressa but when you start to feel like you are about to cum I want you to stop and let me make you cum in my mouth I dont want to share your cum with anyone besides you know how much I like the taste of pussy juice mixed with your cum. your Msater said fine but were going to do it backwards with me standing he wanted to fuck that pussy of Teressa’s from behind doggie style so he could push her off and allow me to suck him off when he was ready.

Teressa was so wet she was able to take the entire length of your Masters cock in her pussy and you were laying down under Teressa kissing her while she was being fucked by your Master when he let out a moan you knowing him so well you knew he was ready to cum so you rolled out from under Teressa he push her off of him you sat up grabbed his cock in your mouth and within several seconds he was shooting a load into your mouth mixed with Teressa’s juices thinking to yourself this is fun we will have to do it again and soon. After you were sure there was no more cum to lick off the three of you all crawled into the bed with your master in the middle and snuggled together till you all fell asleep.


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