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 Yvonne was once again awestruck. Ricky’s hard cock was worthy of the Greek gods themselves. It was thick and curved and the tip was flushed a bright red like a juicy berry begging to be placed between her lips She’d been in New York for 2 days now, her feet were sorefrom walking, it was 40 degrees above – way too hot for comfort and her friend’sflight over had been cancelled at the last minute. She’d exhausted the  Yvonne was once again awestruck. Ricky’s hard cock was worthy of the Greek gods themselves. It was thick and curved and the tip was flushed a bright red like a juicy berry begging to be placed between her lips

She’d been in New York for 2 days now, her feet were sorefrom walking, it was 40 degrees above – way too hot for comfort and her friend’sflight over had been cancelled at the last minute. She’d exhausted the numberof things a single girl can do in New York by themselves and had been lookingforward to some company and girly fun.


As it stood, her friend wouldn’t be in for another 24 hrs.


Looking around Yvonne spotted a nearby coffee shop or ‘cworfee’as these yanks seemed to pronounce it. She took a deep breath to prepareherself and began the slow trudge towards the cafe with her accumulatedparaphernalia from New York’s finest shops in hand.


‘Finally!’ she sighed as she slumped into one of the leather-cladbooths with her gigantic latte. She could almost feel herself begin to meltinto the sticky burgundy leather as fatigue began to take over.


Just as she was drifting off into the oblivion of her owndaydream something caught her eye. There, in the doorway, stood a man. Notbeing great at judging heights it was difficult for Yvonne to see how tall hewas. Judging by the woman in front of him in the queue, he was shorter than 6fttall, maybe 5’9â€? 


His golden hair caught light from the window, giving it theappearance of being flecked with gold. His tight black t-shirt showed off histight chest and splendidly formed arms. Even from this distance Yvonne couldsee the light catching off wisps of chest hair teasing out the top of t-shirt.


In awe, Yvonne couldn’t help but allow her gaze to traildown his body. She tried swallowing but her mouth had gone surprisingly dry, asshe took in the firmness of his thighs in the faded black jeans he wore and thebulge at the front that tightened things below in her she’d recently thoughtlong gone.


The stranger was enveloped in a halo of light that createdan ethereal look about him. He glanced up at the menu board with an intenselooking face and the light caught off his beard.  The light penetrating enough to show off hisstrong jaw line that his well kept beard usually kept hidden. 


In this light it was easy to see his beard had differenttones to it. His moustache was a fairer colour similar to his hair but the restof his beard had almost an auburn quality to it.


Nestled between the two were a pair of lips that lookedsensually soft. Almost feminine in their plumpness.  Yvonne had the briefest image of kissingthose lush lips flash in her mind.


As she watched him scan the menu she could see the intensityin his eyes and the subtle hints of crows feet which deepened into furrows ashe smiled at the woman behind the counter to place his order.  As he smiled with his eyes Yvonne couldn’thelp but smile too.   It was such agenuine expression of merriment that she suddenly understood why his eyeslooked as intensely as they did.  Herewas a man that smiled a lot.  As if hetook genuine pleasure in everything around him. 


As Yvonne continued to stare, dumbstruck with awe, there wasa loud clatter and the glow disappeared as an old lady banged the cafe doorclosed behind her and began shouting in a typically American drawl that sheneeded 3 ‘cworfees’ to go and she needed them yesterday.


Yvonne suddenly refocused herself only to realise that theman had gone. She felt sadness well up and then laughed out loud at herself forher foolishness.  Yvonne hadn’t paid anyheed to a man in such a long time.  Notsince the last two fiascos of relationships she’d been in. One with a no hopewaster with anger issues and another with an emotionally crippled fool.


She’d vowed to stay clear of men ever since. That was almost18 months ago.


She’d managed to remain disinterested in the opposite sexfor so long that she’d forgotten what it was like. Maybe she was just tired anddehydrated from her shopping and the unnaturally warm weather. She gave herbody a shake and then mentally slapped herself, focused again before settlingto drink her latte.  


4 hours later Yvonne found herself in her hotel bar, nursinga bottle of white wine. She’d headed back to her room and dumped her bagsbefore standing under the cool shower for half an hour trying to wake herselfup and ease her aching legs and feet.


She had inadvertently found herself thinking of the strangershe’d seen before and had imagined all sorts of naughty things he could do toher. Her hands seemed to find her pleasure spots all by themselves and she hadended up almost doubled over in an orgasmic shudder.


After composing herself and getting her breath back she’dgotten dressed in one of her new black dresses and matching shoes beforeheading down to eat alone.  Now an hourlater she was cradling her wine glass and beginning to feel the warm haziness ofalcohol taking effect.  She couldn’t waittill tomorrow when she would have her friend here to alleviate her loneliness. 


She glanced around the room and noticed how empty it was.There was an old couple in the corner that appeared to be together but ignoringeach other and a couple of business men nursing some beers.


Yvonne sighed and was about to take another sip when a voicenext to her spoke.


It was deep and languid and sounded like honey dripping. Yvonneturned to face the voice and was confronted by the stranger she’d seen before.She stared in shock as the mans lips moved. She was transfixed by those fulljuicy lips as they opened and closed.

“Excuse me ma’am, are you ok?”


Yvonne refocused, “huh?” she stuttered.


“I said can I buy you a drink?” the man smiled,apparently enjoying Yvonne’s sudden awkwardness. “I noticed you were aloneand I’m new in the area. I was hoping we could keep each other company for theevening. Unless you’re busy?”


Yvonne tried desperately to pull her gaze from the hypnoticeffect his mouth had on her. She could already feel herself getting warm bellowand those same stirrings that rose in the cafe were rousing here.


“Oh, erm, no, I mean yes! Yes, I’ll have a drink”she blurted ou


Going red at her clumsiness. She immediately beganregretting having already finished most of a bottle of wine by herself.


“Oh, wait!” she stammered, “I have some wineleft here, why don’t you get another glass and share it with me?”


His smile beamed at her. Such an amazing smile he had. Itput her at ease and turned her on at the same time. He turned and headed forthe bar and Yvonne quickly began trying to undo the effects of the last hoursdrinking. Sorting her bra and dress and making sure her hair wasn’t all overthe place.


She couldn’t believe this man was talking to her. All herinsecurities about herself began to rear their ugly heads when suddenly he wasback with another glass and another bottle.


The next two hours flew by.


His charm wasn’t just an external factor. He was incrediblyfunny and witty. They discussed various diverse topics, fuelled by theincreasing consumption of wine, from the brashness of New Yorkers to thetrouble in the Middle East and to such things as their favorite type of donuts.


His name was Ricky and he was amazing company to have.


As the evening wore on Yvonne’s insecurities faded awayunder the intensity of his gaze and the depth of his smile. She found herselfleaning over the table with her hand on his, laughing at some joke he had justmade. Even that touch alone took her breath away. His hands were big and strongand she noted, incredibly clean and manicured.


He looked down at their hands and smiled that incrediblesmile of his and placed his other hand on top of hers. Immediately Yvonne’sloins jumped in response. She could feel the heat across her chest and in hergroin and even flushing across her face.


Ricky suddenly surprised her then by leaning in close andkissing her.


Yvonne exploded in a rush of senses. His breath was warm andsweet from the wine, his face, rugged and hairy yet soft, smelled like soap,his lips were full, soft and warm. There was a subtle spiciness from hisaftershave mingled with his own intoxicating muskiness. For a split second shetook in the closeness of him before melting into that kiss.


It seemed to last for an eternity and Yvonne could feel herbody reacting to it. His firm tongue gently probing and caressing as his lipsskilfully joined with hers. His hand lifted and held the side of her facesending another shiver of pleasure down her body.


Yvonne didn’t know if she could take any more and would’vesworn she was almost ready to climax there and then.


He slowly pulled away and gazed intensely into hereyes.  Yvonne suddenly found herselfwondering why she felt so at ease with this man she hardly knew. Usually shewould shy away from even casual glances from passers by and here she wasstaring into the deep ocean blue eyes of a complete stranger she’d just beenkissing. She’d never had so much as a one-night stand before so to be kissing atotal stranger in another country was a total first for her. 


Ricky’s hand gently played with her hair and Yvonnetightened her grip on his other hand.


“I want you,” she whispered, never breaking theirgaze.


“I want you too, Yvonne.” he whispered softlyback. “I feel like I’ve known you for ever.”


Somehow they managed to get back to Ricky’s room withoutsuccumbing in the hotel bar. Once through the door Ricky spun Yvonne round andgazed into her eyes once more. His gaze trailed down swallowing every detail hetrembled with anticipation.


He trailed his fingers down her bare arms causing littlesparks of pleasure to jump from her. Her breathing quickened in response. Heencircled her fingers with his and leaned in to slowly kiss the nape of herneck.


Yvonne’s eyes closed and she tilted her head back enjoyingthe sensation of his warm lips on her neck. He moved slowly up to her ear wherehe began nibbling gently before biting slightly harder causing her to breath insharply and grin. She wrapped her arms around as much of him as she could.


This close,  he was abig man. She could feel the power of his muscles through his jacket and she waskeen to feel more. While he teased her neck and ears with his splendid lips shebegan removing his jacket and top. She had to catch herself again as he startedrunning his hand up her calf to her thigh though. 

He mixed the sensations of that with his other hand tracingup her spine to undo her bra clasp. Finally she had him topless and the sightof it was amazing. His chest was indeed perfect, with wisps of curly hair thatdemanded she run her fingers through it. She traced both her hands over hischest and trailed her fingers over his nipples, giving them a squeeze that tookhis breath away.


She lifted his face and plunged her lips into his as herpassion jumped another level again. They clumsily hastened to the bed where Rickystraddled her and removed the rest of her clothes, leaving her with just herlace panties on. Yvonne lay there gazing at his broad shoulders while he drankthe sight of her, the lust in his eyes building even more.


He quickly removed what garments he had left and kneeledabove her. Yvonne was once again awestruck. Ricky’s hard cock was worthy of theGreek gods themselves. It was thick and curved and the tip was flushed a brightred like a juicy berry begging to be placed between her lips. Her hands weredrawn to it and as they encircled it Ricky let out a guttural moan that spoketo her.


He closed his eyes as she began to rhythmically move herhands. She moved her body into a better position and licked her tongue up thesoft front of his hard shaft before enveloping the juicy tip of him in hermouth. She could hear Ricky’s breathing quicken in response and feel herselfgetting even wetter as she traced her tongue around him, his smooth hard endfeeling delicious in her mouth.


She ran one hand up his chest to his nipple while the otherplayed with his balls and caressed his shaft. She slowly moved up and down withher mouth in a twisting motion so as to feel every part of him in every part ofher mouth. She could feel his body tightening and his breathing becoming moreragged as she sucked and licked him to ecstasy.


His hands gripped out spasmodically as he finally releasedhimself into her mouth. His juices tasting sweet and salty and filled hermouth, she slowed her pace as he jerked uncontrollably and moaned out loud. Shelooked up at him with his cock still in her mouth and he gazed down with a hugegrin on his face.


“My turn” he said. 


He lifted her up and kissed her, taking his own juices intohis mouth from her. He carried on kissing her while he moved her onto her back.He pulled away from her lips to trail down her chest where he found her nipple.He
sucked hard causing her to breath in and her loins to tighten in response.While he sucked and played with her nipple his hand reached up to caress andplay with her other breast, teasing her other nipple and bringing a sigh to hermouth.


His other hand played across her stomach and slowly down upher panties. He teased a finger in and felt her short, newly-trimmed hair. Hethen carried his hand down to her ankle where he dug his fingers in slightlyand traced them back up the inside of her thigh.

Yvonne bit her lip, wanting him to touch more intimateareas. He moved his head lower, kissing her as he went until he got to herpanties. He kissed her along the waist of her panties and down over her crotch.She lifted her hips to meet him and sighed


“Please Ricky” at him.


He slowly teased away the last barrier between him and hermoist sweet area. As he pulled them over her feet he began kidding back up herleg till he got to the top of her inner thigh. He then licked his firm tongueover her swollen lips, taking one into his mouth to suck on gently.


He stroked her other lip between his fingers making it feellike he had two mouths, both expertly sucking and kissing her. He then placedhis tongue at the entrance to her body. Yvonne’s body writhed with the thoughtof and the actual pleasure. He kneaded his tongue around her entrance andslowly moved up to her swollen bud. As soon as his tongue touched her there herback buckled.


He simultaneously began moving his fingers inside her withlanguidly moving his whole tongue up and over her. This on top of the already builtup sexual pressure was too much. She quickly began to feel deep pressure andheat welling up inside her. Wave upon wave of pleasure was building up. My god,she didn’t know what he was doing but she no longer had any control.


Her back began arching and her legs trembled as his tongueand fingers worked in unison. The pressure finally gave and she began screamingin ragged breaths as all thoughts but pleasure racked her body. And still hedidn’t stop, he shifted his fingers slightly and found another spot inside hershe didn’t know existed and the pleasure changed and reached a new crescendo.


She felt as though a floodgate of pleasure had been openedand her body succumbed to it. She could no longer breathe and she could nolonger think.


Eventually he stopped and looked up at her.


Yvonne couldn’t move, her body spasmed continually fromwaves of pleasure that refused to die down. Evidently the waves of pleasure hadgushed forth spectacularly as Ricky smiled with Yvonne’s juices dripping fromhis face. Yvonne desperately tried to catch her breath as Ricky dried his face.He then pulled her closer to him and kissed her deeply.


As he kissed he slowly slipped his newly hardened memberinside her quivering opening. The width of him took her breath away once moreand she came just from the intensity of it.


He began rhythmically moving backwards and forwards, thefeeling of him filling her making Yvonne bite down on her lip again and dig hernails into his tight buttocks. He carried on moving, tilting her hips so hecould get deeper, thrusting progressively harder and faster building more wavesbetween them.


Eventually the waves came crashing down and they both wereleft crying out and gasping for air. He collapsed on top of her, his raggedbreathing vying for more oxygen.


He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled into her neck.


She held onto him tightly trying not to die from lack ofoxygen, more waves crashing over her and causing her body to twitchuncontrollably.


They snuggled into each other and let oblivion slowly washover them. Just as Yvonne was away to succumb to her energy finally giving wayshe was woken with a start




Yvonne looked around confused. Her friend sat next to hersmiled knowingly and asked


“Nice dream, Yvonne?”


Yvonne flushed bright red and stared out the window as theyprepared to land and begin their two week holiday in New York.


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