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I slid my cock into her slowly, enjoying how the head of my cock spread the inner hole of her moist love pit. Her pussy lips closed around me, grabbing hold of my shaft as it inched inside her. I started to pump finding a perfect rhythm as Iris and I joined as one.“Oh you feel so good! Wow you wrap yourself around me. It’s so tight in there. So tight.†I said as I worked inside her. Being the I slid my cock into her slowly, enjoying how the head of my cock spread the inner hole of her moist love pit. Her pussy lips closed around me, grabbing hold of my shaft as it inched inside her. I started to pump finding a perfect rhythm as Iris and I joined as one.“Oh you feel so good! Wow you wrap yourself around me. It’s so tight in there. So tight.†I said as I worked inside her.

Being the national marketing manager of Prestige Inc. had its perks. 5 star hotel rooms, unlimited credit and a few days off to recover after taking customers out.

The annual get together sponsored by the company came around. It was a great way to mix socially with the people you work with. The champagne flowed freely as we all enjoyed a fine meal. Everyone was getting loose and smiles seemed to be a lot freer.

Iris worked for our in our accounts department and was the last one to join our happy party crew.

She was 24 not what you call stunningly beautiful but she had something that every guy noticed. Nothing you could put your finger on, but fucking her was one of the things I often thought about after seeing her in her office.

Her partner Justin had hit the drinks hard so I took him out to get some air and suggested he ease up, as there was a long night ahead and plenty of drink to be drunk at other places.

“Fuck off asshole,†replied Justin. “Who do you fucking think you are? King shit?â€

“No mate.†I replied “Just trying to lend a hand.â€

“Well I don’t need your help, so fuck off. Iris! Fuck Iris where are you?†He yelled as he stumbled back inside.  

I returned to the table there a band on stage. The small but adequate dance floor was already being put to good use.

Sharon from imports grabbed my hand.

“Come on Tim. You know my man doesn’t dance – it’s your turn.†she said pulling me to the floor.

I danced a few songs then headed to get myself another drink at the bar.

“Jimmy and coke thanks.†I ordered it was an open bar.

As I waited Iris walked up to me and started to apologize for Justin. I gave her a small hug and told her not to worry – drink doesn’t suit everyone.

“I know Tim, but you are so nice. You arranged our room and everything and he is being a jerkâ€. she said

“He is but that’s ok. We are heading out after this – you guys coming?†I asked.

“Here sir.†said the barman as he handed me my drink.

“No we are just going back to the hotel.†said Iris looking sad.

“Well it’s up to you – about 8 of us are heading out. The rest are going home to kids and stuff.†I told her – hoping it would make her feel better others were going as well.

She looked longingly at me and said

“I love him but sometime I just wish he wasn’t around so I could have some fun.â€

We joined the group and laughed and sang and danced the night away until the lights all came on. Those who were going hugged and kissed and left.

Iris and Justin came over and Iris hugged me, thanked me for a lovely evening and suggested we could catch up for breakfast as we were staying at the same hotel.

“I smiled. I might be back by then.†I said

Justin sniggered and said

“Maybe I will be finished fucking her by then,†and turned and got in the waiting taxi.

Iris’s eyes were so sad I just wanted to pick her up and take her away from this fool. They drove off and the rest of us headed out.

We all ended up at an Irish pub with four floors a pool and gambling room. There was a bar with a cover band, an 80’s remix room and a house floor at the top.

I had noticed a small petite girl with long, blonde hair. I was in the mood to throw someone around my five-star room. So I introduced myself.

Our crowd grew smaller so I drew Samantha in and worked my smile on her. That lasted for 20 mins until her group left we exchanged numbers and she went. ‘Ah well, next time.’ I thought and jumped in a taxi.

As I walked back into the hotel foyer I noticed Iris sitting alone in the closed bar. She had a bottle of champagne and a glass she was in a big chair overlooking the harbour.

“Hey you†I called “What you doing?â€

“Having a drink and some quiet time Tim. The barman left me two bottles – this one is almost empty you can open the other one if you like.†she replied

“Where is Justin?†I asked

“Upstairs passed out in his own drunken mess. He is such a dick and you know what? He is so useless in bed.†she said.

I heard her anger and resentment and knew this wasn’t a good subject to continue. I grabbed the almost empty bottle and took her out to the veranda overlooking the water.

“Isn’t this better than being stuck inside?†I asked rubbing her shoulders and pulling her just a little closer.

“It is Tim.†she said snuggling in closer

“You know what? I sucked his cock for 20 minutes to get him hard tonight and then I looked up and he was asleep. Fucking asleep.†Her words were full of anger and disappointment.

“Would you fall asleep if I was sucking your cock Tim?†she demanded.

My cocked heard the words and sprang to attention.

“Ahhh, no, I don’t think so. I think I would make good use of it.†I said

“I know right, do you think I am sexy Tim? Would you stay sober enough and fuck me good and hard?â€

“I could be drunk, tired and chained to the bed and I’d still find a way to fuck you.†I said. The words escaped before I could control them.

“I thought you would.†she said

Her hand reached down and rubbed my half-hard cock through my pants. It flicked to life. She smiled

“I want to see; I want to know I can suck cock well and make it hard. Let me suck you.†she said.

It was too late to stop her she dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants, the moon was shining on the water and my cock was getting harder by the second as Iris expertly sucked on it.

Long slow sucks. Then pumping her face hard, while closing her lips as tight as she could around me. Then sucking the head, before taking it all the way to the back and into her throat.

I leaned back against the railing enjoying Iris making one of my dreams come to reality.

“See I told you you’re hard, I can suck cock can’t I Tim?†she said as her hand continued to woke my shaft back and forth.

“You can Iris you sure can suck a cock and very fucking good at it as well.†I spouted.

“Tim your cock is so much bigger then Justin’s, please fuck me with it.†she whimpered looking up at me.

That was a given. How could I refuse a woman in need?

We headed back to my room and as we got in the lift I pulled her close to me. We kissed and I held her tight in an embrace I am sure we both had longed for. I slid my hand under her short black dress.

Two fingers slipped straight into her wet pussy as she wasn’t wearing anything to stop them. I finger-fucked her as the motion of the lift took us skyward.

Our kiss moved with the motion and Iris started to buck as my fingers found her g-spot.

I rubbed harder and harder sending her on a wild ride. Her pussy came on my hand. I pulled her close as my fingers worked inside her. Her body shuddered as she bit hard into my shoulder.

“More Tim more, I want more please Tim.†She begged

The lift opened and we walked to my room.

I opened the door for her. As soon as she was inside, Iris threw off her dress over her head and jumped on the bed.

“Don’t wait Tim come, come fuck me. I WANT YOU SO BAD†her words growing louder as she spoke.

I kicked of my shoes and ripped of my pants. Iris had found her clit and was working it at a steady pace.

“Fuck time that’s a beautiful cock. It’s so fat and ooooo I fucking want it inside me.†Her words were full of lustful fire.

I walked to the end of the bed and started to crawl up from the bottom.

“Lay back Iris, lay back I am going to devour you. I want to consume every bit of you.†I said my eyes not leaving hers for a second.

She was in my trance I had locked in and her body was in need and what she needed was to be taken to release the fire inside.

I grabbed hold of her legs and pulled her down so she was almost on her back I then spread them wide slowly like unwrapping a special present. I took my time.

“Relax, put a pillow behind you and watch me enjoy you beautiful.†I said as my mouth found her moist outer lips.

I licked and sucked her every curve. Her clit was already standing proud and ready for attention. I lightly licked it.

“Fuck, that’s it Tim that’s the spot.†Iris said breathlessly.

“Lick it. Eat me Tim. Please eat me.†She moaned again

I continued to lick her folds and bud starting at her pleasure bud working all the way down her outer lips and back up again. Spending time sucking and licking in small circles, Iris started to buck her hips and her hand started to ruffled my hair.

I continued my tongue entered her sweet tunnel and I licked her inner walls sending my tongue in as deep as it could go as my faced rubber her clit at the same time

“Yes, oh fuck yes that’s so good.†She said

My cock throbbed and rubbed on the bed. I started to buck. I pulled my face off her as I adjusted and went back to work on her hard pleasure bud again flicking my tongue over it lightly.

One of my hands found her nipples and my fingers rubbed and lightly pulled them to the motion I was creating eating this delicious creature. My spare hand moved to the entrance of her pleasure hole.

“Do it! Oh Tim do it please! Please!†she cried  

Without delay I slid two fingers back inside her and pumped away as my other hand worked her nipples and my mouth worked her clit.

“Squeeze them squeeze and pull them hard Tim.†She yelled

The harder I got the more fiercerly she bucked, meeting my hand as I shoved three fingers deep inside her inviting gash.

She came screaming loudly

“Yyeeeeeeeeeessssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!   Yyyeeeeesssss!â€

She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it muffling her screams as I continued to finger-fuck her wanton hole.

Throwing her pillow aside she called.

“Tim fuck me, no more play, fuck me. I want you to fuck me like I have dreamed about so many times.†she said her voice true and strong.

I crawled up her body taking her legs with me pushing them up my arms and sliding them onto my shoulders. Iris’s body slid completely onto her back.

I pulled my cock a few times to be sure but I was harder than ever. I looked at her under me.

“I have wanted to fuck you for so long. I have dreamt about fucking you so many times.†I said passion in every word.

I took hold of my man meat and I rubbed it over her hole just putting the head inside then pulling it back out and rubbing her clit with it. Teasing her and enjoying every second and dreaming of what was to come.


I slid my cock into her slowly, enjoying how the head of my cock spread the inner hole of her moist love pit. Her pussy lips closed around me, grabbing hold of my shaft as it inched inside her. I started to pump finding a perfect rhythm as Iris and I joined as one.

“Oh you feel so good! Wow you wrap yourself around me. It’s so tight in there. So tight.†I said as I worked inside her.

“I told you Justin has a small cock. He was my first. You are so much big bi gggggggggg eeeeerrrr.â€

Her words tailed off again as my thrusts increased and her words rang through her body like an alarm sending small shocks directly to her pussy and she started to cum again.

“Oh you are sooooo big. Don’t stop please don’t stop.†She begged.

I kept fucking her, increasing my pace as we went alternating from having her legs on my shoulders to falling down close to her pulling her face to mine as I pounded myself into her.

The harder I fucked her the more she loved it and the more her pussy opened.

“Pull my hair, bite me Tim fucking bite me!†she yelled, “Fuck me! Fuck me!â€

She was on fire, totally out of control and holding nothing back.

“I am going to fuck you doggie.†I said as I climbed off her, dragging her to the side of the bed and flipping her over onto her tummy. Her pussy glistened with love juice – ready and waiting for more onslaughts.

I slid straight back inside her warm love tunnel. She closed her legs making it tighter to navigate but I was doing fine. My hand grabbed her hips and I started fucking in a constant grinding motion meeting her and grinding out of her and back in to her again.

Without thought I picked up my pace and grabbed tighter onto her hips holding her tight in place.

“Wow you feel good, you are so fucking sexy Iris. So fucking sexy.†My words flowed freely.

With each thrust my body enjoyed pleasure I’d never felt before. Iris had buried her face into a pillow she dragged with her. Her pussy was just one long, hot chain of orgasms.

Harder and harder, I thrust deep inside her pussy.

“That’s a good girl. Take it; take my fucking hard cock deep inside you. See what happens when you suck a man’s cock?â€

“I get fucked fucked ooohhaaaaaaaaa.†replied Iris. She came again, tightening around me as she buried her face back into the pillow.

I was not fucking her with all I had and it was time to let rip.

Slapping her ass cheek as I pounded deeper and harder inside her. My other hand pushed on the small of her back keeping her exactly where I wanted and needed her to be.

She bucked back as hard as I pounded into her. I started to tingle all over and I was about to climb aboard that wave with no turning back. Sweat covered both our bodies and my hair was soaked and dripping.

“Oh I feel you. I feel you. I feel you you’re getting bigger.†screamed Iris.

I held her hips as tight as possible pulling her back into me as I thrusted deep inside again and again. The well of love had opened and I was heading as deep inside as possible.

“Don’t you stop Tim, DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE STOP.†she yelled.

I couldn’t if I wanted to. I needed to finish I needed this to be what I always dreamed of and that was to end deep inside her.

“Are you ready Iris? Are you ready to take a real man’s cum inside you?â€

“Yes cum inside me, I want it, I want it cum Tim cum.†she blurted out at a million miles an hour then buried her head in the pillow again.

Thrusting with all my might I unleashed my juices deep, deep inside her. Sending each and every drop deep to where Iris wanted it.

Her words were gone screams of delight and pleasure filled the room. Her cunt danced and
squeezed and milked each and every drop until I was spent. I stayed inside her until I started to slide away.

I jumped on the bed.

Iris looked at me.

“I dreamt about you fucking me so many time soooooooo many times but nothing and I mean nothing ever come close to that.â€

I leaned down and kissed her, wiping the sweaty hair from her face. Then I pulled her into my arms without words.

We laid there until the room come back in focus showing us the clock beside the bed 4:12 am

“Fuck!†said Iris. “I have to go! See you at breakfast maybe?†She leaned in and kissed me before scraping up her clothes and putting them on. As she got to the doorway she ran back for one more kiss and touch of my still twitching cock.

“Breakfast it is†I said. “Maybe.† 


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