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Proper Planning Prevents Pregnancy by Sivad2

Fortunately, I have a couple of older brothers that I'm close to. Also fortunately, guys mature much slower than girls. So. Even in high school I have more of an itch. Curiosity…well, I think we have that in common.

My brother Josh is 5 years older than me. He is a hunk. Always is dressed well, wears a nice smelling cologne, takes a lot of girls out on dates. He's dumb as a rock, but is really nice to look at. Don't get me wrong, he knows how to use his gift of gab to hide his intellectual inadequacies.

Tonite, I'm thinking that I'd like to investigate some stuff a little closer, if you know what I mean. So, folks are out at the Moose Lodge and me and big brother are home alone. My other sibling having left with his friends for some cruising around. With Josh, you just have to pick your opportunities, tonite he didn't have a date.

My body is nothing to sneer at. I have small tits, I know, and my hips are a bit skinny, but I'm short and cute (at least that's what my friends tell me). I expect I'll fill out by the time I'm in college but that's a few years away. Short (5 feet in my stocking feet). My best feature, though, is my pussy. Seriously, it is my best friend. I discovered my pussy several years ago. It was shortly after I started my monthlies. At first, I used a pad like all my friends who had started their but then they told me about tampons. I was with my best friend, Becky, when I decided to try one. I was having a heck of a hard time trying to put it in. Becky was, of course, helping. We finally got it in, but along the way, I discovered that there was a little spot just above the hole that felt REALLY GOOD when we missed while fumbling around.

We talked about it, of course. Becky said she masturbated regularly. I wanted to see. So she did! Right in front of me. She made all sorts of funny noises and her pussy got all gushy. I didn't try it then since I was kinda messy “down there”. That was a few years ago. Needless to say, my pussy and me have an understanding. Orgasms are her responsibility with my help, of course.

“Josh, I was in Sex-Ed today and I was hoping you would answer a few questions for me.”

“Sis, you sure you want me to answer questions about sex ed? I mean, isn't it something you should talk over with Mom?”

“Eeww!. I can't imagine talking this stuff over with Mom. She's so OLD. Besides, I want a boys />
“OK, what do you want to know.” Josh, says.

“You know sex-ed, all about how the sperm fertilizes the egg; how to put a condom on the banana. But they don't talk about all the real stuff that happens.”

“What real stuff? You've been on dates, right?”

“Yah, but so far, all I've done is some kissing and one boy tried to put his hand on my bra, but I wouldn't let him.”

“Why not? Anyway, what do you want to know?”

“Well, since you are my big brother and I love you and I know I can trust you and I know you would never hurt me, I'd like to see how stuff works.” I say this all in a rush.

Josh looks at me with wide eyes. “Sis, what have you done with your body already by yourself and what would you like to know how to work a guys body? I ask because I need to know how innocent you actually are even though you do sound just />
“I masturbate nearly every night. Wanna see me?” I can't believe I just said that, but he does need to know what I already know so he can help me.

So I strip. I take it slow because I'm sorta embarassed but also a bit turned on by the fact that a MAN is going to see me naked for the first time. Once I undress, I look back at Josh. His eyes are GLUED to my body. His eyes move from my tits to my pussy, to my eyes and back and forth. His mouth is open like he is dumbstruck. I can't believe I am having this effect on my brother. I also note a bulge in his crotch.

His voice is hoarse and he croaks, “Sis, you have a beautiful body-I didn't realize you had grown into such a pretty young lady.”

“Let's see if you still think I'm a lady after watching me cum.” So I begin my masturbation ritual. After so much practice, it really is a ritual. I pinch my tits and fondle myself (I wish they were bigger so I could lick my nipples). I rub down and rub my thighs and back up a couple times before beginning to rub my pussy (my best friend). I'm wet, really wet with my brother watching. I use the middle finger of my right hand to plunge into my pussy, on the way out I rub the nub (clit), then go back in and pull back out; then back up to the tits and legs and thighs and back into the pussy. I'm getting hotter and hotter and getting close. I've had my eyes closed for a while trying to savor the building orgasm…I look over at Josh and see him looking in my eyes; that is SO HOT and just rub the clit over and over and I'm cumming! I scream a little.

“Wow, sis. That was something. You made me get a real big boner just watching.”

“Good. That's what I was after. I wanna see it; that is part of the real stuff I'm curious about.”

“OK” Josh drops his trousers exposing about 8” of erect penis. “Is this what you want to see?”

“Oh, yah. This is the first one I've seen outside of a porn flick”

“So my baby sister masturbates and watches porn, who'd a thunk it?”

“Can I touch it?”

“Sure. But it is loaded. Watching you cum makes me really ready to shoot.”

“Seriously, that's all it takes? That's one of the other things I'm curious about.”

I grab hold of his cock. “Geez, this is really hard”

Josh says, “It has to be hard to penetrate into a girl”.

“What do I have to do to make you shoot?”

“Why don't I show you since you showed me how you cum?”

“OK, but I may want to play with it too, it looks and feels so cool.”

Josh moves my hand out of the way and starts to move his hand up and back over the head of his cock; his fingers are made into a circle that is just smaller than the circumference of it. I watch closely. He seems to be losing rhythm.


“Well, I admit that watching you cum made me hard; but this is just too weird with my sister. Also, standing up and masturbating is harder on a guy than sitting or laying down.”

“See, that's the sort of stuff I'm curious about. Why not lay here on the couch and tell me what I can do to get it hard again.”

So we switch places. His cock is sorta limp and laying all floppy on his stomach. “What can I do to help?”

Josh is embarassed, I can tell. “Sis, you're in front of me naked and I'm naked but I just feel weird doing this with you.”

I say, “OK, close your eyes and imagine your last date with, wasn't it Candice? She had big tits, right? Did you do anything with her?”

Josh reminisces; “Yah, we parked up at the point. She gave me a nice />
I see the effect of this memory, the cock is stirring. “Keep your eyes closed. Let me try />
I have heard of blowjobs and watched some on porn (isn't the internet great?). I know it entails a girl putting her mouth on a cock; but that's all I know about it. But, I figure, what the heck. So I plant a big kiss on his cock. It stirs some more and gets harder again. Josh reaches down and starts to pull and stroke it again. I'm right there watching. It is getting ENORMOUS. I see a little liquid at the tip. Josh still has his eyes closed and his strokes are getting faster and faster. Suddenly white cream is spurting out of the end, most goes on Josh's stomach and hand. I can't imagine what that would feel like if that was still in my mouth, but I decide to try a little taste. Yech, it is awful, but not much worse than what my own pussy tastes like. Salty mostly.

Josh is finished finally and I say…”Wow, right back atcha big brother.” Thanks for the lesson.

I get him some paper towels for the mess. “Guys make a lot more of a mess when they cum than girls do.”

“There are other things I want to know, Josh. Not just the mechanics but the ways to keep from getting pregnant and still have fun and be popular without being a slut.”

“Sis, you know how your body feels when you cum, right? Well, a guy will do almost ANYTHING to cum. Mostly, he will want pussy sex because it will also make you feel good too. But he will accept getting a handjob or blowjob-better than nothing right? There are other ways of making a guy cum, like anal sex, but you have to be careful, and titty sex. Truth to tell, a guy is easy to please….BUT, you don't get much out of it unless you do pussy sex or 69. Hate to admit it, but guys are pretty selfish and if you want something from them for yourself, you have to get it before they cum since they are pretty much done when they are done.”

a pretty depressing forecast, big bro. A handjob is what you just did except that I'd be the one doing the stroking, right?”

right, sis. A blowjob is a handjob except you use your mouth and your hand to make the guy cum in your mouth…and it is polite to swallow as much of the cum as you can. Titty sex is just a handjob that uses your titties instead of hands. Anal sex is where you have the guy stick his cock in your asshole as if it were your pussy. You have to be careful to ensure there is plenty of lube if you want to try that since the asshole doesn't make it's own lube like your pussy does. A 69 is where the guy plays with your pussy with his mouth while you give him a blowjob. Pussy sex is what you want to avoid in order to ensure you do not get pregnant.”

“Geez, it sounds like it is all about the guy getting his rocks off…”

“Yah, not very fair, is it. As long as you can get your orgasms by masturbating, there's no need for a guy at all—except you said you want to be popular. To be popular, you pretty much have to give a guy something, but to keep from being a slut, you have to ensure you only do one guy at a time…but the longer you're with one guy, the more he'll expect and eventually he'll only want pussy sex since that's what you'll be holding back.”

“Thanks, Josh. Food for thought. I think we should get cleaned up. Ma and Pa are due home soon.

A week later, Josh is out with Candice again. Ma and Pa are out again at the Moose, but Todd is home with me. Todd is a real nerd. He's almost as smart as me-oh, to be honest, he might be a little smarter. He takes all the AP classes but he hardly ever goes on a date and doesn't have the looks of Josh being a bit shorter and less athletic. Oh, that's probably not completely fair since he is on the swim team and plays tennis. In any case, he's not the hearthrob that Josh is, but he's still my brother and I love and trust him.

“Todd, I'm puzzled by a few things I learned in sex-ed.” By this time, I've decided since it worked so well with Josh, that the same approach with Todd might work again.

“Baby (for some reason, Todd calls me baby and won't stop). What is there to know? The sperm fertilizes the egg.”

“Yah, but I'm interested in knowing some of the mechanics of getting the sperm there. In particular, I want to know how to date guys and KEEP the sperm from getting there. I want to date, and I know guys want to screw, but aren't there />
“Baby, I don't have a lot of practical knowledge in that area, myself, as you know since I don't date much. But let's do some research together. Maybe we can investigate it like it was a science problem. What resources have you looked at for your />
“I looked at some porn. Some of it looks violent, some looked sorta OK-especially when a guy was shooting white stuff all over a girl or when a guy was using his mouth on a girls' pussy.”

“Baby, you surprise me. Did you get turned on while watching porn? Do you />
“Todd, I have been masturbating for a couple years, now. Doesn't take watching porn to get me horny.”

“OK, lets watch some porn together. Do you have a favorite website? Any kinky stuff you want to watch?”

“Last time I was on pornhdx. Lets watch some 69.”

Todd pulls out his laptop and goes to the website and uses the search engine to show 69 videos. When the thumbs come up, we pick one about 8 minutes long. It has a pretty redhead girl with big boobs and the guy is really hairy but has a long skinny cock.

“Hey, let's do what they do,” I suggest.

In the porno, the guy takes the redhead's top off and grabs her tits and licks her nipples. Todd removes my top and fondles my tits and sucks on my nipples. The redhead pulls the guys shirt off and kisses him passionately. I pull Todd's shirt over his head and kiss him-I even put my tongue in his mouth and he put his tongue in my mouth-was sorta fun. I'm getting turned on quite a lot. The porno guy drops down and pulls the redhead's pants and panties down all together, then pushes her back onto the bed, then plants his face in her pussy. Todd yanks my bottoms off and pushes me onto the couch and puts his mouth on my pussy-gosh that feels great. I lose track of the video it feels so good. I'm almost ready to cum. But the video now shows the redhead has started giving a blowjob to the guy. Feeling like I have to catch up, I stand back up, push Todd back onto the couch and drop his trousers. I pull out his cock and begin to suck. This is only my second cock. Todd's is very much like Josh's. It is about the same girth and maybe a little shorter. I begin the movements I remember how Josh stroke his cock and duplicated the motion with my hand on Todd's cock. At the same time, I put my mouth over the head and moved my head up and down over the shaft. Todd says, “Baby, wait, the video now shows the guy laying back with her pussy on top of his face while she sucks him while laying on top of him.” So we moved to do that. This is SO MUCH FUN. Todd's tongue is in my hole and sometimes is brushing my clit. I squirm to help him get it in just the right spot. I slide my pussy over his tongue. He puts his hand on my butt and even rubs my butthole with his finger, pushing in slightly. I'm not sure I like that but since my mouth is full of cock, I can't really say much. My mouth is going up and down his cock. My hands are stroking up and down his cock. I have gotten a rhythm and my pussy is matching on his tongue (and let's not forget his nose gives a nice little bump to rub on). Suddenly, I'm cumming. I gasp. Todd must feel me cum since I KNOW how wet I get when I cum. He shoots into my mouth. There is so much. I swallow but can't keep up. I swallow what I can but some dribbles down onto his hair.

When we are both done, I look up at Todd with cum dripping down my chin. “Well, that was fun but sorta messier than I />
“Baby, that was great. Didn't know you liked that sort of stuff. When can we do it again?”

“Todd, this was really special, but I am just experimenting and trying to learn how to please a future boyfriend without getting />
“Baby, that's certainly one way to do it. But you have to be careful. Some guys who are bigger than you won't take no for an answer so if you show them your pussy, you might have a hard time keeping his cock out of you.”

“Ma and Pa should be home soon. Let's get cleaned up and I need to finish my />
Becky and I masturbate together when she stays the night. After all, she showed me how, right? Anyway, after my adventures with Josh and Todd, I decided it might be fun to try a 69 with her.

“Let me get this straight, you watched Josh masturbate? You and Todd did a 69?” Becky asks.

“I figured it would be safer with Josh and Todd to learn stuff about guys than it would be on dates. It was really fun. It was really exciting being naked in front of Josh and masturbating for him while he watched. A lot different than when we do it together, I didn't think it would make that much difference, but it did. And Geez, his dick is only seen one other, though.”

“What does sperm taste like? It looks like cream.”

“It's yucky. Tastes salty and it's thick and surprise was it was warm, but now that I think about it, that shouldn't be a surprise. But it isn't much worse than pussy juice. When Todd came in my mouth I swallowed as much as I could 'cause Josh said it was polite. I was so busy cumming myself I hardly noticed the taste, though.”

Becky looks at me, “What did it feel like to have your brother eating your pussy? It sounds intense. I sometimes wish I could lick my own pussy instead of just using my finger or a />
I stare back at Becky, “You use a vibrator? What's that like? Todd didn't know much about a girls' pussy. I was on top so I sorta just squirmed over his face to put his tongue and nose where I wanted it. It felt fantastic; a better orgasm than doing it myself. You want to try it with me? I hope it is even better with someone who already knows how to make a pussy feel good!”

Becky slides down the bed under the covers and spreads my thighs and begins to lick my pussy. Geez, that's great. I take the covers off so she can breathe and just lie there and enjoy. Becky is moving her fingers in and out of my hole while her tongue is pushing on my button. I'm getting really hot but I also feel guilty since Becky is using her other hand on her own pussy. I pull her up and kiss her (my pussy juice is no stranger to me). I tell her to straddle my face so she's on top and can move her pussy easily over my face. She gets into position and I stick my tongue into her hole. She wiggles a little while sitting on my face. She moves forward and back over my nose giving a little groan of delight. It is awkward a little since my hands can't really reach anything. Seeing my problem, Becky lays forward and starts eating my pussy again. We start to mirror each other's actions. I stick my fingers into her butthole, she does it as well. I stretch my neck and lick her butt hole…Becky can't really do that since the bed is in the way, but she slides back further to give me better access to her butt. She is not smelly and tastes clean and this is something I haven't done, it seems to make her happy since she starts to move her butt really quick. She's starting to really attack my clit with her tongue, so I leave off her butthole and return to her clit and pussy. I leave one finger in her butthole while I attack her clit. Becky is going wild and I taste her cum as she is drenching me in pussy juice. That sets me off and I'm cumming.

I giggle, “it's a good thing our mouths were busy or Ma and Pa would have come to see what was causing all the screaming. That was />
Becky agrees, “I haven't ever played with my butt at the same time as playing with my pussy. I was surprised at how good it felt.”

“Josh told me that anal sex was another good way to avoid pregnancy but he said that lube was needed. After he told me that, I've been experimenting with with playing with my butt at the same time as playing with my pussy. I didn't put anything other than my finger in me, though. I can't imagine something as enormous as Josh's cock in there. He was right, too, a little vaseline on my finger made it feel better and allowed me to really frig in and out. It was still my clit that made me cum, though.”

“I brought my vibrator. Wanna see it?”

I giggled, “Sure Beck…I thought you would never ask. How'd it feel having someone else make you cum? I felt pretty good about getting Todd an orgasm and again it felt great that I was able to get you to cum.”

Becky stares at me, “What made you think this was the first time I ever came with someone else' help? I've been on dates, you know.”

“You mean you let boys play with your pussy and feel you up?”

Becky looks surprised, “Of course, it feels great. But they don't really know their way around like you do. Sometimes they accidentally hurt me and I have to stop them and tell them what to do. A couple guys didn't like that so I stopped seeing them, but a couple others were happy to know what makes me happy.”

“Beck, I didn't know you went all the way with a guy.”

“Well, I haven't. But I've let guys play with my body as long as they know I mean NO when I say NO. I keep in control, but I have to admit it is hard sometimes since it feels SOO GOOD.”

“Wait, how many guys have you been doing this with and for how long? I haven't heard any rumors about your />
“I'm careful,” Becky says. “I get asked out a bit more than you do, but I only pick guys who I know can keep secrets.” She shows me her vibrator. It looks like a lipstick except it is about 4” long and a little wider around. “Wanna try it?”

“Sure, but why don't you show me, first? I'll just watch or maybe play with your butt while you play with it. Do you stick it in?”

“Just watch.” Becky turns it on. It makes a buzzing sound like the vibrate mode on my cell phone. We've been pretty quiet since everybody is home. I've had Becky over a few times over the past few years and we do make noise (mostly giggles) pretty late so I'm not worried anyone will come barging in. She wets the tip of the vibrator with her tongue and puts it on her tit while squeezing the other tit. Becky has nice tits, a bit larger than mine, but then, it seems to me everybody has bigger tits than me. I decide to help out a little and start to pinch and bite her nipple opposite where the vibrator is working. Becky murmurs, “Ooh, that feels nice, keep that up.” Then she moves the vibrator down to her pussy and shoves it in. She pulls it out, it glistens and she shoves it in again. Then pulls it out and uses the vibrating tip on her clit. Beck and I are both breathing heavy, I haven't done anything to myself other than rub my tits, but watching Beck is really turning me on. I move from her tit down between her legs. I finger her pussy to get my finger wet and put the tip of my finger in her bum. Becky seems to like that as she moves the vibrator back in her pussy and shoves it in and out really fast. I put more of my finger in her butt and try to time my finger fucking to her pussy vibrator fucking. Beck is going wild. She suddenly arches her back and puts a pillow over her head to muffle her scream of ecstasy.

“I liked watching that. Let's do me, next.” I'm dying to try her vibrator and watching it disappear into her pussy was a real turn on. I haven't had anything but my fingers in there. One thing about both of us, we cum easily (years of practice, I suppose). Beck gives me the vibrator and I lick Becky's pussy off it. I want it in my pussy, but I also want something in my ass. “Beck, there's some vaseline in my drawer. Let's lube this up and stick it in my asshole.” Becky gets the lube and smears it on the vibrator.

“Don't you want it in your pussy?”

“ I do, but I think I want it in my bum more. I'll use my fingers in my pussy.”

“The hell you will, it'll be my tongue and fingers in your pussy.”

So we started slow. I had found previously with my finger that it takes a long time before my asshole expands to accept even one finger. The vibrator is bigger around that two fingers. Becky is playing with my pussy with her fingers and tongue while I am putting the vibrator in my ass. I flash back to remembering her helping with putting my first tampon in…it makes me smile. Becky sees this and says, />
I remind her about that and she smiles, but then goes back to eating pussy. I am having difficulty since the position is so awkward, I have my legs way up in the air and Becky's head is between my legs while I'm trying to move a vibrator in and out. I say, gotta be a better way.”

We collapse giggling on the bed. “Let's think it through.” We finally figure it would be much easier on everyone if I played with my own pussy while Becky shoved the vibrator in an out, especially if I was on my stomach. Oh yah, that was better. Becky gets a rhythm going and I match it with 3 fingers in my pussy. I'm so wet. I clench and spasm, the vibrator is IN ME when I clench—OOH, that hurt so good. I gasp and cum REAL HARD. Becky pulls the vibrator out suddenly and I cum again and feel so empty, I grab her hand and she seems to read my mind and shoves the vibrator in my pussy. I cum again! Just one series of orgasms.

“Thanks, Becky. THAT was

Becky says, “I was amazed you didn't jerk the lamp off the table. You just kept jerking and jerking. I don't want to sound selfish, but watching you made me horny again.”

“I don't think I can cum again, Becky, but come sit on my face and I'll get you off.”

Becky straddles my head on the pillows. I start eating pussy. I really attack the clit. I make my tongue into a pointer and dart it on top over and over. Becky's clit swells like a little dick. I keep this up for only a couple minutes before she gushes all over my chin.

“Let's get some sleep. I'm exhausted.” We collapse.

I have a date with Jim. He's a nice guy and pretty smart. Jim's in my English class and is also in a couple AP classes and (like my brother Todd) on the swim team. 5'8” tall, thin, big shoulders with a clean look. He doesn't look like he has to shave very much, probably because of his blonde hair and blue eyes. We're going to a movie, one of those adventure films. I think it's a Tomb Raider sort.

I'm watching from my bedroom as he drives up in his family's SUV. He gets out of the car and walks to the door.

My dad answers the door. I leave them some time for my dad to intimidate him about taking care of his daughter. My brother Todd is there as well as my Ma. I give them enough time to meet and greet and make my entrance.

“Are you finished giving my date the third degree, Dad?” Jim smiles a little wanly at me as my dad smirks in the background.

Dad pipe up, “Just making sure he knows how much we care for you, hon, and that we want you back in the same condition as you leave.”

“Daaad! Quit embarassing me.”

Ma comes to my rescue, “OK, you kids have fun. Your curfew is midnight, as you know.”

We escape and he politely holds the passenger door open for me since he sees my folks are still watching. Once in and buckled up, he says, “Your folks are nice. I think I know your brother Todd from the swim team.”

“Yah, after you asked me out I asked him if he knew you. He didn't know you very well, he said you swim backstroke. My mom must like you since my normal curfew is 11.”

We don't talk much on our way to the movie. I can tell he's insecure, first date and everything. I don't know why guys are so scared of girls….

After he buys the tickets and we get our popcorn and decide to split one of those huge drinks, we find our seats. It is kinda fun sitting in the dark. I decide to take some initiative and lean over and put my head on his shoulder—he takes the hint and puts his arm behind my neck. We stay that way pretty much through the movie although I know it must hurt him to have my head trapping his arm. I can see that the woman actress in the movie is affecting him since he's got a little boner once in a while—I know it can't be ME causing that. She is gorgeous although she's a giant compared to me-both in height and in the tits department.

After the giant drink we both have to use the bathroom before getting back into the car. He was so cute trying to tell me he had to go.

Once in the car, he seems at a loss. It's only 9 and he knows my curfew isn't til midnight. Jim asks, “We can go to a fast food hangout.”

I say, “Jim, lets find a spot to make out for a while-or are you hungry?”

“No way would I choose food over making out.”

So we drive to a local park. After parking, he doesn't attack me like a lot of guys would. He waits for me to unbuckle and waits for me to scootch over for a kiss. He kisses good. Just kissing is fun. We neck pretty heavy for a while. Our tongues are having a tongue war-I hate it when a guy just throws his tongue down my throat trying to fuck my mouth with his tongue! Jim is wearing a light cologne but underneath that smell is just clean guy with a hint of chlorine (probably from the pool).

“Jim, you kiss nice.”

“Thanks, I haven't had a lot of practice, though. I appreciate the opportunity to get better. Tell me if I do something you don't like, OK? You can also tell me if I do something you do like. My sister tells me that the most problems she had with her boyfriends was because she didn't speak up when he was doing something she didn't like.”

your sister like?”

“She's about 6 years older than me and in college. She's quite the looker, I guess it runs in the family! JUST JOKING!”

“You are pretty easy on the eyes, Jim. Nice body, most swimmers have nice bodies although they do seem to have big feet, I noticed, when I'm at the meets.”

We break from conversation and neck for a while longer. I'm getting pretty warmed up and the center console on the SUV is really in the way.

“I don't want to appear the slut, but can we move to the backseat? This shift lever and console are really />
Jim says, “Sure, it being our first date, I didn't think you'd be into anything more than just a little necking />
We move back there and before we start necking again, I say, “You say your sister told you her biggest mistake with guys is not speaking up. I don't want to make that sort of mistake, so I will tell you what I want, what I will and won't do, and we'll go from there. I'm not a dictator, though, so you get to tell me what you want, as well.

Jim looks surprised, “Hmm, a negotiation. Sounds fair. You go first”.

“Funny you should say that, since that is my first rule. I cum first. I masturbate, I'm sure you Jim looks embarassed a little, but I continue, “As long as I cum first, I will ensure you cum second. If you make me cum with your hand, I'll make you cum with my hand. You make me cum with your mouth, I'll make you cum with my mouth. Sound fair? And no pussy sex, ever. I really don't need or want a dick in my pussy.”

Jim is astonished. “Well, this is a surprise. You know, my sister caught me masturbating when she was home on break a year ago. She helped me finish with a handjob. I was embarassed, but it felt really good to have someone else jerk me off. Later, she showed me her body and some of the spots that girls like to have touched and stroked. She had some stuff she called motion lotion and used it to give me handjobs the rest of the time she was home. It was />
I smile, “Did you return the favor?”

“Yah, but I didn't need the motion lotion, she got really really wet all on her own. She showed me her clit and I put fingers in her twat. I don't know for sure if she had an orgasm or not though. She went spastic and jerked a couple times and her pussy got even wetter, but there wasn't any mess to clean up like when I cum.”

With that, I lean over and start necking with Jim again. I can see by the bulge in his trousers that he's got a hard on. I guide his hand to my tit. He gets the idea, reaches behind me and unhooks the bra so my little pancakes pop out. I say, “They are really sensitive, maybe because they are so small, so be gentle.”

Jim takes the left tit in his mouth-he can get almost the whole thing in and flips the nipple with his tongue. This is making me really hot so I spread my legs a little. Jim makes a “Mph” sound and says, “That is the most hot thing any girl can do, do you know that? Giving access, surrendering is just such a turn on for a guy—when sis raises her butt off the bed so I can remove her panties, it is the same sort of thing.”

“I didn't know that, I just did it because I'm getting so wet. Remember I said, I cum first. Let's take turns, you get me off; it won't take long and I'll help, then I'll take care of you.”

Jim takes me at my word and tries to get at my pussy through the waist band on my pants and panties. I say, just hurt me since there's just not enough room. Help me get them off.” I slide off the seat, undo the button and zipper and slide everything down to my ankles and step out of one leg. The seat feels cool on my on my bare butt, but I'm sure I'll warm up.

Jim is looking at my body, nearly naked and I see real appreciation in his eyes. We start necking again. Then he sticks his finger in my pussy and rubs my clit. Heavenly. I open my legs some more to show my appreciation. He finger fucks me while kissing.

“Suck my tits, bite my nipples”, I direct.

Jim takes direction well, he's still alternating between finger fucking and massaging my clit. I'm getting really close. “I'm getting close,” I breathe hoarsely. And I'm there. I'm bucking against his hand and jerking my body so his teeth almost rip my nipple off. The little pain actually enhances the orgasm.

“Wow, that was great! Thanks.”

“It was fun watching you. Did you cum? You seem to spasm quicker than my sister.”

“Yah, I had an orgasm, thank you again. I seem to see that you could probably use some relief. I don't suppose you brought any motion lotion or towels for the mess.”

“I didn't really plan on anything happening tonite. So no, no motion lotion but I don't think we need it, I'm pretty much ready to shoot.”

“Let's use your underwear for the mess to cum (I giggle), you can go commando after.”

So we drag his jeans off him and stage his underwear handy. I start fisting his cock. Jim's cock is different than Todd's or Josh's. His is bent more with an upward curve, kinda like a scimitar sword. His helmet (I've not seen an uncircumcised dick yet) is like a mushroom. It is smaller than either of my brothers' but seems a bit thicker. I start with slow strokes. I make sure there isn't anything causing too much friction as I don't want to hurt him. I also use my other hand on my pussy to give myself some pleasure while I'm doing this. Jim notices me, “Anything I can do to help?”

I say, “yah, play with my tits and when it looks like I'll cum again, pinch my />
Jim is good with this idea as he starts to fondle my tits. I get a good rhythm going with my hand on his cock, my other hand on my twat. Jim gets a look on his face so I know he's close. The tip of his cock is glistening with pre cum so I know he's close. Then he's spraying jism all over his shirt and I'm cumming again. I keep pumping the best I'm able between jerks.

I look at the mess we made. “Hmm, should have thought about pants AND shirt. Oh well, next time we'll know.” I start cleaning the cum off his shirt and my hand with his tidy whities. There's more cum than we can clean with just that. So I decide to sacrifice my panties as well. We get him cleaned up and get dressed again—both of us going commando. I put my cum soaked (pussy juice and sperm) panties into my bag.

We drive to the house, it's 1115 or so. I say, “I'll go in alone, we don't want them seeing your shirt.”

Jim say, “This was a fantastic first date, Adrian. When can we do it again?”

“I'm free next weekend, I think.”

Todd just came home from swim practice. Ma and Pa are in the family room watching TV. He comes home late sometimes when practice runs late. Todd is fixing himself some leftovers since we ate dinner without him, which is what we do on nights he has to practice late. I decide to come down and keep him company since I finished my homework.

“Hi Todd, I haven't seen much of you, is there a meet coming up or />
“Hi Baby, yah, quarter sectionals are coming up soon and coach is working us hard to build our stamina. Hey, I spoke with Jim after practice a couple times. He's pretty mum about what your date was like. He just said that you seemed to have fun and he wants to ask you out again when he can get the car.”

“I did have a good time with Jim.” I'm relieved that Jim is showing discretion about what we did on our date. I thought he would be, but you never know how guys gossip. It seems sometimes that they can't keep a secret. “Speaking of a good time, I'd like to study some more like last time when you get a chance.”

Todd gets a gleam in his eye, “You wanna watch more porn?”

I say, “I don't think porn will be necessary, I have some ideas of my own.” In fact, I did have some ideas. I had bought some sex aids on line (amazing the stuff you can get online).

“Ma and Pa are home, we have to be quiet.”

“As long as they keep the TV on, I think we can manage. Especially with what I have in mind.”

Todd finishes dinner and tells Ma and Pa he has homework he has to do. They wave him up. I hear them talk to each other about how they have such great kids. Almost made me blush. I go bye them without a word (as I normally do) and head to the bedroom side of the house.

I go into Todd's room. “Last time we did a 69 and you made me cum really nice, but I think you need practice eating pussy since I got off mostly by squirming my slit all over your face into a position that felt good to me. You up for that?”

“Baby, you know I don't date much, so even though I'm older, I will bow to your expertise. I'm smart enough to take />
OK, I strip and sit on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. “Come to Baby, />
Todd kneels down in front of me and starts to lick my slit. “That feels good, but use your finger at the same time, pull your face away once in a while and use your thumb to press on my clit. You should see my clit if you look close, it is right under a little hood just above the hole…it also gets a little bigger as I get excited.” Todd does all these things and is getting into it. I'm getting into it, as well. “Use one of your hands to fondle my tits and pinch my nipples every so often.” Todd varies his technique to include that maneuver. “Make your tongue into a stiff point and dart on the clit. At the same time, use your thumb in my hole and reach behind to my bum with your middle finger and stick it in my butthole.” Todd is VERY GOOD at taking direction. Without me coaching further he is combining the directions randomly and even comes up with a couple new ones like sticking his tongue as far into my pussy hole as he can while using his nose to rub my clit. Another one without coaching is he rides his face further down and sticks his tongue into my butthole along with a finger. This is heaven. I'm getting closer and closer to a really big orgasm. Todd must be able to tell this since he reaches up and pinches my nipple as he darts his stiff tongue over and over on my clit. I gush all over his chin so he opens his mouth and sticks his tongue back into my hole and laps me up greedily. Of course, I have put a pillow over my mouth so my shriek is muffled as I cum.

“Wow, Todd, that was great.”

“No, Baby, It was great learning how to please a girl.”

I notice a very noticeable bulge in Todd's pants. “Can I help you with that? I have something I want to try.”

Todd says with a grin, “I thought you would never ask.”

“At the risk of seeming too bossy, I want to suck you again but I want to try to deep throat. It seems to be something that can be />
“Baby, I stopped listening after suck. Just kidding. I have never had a girl, other than you, suck my cock, let alone a deep throat. So I am more than willing to be your guinea pig.”

So I start sucking. This time I don't try to jack him off at the same time I am sucking. I try to get as much cock into my mouth as I can. I note that my tongue is in the way and trying to keep it from going deeper. I try sticking my tongue out and his cock does go deeper but then it hits the back of my throat and I gag. I have to stop. I start up again but just as the cock gets back there, I gag. I'm frustrated and I'm sure Todd is going nuts with all these starts and stops.

“Todd, I don't think this is going to work, sorry. I think I need to figure out how to open my throat and keep it open without />
“Baby, that's OK. You know I'm a lifeguard, though. When you give someone mouth to mouth, you have to open their throat by moving their head back on the ground and sorta arch their back.”

“Todd, you are brilliant. Let's try that. I'll lay on the bed with my head lolling down-that should open my throat. You can just fuck my mouth that way.”

We move into that position. The bed is pretty low so Todd has to sorta squat. I also remembered that Josh told me that guys sometimes have trouble cumming when standing. I ask, “Is this too low? Want to try something where you aren't />
Todd answers by sticking his cock in my mouth. I reach around and grab his butt cheeks while he strokes his cock in and out of my mouth. It is still gagging me when he thrusts too deep. He can tell so just thrusts shallow. I'm surprised at how much I am enjoying this. I wish I could have him go deeper, but I know I need to learn technique and practice before I can do that. I keep one hand on Todd's butt and worm a finger into his butthole, the other hand I use to grip around his cock to keep him from thrusting too deep. He's moving faster and faster; my tongue is rubbing on the underside of his dick and he starts cumming. I swallow everything this time. I feel sorta proud of myself for taking the entire load.

“Baby, that was really great.”

“Todd, sorry I couldn't deep throat it. I have to learn how or keep practicing or something.”

“Baby, don't worry. You can practice on me />
I start with a skinny carrot. I also read about sword swallowing circus performers. Todd was right, part of the method includes opening up the airway so there is a straight shot to accommodate the entire length. You might wonder why I'm so adamant about this stuff, after all what's in it for me since I'm not doing stuff for love, only to get myself better orgasms. The reason is simple, someday, maybe, I'll want to please someone else as much or more than I want to be pleased. None of that garbage about “It is better to give than receive.” I expect to always be a bit selfish, but I want to be popular and that goes with a reputation for being generous-see, self-interest. Besides, it is always fun to learn new skills.

I think my Ma knows what I'm doing with the vegetables. She's got that gleam in her eye that says, “I know what you're doing.” Speaking of Ma, I can't really keep a dildo or a vibrator or go on the pill without her finding out (she does come and goes freely in my room-the pretend privacy of a door with no locks); and I'm not ready for that. Hence, the carrot.

I still gag on the carrot, even with my head way back. Tongue in or tongue out, doesn't seem to matter. I then tried some sore throat spray. The label says it deadens the pain of a sore throat. It seemed to work, I could get the carrot past my gag reflex. After a few days of trying, I was able to get the carrot past the gag reflex without the spray. Key seems to be swallowing for the initial penetration. I also tried holding my nose and waiting until I had to breathe and shoving in…still gagged. I did mini puke a couple times.

Then I started with bigger vegetables. That was harder to sneak past Ma…she can almost believe me stealing a carrot for a snack, but an english cucumber is not likely to be believed as a snack. Fortunately, I can eat the evidence that I buy at the supermarket.

Carrots and other vegetables found their way into my other holes. I broke my hymen on a carrot. I was cumming at the time so I hardly noticed the pain, I did notice the blood that I had to clean up. It felt good in my pussy to have it filled up while I frigged, but at room temperature the veggies are cold. I did get some flavored motion lotion to help with the friction since having cold vegetables stuffed in my pussy wasn't really a turn on, at first that is. I found running the veggies under hot water for a few minutes made it much nicer. My favorite dick sized veggie is a short skinny english cucumber. It fits really nice in my ass, my pussy and down my throat. It was interesting that it didn't really make much difference to me whether or not the shaft was big around or skinny…and not much difference with long stuff versus short stuff. So guys, size doesn't matter that much, at least to little bitty me; women with large snatches might disagree.

I occasionally sneak into Todd's or Josh's room when my parents are watching TV to practice more on them. Josh is good about it when he's home. When I go to Josh it is after I have masturbated, usually. I dunno why, but I don't expect my big bro to get me off. Silly, really, but I guess I look up to him. He likes me to jerk him off. He really likes it when I use motion lotion and he showed me the spot that he likes getting rubbed when he's cumming. It is not his butthole which surprised me since mine is so sensitive, it is just in front of the butt crack between his balls and butt. When I rubbed that he came fast and lots of sperm. I've started to put my mouth on his cock just before he blows his load and drink it down. No, I don't like the taste, but he enjoys watching me and I like to look up into his eyes just before and while he's cumming. A real turn on. I usually have to go back to my room and frig a couple times before I'm able to sleep after that. I did mention that I was horny after sucking him, but he didn't have much interest in lending me a helping hand or tongue…see, Josh did tell me that guys don't have much interest after cumming, he certainly is that way.

Todd and I both love 69. I have found that I like it with me on the bottom. I don't have to be active just lay back and enjoy. Todd is considerate in that he doesn't choke me and has turned into a really good pussy eater. I found that Todd can have multiple orgasms in this position. They aren't really close together like what can happen to me, but he actually came three times in one session. The first one was really quick after we started. He was really going to town on my clit and I was getting really close, but then I got like two big spurts in my mouth, there wasn't any precum that I noticed to warn me. Todd stopped completely with his dick just in my lips, holding his butt up. Instead of stopping, Todd starts eating my pussy again and gets me to cum while starting to thrust into my mouth again. His dick isn't really hard but it is far from limp. I continue to suck and Todd continues to slurp. I'm getting close again and so is Todd, I start to taste some precum and he unloads and I'm cumming too. I swallow what feels like a pretty good sized load. But he's still not done. He eats me to another orgasm and I eat him although he is limp this time, it starts to come back to firm and then hard again. He really starts to stroke in and out of my mouth, I open my throat just as he shudders to a third orgasm at the same time I cum again. Not hardly any cum in the third one that I can tell. That was really good and my very first deep throat. Yay!

Home alone. Doesn't happen often. Josh is out with Candice and Todd is out at an away swim meet and folks are out at the Moose. What to do. What to do….

Fortunately, Before I have to resort to TV, Josh comes home with Candice in tow. I guess he wants some privacy in a bedroom for a change. He winks at me as they parade toward his room. Candice is always nice to me the few times I've met with her. She's in community college but also has a job, but still lives at home, like Josh. She and Josh make a cute couple and what Josh tells me about her is that she's a good lover. I'll give them 10 minutes.

I strip in my room then barge in on them completely naked. I note immediately that I am correctly dressed for the occasion. Josh is behind Candice in doggy style fucking. Candice looks up startled but sees me in my naked glory, “Come join us, she says. I hear you occasionally take care of my boyfriend; let me return the favor.”

So I squirm under her so we're doing a 69 while Josh plows her pussy. Candice really knows how to eat pussy. Doesn't take long for me to get really close to orgasm. She uses one hand to prop herself up but uses the other to frig my holes. I'm trying to stay out of Josh's way as he thrusts in and out of her pussy, I can reach her clit and I can also reach Josh's butt and balls and “his” spot. I notice that Candice has no pussy hair, she shaves! I rub Josh's spot and eat Candice' clit. Josh is going wild and I can tell he's about to cum. I slide further down and as he pulls out for a cumming thrust, I grab him and stuff his cock into my mouth and swallow so he's cumming down my throat and he finishes thrusting a couple times in and out of my throat.

Candice watched that with big eyes. “Wow. You are something else, Adrian.”

“Thanks, finish me and I'll finish you, I'm almost there.” So we do. We spasm nearly together and her pussy juices are sweet.

Josh is looking at us with amazed eyes watching us cum together. “I won't be ready to help with anything for about 20 minutes. You girls have fun.”

Candice looks at me and asks, “Got any ideas?”

“Lets just talk a little. I don't know too many girls who have a lot of experience. Mostly, I've just been experimenting and learning techniques on my brothers. I admit, I like to cum, but I am technically a virgin since no cocks have been in my pussy.”

“Adrian, fucking is great. I don't have to worry too much about pregnancy since I'm on the pill. I still worry about STD's though but I know I'm pretty safe with your brother.”

We're sitting together and gently frigging each other as we chat. Very companionable.

I say, “You can probably tell I cum easily since I'm getting wetter again with what you are doing. My brother is a “one girl at a time” and as far as I know, he doesn't date sluts who sleep around. But he has been dating quite often since he's such a hunk.”

Josh says, “Hey, I'm right here! Don't talk about me as if I were a piece of />
“Sorry big bro, just trying to reassure Candice that you probably don't have std's. …. Oh, Candice, that is really good, don't stop.” Candice redoubles her efforts on my pussy, she's got three fingers going in and out and is using her thumb on my clit. She curls her fingers slightly and that is enough to send me over the edge. “I'm cumming” I shout triumphantly (nice being home without the folks, I can make noise).

I decide that it's time for me to reciprocate and get down to eat Candice's pussy. I reach up to play with her tits but discover my brothers' head is already there. So I wet my finger and stick it into Candice's butt crack and begin to just rub the outside with an occasional little probe to the inside. Josh is apparently recovered since he crawls into the bed and straddles Candice's face with her head propped up by pillows. She strokes him and moves her head back and forth over the head of his cock. Just a tiny face fuck where she is in charge. She couldn't deep throat him in that position anyway. I can tell Candice is close since her clit is engorged and sticking out. I am thrusting three fingers in and out of her pussy and occasionally taking those sopping fingers to probe her butthole. I concentrate on her clit with a pointy tongue that I lash over and over the spot. She cums and actually shoots a little juice out of her pussy. I slurp it up. Still sweet, I wonder how she does that. Josh is in heaven. He just has to sit there on the nicest of cushions (two C cups, I really wish my tits were bigger). He noticed Candice's cum and it excited him but she stopped her ministrations to him briefly while she came. She starts up again and strokes his hard cock over and over with her head and mouth bobbing over the head. Josh is close, I can tell. I can't reach his special spot, but I can reach his butthole, so I finger his ass as he shoots his load into Candice's hungry mouth. She swallows it effortlessly. Josh untraps Candice's head so as not to crush her and I scramble up and kiss her thoroughly, probing her mouth with my tongue to get a little taste of my brothers sperm.

“Let's take a shower.” So we invade my folks' master bathroom and all get in the shower together. It was soapy fun with fingers and soap bars getting shoved everywhere there was a hole. Josh's prick got shoved into Candice's pussy and ass for fun. Candice's pussy took it really easily, but it was obviously a little painful in her asshole. He didn't plough it knowing it would hurt without time and lube. He didn't do me, though…I suppose that's fair, he is my brother after all. Since it was hard, we used soap as a lube and jerked him off. He didn't cum much and seemed a little weak at the knees when he did cum. Adult play time!

Jim asked me out again. It's been a month or so and I know he hasn't dated anyone else. I guess his swim team and studies take most of his time. I haven't been idle, myself; but it'd have been nice if he had at least tried harder to make me feel more like a girlfriend instead of a convenience. I agreed to another date. He invited me over to his house for dinner to meet his family. Gulp. I certainly don't want a committed relationship at this time in my life, so I don't know what to expect.

Jim lives in walking distance so I agreed he didn't have to pick me up, I'll just go to his house. Nothing fancy, he says; so I'm in jeans. I get to the house and there's Jim and a young woman about Josh' age with him at the door. Jim introduces us, “Adrian, this is Jenny my sister; Jenny, this is the girl I've been telling you about.” We go into the living room. Jim offers a beverage (I asked for some ice tea). Jim leaves the room to go get it.

Jenny grabs my arm and sits next to me on the sofa. “Jim has been telling me all about your first date with him. He was really impressed; especially about how easy it was for him to make you cum.” I'm flabergasted, “He told you about that?” I'm worried, “Where are your folks, they don't need to know about THAT.”

Jenny says, “Relax, it's just us three tonite. And dinner is really going to be family fare…pussy and cock!”

I giggle, “Oh, good, I was worried that Jim was jumping the gun and getting all serious when all I really am after is some good experiences and getting off, myself.”

Jim comes back with the drinks. Jenny is acting the big sister and major domo. “I want to watch you kids have fun. I understand that Adrian has a rule that she cums first…so Jim, go get that pussy.”

I say, “He can eat me anytime, but I think I know a way we can give each other fun without his cock getting anywhere near my pussy. Let's 69.”

We go to his bedroom where all three of us strip. I note that Jenny also shaves her pubes. After seeing Candice's clean look, I did the same. Todd commented on it that it makes eating pussy easier. We get on the bed and I straddle Jim's face at first letting him get at my pussy easily. I cum first, right? He gets me all hot and wet. His fingers are rubbing my clit while his tongue is deep in my hole thrusting in and out. I like that, a lot. I say, “Nice warmup, Jim. Let's switch places. So I have my head on the pillows while Jim is letting me jerk his cock while my head is bobbing over it. Jenny sees an empty snatch and takes the liberty of eating my pussy. She's got fingers in me and in my asshole. She leaves and gets some lube which she uses on her fingers and shoves them in and out of my ass, first one finger then two, then three. This isn't exactly what I had in mind since it isn't a 69, but this is JUST FINE with me. I'm cumming and jerking and this sends Jim over the top and he's cumming in my mouth. I swallow every drop.

I say, “Well, that wasn't a 69, but it sure was fun. I think it is Jenny's turn, now since she helped me get off so nicely.”

Jenny puts us where she wants us which is pretty bossy of her, but since I like where this is going, I'm not going to complain. She has Jim on his back with his face over the edge of the bed. She plants her butt on top of his face and Jim seems to know exactly what's expected as he starts reaming her asshole. He starts to put his fingers into her snatch but then I know what I'm supposed to do, so I redirect his hands to my tits while I stick my face into Jenny's bald pussy. I lick and probe with my fingers which is really cool since Jim's face is almost kissing distance away except, of course, we have a woman's body between us. I eat pussy, I drive her clit, I stroke her with a couple fingers. I reach up and pinch her nipples with my really wet hand. She grabs my hand and sucks on my fingers. She releases my hand and I pinch her nipples again then drive the fingers into and out of her pussy, real fast. “I'm cumming,” Jenny shouts in triumph. My face is drenched in pussy juice and some drips onto Jim's forehead. Jenny gets off his face and kisses her brother while I lick pussy off his forehead. Like, Wow!

“That was intense, Jenny. I see that Jim has recovered. What do you want to do next?”

Jim says, “Do I get a vote? If so, I'd kinda like to fuck something with me in charge for a change.”

Jenny and I look at one another. Jenny says, “Well, count me out, you are my baby brother and while I'm OK with jerking you off once in a while, no />
I say, “No cocks allowed in my pussy. That's a rule like “I cum first”. BUT, you can fuck my mouth and face OR you can fuck my asshole if we use a lot of lube and take it slow.”

Jim ponders a minute, “Decisions, decisions. I think I'd like to take your anal cherry.”

Jenny pipes up. “I'll be happy to help. I have some nice flavored motion lotion, cherry flavored in fact.” She giggles, “I can tell you that Jim is really good at reaming, so we'll start with that so he can get you loosened up.” So we lie on the bed on our sides. Jim starts eating my asshole. He thrusts his tongue around and into my butthole. I have to consciously relax to allow his tongue to get in. Jenny occasionally squirts some lube onto my butt crack. I'm playing with my pussy (why not, it's there and still my best friend). Jenny squirts some lube onto my tiny tits and begins to lick them with an occasional bite on a nipple. I am getting really really turned on. Jim inserts fingers into my ass. One at first, then a second and finally a third over about a ten minute period. I cum every so often while this goes on, finally I feel ready for the invasion, I feel so empty and want to be filled up. I move to all fours, Jim is more than ready and pushes his cock into my ass. It feels MUCH BIGGER than three fingers. He slides easily in and out, in and out, in and out. I'm frigging my self to his rhythm and Jenny continues to mouth my tits. I feel like I am one nerve ending and I'm getting more and more tense for an incredible orgasm. Jim POUNDS into my ass. It feels SO GOOD. He's cumming, I can feel his dick spurting deep inside, I'm cumming and cumming and cumming. I've never cum this hard before.

Jim finally pops out of my ass as he gets limp. “Wow, just Wow”.

I say, “That is much nicer than an english />
Jim and Jenny look at me. I say, “Well how else can you practice on yourself, it's not like I can have a variety of dildoes laying about, I do live at home, you know.”

We all laugh. “Let's have some real food. Fucking makes me hungry.”

So, I am happy with my P to the fourth power. Proper Planning Prevents Pregnancy. I think I now have the skills to be a good partner while still having fun. It is not likely that anyone will ever want to fuck my titties, I'm happy with them and any guy or girl who wants to stay on my good side (that is, in my bed) will not disparage their pertness. I know none of this has anything to do with romance and falling in love. Plenty of time for that. Plenty of time for having fun, too.

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Author: Sivad2

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