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It’s been over 30 years since this story happened but it’s too good not to share. while I can’t remember everything exactly how it happened I’ll try to do my best, however some things I do remember very well. I grew up in a country setting and the closest neighbor to us was one of my friends. their house was about 150 yards from ours. he was the same age as me and he had 2 sisters, one 2 years older than us and one a year younger. his older sister, Stacey, was a short brunette with a great body, nice set of firm round tits and a tight ass. I was over at his house a lot and after I went home from there most times I had to masterbate thinking about her because it seemed she almost always was wearing something very skimpy or revealing.

I thought at the time she did it on purpose to just be a tease. this story proved that theory wrong. I remember several occasions well. 1 time she was out in their backyard sunbathing and she was laying on her stomach and had her bikini top off. as I walked passed I could see the sides of her boobs as she had her arms folded and under her head. another time was one evening when we were playing a board game. she said she was going to change into her bed clothes. she came down from upstairs wearing just a button up shirt that was just long enough to cover her ass and she had only a few of the bottom buttons buttoned. when it was her turn to roll the dice she got up on her knees on the chair put her elbows on the table and bent over the table.

I was directly across from her and I could look right down her shirt and see her boobs and caught a glimpse of her large nipples. I don’t know if she had any underwear on, but I doubted it. I had wet dreams about her that night. one other time I was there she was running around in a thong and a short sexy top. and there were many other times she made me so horny. it was the week of my 16th birthday and my friend told me him and his family were going away for a few days but stacey wasn’t going along.

Now, my bedroom window just happened to face her bedroom window and every night before I went to bed I always checked her window in hopes she would pass by naked. but most times after dark she had her curtains pulled shut and the few times she didn’t I never had any luck. I kept a pair of binoculars in my bedroom just in case because our houses were just a little too far away from each other to see any detail and if she was going to be naked I wanted to be sure to be able to see everything clearly and up close.

The first night they were away I went up to my room shortly before dark and checked her window. I was surprised she had the curtain open, but it was a warm summer night and they didn’t have AC in their house so she probably had the screen in the window and the curtain open for some air. as I kept watching I heard faint music that sounded like it was coming from her room. as I kept watching I saw her pass in front of the window. I quickly grabbed the binoculars in hopes. pretty soon I saw her standing in front of the open window and she began to dance to the music. she was wearing shorts and a tank top. as I watched she started to slowly pull up her top to reveal her belly button. she kept lifting it a little higher as she danced. she eventually worked it up to where I could see the bottom of her tits. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. she then pulled it completely off revealing her nice perky breasts.

I was some distance away but with the strong binoculars I could see her nipples were hard and pointy. then she started to slowly push down her shorts. it didn’t take her long to take them off. then as she turned around and faced away from me she slowly pushed down her thong to reveal her nice tight ass. she kept dancing but all I could see was her back and ass with an occasional glimpse of her boobs from the side. I kept saying to myself, “turn around”. as she did I could see her completely shaved pussy. she continued to dance and then began grabbing and squeezing her tits and nipples. I was already hard as I started to rub my cock.

I decided to get undressed and then I began rubbing my cock in earnest as I watched the show. she moved from massaging her tits to her pussy. pretty soon she disappeared from sight and I thought oh no. in a few seconds she came back and she had something in her hand. she sat on the edge of the bed and began rubbing her clit again. at that moment I came shooting cum all over the floor in front of me. good thing we had hard wood flooring, it cleaned up easy on that but I couldn’t pull myself away from the show to clean it up. as I continued to watch, holding the binoculars in one hand, I again began rubbing my already hardening cock with the other. she then took what she had in her hand and started rubbing her pussy with it. it was a dildo. she worked it in and out of her pussy and then she took it out and sucked on it. this was so great to watch. she continued to use her toy as I continued to stroke my erection. as she continued I could tell she was getting close to giving herself an orgasm. as she came I could hear her moan and then I came again. she then got up and shut the curtain. it was as if she knew I was watching and wanted to put on a show for me, but I couldn’t see how she would have known because I had the lights in my bedroom off. that night I woke up and my cock was incredibly hard. I massaged it as I thought about what I had seen earlier until I ejaculated again.

The next night I was ready and waiting early. as it got to be dusk she had the curtains open again. soon I saw her and another person through the open window. it was Penny, one of her friends from school. Penny was a cute blond who had large boobs and an overall great body. I grabbed the binoculars ad began to watch. I heard the music again and watched as they began to dance. they both were wearing shorts and a button up top. as they danced my cock got rock hard. then they started to unbutton their shirts. once they had them completely unbuttoned they left them on hanging open and continued to dance.

I could catch occasional glimpses of their tits as they moved and the shirts flung open wider. then they slowly pulled the shirts away from their chest and revealed their boobs. as they removed the shirts I started to stroke my cock with my one hand. as they danced they started to push down their shorts. as they got them pushed down to their crotch I could see that neither had underwear on and I could see the tops of their clits. as they removed their shorts completely I had a good view of both their pussies. Penny was mostly shaved and had a large set of pussy lips. they danced for a while and then they sat on the edge of the bed and it looked like they were just talking. in the meantime I shot cum all over the floor again. pretty soon I saw their heads lean in towards each other and then they gave each other a brief kiss on the lips. in seconds they were lip to lip again in a much more sensual lengthy kiss. as they continued to kiss I saw Stacey’s hand reach over and start to feel Penny’s one tit. Penny responded by doing the same to Stacey.

Pretty soon Penny moved to rubbing Stacey’s clit. then they both spread their legs and began rubbing each others pussy they continued kissing and rubbing until they both had orgasms. then they lay back on the bed for awhile as I erupted again from masterbating. I continued to watch and soon I saw Stacey sit up turn around and face her ass to Penny and put her one leg across Penny’s belly. she began licking Penny’s pussy and Penny returned the favor. I watched as they gave each other another orgasms before they closed the curtain. that night I had a very wet dream. this girl was driving me crazy, but I figured I had little chance to ever screw her so I had to be happy watching the show and pleasuring myself. the next day was my 16th birthday and there was a knock at the door. it was Stacey. she told me she wanted to give me my birthday present but I needed to come over to her house.

I didn’t think much of it because our families were good friends and we frequently bought gifts for each other. of course when she came over to tell me this she was wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a thin weight shirt with no bra. her nipples were so visible it gat me hard right in front of her. I could tell she noticed because she couldn’t quit looking at my crotch and then her nipples got even bigger and then she smiled. as I watched her walk away from me after I told her I’d come over around 7, I couldn’t stop looking at the way her tight little ass stuck out from under and wiggled in those short shorts. it was another warm day so I decided to wear shorts and a muscle shirt over to her house.

I walked to her house and as I arrived I noticed a couple cars I didn’t recognize in their driveway. my friend told me he thought him and his family would be home that day so I just thought maybe it was some friends of their family. when I knocked on the door and Stacey opened it I was in shock. there were her and 4 friends of hers in their bikinis. they yelled happy birthday. I asked Stacey where her family was and she said they wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. I knew these girls from school, but wouldn’t say I was close to any of them. I said, “wow, this is a surprise”. Stacey then said, “this is just the beginning of your present, we’re going to make you work for the rest of it”. she told me we were going to play a game called strip hide and seek. the rules went like this: the girls would all have 60 seconds to hide. I had 60 seconds to find one of them. if I did the girl I found would have to remove an article of clothing. if I didn’t and 60 seconds expired I had to remove an article of my clothes. the girls could reenter the game as long as they still had clothes on. once a girl was naked she had to sit in the other room and wait.

Since they were all wearing bikinis I only needed to find each one twice to get them all completely naked and win the game. if I had to remove all my clothes because I couldn’t find them quick enough I still had to keep seeking the girls until one was left, in which case she’d be the winner. but once I was naked for every 60 second period that expired that I couldn’t find a girl I would be penalized at the end of the game. I asked what the penalty would be. Stacey said, “maybe you’ll find out, maybe you won’t”. by the time she got done telling me the rules I had a full erection that stuck straight out in my shorts. the girls all made remarks about it and I heard one say, “I can’t wait to suck that dick”. I had a hard time believing this was happening but decided to go with the flow and see what happened. as we started the game I was getting more and more turned on. I gave them all 1 minute to hide and then I started searching.

I found one of the girls with in 30 seconds so she removed her top. she had small boobs but I didn’t care at that point as I stared at her as she untied her bikini top and popped out her boobs. I gave her another minute to re-hide herself and then began searching again. I found 2 more girls rather quickly and watched as they took off their tops to expose their boobs. then I found the first girl again so she needed to take off her bottoms. I was in a trance watching as she slowly pushed down her thong and revealed her cute little pussy. I watched her bare ass wiggle as she walked away from me into the other room. I was doing good. I got one girl completely naked and 2 others topless without losing any of my own clothes.

My luck was about to change. the next hunt the 60 second buzzer went off before I found anyone so I removed my shirt. next I found Stacey. I was hypnotized as I watched her take off her top and pop out her beautiful breasts. she had the nicest breasts so far of the 4 girls I got topless. her nipples were so scrumptious looking it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her and sucking on them. she made a comment about my erection and then re-hid. the next time out I heard the buzzer go off meaning I had to remove something else. I took off my shorts and was now in my underwear. my dick was still rock hard and there was a wet spot on my underwear from it oozing. meanwhile I peaked in on the girl who was naked and she was rubbing her own clit and tits. she saw me staring at her and smiled at me and said, “go find the others so we can have some fun”. so I pulled myself away from her and began searching again. so now I had 3 girls topless and one “fully” clothed girl to find to win the game and claim my prize. next I scored one of the topless girls. as she removed her bikini bottom she noticed my huge erection and wet spot on my underwear from my oozing cock and giggled and said, “you look tasty”. I smiled as I watched her rub her pussy in front of me and then walk away into the waiting room with the other naked girl.

Next time I finally found the one girl who has been eluding me from the start. I couldn’t wait to see her boobs. they were bigger than Stacey’s and very round and firm looking. problem was she removed her bottoms instead of her top. oh well, her pussy was just as nice as I imagined her breasts would be. she had long dark pussy lips that I could see jiggle as she removed her bikini. I watched her tight little ass wiggle as she told me to turn around while she hid again. ok I had 3 girls with 1 piece of clothing on each, problem was I was down to 1 piece myself. as I searched the next round I knew I was getting short on time. I hurried to try to find one of the girls but then heard the buzzer. the 2 naked girls in the other room came running to me and said with a smile, “take it off”. as they watched I pulled down my underwear and watched my erect hard cock fling free. they both cheered and clapped and smiled as they ran back in the other room.

As I began my next search I was naked running around in my neighbor’s house searching for half naked girls, one of which was their daughter, with 2 fully naked girls in the living room. what was I doing? HAVING A BLAST that’s what. as I searched I found one of the 3 remaining girls just before the buzzer went off. I watched her slowly push down her bikini as my cock stuck straight out towards her. as she bent over and pushed her bikini down her face was inches from my hard dick. she then gave my cock a kiss and then ran into the room with the other 2 naked girls. I peeked in to watch her ass all the way in the room and saw the first girl licking the second one’s pussy. the girl who just got naked immediately went over and started licking the first girl’s clit. I was so turned on I felt like masterbating right there, but was too embarrassed to do that. so now I had Stacey and the girl with the long pussy lips left to find.

As I searched I heard the buzzer and new I had a penalty. the 3 naked girls came running to me and said, “you’re in trouble now”. I had no idea what the penalty might be but I figured how bad could it be when there’s naked girls involved? I began my next search and within 15 seconds found the beauty with the insanely nice tits and gorgeous pussy lips. someone could have yelled fire and I would have still stood there and watched as she removed her top to reveal those tits. they were even nicer than I dreamed. her and Stacey definitely had the nicest bodies of all these girls although none of them were in any way bad. just then Stacey came running out yelling, “I won the prize”. I asked her what she won. she said, “you silly, I get to fuck you first”. I remember I about dropped over as I was standing there naked with 4 naked girls and Stacey who only had a thong on and who just told me she was going to fuck me. then she grabbed my hard cock and lead me by it into the living room. as she did she said, “your cock is so big and hard, I can’t wait to feel that in my pussy”. she told me first I needed to remove her thong. as the other girls watched I slowly pulled down her thong. as I did I first could see the top of her clit then a little more and finally her entire pussy.

I could feel her thong was wet from her dripping pussy and then as I got her thong off and she spread her legs I saw the drips of her juices dangling from her beautiful pussy lips. then I looked up saw her hard nipples and a smile on her face. I put my lips to her one nipple and sucked then moved to the other. they were so perky and large. then I felt her hand begin to rub my erection as I was oozing. we both went to the floor and I began licking her pussy as she started sucking my cock. what a great tasting pussy she had. the other 4 girls were watching us and beginning to rub their own clits. after awhile I heard Stacey say, “I want it in my pussy”. as I lay on top of her and started the head of my cock past her pussy lips she moaned with pleasure. I worked it in slowly and back and forth causing her to moan as each time I went in a little deeper. finally I got it all the way in and she let out a loud moan.

We worked together until we were both ready to explode with ecstasy. as I erupted in her I could feel my cum surging into her receptive pussy. she let out an incredible moan, arched her back clinched her legs tightly around me and had, what I remember as, a simply incredible orgasm. as she arched her back her tits stood like mountain peeks and her nipples were so hard and pointy it made me instantly hard again and within seconds I came inside her for a second time. she let out another load moan and again clinched her legs around me. she actually, if I remember right, had one long extended orgasm. after we finished and my shrinking cock was still in her I throbbed it and she let out another moan and said, “I like that”.

I continued to throb my dick in her as she continued to moan and gasp. I actually think she had another “mini” orgasm just from me throbbing my shrinking penis in her. she looked at me and said, “wow, that was special”. after I pulled it out of her she licked it off seemingly enjoying tasting her own juices. she said, “now it’s time for your penalty”. I asked what that would be. she told me I had to lick each one of the other girls pussies until they had an orgasm. I said, “that doesn’t sound like a penalty to me”. she replied, “no, we just told you that so you would find us quicker and we could have fun quicker”. I laughed as I started to lick the first girl as she lay on the floor with her legs spread. as I continued I could feel her juices flowing and enjoyed the taste of her increasing wet pussy. I could feel my cock grow again and then felt the girl sitting on the floor next to me waiting her turn reach over and begin to stroke it. as I was bringing the first girl to a climax the second one was bringing me to a climax as well. both of us erupted together and I shot cum all over the other girl’s face. then I moved to that girl’s pussy. she didn’t even bother wiping the cum off her face and in fact I remember her licking what she could of it with her tongue. as I worked on her I felt girl number three grab my cock and say, “I want some of that cum on me”. I brought the second girl quickly to an orgasm but I hadn’t shot my cum yet so the third girl had to work me longer but eventually I was ready. as she saw me preparing she opened her mouth and caught most of my squirts and then I watched as she swallowed it. I then ate her pussy out while my friend with the beautiful pussy lips and gorgeous tits rubbed me. I exploded quickly just thinking about her rubbing my cock. I had to finish licking the third girl after I erupted to bring her to climax but got her there rather quickly afterwards. then I came to my girl with the large pussy lips. as I played and tugged on her lips I felt a hand grab my hard cock. it was Stacey. she said, “I want you to fuck me again, right now”. so I flipped to my back and had the girl I was licking spread her legs over my face as Stacey hopped on my large erection. as the girl spread her legs over me her large lips dangled like cherries from a tree. as I spread them with my tongue she moaned loudly. I entered deep in her pink pussy with my tongue and lapped up her delicious juices as she rubbed the top portion of her clit. meanwhile Stacey was riding me like crazy. we worked each other for what seemed to be an hour and all of a sudden all 3 of us exploded in ecstasy. what an experience for a 16 year old. and what a birthday present. Stacey and I had sex several more times that summer before she left for college in the fall and each time it got better and better. I don’t know if my buddy ever found out about us or not. I suspect he did know, but he never mentioned it and neither did I.

Stacey and I had sex numerous times during the course of the following summer and in fact she added a new twist to our sex adventures. on her sister’s 16th birthday, with their parents again away on vacation, Stacey had me come over to their house and give her sister a present. her sister was cute, but I never thought she had the body Stacey had. but it was hard to tell because she always wore less sexy, loose fitting clothes. when she first told me what she wanted to do I said to her, “are you sure your sister will like that. you know she’s not a slut like you”. Stacey looked at me with a shocked look and then smacked me and said, I’m not a slut”. I looked at her and said, “yes you are”. she smiled, thought about it a few seconds and then said, “yeah, I guess I am”. when I got there that evening I ended up wrong on 2 assumptions. first her sister had a great body underneath those loose fitting clothes and second, she was just as much a slut as Stacey, LOL. the 3 of us a had lots of fun that summer. and this ends the story of the sisters next door.


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