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My husband of 7 years went out of town with his guard unit for 2 weeks. I was home alone and getting horny about the second day he was gone. He was only an hour and a half away and called every night. I told him I was horny and he told me to put my hand on my pussy and close my eyes and I did. He told me to rub it and think of him rubbing on my clit I was starting to get wet and he continues to talk dirty to me until I climaxed. I told him thanks and we hung up. I took a shower and went to bed and all I could think about was a hard dick using my pussy.

I woke up then next morning and my pussy was soaking wet. I got my favorite dildo out and started rubbing my clit with it. My nipples were hard and erect as I pinched them. I could feel the fluid starting to run down to my ass as I started with the head of my eight inch dildo between my pussy lips. My eyes were shut tight and I was breathing hard as I slowly guided my dildo into my waiting pussy until it was in as far as it would go. I rolled onto my stomach and started to hump the dick that was buried deep in me. When I orgasm it was like a flood the cum soaking the sheets as I pumped that hard dick into my pussy. My orgasm subsided as I caught my breath and thought to my self that must have been one hell of a dream last night.

I had managed to take the edge off and went and took a shower. As I was getting ready for work I was still a little horny so I put on my tightest jeans and lowest cut top with out a bra and headed to Wal-Mart to go to work. It was slow that morning as I was stocking my area and I noticed a few of my coworkers stealing glances down my shirt as I would bend over. My nipples were hard as a rock and very noticeable through the thin material of my shirt. At lunch time a few of the guys were going out to eat and asked if I wanted to go with them. They didn?t have to ask me twice as I was hungry . We punched out and when I got to the parking lot the were piled in a small car and I had to sit on a lap if I still wanted to go so I got into the back. It was really tight in the back of that little car the guys had their legs spread and I was sitting with my legs between the two of them. We decided to go to the hardies drive up and order as we sat in line the two I was sitting on had their armed dr*ped on each of my legs and were rubbing them with their hands. I could feel each of their members growing as I moved around. By the time we got our orders I was feeling damp between my legs. We went back to the parking lot and ate our lunches. They were all saying how good I looked to be close to 40 and were flirting all they could trying to get close to me and whispering to me the things they would like to do to me. We finished eating and went back to work. James came up to me he was one of the guys that was good and hard in the back seat, and asked me if I wanted to go to supper that night. I told him I would let him know latter.

The more I thought about it the hornier I was getting that afternoon thinking about the two hard dicks I was sitting on. About five minutes before we were to clock off I told James I would go out to eat with him if he would go right after work he said ok and I told him to meet me at my car. James was about 6 foot tall 25 and was in great shape he came walking out to the car I said get in and we left. He asked where are we going to eat I said it?s a surprise. I had let my shirt down just about showing my hard nipples as we chatted James started to rub my leg. At a stop light he leaned to me and gave me a deep passionate kiss I reached to feel his member and it was as hard as a rock. I couldn?t wait to get home to unleash his passion.

As we walked in the door he grabbed me and kissed me holding me tight against his body his hands were cupping my tits and mine was rubbing his hard member. I broke away and told him to sit in the living room and I went to take a shower. It seemed like I was in the shower for an hour getting myself ready for a fucking. I got out and had just a towel around me and went into the living room and sat next to him. I put my arm around him and while giving him a kiss my towel fell open. His hand went for my just shaved pussy and I stopped him whispering into his ear to take a shower. When James came out of the shower he was naked for the first time I saw what was going to be my pleasure pole for the night . It was ten inches and as big around as a beer can. He laid down next to me and started kissing my body . Starting at my forehead than eye then his hot tongue sank deep into my mouth . He continued to my neck then spent ample time kissing and sucking my nipples till they were hard as a rock. James continued down to my inner thighs kissing them softly then my pussy lips, I was in heaven as he stuck his fat tongue into my waiting pussy. He may be young but he knew what he way doing he worked my clit with his tongue and I was just about to get off and the phone rang dam its my husband. I had to answer it. James didn?t stop working on my pussy . My husband asked the normal questions than asked if I was still horny I said hell yes but was working on it.

I told him I had his replacement out my dildo, and was soaking the bed with my pussy juice. That sounds like fun he says and tells me to lick it so I pulled James dick to my lips and started working on it . He didn?t have any idea I was using a real dick for my pleasure. I was not able to pay much attention to what he was saying as James dick barely would fit into my mouth . I heard him say to ease it into my mouth and James could hear him also and he was easing into my mouth. I could taste the precum as his rod filled my mouth till I gagged. My husband said dam sounds like you are really sucking on a rod . My pussy was ready to be filled with james on his back I positioned my pussy over his throbbing member as I told my husband I was sitting on my dildo the biggest dick I have ever had was slowly entering my waiting pussy. Even as wet as I was it was tight as I eased down on it till it was all in. my pussy was filled more than it has ever been I slowly worked my hips grinding it deep I told him I was going to cum and then I exploded covering the bed and james with my fluid. Than james let loose and filled my pussy with his hot jism he must have let out a gallon as he pumped I told my husband will still sitting on james thanks for the dildo I loves it and he hung up. I gave James a big kiss and lead him to the shower. I lathered his body paying special attention to his now growing member. I shut the water off and we dried each other and headed for the bedroom.

I laid on the bed and pulled his dick into my mouth sucking it deeply his dick was hard and straight. I could only take in about a half of his throbbing dick before it would gag me. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. He told me he was going to get all of it in and kept ramming my head on his dick I was gagging and slobbering a combination of my saliva and his precum finally he had his dick down my throat. He was actually fucking my throat at that point and his balls were hitting me on the chin. After about 5 minutes he let my head go and pulled his dick out of my mouth I could finally catch my breath. James knelt between my legs my pussy already wet and glistening from the fucking I gave myself earlier. He toke his dick and started slapping my pussy with it. At that point I begged him to fuck my, fuck me hard I told him as he plunged his member all the way to his balls in one push. I gasps as he held it there rotating his hips. All I could think about was how good it felt as I looked in the mirror and saw his white dick going in and out of my black and pink pussy this set me off again. He started pounding my pussy at that point and I could tell it wouldn?t be long before he would explode again. He kept up the pace for a few minutes than I pulled him to me and our lips met and kissing deeply he thrust his dick in as far as it would go and held it there. I could feel his dick jerking as he deposited his second load deep in my pussy. His jism was warm as it filled my pussy to overflowing. His cum and mine combined oozed from my pussy and I could feel it trickling down my ass. He had filled my pussy like no other had ever done he pulled out and my pussy stayed open letting his fluids run out. I rolled over hugging him and holding his dick we both fell asleep exhausted.

After a couple of hours I woke up and eased out of the bed and took a shower. It was around 2 in the morning and james was sleeping good and naked on his back. I eased into the bed and couldn?t resist his half swollen member. I softly rubbed it and started kissing his balls. I was amazed that it didn?t take long to stand at attention again. I think he was still sleeping as I started sucking the end of his swollen dick. I slowly began to take him in my mouth I had been sucking on him for about five minutes and he started to moan. He was finally awake and I told him just lay back and enjoy. It wasn?t long after that I knew he was about to blow his wad. He started to breath heavy and was moaning. His dick was pulsating as I took him to the hilt in my mouth. His dick started jerking as he exploded and I held it as deep in my throat as I could. I swallowed all of his cum that I could but it was still running down my chin. I finish cleaning him up with my tongue and told him it was time to take him back to his car. We got dressed and when we got to his car he leaned over and gave me a deep kiss. We said goodbye and I went home and slept really good.

About 10am the phone rang it was james we both had to be at work at 12. He thanked me for last night and said it was fantastic and asked about meeting for tonight again. I told him no I was satisfied not telling him that but that I was married and it probably wouldn?t happen again and to keep it to ourselves. He sounded disappointed and said he would and hung up. That afternoon at work went by slow I wasn?t horny at all james has really done a job on me. My pussy was sore and I was tired. My husband called to say hello and asked if I was still horny I told him no that dildo did the trick. He said he wouldn?t be home for another week and said to call him if I get horny again. All of james buddies at work were coming around and asking if I wanted to go to lunch again I passed on the offer to the disappointment of them. The rest of the evening went by and I went home and got a great nights sleep After a couple of days I was starting to get horny again. I couldn?t help but think about james and the way his big dick satisfied me. The guys at work kept asking me to go to lunch or go out with them I knew james had told them that I was a good fuck. The next day I went to lunch with them and of coarse I had to sit on a lap. I didn?t sit on james this time I was on daves lap. As we road I put my hand on his pants and started to rub. James was watching me and I reached over and stroked his and johns dick. All three were hard and silent. The didn?t know what to do. James reached over and started to rub my pussy and I thought what am I doing I have just invited 5 guys to fuck me. So I said to them get a hotel room tonight and call me and I will come and take care of all your needs. When we got off that night it was 12 and they all were standing around my car. I walked over to each of them and gave them a kiss and stroked their pants and said to call me when you have the hotel room james has my phone number. I got in the car and left. At the house I took a shower and contemplated on what to wear. As I shaved my pussy and thought about what was about to happen I was thinking about my poor husband not having any pussy since he left I hope he doesn?t find out about this. I put on a g string one piece it just barely covered the slit in my pussy and my hard nipples. The phone rang it was james he told me the hotel and room number. It told james that he was making me his whore and he said that that was their plan. I told him he better have some money when I got there. I put a dress on and drove the 15 minutes to the hotel.

I knocked on the door and when it opened I saw five guys in there waiting for me I walked in and said where is the money. James handed me a wad of cash and it was a thousand . I put it in my purse james whispered in my ear that I wasn?t their first whore and to start with a strip tease. One of them turned on some music and started dancing. I pulled my dress off and they clapped and whistled. Then I realized I was getting wet and excited with the anticipation of all these dicks around me. I would sit on their laps and grind their dicks with e music hands were groping my tits and pussy. The next thing I knew they surrounded me and finished taking off my cloths. Dave pushed me down to my knees and said to take off all our pants. As I took off each pants ad let the dick out that was in them I realized that all were as big or bigger than james. I started sucking on one than the other I had one in each hand one slapping the back of my head with one and I was soaking wet. They picked me up and put me on the behind got behind me and said that this bitch is ready for the fucking of her life and he rams his dick in me to the hilt. James shoves his dick into my mouth and

And the others suck and feel my tits. The dick in my pussy is bigger than james and he is pounding away relentlessly. One of them says shift and another dick enters my mouth and pussy. This goes on until they all had a round in my pussy and mouth. I had already cum twice and my juices were all down my legs and slobber was all on my face. They rolled me over and james plunged his eight inches deep in my pussy and grinded. He whispered in my ear that I wasn?t the first whore they made from Wal-Mart their were others and they still use them on occasion. Dave laid down on the be next to me and was asked if I had ever been fucked this good before I told him no and started grinding back at james he exploded deep in my pussy his dick I could feel jerking every shot. James got off of me and Dave rolled me over on top and impaled my pussy I sat on Dave taking his ten inched one of them rammed his dick deep in my throat. He was long and slender I could feel it deep as he held my head and shot his load literally down my throat. I took a deep breath when he pulled it out of my mouth. I was gasping for air as Dave lifted me up turned me around and they guided his dick towards my virgin ass. They sat me on his dick and forced me down I screamed and it sunk in the length of his dick. He pulled me back to him grabbing my tits and pinching my hard nipples. John was between my legs and guided his rocket into my pussy. I was hurting the pain of a dick in my ass and the use of my pussy and the exhaustion for being fucked for was now 3 hours. Then one got on each side of my head and the started taking turns ramming their dicks in my cum covered mouth. In the daze of who knows how long they used my body I saw one of them with a video camera. They used my for a fuck doll for 5 hours that night then the all let their loads loose one in my ass and pussy and two I had to swallow. I was exhausted my pussy and ass throbbed as I laid there on the bed. I was cum covered from my head to my pussy and I could feel the cum oozing out of every hole. As I laid there they all got dressed and congratulated each other for turning out another Wal-Mart whore. James came over and showed me the video and said that my husband would see this if I didn?t cooperate and that I will be used again. They left leaving me there cum covered and realizing I had been made into a whore a play thing for sexual pleasure I hope my husband doesn?t find out.

I cleaned up and got dressed and went home I fellt used and exhausted. I took a long shower and layed down and was asleep in no time. The phone woke me up it was my husband I looked at the clock I had two hours before I had to be at work. He said he was horny as hell and couldn?t wait to use me. That is when I thought about what I had done. He said he would be home in 2 days and that he would be horny and hungry and was going to fuck than feast we had a good laugh. As I was getting ready for work I wondered what would happen today after all I was the newest wal mart whore. At work I keep thinking people were watching me I guess I was paranoid. James caught me on an isle while I was putting up some stock I felt his hand on my ass as I turned around he game me a kiss and whisperd that it was time to go to work. Go to my supervisers office and remember the tape. I thought dam mike is in on this also and headed toward his office. When I knocked on the door mike said come in and close the door behind you. I sat in the chair in front of the desk and he walked around in front of me and told me to take his dick out. He stuffed some money down my bra. I hesitated and he grabed my head and pushed it to his pants and repeated himself and said that he knows about the tape and to get started. I reached up unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants letting them fall to the ground. His dick was already hard as I lowered his under wear. He pulled me to my knees and set the pace with two hands on my head pushing it making me take all of him with each stroke. He was literally fucking my face I could hardly catch my breath. It wasn?t long before he held my head down on his dick and I felt it jerk with each explosion of his pecker. I was gagging not able to catch my breath his cum and was coming out around my lipps and he said to clean it good. He let go and finally I was able to breath. I did what he said and cleaned his dick with my tounge untill there wasn?t any evidence left on him. He told me to leave and james was waiting for me and told me to hand over the money it was $100 and he handed me a 20. With a smile he said you?re a good whore keep it up. I looke at the clock in the hall way and my shift was over went to the house thinking I am off for the next two days I wont have to put up with this untill after my husband comes home.

The next couple of days were uneventfull untill my husband came home. I had put on a sexy teddy and met him at the door afret a long hard kiss I lead him into the bathroom and stripped him. I had a bath already drawn and bathed every inch of his body then dryed him off. As he shaved I fondled his balled and kissed his dick he was rock hard. I told him I would be waiting in the bed. He dived on top of me and gave me a long kiss his hand was rubbing my pussy. He kissed me slowly and sofly from my tits to my pussy. He slarted sucking and kissing my clit I was going crazy then he started fucking me with his tongue. This set me off and he said its time for a hard dick. He guided his dick to my pussy and rubs it the full length of my pussy getting it lubricated from my juices. He puts just the head into my waiting pussy and holds it there and says whos your daddy I begg him to shove it in I am ready to cum I tell him. He obliges and shoves the rest of his dick in me. He starts slowly grinding hard and it doesn?t take long and I let out a scream and let the flood gates open as my pussy juices were running down my ass. My husband had a big grin on his face and asked how does it feel to have a dick after two weeks? I said feels dam good don?t stop now. He started pumping hid piston in my pussy and then I felt it start jerking. Dam he had a load it filled my pussy and the excess shot out of my pussy as he kept pounding away. He collapsed spent on top of me saying dam its good to be home.

The lucky stiff had the next couple of days off I went to work the next day going in at 8 am. Work went slow that morning untill lunch when I went to my car to go to lunch my husband was there talking to the wal mart pimps. I walked up and my husband said surprize lets go to lunch and we left. When we retuned they were still in the parking lot they gathered around us and my husband gave me a kiss and left. I tuned to walk back in and they all followed james walked next to me and said I had work to do. He said to punch in and come back to my car and that mile knows what is going on. I did what he said and returned to my car he gave me a key to a room in the hotel next to walmart and said to go there a wait. He gave me a bag with some slut clothes patted me on the ass and said see you later. I went to the room wondering what was going to happen and what am I going to tell my husband when I get home. I put on the clothes james gave me and waited for what seemed like hours. I heard someone at the door and in walked mike. He looked me up and down and said I make a nice slut and motioned me to the couch. I sat next to him and he put a hundred doller bill on the coffee table. He started kissing me and rubbing my partially exposed pussy I dredded this but I was getting excited. The door opened again and it was two others from work they layed money on the table and tolt me to do a strip tease. I did what they said and slowly took off my clothes. All tree of them got undressed and were sitting there yanking on their dicks. There I stood naked with three naked men on a couch in fromt of me. Mike with a white six inch dick and 2 black ones ten inches and as big around as a beer can my pussy was dripping hell with my husband I want to fuck I said. With that said byron put me to my knees and put his dick in my face and said suck it slut. I did what he said and took all I could in my mouth I could taste his precum and I moves to mikes dick. I devoured his six inches untill I was tasting his precum. As I moved to tom, mike moved behind me and told the others he would get my pussy ready for their huge rods. He started licking my pussy and ass as I went from byrons and toms black rods, it wasn?t long before I was Cumming. My pussy was dripping as byron took me to the bed and put me over his throbbing dick. This was the biggest dick I have ever had I thought to myself as I slid down on it. My pussy had never been fulled like this as I started pumping on it. He pulled my down and he started biting my nipples I was obliviose to the fact that james hade come in the room and had his dick in front of my face. I eagerly began to suck on his hard member and he laughed saying this bitch loves to get fucked.

I had forgotten to pick up a few things while I was at walmart and went back to get them. Turning into walmart I noticed my wifes car at the hotel across the street. I turned into the hotel parking lot and saw james park next to her car and go into the room in front of it. I thought what the hell I had to find out what was going on. I parked and went to the window and the curtain was partialy open and was shocked to see my wife getting fucked in all her holes at once. As I watched them pounding and taking turns at her different holes I felt my dick start to rise and walked over to the door and lightly knocked on it. James opened the door and stood there shocked to see me. I told him not to say a word. There she was riding on a large black dick and another one was in her ass ans she was enjoing it saying fuck me you bastard fuck me hard. He back was to me and I went and taped the one fucking her in her ass and he got up. I sliped in behind her and slide my dick easly into her open ass. The one on the bottom exploded into he pussy I could feel his dick jerking as it filled her up with his jism. He slid out from under her and left me to fuck her ass while the watched. She was so envolved with getting fucked she still didn?t know I was fucking her ass. She collapsed on the bed as I grabed her hair and pulled her head back so I could whisper in her ear. I said u fucking whore I m going to cum in your ass. She realized it was me and went crazy I told the otheres to hold her down and I fucked her as hard as I could and filled her ass up with my cum. They were still holding her down and I went in front of her face and grabed her head and shovrd my dick in her mouth telling dher to clean it up. Byron had gotten behind her and started fucking her again. I let loose of her head and told the others to fuck her good before she comes home. I got dressed and looked back there she was covered in cum and still getting fucked. James handed me a bag with two video tapes in it and said enjoy them and I left. I went home and waited for her to come home. She didn?t get home for another three hours and I was waiting for her. But that will be another story.


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