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I turned and looked in the mirrors. I saw me, pleasing these two guys. Me, Marie riding and sucking, giving pleasure, and receiving more in return. I came so hard that I couldn’t ride as the orgasm was too strong. Lee started to fuck me from underneath as Anton continued to fuck my mouth and rub his cock on my face. For over 12 months Brad had told me he would arrange for a 2-guys-and-me threesome.  Which was in return for the oI turned and looked in the mirrors. I saw me, pleasing these two guys. Me, Marie riding and sucking, giving pleasure, and receiving more in return. I came so hard that I couldn’t ride as the orgasm was too strong. Lee started to fuck me from underneath as Anton continued to fuck my mouth and rub his cock on my face.

For over 12 months Brad had told me he would arrange for a 2-guys-and-me threesome.  Which was in return for the one I arranged with Sally, me and him.  

I made suggestions from our group of single friends. Brad never showed any interest.

“How about someone we don’t know?†he said.

But as many men’s promises, well Brad’s anyway, it never ever happens unless I make it happen myself.

It was Friday night and we were meeting friends for dinner then going out dancing. The drinks flowed along with the laughter when I noticed a tall gentleman looking at me. His eyes pierced my soul and made my pussy start to churn. I realised then I wanted him to be the guy. I grabbed Brad.

“Babe, babe, what about him?† I said dragging Brad to the side of the dance floor. He looked and turned away.

“No, I don’t like the look of him†he said, dismissing my pulsing pussy as he went.

The following week I was at work in the lunchroom and venting my frustrations to some of the girls when Lee walked in.

“Men are bloody full of it. It’s never going to happen and I am aching for it now.†I said looking to see if Lee could hear me.

I took my cup to the sink where Lee was opening his salad. Lee was the go-to person in the office and always had time for everyone. He was about 45 much older than me still in my early 20s.

“You sound worked up.†said Lee. He walked to the chairs and sat down as I washed my plate and cup.

“Oh it’s OK Lee, you know women, we always have a complaint about something.†I said feeling a little embarrassed by the subject the girls and I were discussing.

“So true. But I am sure you have a good reason you don’t seem to be the type to get worked up by nothing.† he answered back.

I felt my face go read and I felt flushed and clammy, my body started to tingle.

“Well in truth Lee my man promised me a threesome after I gave him one and he won’t repay the favour.â€

He smiled. “So what did you learn from that?† he asked.

“Never believe him as he is full of shit.†I replied sulkily.

“Or….†Lee paused… “Maybe you have to get yours before he get his. As I hear it, he has no intentions of sharing you.â€

“Well that’s just wrong.†I said feeling angry with Brad. “He’s left me totally frustrated with a promise that he never intends to fullfill. Well Lee how do I fix it?†I demanded.

“Ah Marie that is a good question. It all depends on you doesn’t it. Do you want to fix it?â€

“Yes I do it’s burning in me daily. I see guys and think ‘Yes! he would be good’ then I live in total frustration.†I said

“Well fix it.†said Lee simply.

“How Lee? He won’t be in it?â€

“Well find some guys who will. I guessing it’s not love your after its lust right?†he asked  

“Yes. It’s lust. It’s not like I want to do it every day.†I replied

“I am sure there would be many guys interested in sampling your delightful body. OK. I have to get back to work. Maybe we can go for a drink some time and I could help you with that frustration?†he said throwing his empty salad box in the bin and walking out.

‘Fuck did he just hit on me?’

I was stunned; Lee the straight guy, the answer man had not only talked to me about sex but was totally into it.  I was now intrigued. I had never thought about him that way ever! He was older. Much older.

‘Could I?’ I thought. ‘And how can he say that and just walk away without even knowing my answer?’

When Brad arrived home it was Friday night and I was dressed in a red tartan short skirt and small while top that my nipples protruded through. My pussy had been dripping since my conversation with Lee.  He had got my body going without even touching it. Just with his words.

“Hey baby†I said with a sultry look on my face, a look that you could not mistake. My pussy was humming and wet. I wanted meat.

“I want some Brad meat come feed me.†I said as I slowly walked over to him and started to unzip his fly.

“Brad pushed me back. Not now babe I just want to watch some telly.†he said 

He slouched down on the lounge and grabbed the remote. My pussy needed attention so I walked in front of the television.

“Come on baby give this box some attention please. I will be a good girl. Please babe pleaseâ€. I said bending in front of him looking back at his face.

“Later. Not now, fuck would you move?†he said  

That was it. Anger replaced the lust that was running through me in an instant.

“You know I don’t need you, you dumb fuck!†I said and marched off into the bedroom.

Jumping on the bed I pulled out my buzzer and attached it straight to my clit.

‘Oh fuck that feels good.’ I thought.

Grabbing my dildo with my other hand I slid the tip just inside me as I buzzed my clit to breaking point. My hole closed tight as the first orgasm hit me. I moved the dildo just inside my lips as the pleasure raced through me stoking a fire that needed to be satisfied.

As the waves started to subside I slid the dildo deeper and deeper into me until the full 8 inch black monster was inside me. I held it there deep inside by closing my legs around it and started to buzz my clit again. It wasn’t long before I was moaning and writhing around the bed, an explosion of pleasure smashing into my system and enveloping me in pure bliss.

I lay back dropping by buzzer and worked black beauty in and out of my drenched hole. My mind was clear of Brad ad anger and had slipped to Lee. I continued to fuck my moist fuck hole with my eyes closed, imagining Lee was inside me. My thrusts increased in pace as I felt him get deeper and deeper.

“Oh fuck yes, do me to me Lee.†The words just escaped from my lips.

I looked around and there was no one. Brad was still on the lounge I guessed. I opened my legs wider and shoved the dildo in as deep as I could using long, slow strokes, my other hand worked between my clit and nipples, which we now as hard as ever and in need of attention.

The more I played the more I thought of Lee. My desire to have him and a friend inside me overrode my thoughts. It consumed me and I needed it. I needed it now.

I jumped up and walked out and looked at Brad laying on the lounge.

“Come baby fuck me I need it.†I said to Brad.

“No you’re doing alright in there. I’m not ready,†he said.

“Not really, I am fucking dripping here for you babe. Just bend me over and I’ll take it your way baby. Please fuck me.†I begged.

er I’m watching the game.†He replied not even looking at my most pussy and arse waiving in the air for his pleasure.

‘Fuck this!’ I thought.

I walked into my bedroom and grabbed my phone from beside the bed. I looked through the contacts and found Lee.

“So you up for that drink tonight?†I texted him.

Within seconds he replied: “Totally!â€

I grabbed my jacket and headed to my car.

“Fuck you Brad I’m going out. I might stay out tonight as well. Like you fucking care.†I said letting out my anger.

“Whatever! Have fun.†He yelled sarcastically.

‘I intend to.’ I thought.

I got to the car the anger still pumping through me. I called Lee. After a few rings he answered.

“Hello Marie, how are you?â€

“I’m angry, frustrated and fucking horny so I’m coming for that fucking drink.â€

“Was that a fuck or a drink you were after?†he replied.

“Both.†I said

“Well as it happens I’m home with a mate of mine watching the game. If you’re interested maybe we can both help you with that problem you are dealing with?â€

My pussy clenched tight.

“Yes Lee I think you both can.†I said surer than ever before.

I turned up to the address Lee had given me and walked up the front garden path my hands sweating, my heart racing and my pussy throbbing. I got to the door and it opened without me knocking. Lee stood there with a smile on his face and glass of scotch in his hand.

“Come in lovely lady.†he said

I walked in the door and grabbed the glass as I walked pass. I skulled it down and enjoyed the sensation of the scotch burning my chest for a moment.

“Well I am here.†I said

“You are. Are you sure you want to do this?†Lee asked.

“Yep I told you I wanted a drink and a fucking didn’t I? Well I have had my drink. So…â€

“So come through here and let me introduce you to Antonâ€

Anton was also in his mid-forty’s. He had dark long hair that flowed past his shoulders, a chiselled jaw line and a slender but fit looking body.

“Well Marie, would you like another drink?†said Anton in his French accent.

“No not really I just want to be fucked.†I said quickly. Secretly I was scared I would back out and I wanted to move things past the point of no return as fast as possible.

Lee smiled

“OK then let’s fuck!â€

I unbuttoned my coat and tossed it to the side showing off my skimpy skirt and top.

“Ohhh nice. Lee you didn’t tell me that she was sexy as well as beautiful.â€

“Do you like?†I asked I revelling in this moment.

There was no TV or radio. No distractions. Just two men with their attention totally on me. I was so in my element! And I intended to enjoy every bit of it no matter what the cost.

Lee walked straight up to me, pulled off my top and tossed it to the ground. He leaned in and kissed me. My eyes were closed and I felt Anton’s hands start to wander over my body as he stood behind me his cock straining to get out of his pants and pushing into my back.

I gave into the desire that had burned inside me for so long. I gave myself to them.

“Lee, I am yours do me do me good.†Was all I could say.

“We will.†He replied. “We intend to take you to places you have never been and keep you there. To make you know what it is to be a woman and to have your desire fulfilled, as you have wanted.â€

I felt Anton slide between my legs spreading them open as he crawled between them.

Here I was in Lee’s lounge room with Anton licking my wet pussy as Lee kissed me and run his hands through my hair and over my face and breasts, tweaking my nipples just enough. I was lost in pleasure already.

Lee stood back and started to take off his clothes, his chest was covered in hair and his shoulders were firm. He dropped his trousers and flicked them to the side as I felt Anton’s tongue slides deep inside me. My hands were cupping the back of his head holding him firm and close as I saw Lee’s massive cock for the first time.

My body shook as I came, my juices flowing out of me and over Anton’s face. My eyes closed and my legs started to buckle. Anton devoured my juices and licked deeper, deeper than I have ever felt a tongue before.

I felt Lee come behind me and hold me up strong until my orgasm had rolled through my body. His cock flicked as it came to life pulsing on my ass cheeks. I came again as Anton’s fingers entered my drenched love pit.  

“Oh oh oohh . Fuck that is …. Oooooooooo yes.†I said breathlessly.

“Do you want more?†Lee whispered in my ear knowing I did and just wanting to hear it.

“Yes please more, I want it all. I want it all, I want all of both of you.†I said, my words consumed and dripping with lust. 

“Well I need a safe word from you a word when you say it stops everything.†He whispered into my ear again.

“Television fucking television that’s my safe word and I won’t be using it, trust me.†I said

“Television it is,†he said. “Come let’s go to my room. Its more fun there.â€

‘More fun?’ I thought. ‘Fuck I was already having more fun than I had in a long, long time…’

Lee led the way and I grabbed onto Anton’s impressive 8 inch and thick cock and dragged him with me.

“It’s OK Marie I am coming don’t worry.†he said smiling.

As I walked into Lee’s room I noticed the double full length mirrors right in front of the bed. 

“So I can watch you both fuck me as well!†I said smiling. The night was just getting better and better. Without being told I laid on the bed and spread my legs wide. “Come and get me fellows.â€

Lee moved in and lifted his leg over my head dangling his think, long cock in front of me. Anton went straight back between my legs and started to lap at my pussy lips again. Sucking my clit into his mouth he ran his fingers up and down my slit which craved for him to fill it.

I sat up slightly and took Lee’s cock in my mouth sucking the head in as deep as possible.

“Yum that’s nice Lee.†I said. He cupped the back of my head with his hands and I started to suck hard bringing him to complete hardness. I felt him buck into my face as I bobbed to meet him getting as much of his cock into my mouth as possible, sucking hard and running my tongue along his shaft as he pulled out.

Anton grabbed my leg and lifted it high in the air spreading me as wide as possible then he shoved his three fingers deep inside me fingering my g-spot relentlessly until I came strong and hard. Pulling Lee’s cock out of my mouth, I worked it furiously with my hand as I came loudly

“Aaaaaahhhhgggrrrrrrrrrrr   ffffffffffuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk  yesss  yeeessss yesssssssssssssssss†I screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me!†I screamed. My words flowed freely no conscious thought behind them.

“Don’t stopppppppp†I screamed as another wave erupted deep inside me.

I found Lee’s cock again and sucked it as if my life depended on it, perfectly in tune with the pleaser the filled my every pore.

After a while Lee stood up next to the bed.

“Fucking time.†is all he said.

Anton climbed into the spot I was laying as Lee dragged me to the edge of the bed.

“On your knees.†Lee said calm and sure. There was none of the ‘Can I? Would you like to?’ business that gets served up regularly in my bedroom. Lee was in control and I loved it. 

“Make sure you keep Anton entertained.â€

“Yes, yes I will!†I said reaching for Anton’s cock. Every word was now a command the inner self had to answer. 

Anton moved lower on the bed and placed his hard cock straight in front of my face. I bent lower and licked it sucked it over and over letting his hard, throbbing cock fill my mouth and invade my throat. I massaged his balls with one had as I held myself up with the other.

I could fell Lee standing behind me his hands rubbing all over my back, thighs and ass. He explored my soft white thighs and slid the side of his hand along my opening. I squirmed and wiggled wanting more but waiting breathlessly for what he would deliver.

I was close so close to having two men at once. Sure I had cum with both already. But I still had not had two inside me not at once anyway. I wanted to scream my insides were bursting at every seam. I shoved my body back hoping to find Lee’s cock as I continued to suck and pull Antons cock now covered in my saliva.

“Please Lee, stop teasing me let me have it.  I want that cock inside me, do me Lee do me!†I begged.

I turned my head just a bit and could see Lee walking behind me in the mirrors. His hand reached for his cock and he stroked it until it was hard strong. I wondered for a moment if I could take him but knew it was too late to run now. As he moved close, rubbing his cock on the entrance to my wonderland, my eyes closed.

It was now. It was going to happen. The wait was finally over. I sucked on Anton’s cock with renewed vigour, sucking hard and fast. He started to moan.

“Yes Marie that is good very good. Suck it hard just like that.†he said.

His words, stoked the fire inside me even more. Then I felt Lee, holding his rod spread my lips, and slide inside me. I was so wet and so ready that he slid half way in without too much effort. I felt my inner walls spread open wide – I felt full – so full.

Lee moved in and out slowly and meticulously, grabbing hold of my hips to hold me in place. He opened my joy spot slowly until he was all the way in. I had never been so full in my life. My mouth was dripping as I sucked Anton’s pre-cum from the end of his cock, coating my tongue with it as I sucked like a good girl.

Anton grabbed my head and started to fuck my face, pulling my mouth down onto this cock and back up again at his will and pleasure. Lee thrust faster and harder and before too long I came harder then I had ever cum in my life. My body shook, my pussy clenched and my mouth sucked in unison with my pussy contractions. I was in heaven and loving every bit of it.

Again and again I came, like an endless rolling wave, the guys pounding into me, using me to please their cocks and I revelled in all of it. 

Lee moved out bringing his cock around for me to suck while Anton quickly jumped into the warmed up fuck hole. He was not as long as Lee, but much thicker and he spread me further. He wasted no time, hitting top gear and he fucked me good and hard.

His fingers dug into my hips, which only heightened the mood.

“That’s it fuck it, fuck that pussy. Oh fuck that’s good!†I screamed.

Anton fucked me long and hard as I licked Lee’s long cock clean and sucked on his balls. I came several times, stopping and holding onto Lee with his cock in my mouth as I moaned and came with delight.

Lying back on the bed Lee beckoned me.

“Come Marie, come ride me,†he said.

I crawled up the bed and launched myself on his pulsing cock. I took some time to get him all inside me. Anton climbed on the bed and held the ceiling fan as his cock once again entered my mouth.

I turned and looked in the mirrors. I saw me, pleasing these two guys. Me, Marie riding and sucking, giving pleasure, and receiving more in return. I came so hard that I couldn’t ride as the orgasm was too strong. Lee started to fuck me from underneath as Anton continued to fuck my mouth and rub his cock on my face.

Anton got off the bed and sat and watched as Lee rolled me over, shoved my legs in the air and slid his pole back inside me. My legs were on his shoulders, I was pinned down and he fucked me without mercy, drilling into me until I was sure I would explode. And I did. Cumming everywhere screaming louder than ever before, as he continued to fuck my pinned body.

Then suddenly my pussy was being used and filled by Anton, as Lee took a break and a chance to be a voyeur of incredible scene.

I watched in the mirror as each of them had their turn in me over again until I begged them to cum.

“Please Lee enough! My pussy is so used and sore. Cum for me. Please cum for me.†Not really wanting it to end but begging for mercy.

Lee smiled

“For you Marie anything!â€

The guys stood beside me one on each side. I reached for their cocks as I lay beneath them. I pulled their cocks with all the gusto I had left – which wasn’t much as I was well fucked and spent.

Anton was first he grabbed hold of his cock.

“Yes Anton cum, cum for me. Cum all over me please!†I looked at him my eyes totally wanton needing this to finish me off.

“Play with you pussy.†he said in his French accent “Play with it as you cum for us as we will for you.†He said his voice growing stronger as he neared the point of no return.

My hand went straight to my pussy and within a few moments I was already on a roll, the tingling that passed through my bud to my fingers had enveloped my body and I started to cum.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh  boys pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee  please cummmmo ntme pLeeeeeaaassssss.†I begged as I played with myself until I felt the heat of Anton’s red hot cum splash over my tits onto my chest and stomach.

Lee was next. He shot his load aver my tits and face. My lips parted and his hot cum filled my mouth, as I tried to swallow like the good girl I promised to be.

Lee shook in pleasure as I sucked the last remaining drops of cum from his cock. Then I turned to ensure Anton was well clean as well.

I lay for a while basking in the feeling of my first threesome. Covered in cum. Lee walked to the side of the bed.

“So how was that?†he asked.

I could barley speak.

“Fan-fucking-tastic. Incredible, better then I imagined.†was my answer.

“Well there is a towel in the shower. How about you get cleaned up and we will meet you when you’re ready. Oh and I put your clothes in their as well.†he said.

After my shower I found the guys in the lounge room sitting and enjoying a drink. They both stood.

“You guys are incredible, thank you for making my night and fantasy come true.†I said with a smile.

“Our pleasure.†said Anton

“True it was.†said Lee. “I guess I’ll see you around.â€

As I walked in my front door the sun was coming up behind me. I was totally satisfied. I walked in and found Brad passed out on the lounge. I left him there and went to bed.

The following morning as I was leaving for my yoga session Brad was sitting on the sofa.

“What happen to you last night?†he sniped.

“Oh I went out and had a threesome.†I replied calmly.

“Oh shit, you still on about that?†he said as I closed the door behind me.


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