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I felt my whole nervous system ignite and tingles slammed through my body as the cum spurted out of my cock deep inside Diane’s sweet ass. She came again as she felt the hot lava of cum fill the deep ending of her well-fucked ass. It was my turn to host our mates’ card night. Once a month we got together ordered pizza wine and beer and hung out and watched the game played cards and had a good boys night.Mike, Pete, James andI felt my whole nervous system ignite and tingles slammed through my body as the cum spurted out of my cock deep inside Diane’s sweet ass. She came again as she felt the hot lava of cum fill the deep ending of her well-fucked ass.

It was my turn to host our mates’ card night. Once a month we got together ordered pizza wine and beer and hung out and watched the game played cards and had a good boys night.

Mike, Pete, James and Dale were always there – Dale not always turning up of late as he had just got himself a girlfriend.

We all had our one-nighters and some permanent part time ladies but the rest of us were single… gee we are just 28!

I dropped into liquor store and grabbed the beers. Standing in line at the counter waiting to pay I heard my name called. 

‘Rick is that you?’ she said.

I turned and saw Diane I hadn’t seen her in ages, must be ten years, ever since she moved away with her parents.

‘How are you?’ she asked as she kissed my cheek.

‘Great! Wow it’s really you! And wow you’re looking great. Not that you…’

Diane interrupted

‘I know you have seen me naked before been and been inside me once or twice if I remember it right?’ she said with a naughty smile coming over her face.

‘What are you up too these days?’ I asked.

‘Oh we are just back in town I wanted to show Melissa where we grew up.’

‘Melissa?’ I asked.

‘Yes that’s her over there, the cute little blonde. She is pretty hot – so look out. We have been mates since I moved to her town from here when I was 18. I’m taking her to some of my old haunts while we both have time off.’

‘So is she your partner?’ I asked as I dropped the beers onto the counter, grabbing Diane’s drinks and paying for them at the same time.

‘No don’t be silly. Like we have done it, but I a meat lover you know that. I need my regular shot of protein. How many times did I suck your cock until you spurted your cum down my throat?’

She paused and then continued

‘We just hang out and travel when we can. It was here I wanted to show her the most. What are you up to with the beers?’ she asked.

‘Ah the good old cards night.’ I replied. ‘A few of the guys all get together once a month, watch the game and  have a drink and a good evening. You would remember most of them.’

‘Really? Who’s going?’ Diane asked.

‘James, Pete, Dale…’

‘Dale – the guy with that fucking huge cock?’

‘Yep donkey Dale – he doesn’t always turn up as he has a girl friend now – they are practically married.’

‘Fuck me Dale married! She wants him for his cock – he is fucking useless to talk too. He tried to fuck me once – it was just too big to fit in. Made him cum with my hand thought.’

‘You were always talented.’ I smiled. ‘So what are you guys doing later? Drop past and have some fun – the guys would love to see you. I’m at Mum and Dads old place – they have moved down South and left me the house.’

I smiled cheekily

‘We could always use two girls to serve us beer in their pretties.’

‘Oh really?’ Dianne raised her eyebrows.

‘Melissa’ she called her friend over ‘Hey babe you up for some fun? These guys have a cards night tonight and need some beer wenches. You interested?’

‘Fuck yeh!’ Melissa said to my surprise. My cock started hardening in my shorts. 

‘Sweet! Diane has the address. See you later.’

Diane looked at me and leant in and kissed me. Her tongue danced in my mouth making my already half hard cock stand to attention. She whispered in my ear

‘See you about 8.’

‘Great’ I said ‘the guys don’t normally get there till 9 anyway.’

I got home, stuck the beers in the fridge, showered and had a lay on the bed and fell asleep.

I was woken by the sound of Diane’s voice.

‘That will never do!’ she said as she pulled the towel off me. 

‘Shit is it 8 already?’

‘No we got here early. You didn’t answer so I just let us in. I remembered where your Mum kept the spare key.’

My cock started to pulse.

Melissa looked at me as she slid the shoulders of her sundress off. She slowly let her dress drop to the floor. She was wearing nothing underneath.

‘Like what you see?’

‘Fuck yes… that is very impressive!’

Her tits stood firm and her pussy was shaven. She had a little tattoo of a butterfly on the right side of her pube line. Her hair was long and her eyes blue sparkling with a look of anticipation.

‘I wanted to see if you are half as good as Diane said you were – I want you to fuck me.’

There wasn’t much chance to think let alone speak as she crawled on to the end of my bed up to my cock and started sucking it. She looked up at me as the head of my dick disappeared into her mouth.

With each suck more and more of my shaft sunk into her trough.

I looked over and noticed Diane was also naked now.

‘I don’t go for that frilly shit. I’ll be wearing this tonight.’

She too had her pussy shaved. Her tits were bigger and hung lower; her nipples were brown and very hard. She sat on the chair at the side of my bed and used her fingers to rub her slit up and down slowly working her bud as she did.

‘I told you Rick she is one to watch didn’t I?… So that’s what I am going to do for now.’

I couldn’t understand. Was I dreaming? Was this really happening? Diane was playing with herself on my chair as her friend who had barley said two words to was sucking the fuck out of my hard cock!

If it was a dream don’t wake me… but my dream by my rules.

I pulled Mel off me and dragged her to the end of my bed her head on a pillow.

‘OK girl’ I said as I positioned her head at cock height with me standing by the bed beside her. ‘Get ready to get your face fucked.’

I grabbed her hair from behind snatching a bunch of hair as I went. Her mouth opened as if I touched a magic button. I slid my cock in and proceeded to fuck her face slowly until I found a nice rhythm. Her tongue darted out each time I pulled all the way out.

Diane was now working much faster and harder on her pussy and pinching and pulling at her nipples. While she bucked her hips on the chair she egged me on. 

‘Fuck her face Rick. She is a dirty slut and she can’t get enough of it. Treat the little bitch dirty!’

I pulled my cock out of Mel’s mouth and looked at her he mouth still wide and gaping.

‘So you’re a dirty little fucking slut then?’

‘Yes… that sums it up,’ said Mel. ‘I need fucking. Fuck me good. I take it all.’

I slid my cock back into her mouth and pulled it out again.

‘Rub your face on it and lick my balls in the process.’

That felt good. Her mou
th sucked my balls in one by one as she rubbed her face all over my rock hard cock.

‘She is a good girl Rick. Give her cunt a try. It’s a slut hole but I’m sure you will enjoy it.’ said Diane – each word with a shortness of breath.

I grabbed Mel’s face and started to fuck it again. I pumped and pumped and to her credit she took it all gasping for air when she could.

Diane seeing her friends face get fucked relentlessly came squirting her juices all over the chair and floor screaming as she went.

‘That’s it fuck Rick it’s good to see you fuck the bitch’s dirty slut mouth.’

I watched Diane masturbating as I fucked Mel’s face. It was incredible. I started to feel my balls tighten…

‘Oh no not yet’ I thought ‘this one I’m going to savor.’

Diane’s body had stopped convulsing so I pulled out of Mel’s mouth and beckoned Di to the bed.

‘Di here baby lay back on the bed. Mel has a tongue just waiting to lick that cum juice off you I’m sure.’

‘Yes please Di. Please let me lick you.’

I dragged Mel up by the hair. She smiled.

‘Where do you want me?’ she asked as Di took her place on the bed.

‘I want you down the end of the bed. I want you to kneel in front of me so I can fuck your sweet little pussy.’

I motioned her to the end of the bed and she jumped into spot. I grabbed Diane’s legs and pulled her more over so that I could fuck Mel’s holes as she sucked and licked her best friend’s sweet bits.

Mel’s tongue had found the mark on Diane before I could slide into her second sweet slut hole.  And Diane loved it.

‘That’s it you filthy fucking cunt sucker. Lick it clean. Lick it good and I might let you suck the juices that have run on to my ass hole as well.’

‘Yes please’ pleaded Mel. ‘I would love to lick your ass you know I would do a good job.’

‘You do. But get to work you fuck.’ she said as she grabbed Mel’s head and shoved it back down on her glistening pussy.

I wasted no more time and stated to pull her hips towards me the head of my manhood sitting at the tip of her entry way. A place I’m sure that was well ventured, but I was going in.

She lifted her head as my thick 8-inch cock slid into her drenched fuck hold. Diane grabbed her hair and commanded her to get back to her job. She did without any hesitation.

Diane was moaning wildly and her eyes were losing focus. She looked at me.

‘I told you that you would like her. How is that slut home of hers?’

Each time the word slut was mentioned Mel’s cunt churned and squeezed a little harder. The dirtier and harder we treated her the more she loved it.

Diane lifted Mel’s head pulling it up by the hair to reveal her face covered in Diane’s pussy juice.

‘Having fun slut?’ She asked. Mel’s cunt was now gripping my cock like a vice.

‘Yes Ma’am, I love it!’ she replied.

‘What are you?’ she demanded again

‘A slut!’


‘A dirty little slut Ma’am.’ 

‘What are you good for?’

Mel’s cunt went into overdrive as I fucked harder to pound through the incredible clenching.

‘Fucking Ma’am. Fuck pleasing you Ma’am and whoever you want.’

‘Good girl. Now make sure Rick’s cock feels good.’

‘Yes Ma’am, I will make Sir feel good. He can use me Ma’am, pleasure himself in me.’

Mel came. Her pussy convulsions pushing my cock out. I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust myself hard into her. Deeper and harder. I slammed into her. Her screams of delight were muffled as Diane held her face to her pussy. Diane bucked hard into Mel’s face.

‘Suck it!’ she demanded ‘Suck it slut.’

Mel’s head was being pumped into Diane’s pussy as I thrust deep into her from behind. Her orgasm was shuddering through her whole body was gradually losing strength and sinking down. I pulled her back up.

‘Not yet slut. I haven’t finished with you. I slid my cock into her soaked and sloppy cunt and Di released her hold on Mel’s head.

Diane looked at her friend-toy-play-thing as I fucked her good and hard.

‘Hey Rick remember when you used to stick three fingers inside me? Watch this!’

Mel, as if on command, started to slide her hands over Diane’s cunt. Her whole fuck area was wet. One finger, two, three all went inside her and I felt my cock harden even more.

‘Just watch me I am a big girl now.’

Mel slid the fourth in and leaning her elbows on the bed for support started to rub Diane’s clit with the other hand. The thumb looked lonely as Mel worked harder on Diane’s clit.

‘That’s it!’ Di called out ‘Stick it in. Stick it you fuck bitch. Watch Rick! Look!’

I watched as Mel’s whole hand buried itself to the wrist inside Diane’s hole.

‘Fuck me!’ I thought ‘Is this a dream?’

I was still pumping Mel’s hole but slower so I could watch and see her fist fuck Diane.

‘Fist me bitch! Shove that fucking hand up me.’ Diane screamed her commands at Mel and Mel obeyed like a loyal, well-trained dog.

I pulled out and went for a closer look. Mel’s hand was working Diane’s pussy so well, rubbing her clit in intervals like a well-rehearsed play with all the kinks worked out.

‘Ok now it’s your turn to suck me can you do a better job then the filthy slut.’ I told Diane.

‘You know I can Rick.’ she said as she opened her mouth. I climbed on the bed and kneeled over her, my cock just above her lips.

Diane snapped at Mel.

‘You know what to do. Make me cum slut!’

‘Yes Ma’am’ said Mel as she slid her hand even deeper inside Diane’s now swollen, red pussy.

Diane sucked my cock hard, as she squeezed my ass cheeks her nails digging in.

‘Pump my face good Rick. Just like you used to.’

I didn’t need permission I was all ready to go. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face into my cock as she bucked forward. From the very first motion, my cock headed down her throat.

‘That’s it Di suck it, take that girl.’ Mel’s thrusts quickened with my own and Diane writhed under me pulling her head away screaming in the most intense orgasm I have ever seen.

‘Yeeeeesss fill it bitch shove your fist up me. Stick it in! Aaaaaarrrrgggggggghhhhh!’

She squirted again this time over Mel’s hand and my bed. I was so fucking horny – living a dream – and never wanting it to end.

I climbed off and watched Mel now licking all of Diane’s cum juices eagerly as Diane run her hands through her hair.

‘Ohh that’s it, clean it good. That’s a good girl.’

Enough pleasantries. I wanted to fuck her.

‘Diane come to the end of the bed. I want to fuck that sweet pussy again. It’s been way too long.’

‘It sure has’ she said with a smile as she crawled to the end of the bed.

‘Mel you stay there and play with your hole till I need you again.’ I commanded. There were no complaints.

Diane was now in ecstasy, on all fours, her legs spread wide at the perfect height for me. I walked behind and slid straight in.

‘See I remember how you like me. Spread wide so you…’ she lost her words as I fucked her hard.

I was shocked, I thought her recently fisted pussy would be soft and
spread useless. In fact it was the opposite. Swollen tight and hot it was radiating a heat I had never felt before. I fucked it, grabbing her hips and pulling them back as I thrust into her.

‘Oh Di this is the fucking life! Where have you been?’ I cried as I jammed harder and harder into her.

Melissa’s fingers were working so well that she came falling on her side, her leg in the air as she shuddered. It set off a chain reaction Diane cumming next. Staying strong, I pumped my self deep inside her, cunt juice squirting and dribbling down my shaft and balls running around my ass and down my legs.

I pumped her until her convulsions ebbed away then moved across and picked up Mel again.

‘So do I get all of this bitch?’ I asked Diane.

‘Of course, and me. You get all six holes my dear Rick.’

With that Mel poked her ass in the air, her pussy juice was more then enough lube as I started to slide my cock in. She wiggled and pulled forward as my thick head spread her little sphincter wide. I pulled out and spat on her ass.

Diane was now laying under Mel sucking her hard nipples, biting them and then sucking them hard into her mouth.

‘Take him bitch. Take it all. Don’t disappoint me.’

‘Yes Ma’am I will.’ Mel replied. ‘I will Ma’am. Fuck that hole Sir fuck my ass. Shove you fat cock inside it.’

My cock was inside her before she had finished speaking. I took some time to open her up then I grabbed the towel that laid on the bed and put it around Mel’s belly –  Di pushing it through knowing what I wanted – as she continued to suck Mel’s tits.

I pulled the towel like a reign on a horse as I pumped into Mel’s fucking awesome ass.

Anal sex with someone I just met… not fucking bad.

I pulled the towel tight and increased my rhythm and Mel came screaming loud as Diane’s mouth worked Mel’s nipples and her hand worked her cunt. I didn’t stop, keeping her on a constant wave of pleasure. I had small dips to catch my breath where Diane worked harder on Mel’s clit and nipples then racked it back up into a relentless pounding into this little slut’s more then accommodating ass.

By instinct SLAP I cracked one Mel’s while bottom. 

A big red hand mark quickly covered her small cheek. WHACK again on the other cheek. My thrusts deepened and I was pounding her ass like a man possessed. I was almost ready to fill it with my Rick juice.

Diane moved out from underneath.

‘Ah no Rick! She is a filthy slut. You can fuck and use the bitch but you cum in me. I don’t care what you do to others when I’m not around but when I’m here your cum belongs inside me.’

Mel’s ass gripped me as Diane spoke.

‘Fuck me! Fuck my ass!’ Pleaded Mel her head lowing down on the bed to rest her ass still standing strong taking my thrusting for all it was worth.

‘Get on your back Di’ I breathlessly yelled.

She did. I pulled out of Mel and climbed onto the bed, Di’s spread legs landing on my shoulders as I moved up closer to her. My cock had never been in her ass before. Sure I had cum in her pussy and dumped quite a few loads down her cum guzzling mouth before, but this was a first.

Again her ass was already lubed with cunt juice. I slid my cock straight in. She had been busy since she went away.

‘Well you’re finally in there what are you going to do to me?’ she asked.

Mel crumpled on the end of the bed playing with her clit.

‘Lets see’ I said.

Bang, bang, bang. I thrust deep inside her.

‘Mother fucker that’s good!’ she yelled. ‘That’s it Rick shove that beautiful cock straight up my fucking ass.’

I was and I did. Relentlessly pounding her again and again. 

Each time she came and tried to release I held tight and fucked her harder and faster. Until I felt the most incredible feeling run through me. It was as if all the moments of fucking all lead to this moment this second this sweet tight ass hole. Diane was about to get bucket loads of cum shot deep inside her.

‘Fuck me fuck me yessssss fuck my hole she screamed’

I pounded tightening my grip on her hips, giving her no chance of escape not that she wanted one.

‘Aaaaaggggggggghhhhheeeee yyyyyyeeeeeeesssssssssssss  fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk! Take it take it all baby. Take it all.’

I felt my whole nervous system ignite and tingles slammed through my body as the cum spurted out of my cock deep inside Diane’s sweet ass. She came again as she felt the hot lava of cum fill the deep ending of her well fucked ass. 

I fucked as if nature was in control and pumped her until each and every drop was out and then collapsed beside her, her body still shuddering with pleasure as pulses from heaven shuddered through mine.

We lay still catching our breath feeling the unbridled lustful pleasure run through both our souls.

The bubble was broken with Diane’s words

‘OK bitch’ she commanded ‘clean us.’

Mel – well trained got on her knees and crawled back up. She went to Diane who glared at her.

‘Guests first!’ she said.

Mel quickly changed tracks licking the salty sweat and cum from my legs, groin and balls. She then licked my cock and sucked it until it was totally clean.

She looked at me.

‘Please Sir, can I finish?’

I wasn’t sure what she was taking about as I was already well cleaned.

‘I have been a good girl can I…?’

Mel interrupted

‘Of course you can bitch. Clean me first I will show him.’

Mel crawled over to Diane who laid back and smiled at me. Without a word Mel licked and sucked her clean. Then climbing down between Mel’s wide spread legs she smiled and waited. Di looked at me, laying next to her. Her fingers were now running through my hair.

‘This is where we reward you for being a good girl’

She spread her legs and lifted then into the air. Her well-fucked ass on show for all. Mel crawled into position and licked and licked it. She cleaned it thoroughly sliding her fingers in to ensure Diane was well satisfied.

I crawled on to my knees and leant over and kissed Diane our tongues exchanging moments as Mel’s tongue licked my ass cheeks until she found the target. She tounge fucked my ass a little then finished cleaning up our fuck mess.

Once finished she stood at the side of the bed waiting for Diane to release her.

‘Off you go’ she said.

Back to reality Mel laughed and smiled.

‘Bags first shower. Need to get ready for the cards night.’

‘Fuck yes, the cards night’ I thought…

Diane smiled

‘If you think that was fun wait to you see what we have in store for tonight…’  

Copyright Rick Martin


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