Kate’s gold digging lesson

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I stepped up to the plate and put my cock on her pussy lips. The lips I had longed to fuck for over a month. I finally slid my cock inside. She was as wonderful as I expected. I took my time and enjoyed her as the guys looked on. Joe took snaps as Todd walked around with the video camera. I fucked her hard, slamming my balls into her clit with each hard thrust. She screamed coming again and again. But her pleasure wasn’t important to me – in my view she was there to pay a price andI stepped up to the plate and put my cock on her pussy lips. The lips I had longed to fuck for over a month. I finally slid my cock inside. She was as wonderful as I expected. I took my time and enjoyed her as the guys looked on. Joe took snaps as Todd walked around with the video camera. I fucked her hard, slamming my balls into her clit with each hard thrust. She screamed coming again and again. But her pleasure wasn’t important to me – in my view she was there to pay a price and to lean all about old cunts.

My  45th birthday was looming nearer and I’d just gone through a lengthy divorce that had left me a touch bitter and very untrusting of others. But ever the optimist, I decided to give Internet dating a go.

Within hours of creating a profile I had messages waiting for me.With some trepidation I opened them one by one.

A message caught my eye from Kate, 22, a slim, fit dance instructor from the smart end of town.It read: “Sick of young guys not knowing what they are doing, looking for a mature guy to treat me right.â€

I replied immediately.“One mature guy interested in meeting and exploring you a little more.â€

Kate was stunning; we met up and had a coffee by the beach. She was intelligent, charming and very easy going.It seemed she liked everything I like. I felt I was talking to a soul mate, but a much younger one.

I made it clear I wanted to fuck her there and then, but she told me she had an appointment but would meet me tomorrow.  The next day she called and told me she had booked a restaurant for 7.30 that evening.I met her at the plush establishment in the city. It was nice, very nice.

“Oh Sylvester I ordered us a bottle of Bollinger.†she said

Bollinger. Not usually in my price bracket – but hey I was in for a treat tonight so why not? The evening flowed well with the champagne and we shared details about our lives and our fantasies. Until the check came.

I opened the bill and swallowed hard as the $550.00 price tag sat in front of me. ‘Shit!’ I thought, ‘I don’t spend that in two weeks on food’.

I smiled, pulled out my credit card and placed it down crossing out the tip. The waiter scowled at me.I offered Kate a nightcap at my place but she declined, as she ‘needed to be up early for her workout’.

‘Workout.’ I thought ‘My wallet had just got a workout.’ But hey I was still keen to explore where this would lead and now I had met her I wanted her even more.

This scene played out over and over. The more time I spent with Kate the more it cost me. There were shopping trips and nights out where we ‘just happened’ to bump into friends with the drinks ending up on my tab. Three weeks in and there was not even a hint of sex – each time I brought it up she changed the subject.

My mate Joe dropped past and I had told him the story.

“You’re letting your dick rule your head.†he said “She’s a gold digger taking you for what she can.â€

“No! Not Kate she is great.†I replied.

“So how many times you two been out?†Joe asked  

“I’m not sure 10-15 maybe?†I said.

“And sex?†he asked with a laugh.

“Never†I replied head down.



“Sticky finger boob touch? Anything?†he laughed.

“No nothing. We talk about it. She says yep let’s do it… and then always has an excuse.†I said starting to wake up and get cross with myself.“Ok! OK! Don’t say anything else. I know.†I said.

“But she knows me and we click so well.†I chirped my head flipping back again.

“Sure she does. Have you not heard about social media? I’m sure she’s trawled all your sites and knows your favourite color and star sign.You know what you have to do. Cut her off. If she stays around she might be playing it cool… If she disappears well at least you’ll have some cash left.â€

I took his advice and called her.

“Hey Kate, I don’t feel like going out tonight but how about you come over and we can share some quiet time together.â€

“Oh Sylvester I can’t come over. I want to meet friends later at the club… you know.†she replied.

“Well no I don’t know actually. I want a night in and would love it if you would spend it with me.†I replied

“Sorry. Not tonight.†was her reply. “Maybe soon Babe.†she said in a sexy voice.She hung up.

Moments later I heard my phone ring. It was Kate. I was excited – maybe she’d changed her mind. I wanted to gloat so I put it on loudspeaker. What I heard straightened me out and sent Joe into fits of laughter.She had bag dialled me after tossing her phone in her bag – she didn’t even know I was on the other end.

“I can’t pay tonight guys. Sylvester won’t come out the silly old cunt.†she said laughing.

I was hurt and embarrassed. I heard another voice.

“Come on call him again. Persuade him to come and pay for the night like last week.â€

Kate replied. “He won’t and he is hitting on me more and more.  He knows I’m making excuses – he might be old but he isn’t totally dumb.â€

I was angry. I didn’t want to hear any more. The more I heard the more I wanted revenge on this gold digger.I went to bed still angry at myself for being a fool. Overnight a plan hatched.In the morning I called Kate.

“Hey Kate you need to come over. I think I just won the lotto and fuck I think its like two million dollars.†I said excitement filling my voice.Within twenty minutes Kate knocked on my door.

“Wooo hooo! We won! We won!†she yelled out.

“Yes we won two million dollars and on Monday we can go and collect it. Just you and me. And we can go anywhere in the world you want.†I said laying the trap even thicker.

“Anywhere I want! Anywhere? Oh Sylvester!†she said holding her hands to her heart.

“Anywhere baby, just you and me. But…†I stopped.

“What? But what baby?†She grabbed hold of my arm.

“You know what? I don’t know if you are someone I can go away with. Sure we like the same things but I’m a man and I want a woman who loves sex and well you’re just not her.â€

She stopped. I could almost hear her mind ticking. I’m sure I could see ‘is two million dollars worth it?’ running through her head.

She looked up at me. “Oh baby how can you think that way?â€

“Well it’s been quite a while and you always have an excuse…. I know. How about tonight you prove to me that you want it? Come back here at say 6pm – all you need to wear is a short skirt and button top, that’s it. I’ll take care of the rest.â€

“But I didn’t picture us that way.†she whined.

“I did.†I said firmly. “Anyway – off you go. I have things to do and many people to contact and I might need a new traveling partner.â€

The power momentum had shifted and I was now thinking with my brain and
not my cock – although my cock still had some say.

As she walked down the path I called out after her.

“Oh and I might have some friends over for the night – you know just some guys to have a catch up and hang out.â€

5.30pm came. Joe and Todd were already at my place – we had been drinking most of the afternoon.There was a knock at the door and the porch light illuminated Kate.Her hair was pulled back and she was dressed in a white top and short skirt as requested.

“Come in.†I said as I opened the door, I walked up to her kissing her lips for the first time.  I held her close. “I have a bottle of Bollinger open – would you like some?†I asked. She nodded.  

“Todd, Joe meet Kate. Oh I did say I was having friends over right? I am sure you don’t mind do you Kate?â€

“Hello Todd and Joe it’s nice to meet you.†said Kate sitting in an armchair with her glass of champagne.

I remained standing and addressed her firmly.

“Kate I have a problem. I don’t think your heart is in this relationship. You look so sexy it’s a shame. But I don’t think that you and I are going to work out.â€

“What are you saying Sylvester?†Kate blurted our going red, “We are good for each other – I know all your likes.â€

“You think you do… but did you know that I like fucking in public, and sharing with my mates?†I asked.

“Oh no!†she said her face now turning red. “No I didn’t but I am committ…†she tried to talk then gave up.

“I know what you are Kate. You are a gold digging bitch, I heard you the other day on the phone to your friends, Joe what was it again?†I asked.

“Old fucking cunt I think she called you.†said Joe leaning back on the lounge.

“Yes that’s it. Old fucking cunt.†I said. “You have choices today. You can just get up and go and know that your game is over.  I intend to post on every place you frequent online who and what you really are.†I smiled as the words rolled out of my mouth. “Or you can get fucked by this old cunt and two of his mates. It’s up to you.â€

I felt great. I had more then taken control. I had offered her an out with a small sting so she didn’t do it again to some other guy or sex pretty simple.

“I’m sorry Sylvester you are so nice. But I like nice things. I’m sorry. I…â€

I cut her off. “Excuse time is over. You can offer up your body in repentance or just get out of here. No more words. Just show me what you want.â€

Kate stood up and started for the door. She stopped and turned

“You didn’t really win two million did you?†she asked.

I laughed. “No I didn’t win two million. All I have is a bit of cash in the bank and my 9-inch cock.â€

She stopped and waited for a bit, knowing she was trapped in her own lies and deceit. Then she turned around.

“Well who’s going to fuck me first?†she said undoing her top and tossing it to the floor.

“No Kate not one at a time, you have to take us all at once.†I said.

Kate kicked her skirt off.“Well fuck me then you old cunts.†she said like a captain about to go down with her ship.

“It’s not that easy.†I replied.

“Oh no, it’s not that easy.†said Joe.

“Kate you were a bad girl.†I said.

“A very bad girl.†said Todd.

“Yes Sylvester. I was.†she said with her eyes down.

“Well bad girls deserve to be punished. You need a good spanking I think.†I said. “Go get a chair from the kitchen please Kate, bring it here and put it in the middle of the room.â€

She did so with out a word.I sat down and motioned for Kate to lie over my lap. She did.

Whack! Whack! Whack! I rained down spanks to each cheek. I spanked her ass until her cheeks were red and heat radiated off then. Kate struggled, but was unbound and could move whenever she wanted. She stayed in place like a girl wanting to be good and take her penance. When I stopped, Kate looked up at me her eyes welling with tears.

“I’m sorry. Thank you for teaching me.†she said.She dropped to her knees and crawled over to the sofa where we were the guys were sitting watching the show. They had dropped our pants and were stroking their cocks.

Joe wasted no time and pulled her to him. She opened her mouth and swallowed Joe’s 7-inch cock whole – sucking up and down hard and fast.Todd moved behind her and started to feel her up.

“Fuck guys she’s soaked. Her pussy is dripping.†he said.

He lifted her up, slid his cock in her young, tight hole and started to fuck her as she continued to suck on Joe’s cock.

“Mmmm , ohhh mmpoooohhh!†she groaned as the guys took their pleasure with her – Joe holding her head pumping her face onto his saliva soaked cock – and Todd continuing to pump into her tight pussy.

I took out my camera and started to take photos of the action. Kate stopping sucking for a moment, she must have seen the flash.

“You taking photos?†she asked as Todd continued to fuck her getting harder and harder.

“I sure am and over there is the video camera filming it as well.â€

“Oh fuck you are a dirty old cunt!†she screamed as she came.

Todd pulled out and Joe lay on the floor. Kate jumped on to his cock and started to ride him.  I walked closer to her my cock dangling in front of her mouth. Todd joined me.

“Well any problems with photography or videos?†I asked.

“None Sly. None. You go for it.†she said as she rode Joe. I reached for my cock and put it in her mouth. I had waited for this for so long. Her mouth felt amazing. Her hand reached out for Todd and she pulled his cock as she sucked mine and rode Joe. The girl was having fun and so were we.

“Suck that Cock Kate. Suck it good!†I said holding her head as I fucked her face. Todd stood next to me and Kate alternated her mouth between the both of us. 

Todd lay on the ground and beckoned Kate over. She walked over to him slid onto his hard cock and adjusted herself to his size and found a new rhythm. I sat on the chair I had spanked her on earlier, grabbed her face and lowered into my cock. Joe moved in from behind and slid two wet fingers into her ass.

“No!†she screamed and turned to face Joe “No not there!†she screams at Joe.

I held her face up. “Kate we are going to fuck old school and that includes you beautiful, tight, young ass. I’m sure you really don’t mind.â€

Before I was finished talking Kate had started to ride Todd again and her mouth had found my cock. Joe again slid two fingers into her sweet butt hole and instead of screaming she started to buck back in time to her ride. He pumped hard loosening her right up for the crescendo of pleasure.

“Her ass is mine guys. You don’t mind if I fuck your ass do you Kate?†I asked.

“No it’s OK. Just you Sylvester. Just you. I owe it to you.†she said.

The guys cleared the way as I moved Kate to the armchair. She positioned herself on her knees with her head hanging over the back.  The guys wheeled the chair into the middle of the room.

Kate turned to me. “Well take me Sylvester. Take my ass and teach me a lesson.†she said with a tremble in her voice.

I stepped up to the plate and put my cock on her pussy lips. The lips I had longed to fuck for over a month. I finally slid my cock inside. She was as wonderful as I expected. I took my time and enjoyed her as the guys looked on.

Joe took snaps as Todd walked around with the video camera. I fucked he
r hard, slamming my balls into her clit with each hard thrust. She screamed coming again and again. But her pleasure wasn’t important to me – in my view she was there to pay a price and to lean all about old cunts.

“Do it Sly. Fuck her ass.†yelled Todd.

“Yeah fuck it Sly! Fuck her tight little ass hole.†Called Joe.

Kate turned her head to look at me “Yes Sylvester it’s time. Do it! Take me. Take my virgin ass – you deserve it. Take it! Take it please!â€

I pulled out of her pussy and slid the tip of my cock into the crevice of her ass. Her hole puckered and strained as I slid myself in. Kate screamed as the head of my cock popped inside her.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck you’re in your in my fucking ass. Please slow! Please slow!†Kate screamed.

I thought about pulling out, but decided to go on. Slowly I pumped myself into her, squeezing lube onto my shaft when I pulled out so I coated her hole as I slid in. Finally I was in to the hilt.

“Tell me guys does she look as fucking hot a big dick up her ass?†I asked.

“She sure does.†said Joe

“Better.†Agreed Todd.

I started to increase my pace until Kate started to buck back at me. “Oh that’s good.†she moaned. “Oh cock in my ass is sooooo good sooooooooo gooooodddddddd.†she screamed as she came hard. “I want more cock. Give me more!†she wailed as I fucked her ass long, hard and deep.

I pulled out since Todd was now laid on the sofa. Kate jumped on his cock and I walked behind and slid my cock back into her ass as Joe walked to the front of her, found her mouth and started to fuck it as well.

Kate screamed, although her sounds were muffled by the cock in her mouth. All 3 of us fucked her hard.

“More!†she screamed. “More!†I felt her ass clench around me and start to milk my cock. The sensation went through her whole body.

I hear Todd yell that he is about to cum. This sets me in motion and I find myself on the edge.

“That’s it take it! Take our cocks you fucking bad girl! Take them good!†I screamed as a jet of cum spurted out of me deep into the recesses of Kate’s ass.

Todd pulled her down as he unloaded his man juice into her well-fucked and swollen pussy. Finally Joe held her head as load after load of hot cum spurted out of his cock and into her mouth. Joe forced his cock down her throat ensuring she didn’t spill a drop.

Kate stood and collected her clothes.She walked to the shower and about 15 minutes later she reappeared. We were all still sitting around naked with drinks in hand.

“Well Sylvester, I should have been taking your cock instead of your cash I think. For a bunch of old boys – fuck you can sure make a girl cum.†she smiled.

I looked at her knowing that the tables had been well and truly turned.

I still see Kate. We all do. But only when we want to. 


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