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Her cries were making me harder by the second; this sex goddess with her legs spread in front of me begging for my cock was more than a dream come true.I took a step closer and held the base of my cock as I slid the head just in the entrance of her hole. Then I pulled out and rubbed it along her slit keeping pressure on it so it rubbed her clit as I went. Then back inside, then out, going a bit deeper each time. Being a coach of a girls basketbaHer cries were making me harder by the second; this sex goddess with her legs spread in front of me begging for my cock was more than a dream come true.I took a step closer and held the base of my cock as I slid the head just in the entrance of her hole. Then I pulled out and rubbed it along her slit keeping pressure on it so it rubbed her clit as I went. Then back inside, then out, going a bit deeper each time.

Being a coach of a girls basketball team for 4 years had its up and downs, but I always enjoyed watching the team grow.

This was the first year that the girls had moved into the open division and we needed to get a few more experienced players. As luck would have it the first night of training two new, older girls arrived. They were very  different; one quiet and shy, the other brash, bold and totally sex on legs.

Since I’d coached the same team for years the girls were like family. But Tiffany was 26, much older and totally wiser. She had a smoking hot body and each time we spoke my mind wandered to the nasty things I could do to her body.

A few games into the season we were 1 and 1. Tiffany walked up to me after a game and said

“I want to start I should be the point guard,†with passion in her voice.

“We have a point guard and she is doing well,†I said “Besides your shooting inside has been great.†I continued emphasizing the point.

“Well I want to play guard and I know how to get what I want.†she said with a smile. The sweat dripping off her face made my heart race just a touch as she turned and walked away.

Training night rolled around and it was raining so we cancelled the run. As usual I called down to the field just in case anyone didn’t get the message, sure enough there was Tiffany, training in the rain ducking, running, jumping and shooting the ball all by her lonesome.

“Hey Tiff!†I called

“Hi Coach where’s everyone?†she replied

“Training’s cancelled guess you didn’t get the message.†I said

“No, well yes, I got it but… well I was hoping you would show up here.†she said water dripping off her face.

“Well get out of the rain would you, I don’t want you getting sick.†I said in my best coach voice

Tiffany waked over to my car where I was leaning out of the window. The car park was empty and only half the lights were working.

“Well Coach do I get a run at point guard this weekend? You have to admire my commitment.†she said

“We will see.†I replied.

“Well maybe there is something I could do for you to ensure a shot at it?â€

My heart started to beat faster and my cock started to throb. Her nipples were standing firm under her wet and dripping tight sports top. Her hair was soaked and messy and sticking to her face but oh so totally sexy.

“Maybe we should get you home.†I said trying to hold a resemblance of respectability to my coaching post.

“Home sounds good but I am wet inside and out – shame to waste it don’t you think?†she said looking straight into my eyes.

“It would be a shame.†I replied

She threw her sports bag onto the back seat of the car and started to strip off. Her body was thin yet sporty. She had curves in all the right places and there was no longer any doubt in my mind that I was going to fuck this girl.

The rain fell as she stood in the open car park the moonlight and the light pole shone over her, shining on the water falling all around and over her. Drips slid down her chest between her breasts and disappeared down her body. I watched each large drop flow.

“Coach tell me you don’t want a piece of this.†she said sure of herself.

“Of course I do, but I am your coach.†I said stammering my words.

“I’m here Coach, it’s your choice. Just know I don’t hold back. I am a no holes barred girl, if you get what I mean.†Her confidence was growing with each word like a spider about to catch its prey.

My cock got what she meant. It pulsed in my pants. Tiffany caught a look and smiled.

“Well that answers that. I live at home, Mum and Dad are there so let’s go back to your place.†she said as she reached in and grabbed a towel

Drying herself off and tossing on a big tee shirt from her bag, she climbed into the passenger seat.

“So Coach, what’s it to be?†she asked.

Then she leaned over and started to bite and suck my cock through my jeans. Her small hands tried to find my button or zip. I laid the seat back giving her the space she needed. She went to work and quickly my jeans were undone and my cock had sprung out and stared her right in the eyes.

She didn’t say anything just wrapped her hand around it and pumped to full hardness. Her lips covered the head and she slowly licked and sucked it around and around as her hand pumped my shaft.

“Oh yes that’s good, that’s very good.†I said pleasure filling every word.

She looked at me, her eyes were on fire and full of lust as if her inner deep desires had been unleashed.

“I told you Coach, I am a good girl.†she said, then sucked my cock once again.

One hand worked my shaft, the other worked my man balls and her mouth worked the head of my cock and before long I was squirming in my chair. She sucked longer and longer each time she pumped my cock with her hand. Her mouth and hand were in perfect rhythm – I was in heaven.

“Do you like it Coach?†she asked “Do you like me sucking your big, hard cock?†Her voice had a coy submissive like quality. “I can taste your pre-cum, its making me so wet.†

Adjacent to the courts was a football field and the change rooms were always open, especially on training night. That is until the council worker locks them around ten.

“Ok stop. Come with me.†I said the game now changing.

I jumped out of the car and she followed running bare footed with me into the football change room. The smell of men’s sweat and liniment filled the room and adding to the sensory overload.

I closed the door, dragged her to the center of the room and laid her on one of the wooden rubbing benches in the room.

“I have to taste you.†I said as I slid her shirt over her head.

She spread her legs wide – her pussy was as bald as the day she was born and as beautiful as the rest of her. Her lips matched her nipples and lips in colour and complimented her beautiful full mound. The crown of her womanhood stood tall and proud just peering out behind its protective coating.

I lifted her legs and pulled them towards me. Her pussy was coming closer by the second. I could now smell her and my cock pulsed and my head screamed to have her. Slowly I used all my will to kiss her legs and bite so softly upwards until I found her pleasure spot. As my tongue found her clit she let out a little yell

“Oh yes.†she called out.

I licked her clit and lips slowly and purposefully until her hips were bucking into my face with the rhythm I was creating.

“Oh fuck coach that’s sooooo good oooooooohhhhhhhh fuck.†she moaned. “I hope you fuck as well as you eat pussy and coach.â€

I kept working away a
t her pussy as she grabbed the back of my hair and came with a loud scream.

“Aaaaaaaggggrrrrr suck it coach suck it I am cummingggggggggg aaaaahhhh oooohhhh.†her words drifted off to moans and her hips bucked until the wave she was riding subsided.

She looked at me, a smile plastered across her face.

“Fuck Coach that was good.†she said

“Was it?†I replied as I walked around the table to where her head was laying.

I leaned over her and kissed her as her hand ran down and rubbed her already swollen clit. Her mouth lips were as soft and full as her pussy’s and she sucked my tongue each time I slid it into her mouth. One of my hands found her nipples and I lightly rubbed and pulled each one as my other hand cupped her face.

“Do you know how many guys use this room? How many naked men have laid on this table getting ready for a game?â€

“Oh fuck coach I going to…†she called

“I am sure everyone would have loved to have you laying here under them as they were getting ready. I don’t think they would have ever left the room.â€

I slid her head over and just as I was lifting my cock to her mouth she came again this time screaming.

“Fuck yes fuck yes fffffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkk aaaaaaahhhrrrrgggggrrrrrrrrrrr.†she screamed.

Her body scrunched up as her fingers worked her clit with a furious pace.

“They would all fuck you, fuck you good and fuck you hard.†I said directly into her ear again.

“Yes please, please yes, fuck me, I want them to fuck me Coach.â€

Her words expelled from her mouth without thought as her body came once again. I kissed and licked and nibbled her ear until her shaking slowed.

“Fuck Coach I have cum so much and you haven’t even fucked me yet, please coach, please fuck me.†she begged

“I will when I’m ready.†I said looking directly into her eyes past the outer shell and deep into her desire. She had started this game, but as always the Coach always gets his way. The game plan had now changed and I called the shots.

I walked slowly past her my fingers running down the length of her body until I reached the end of the bench. Her pussy was soaked as I slid two fingers in feeling her inside, wet, soft and warm.

My cock didn’t need coaxing it was ready.

“Yes Coach fuck me … shove that fuck beautiful cock inside me please. I need it so bad coach please, please fuck me.â€

Her cries were making me harder by the second; this sex goddess with her legs spread in front of me begging for my cock was more than a dream come true.

I took a step closer and held the base of my cock as I slid the head just in the entrance of her hole. Then I pulled out and rubbed it along her slit keeping pressure on it so it rubbed her clit as I went. Then back inside, then out, going a bit deeper each time.

“Coach fuck please Coach fuck me!†she screamed

I smiled and continued until my full shaft was buried deep inside her hole.

“You ready?†I asked.

Not waiting for an answer I started to pump myself inside this incredible creature. Her pussy lips sucked my cock with every pull out of her and the inner walls gripped me as I slid back in.

 â€œOh coach don’t stop, don’t stop that, that, that….†her words tailed off as she laid back on the bench.

I held her legs up high and together. My rhythm quickened and before long I was pumping like rails on a steam train at full throttle, pounding into her with all my might. Her pussy was bending to my will and the force I was delivering.

“Oh Tiffany you, you feel soo good, fuck so tight, but such a good girl. You take it well.†I encouraged.

“Thank you Coach, yes Coach a good girl.†she whimpered.

I pulled my cock out and lifted Tiffany to the ground.

“Ok bend over it I want you doggie.†I commanded.

Without hesitation she bent over the table holding onto the sides with each arm. Her face and breasts lay on the table. I grabbed hold of my cock and slid it straight back inside her. Grabbing hold of her hips I went as hard as I could.

The sweat was dripping off us both adding to the lube our bodies were creating.

I wasted no time and hit top stride in a few paces, Tiffany found the rhythm and bucked back as I slammed my cock deep inside her. I fucked and fucked her hole in and out controlling her pace and movements until I could no longer hold it inside me.

My toes started to scrunch and the nerves in my legs started to give way. The pleasure ran from my brain and toes at the same time meeting in the base of the shaft of my cock.

“Oh it’s on, I’m cumming.†My sounds or words heightened her pace and she screamed. My hand grabbed hold of her hips and I drove into her with a relentless passion.

“Yes Coach do it, do it Coach, teach me, shoot coach, shoot.†she screamed at the top of her voice.

“Aaarrrrrr fuckkkkkkkk fuckkkkk yessssssssssssss oooooohhhhhoooooooooo yesssss soooooo good Sooooo fucking good.†I screamed as load after load of hot cum, shot beep inside this well-fucked exquisite beauty.

Her body was shaking and she came long and hard around my cock until I finished pumping myself inside, filling her beautiful love hole with my man juice.

“Oh Coach all of it, don’t waste any I want it all. Oh fuck that was good. Coach fuck Coach.†Tiffany kept saying.

I pulled my cock out and walked her over to the side benches where the guys get their kit on.

“Sit†I said as I lifted my cock up. “Be a good girl and clean me up.†I said looking right at her again.

“Yes Coach my pleasure.†she said as she licked and sucked my cock and balls clean.

“Oh fuck coach that was, fucking amazing. Fuck you can fuck.†she said her body spent for the moment.  

“Not bad for a first training run. I think you might need a few private training sessions though.†I said sounding every bit a coach again.

Tiffany picked up her tee shirt and slid it on.

“Oh yes please anytime Coach. And do I get to play point?†she asked with a smile.



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