Our 1st mmf

Been talking with wife about having a 3 way with another guy for years. Been married for over 20 years. My wife Joann is 4 ft 11 ins tall, weights about 150 lbs, green eyes, blonde hair, big bubble shaped ass, (that I love) 36 c tits with big big pinkest brown nipples that stick out about 1 in. I am 6 ft, 260 lbs, black hair, green eyes, 5.5 in long cock 5 in round, small nuts. Both of us are plump. About 2 months ago we went out of town for a weekend get a way. Got there on a friday night. We got dressed and went out for dinner came back to the room had sex went to sleep. The next day spent time at the pool then went to our room to get ready to go out clubbing. Ever time we go away my wife dresses hot for me. She’s more open where no one knows us. I watched her get dressed in a black corset with garter straps and the bra part just cradle’s her tits.

She put on black lace top stockings, red wrap around skirt that came to just above the knees, black button front blouse, red sandal heels. I wore docker pants a button front dress shirt and a sports jacket. We both went commando no undies. At dinner we sat next to each other teasing each other. We had wine and after dinner drinks. We then went to a club that had live music. It was crowded and loud. We found a table in the rear and started a tab. We were dancing and drinking having fun. AT THE TABLE i started playing with my wife putting my hand under her dress rubbing her thighs. I started moving me hand closer to her pussy, lightly rubbing her clit. I seen a guy not far from us looking.

I smiled at him he smiled back. My wife was getting silly as always when she gets when drinking. I got a little more daring pulling her skirt up giving him a show. He was smiling giving me the thumbs up, I gave one back. She seen me asked what I was doing. I told her about him looking at her, she slapped my hand away and pulled her skirt down. She went to the women’s room he came over said hi his name was Jim, I said hi shook his hand and said I am Jack. Joann came back smiled at her and I said this is Jim. They shook hands and smiled at each other. I asked him to sit with us he did. He was in his 40’s, short, about 200 lbs, black short hair dressed in a suit with a tie.

He said he was in sales and here for meetings all week. After more drinks and small talk he asked if she wanted to dance? I quickly said she would love it. If looks could kill, she gave me one. She got up with him and danced for about 4 songs. Came back he went to the mens room. She said what are u doing, I said having fun. I shocked her and said we should invite him back to our room. She said are u for real. I said why not lets have fun. She said she’ll think about it.

After a few more dances I said Jim want to come back to our room I have drinks, He jumped at it. Back at our room made some drinks, they both sat on a sofa I sat in a chair. I put the TV on. I put on pay-per-view A porn flick then went into the bath room. When I came out they were kissing. I Said kool very hot, they both looked at me then went back to kissing. He started rubbing her thigh then started moving his hand under her skirt. She was now moaning as his hand was under her skirt and I am sure was rubbing her pussy. I unzipped my pants pulling my cock out slowly stroking enjoying the show. She looked over at me seen what I was doing then undid his pants.

He took her blouse off and started sucking her nipples. She looked over at me smiled then stood him up taking his clothes off. He was now fully naked she dropped to her knees and started licking and sucking his very hard cock. He was about the same size as me but uncut. I now got naked, and stood her up taking her skirt off. She got on the bed on her hands and knees ass up in the air and told Jim she needs to be fucked. He got behind her slide his cock in her. I went around to her front feed her my cock, she sucked me in her mouth moaning. He pounded her good she had about 4 orgasms.

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