Prom night with Miss Boyd

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I closed in on her woman parts. I could smell her. I had never smelt a woman before and the scent drove me wild. I started to kiss and lick at her entry point, fast and furiously.“Slowly at first Trent. Like a lovely flower that needs to open in the morning light. Slowly.†It was prom night. I was all excited because after tonight school would be over and I would never have to go back and see the bloody jock that always made my life a I closed in on her woman parts. I could smell her. I had never smelt a woman before and the scent drove me wild. I started to kiss and lick at her entry point, fast and furiously.“Slowly at first Trent. Like a lovely flower that needs to open in the morning light. Slowly.â€

It was prom night. I was all excited because after tonight school would be over and I would never have to go back and see the bloody jock that always made my life a nightmare

I had built up the courage to ask Silvia Jackson, a physics major, to accompany me and after some hesitation she had finally agreed. My new suit looked sharp. The car arrived. I headed off to Silvia’s place to pick her up.

I got out of the limo and walked up her garden path. Small, solar charged lamps shone brightly guiding my way to the door.

As I stepped up to the porch, fear and nerves twisted my insides. The door opened and Silvia’s father stood there.

“Hello you must be Trent.†he said as he walked out onto the porch and closed the door behind him.

“Yes Sir.†I replied, “Nice to meet you.†I held out my hand to shake his.

He gripped my hand hard, squeezing all my fingers together.

“Trent let me be frank with you.†he said his grip so tight I couldn’t get free.

“Silvia is a good girl and I hope your intentions are nothing but honorable. Do you understand me?â€

“Yes Sir. Perfectly.†I said nodding, still trying to free my hand from his massive mitt that was squashing every nerve and fiber in my hand.

“As long as we are on the same page then.†he said letting go of my hand after one more tight squeeze – as if his grasp hadn’t already been enough to make me understand and get my attention.

He opened the door.

“Silvia, come sweetheart. Trent’s here to pick you up with the car.â€

Silvia’s mum and younger brother walked in to the foyer area where doors to the left took you to the lounge and the stairs were directly in front.

“Silvia dear, it’s time!†Mrs Jackson called again.

Silvia appeared. She looked so different from the way she did at school, the light glowed behind her as she walked down the stairs.

Her dress was a light pink color with high heels and matching purse. Her hair was set free from the usual ponytail and flowed and bounced over her shoulders as she walked. Little ringlets adorned her face.

“Wow!†I let out, “You look beautiful.†Her father walked out with a corsage and put it on her wrist.

“Be home before 12 you pair. Have a great evening.â€

“Photos first, photos first.†said Mrs Jackson holding her camera.

I stepped in close to Silvia – she smelled as good as she looked.

“Smile!†The flash blurred my eyes. Then we were off.

When we arrived everyone was there and other cars were dropping off fellow students all togged up for the evening.

Teachers were ushering as many people as they could into the hall and having trouble as everyone was talking pictures of groups and selfies to record the last night of their school lives.

The hall was amazing. Starlight and dreams was the theme and it looked as if we were in another world and not the gym. A DJ was pumping the music out. Some people we already on the dance floor, most were just mingling and some were at the buffet table eating their fill.

“Silvia, Silvia!†I heard a girl call. It was Deborah one of Silvia’s friends.

They hugged and exchanged pleasantries – I got the first hint that I might be an accessory for the evening.

“He’s here.†said Deborah. “Look! Look over there.†she said gushing out all over the place.

“Where?†Silvia asked. “Where? Don’t lie.†she said making no attempt to hide the excitement running through her voice.

“Over there next to Matt and James near the punch bowl.†Her voice was getting higher with each word.

“Shit he is!†replied Silvia.

“Oh Trent I just need to go and say Hi to someone. Is that ok?†she said not caring about my reply as she started walking.

My night went from a total high to a total bust. I sat on the chairs hoping that she might return but all I saw was Chad Stevens kissing her and groping that ‘good girl’ all over.

As the DJ called for everyone to take the floor for the last song I looked around and saw some girls sitting looking and waiting. I tossed my pity in and asked them, any of them, to dance. I was only met by laughter and “No thank you Trent.â€

I walked out the front and sat on the wall. My prom, the night of nights was disaster and I couldn’t wait to get out of here.

I heard the song finish and everyone started to head out. Cars started to arrive as everyone took photos of the disheveled bunch they had become.

I looked for my car to take me home. Silvia and Chad came out. He was still all over her. Miss Boyde walked up to me.

“It seems that the night didn’t work out the way you planned Trent.†her words were soft and somewhat comforting,

“No Miss it didn’t. I just want to get out of here.†I said.

I saw my car pull up. Chad and Silvia ran up to it. I walked over.

“Trent you don’t mind Chad getting in with us do you? He needs a lift home as well.†she said as his hand ran over her ass.

“I… well you see…†words escaped me.

“Thanks Trent you are such a sweetie.†she said as they both jumped into the back seat. I slammed the door behind them. I couldn’t face sitting in the back seat a loser. I closed the door, walked away to the edge of the grass area and sat down.

The dew of the night had set in and now my pants were soaked as well.

Miss Boyde walked up to me and said

“That was nice of you Trent. Let me take you home. My car is over here.â€

Resigned to my fate I stood up and walked to her car and got in.

“Ok so where do you live?†she asked.

I told her the address as I put my seatbelt on.

“So was your night all that bad?†she asked.

“Yes Miss. Totally. I saved up for this suit and car and I spent 5 minutes with Silvia until she took off and hooked up with Chad for the evening.†I said, disappointment filling my voice.

“Oh that’s so harsh.†she said. “Can I tell you something?â€

“Sure Miss.†my response was lack luster.

“My prom was a nightmare as well. Johnny Silverman was supposed to be my date, but the morning of the prom he called me to say that he was taking Katie Hoffman. The morning of the bloody prom.â€

I could still hear the anger in her voice.

“His loss Miss. He missed out on someone nice.â€

“Nice wasn’t want Johnny wanted. And if he played his cards right he would have got what he wanted.†she said

I swallowed. A teacher talking about sex. I was shocked.

“Well he missed out big time then. Silly fool.†I said.

“He did so. And I think Silvia has missed out as well.†said Miss Boyde. There was a pause then she continued…

“So do you want to go straight home? Or let me take you somewhere to see if we ca
n find that cute smile of yours?â€

‘My cute smile?’ I thought. I didn’t even know she knew me or my smile.

“Sure Miss that would be nice.†I replied without hesitation.

We drove for another 10 minutes and ended up across town at a set of apartments. There were 4 in the block. She parked on the side of the street.

“Well are you coming up?†she asked.

“Errrrr where are we?†I asked confused.

“My place. Come on lets go.†she said getting out of the car.

I climbed out and followed her. She opened the door and ran up the stairs with me following like a shadow behind her.

“This is it my place. It’s not much but hey I’m a teacher I don’t get paid much.â€

We walked inside. Her walls were covered in art. Mostly it was painted by her but there were others as well.

“So Trent do you want a drink?†she asked. She’d opened up two beers before I had time to answer.

“Sure.†I said acting like a man of the world.

She passed me a bottle

“Let’s toast. To finding your smile.†she said.

I took a swig. Then another.

“So Trent. What did you hope would happen tonight?†she asked chugging back another mouthful of beer.

“I hoped to dance and sing and well maybe get to second base. You know it’s prom and things happen.†My words were out before I knew it.

“Well that sounds like a lovely night.†she said as she walked over and put on some music. She put her empty bottle on the counter.

“Let’s dance.†she said.

I skulled the rest of my beer which was already making me feel woozy as I had never drank alcohol before. Then I reached out and grabbed the hand she held out to me.

We danced in her lounge room to a few fast songs, swinging our hips and jumping about.

“What about this?†she asked as she put on a slow song.

My nerves filled my body once again.

“Miss… I…â€

“Yes Trent. Come here.â€

She leaned in to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I put my hands around her waist. I could feel her face nuzzle into my neck and ear sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

“Trent.†she whispered in my ear. “How about we skip second and go for home?â€

Her words seemed to release an inner fire in her. She started to kiss my face and lips. I just went with it.

“Miss.†I stammered “I well… I’m a virgin.†Fear escaped with each word.

“That’s lovely Trent. Lovely. Just believe in your body, follow it, and it will be all good.â€

Her lips found mine once again and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. Her hands had moved from my hips and were roaming around my ass.

“So Trent, do you do you want to go home?†she asked.

“No Miss. I want to stay.â€

She stopped and smiled.

“Well then I think we have some teaching to do don’t you?â€

With this she dropped to her knees, undid my belt and trousers. My hard cock sprung out. My pants were around my ankles and my hands were on my head as she took my cock in her mouth for the first time.

“Oooooo…. that feels sooo good… Miss.†I said with a stammer.

She looked up at me as she continued to suck. It made it even more sexy to see my teacher’s eyes as her lips and mouth wrapped around my cock. She licked at it then bent her head under and sucked and licked my balls, pulling my shaft as she did.

“So Trent have we found that smile yet?†she asked with a purr.

I nodded. My legs grew weak as the pleasure over took my body.

She noticed and stood up.

“Undress me Trent. Take my clothes off.â€

I fumbled at the buttons of her shirt and slid it off her shoulders. I moved around the back and undid her skirt. It wasn’t cool at all – I was all thumbs. But when it fell to the floor I gasped.

Her ass glowed in the light. No panties. I reached up and undid her bra off first go – more by good luck than anything. I came back around the front to see her huge breasts hanging in the light.

“Well Trent. Do you like what you see?†she asked.

“I do Miss. I really do.†I yelped like a starving puppy.

“Well to the bedroom then I think. I am so fucking wet for you.†she said.

“My hard cock pointed the way as I turned to follow.â€

She lay on the bed. I stood there not knowing what to do waiting for a instruction.

“Well aren’t you going to take the rest of your clothes off?†she asked. Within seconds I was naked.

“Now Trent come and taste me. You should always taste your food before your devour it.â€

I crawled up between her legs. Once again nerves ran through me as I had no idea what I was going to do.

“Follow your body Trent.†she said as if she could hear the voices in my head.

I closed in on her woman parts. I could smell her. I had never smelt a woman before and the scent drove me wild. I started to kiss and lick at her entry point, fast and furiously. She grabbed my head.

“Slowly at first Trent. Like a lovely flower that needs to open in the morning light. Slowly.â€

Her hands held my head in place where she needed and wanted me. I licked slowly and purposefully. She started to move her hips and grind into my face just lightly but enough for me to start to follow her movements. Together we gradually increased our pace and strength.

“Oh Trent that’s a good. My…ohhh yes Trent keep it just like that, just like that. I will give you an…… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….â€

Her body moved in an uncontrolled motion her hands jamming my head so I could only lick one spot as she continued to buck into my face. I licked until it seemed she had finished.

“Ohh Trent that was sooooo nice. B-plus I think for that.†she said. Her voice had changed, it was deep and full of want.

“On your back Trent.†she demanded.

I rolled on my back my cock standing strong.

“I love young boys Trent. I really do. They are always ready.†she rolled over and sucked my cock a few times then jumped on top of me. Her pussy slid over my dick as a sock would a foot.

She sat there for a while. It was warm soft and incredible. I had never felt something so amazing before.

I started to move under her. I wanted more. I wanted to see what would happen.

“Trent tell me when you are about to cum. I want to know.†she said looking into my eyes.

“Yes Miss. I will.†I had cum before on tissues and in my dreams but never with a person.

She slowly started to grind her body on mine.

“Oh that’s good so fucking hard inside me.†she moaned. “So fucking hard.â€

I couldn’t really move although I needed to. My body was telling me to move, fuck and pump. She rode me with pleasure in every move. She moved my hair from my face and I felt her pussy muscles tighten and saw the strain on her face release as her juice dripped down over my balls.

The longer we went the harder she pounded her hole on my dick. Hard, fast and incredible. Then she sat up. I couldn’t believe I was seeing my teacher’s body and breasts bounce as she rode me like a cowgirl queen.

She seemed to know I was getting close and slowed to let me recover a little.

“Miss you are incredible. I think this is the best lesson I have ever been taught. I promise I will remember.â€

“Trent I am sure you will remember me forever. Everyone remembers prom night.â€

She climbed off me and crawled to the edge of the bed face down.

“Trent come behind me and slide yourself back into my hot juicy pussy. This is called doggie.†s
he said watching me as I jumped up and walked behind her.

“Grab my hips Trent after you slide into me. Now don’t be nice. I want a good fucking. Stop if you need to. But I want you to hold me, pull me and fuck me good ok?†she said as she lay on the bed with her face to one side.

I did as she said. I took hold of my cock, slid it back inside her and started to thrust in and out.

‘She’s right listen to your body.’ I thought. I realized that knew how to fuck without ever having been shown. I stared to hold her hips as required and my back arched as my hips flexed and my dick thrust deep inside her.

“That’s it Trent!†she yelled “Fuck me, fuck your teacher! Fuck me.â€

Her pussy muscles danced all over my cock as her body wiggled all over the bed.

“I’m cumming.†she screamed. “Fuck me, fuck me, shove that beautiful cock inside my juicy hole.â€

She screamed with all her might and her pussy squeezed milking the cum out of my cock – it wasn’t long before I started to cum.

“Miss. Miss I can’t stop Miss I going to…†she bucked back as she knew I was about to cum and pushed me off her and jumped on the bed.

“On my tits Trent. Cum on my tits.†she demanded.

Her hand worked her pussy rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers inside herself.

“Cum Trent, cum. I want that hot juice all over my girls.†she said again.

“Yes Miss yesssssssssss…..†I felt an intense pleasure rip through my body like an out of control steam train. I pulled harder and faster on my cock then ever before almost fucking my hand in mid air.

As the cum entered my shaft I jumped closer and directed my cock directly above and at Miss Boyd’s beautiful breasts.

Load after sprayed out the end of my cook. With no way possible for me to control where they landed jet after jet smashed into her chest, breasts, face and bed.

Miss Boyde screamed out

“Yes Trent yessssss….†she had three fingers buried in her hole as she came and shook on the bed under my hot shower. I continued to pull hard until I was spent.

I opened my eyes and Miss was rubbing my cum all over her breasts. She was covered – it was all over her face, breasts and belly. I had made her the perfect artwork and she was just lying in it reveling in the pleasure.

“Oh Miss that was incredible you are the best teacher ever.†I said as a smile beamed across my face.

She smiled,

“See Trent I knew we could find that smile of yours.


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