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Her profile read… ‘Nineteen and very naughty. I need a strong hand to show me how to be a good girl. I am looking for a mature person to teach me the things a good girl needs to know so she can please her man. You will need to be strong and firm as I have a free spirit that needs to be bridled not tamed.’ Recently single again I decided too head back to some old online stomping grounds.I was looking to find someone that neeHer profile read… ‘Nineteen and very naughty. I need a strong hand to show me how to be a good girl. I am looking for a mature person to teach me the things a good girl needs to know so she can please her man. You will need to be strong and firm as I have a free spirit that needs to be bridled not tamed.’

Recently single again I decided too head back to some old online stomping grounds.

I was looking to find someone that needed a spanker to play with them – I couldn’t see anyone in my usual range of 22 to 28 so I opened my filter range 19 to 28 just to see what was out there. Scrolling the 19-year-old subs I came upon a familiar face but couldn’t really put a finger on why she was familiar at the time.

Feeling even more horny I called a friend I knew was having a really crap time in bed with her new partner just to see what she was up to.

Mel answered my phone in one ring and spoke in a whisper

‘Hey Colin how are you?’

‘I’m fine but I need someone for a good fucking.’ I replied. Mel and I have a past. She calls it ‘I fuck her stupid for an afternoon/night/weekend,’ basically whatever she can get away with.

She is a beautiful lady with a body the most gym junkies would die for. But she always seems to end up with losers who spend more time on anything but her.

‘James is asleep, so I will have to call you back. Are you good?’ Mel said.

I’m fine, just really horny and wanted to know if you’re up for a fucking.’ I replied.

‘Totally but I cant get out. James and I were drinking – he is drunk again and just fucked me and broke his 2-minute record. Fuck me, it’s like a 100 meter dash for him and he has a 90 meter head start! I have a cunt full of cum and I am so horny for more.’

Affairs, cheating, sleeping around, doing the dirty. Some hate it, but in truth most people think of it and the thrill of fucking someone else is is fucking amazing.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suck the cock of your mate’s best friend or fuck your partner’s sisters? What about the boss or the local firemen? I’m sure most girls have a nice warm spot they can keep their hoses warm in.

Am I proud of it? No. But I’m not ashamed either. I get what I want and so do they. Trust me many marriages are saved by a partner getting a good regular fucking elsewhere.    

‘Do you have you headphones?’ I asked. I heard Mel get up and fumble for a bit then her voice came back

‘Yep and working. I need to leave the room – James will wake.’ Mel whispered.

‘Do you have your toy?’

‘Yes.’ she replied sheepishly. ‘I do Sir. I knew that’s what you would like Sir.’

‘That’s a good girl.’

‘Thank you Sir.’ replied Mel her voice starting to quiver.

I want you to put the earpiece in one ear only and then go and lay back next to James. Then slide your phone under pillow and the mouth piece behind your back around you neck so I can hear you have it turned up loud.

‘No I can’t Sir he he will…’

I cut her off

‘He will hear you, so what? Maybe he will see your frustrations and give you what you need.’

With that Mel walked back into her bedroom and laded down next to James. James was 28 and had a 10 inch cock but didn’t know how to use it the dumb fuck. Mel set up the phone as instructed.

‘Now Mel are you wet for me?’

‘Yes Sir.’ was her reply.

‘Do you need me inside you?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘If James wakes you are not to stop. You are to continue to fuck yourself for me.’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘If her fucks you enjoy it I will be listening and I will shoot a big load out just for you.’

‘Thank you Sir I will.’

‘Now slide your fingers down to your sweet little bud and start to play.’

‘Yes Sir.’

I heard the ruffle of her sheets as her hand slid down to her dripping lady hole.

‘It feels so nice Sir.’

‘That’s a good girl.’ I could rustling as she started to squirm a bit on the bed.

‘Now Mel use your free hand to play with your nipples like I do. Just a bit of gentle play then nice and slowly pull them as far as you can stand.’

‘Yes Sir. Thank your Sir.’

My cock stirred again – good manners always get me going. I slid off my jeans and jumped on my bed, tossing my CKs to the floor in my wake. My cock was semi-hard now and waiting its next command as was Mel.

‘Please Sir can I put my dildo in?’ she gasped. ‘I need something in there.’

‘No not yet keep playing. You don’t sound ready.’

‘Please Sir I need it in me. I will let you do anything you want to me Sir please.’

‘No not yet Mel.’

Having played with Mel quite a few times she knows no is no – her reddened ass cheeks are her punishment if she does not obey my wants.

My cock was now growing harder standing straight up and I started to pull it slowly, long slow strokes from the head to the base and back over the head again deliberate and wanting.

‘I wish your mouth was here right now Mel, I would let you suck my hard cock.’

‘Oh Sir yes please I would love that cock in my mouth.’ she said in a hurried voice trying to contain her pleasure.

‘Sir!’ she begged ‘Please let me please! I want to cum for you Sir!’

‘Not yet. Are you a good girl?’

‘Yes Sir. A good cock pleaser. Yes Sir.’ she moaned ‘I need it Sir please!’

That moment I heard rustling from the sheets again it was James rolling over.

‘He just put his leg over me Sir. I have to stop.’

‘Stop? Do you want to leave my cock hard like this Mel? Really?’

‘No Sir I don’t Sir. Please can I Sir? Can I fuck my pussy for you? Please Sir please?’ her voice was strained as if there was a dam of pleasure being held by a wall of uselessness. And it needed to break .

‘Yes Mel. Do it. Slide me in inside you.’

‘Thank you Sir. Oh fuck yes!’ she gasped. ‘Thank you Sir.’ her voice starting to raise in pitch.

‘Mel I want you to fuck that pussy good. Don’t be shy.’

‘No Sir I won’t. I’ll do it good, I’ll do it how you like it.’

I imagined her hips now lifting of the bed to meet her thrusts on a regular basis – my hand was now working on my cock faster and faster. I thought about Mel pushing James’ leg off her him mumbling something and rolling over and her legs widening – spreading out to fill the space James body had just occupied.

‘Oh Sir that’s good Sir. Can I cum please Sir.’

‘Of course my Dear. Cum for me.’

My words sent waves of pleasure through her headpiece into her brain sending a wave of unstoppable pleasure through her body. Unable to control herself her moans turned to cries. I guess the realization that she was fucking herself for another man while she la
id next her partner hit her and sent her over the edge again.

I started to feel the moment build. I loved hearing Mel cum – she was like an opera or your favorite tune – something you want to hear over and over and I did and a regular basis.

As her third mind blowing orgasm hit I started to cum and load after load of man juice spurted out all over the strategically placed towel.

‘Yes Mel that’s a good girl. Make me cum.’

She screamed loud

‘Yes Sir please for me please cum!’

Exasperated and empty I slowed my strokes down. I could hear Mel moaning and crying again lost in pleasure.

‘Than you Sir.’ she said finally.

‘No thank you Mel – talk soon.’  

After cleaning up I roll over being as satisfied as you can be with phone sex with a touch of naughtiness to boot. I picture that face of that young girl on hook up and drifted off to sleep.

The following night was my daughter’s 19th birthday party. She had invited about 40 people, old school friends, uni friends and work colleagues. The night was going great, the alcohol was flowing freely and everyone was mellow.

I had my eye on the waitress who was part of the catering crew I had hired for the party. She couldn’t speak much English but I found out her name was Tia. She was mighty fine. She brought me another bottle of Champagne as requested and I offered her a glass.

‘No Sir I work now Sir. Sorry.’ she bowed her head as she slowly started to walk out of the room. My cock felt a rush each time she called me Sir and I knew I had to eventually have her. If not tonight – some time soon.

I heard a commotion coming from the foyer and heard Jill my daughter call me.

‘Dad Dad look who it is!’

I walked in and there was Lace. In an instant it all flooded back to me. Lace had been Jill’s friend through early school and the early part of high school then had moved away.

She was the 19 year old from the website! Now I understood why she looked so familiar.

I walked over and held her and kissed her cheek.

‘Wow haven’t you grown up into a fine looking lady.’ I said.

She held me close again smelling my aftershave.

‘It’s been too long.’ she said.

The girls made their way out to the party and I accompanied them for a dance or two, finding it incredibly sexy that this girl in my marquee was the smoking piece of womanhood online.

About an hour later after the cake was cut and speeches were done I headed for my den and fired up the computer closing the door behind me.

I found her quickly – she called her self black lace. And wow the private pictures were incredible – she sure had grown up. My cock was hard and rubbing on the underside of my desk.

Her profile read

‘Nineteen and very naughty. I need a strong hand to show me how to be a good girl. I am looking for a mature person to teach me the things a good girl needs to know so she can please her man. You will need to be strong and firm as I have a free spirit that needs to be bridled not tamed.’

I couldn’t believe it. She was perfect. Someone I could train to serve and teach how to become a submissive and allow her to feel free and expand her mind and soul living the way of her choosing.

But Lace. I knew her parents Bill and Jane. It was a bit of a head fuck.

The door opened and Lace walked in.

‘Hello Mr T, I was looking for the ladies. You should stop looking at porn and come back to the party.’

My heart almost jumped out of my mouth. Lace was standing there and her bald cunt was staring at me on screen.

‘Lace why don’t you go where you were going and then come back here. I want you to see something.’

She disappeared and I waited for a while, looking at other profiles but flicking back to Lace’s. Wow she was so sexy. Her shaved cunt looked incredible – I imagined eating it for hours and hours.

20 minutes later she still hadn’t returned so I decided to go and find Tia and see what she was doing now. As I stood up my cock was still hard and bulging through my trousers.

There was a knock at the door. It slowly opened and Lace peeked her head in.

‘Can I come in?’ she asked. I knew she was ready for the taking.

‘Yes Lace I need to talk to you.’ she walked in.

‘Close the door behind you please.’ she did.

‘How about you sit there.’ I said pointing at a chair.

She sat in the chair in front of the desk.

‘What is it you want to show me?’ she asks.

‘I think you know Lace.’ She dropped her head with her eyes cast to the ground like a naughty child hiding from a scalding.

‘Yes I think I do.’ she replied in a barely audible voice.

‘OK well what do you have to say for yourself?’

Lace looked up slightly

‘I get myself in trouble. I have a desire to serve a man or woman. I need it. It burns inside me like a fire that has been stoked by 1000 explosions. But I can’t find anyone that knows how. I have been used by quite a few but none knew me or how to free me from my bounds.’

‘So did you know it was me looking at your profile? I noticed you looked at mine quite a few times.’

‘Not at first no. But yes in the end I did. I liked what you wrote – it was like you were talking to me reading my mind sending an ad straight out to me.’ Lace said looking directly at me now.

‘Well then Lace I think you should stand and go.’

Without a word her face flushed red and she stood and walked to the door. As she reached the door, I spoke.

‘Stop. Lock it.’

She grabbed the key, visibly shaking. The key fell to the floor. She bent to pick it up – her short skirt showing a silk and lace g-string. She picked up the key and locked the door.

‘Now come over here.’ Lace slowly walked to the desk.

I slid my chair out and beckoned her to come closer.

‘I want you to lay over my lap Lace. You need a spanking.’

Her eyes widened in horror or pleasure or both I’m not sure. She complied.

‘I am going to spank your ass cheeks 20 times on each side. Manners are always appreciated for any training that I help you with. So before we start I want you to call me Sir when you are in training.’

She lifted her head and asked

‘Can I please call you Daddy? It’s nicer then Sir and I know Daddy will look after me and treat me right.’

‘Daddy it is then.’ I agreed.

‘Thank you Daddy.’ she said as she lowered her head once more.

I lifted her skirt up over her back and slid off her g-string.

‘These holes and ass cheeks are now mine.’ I tell her.

‘Yes Daddy.’ she replied. My hand rubbed her cheeks and down the back of her legs and back up over her crotch and ass hole. She started to shake. Her pussy was already damp.

The first few spanks were soft. She wiggled on my lap.

‘Thank you Daddy.’ she cried. ‘Thank you for teaching me.’

Whack Whack Whack. The spanks came at a harder and faster pace.

‘Thank you Daddy.’ her voice had changed it was now quivering.

‘We have 6 spanks left.’ I rubbed my hand over her pussy once more admiring her red glowing butt cheeks. She was drenched her juice running down her legs. I slid two fingers inside her and finger fucked her until she came.

‘Are you ready you have six more?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know if I can.’ Lace replied.

‘We said 20 Lace. This is your first time. You want to make me proud of your first up effort don’t you?’

‘Yes Daddy. Please do it Daddy. Spank me. Plea

This time I spanked her hard but slowly and very deliberately.

‘Thank you Daddy.’ she said ‘Thank you,’ again and again.

I finished. She had done well. Her pussy was soaked and her ass red and glowing. She fell to her knees.

‘Are you OK Lace?’ I asked. She looked up with tears in her eyes.

‘Are you hurt?’

‘No Daddy. I’m home.’


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