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“I am going to fuck your ass now babe. I want you back on your knees.†He moved and I fell off him as he had commanded and crawled to the side of the bed my ass open and twitching knowing what was coming. Jason tossed the camera on video record on the bed, focusing it directly on my face. He wanted to capture every moment. I grimaced as I feel his hard rod enter me. Although I was ready, open and totally willing, the start is always a task for me, but as usual once he was in oh I felt “I am going to fuck your ass now babe. I want you back on your knees.†He moved and I fell off him as he had commanded and crawled to the side of the bed my ass open and twitching knowing what was coming. Jason tossed the camera on video record on the bed, focusing it directly on my face. He wanted to capture every moment. I grimaced as I feel his hard rod enter me. Although I was ready, open and totally willing, the start is always a task for me, but as usual once he was in oh I felt so good.

“No Jason I told you stop it. I don’t like photos being taken of me,†I said.

“But Terri you’re beautiful! Come on, I need photos of you for when you’re not around,†he said.  

“You have them on my profile – use them, stop it.†I replied angrily.

“But babe just one more, that’s it just one, but you have to smile,†he pushed.

I cracked a half smile. I didn’t like photos – I didn’t like the way I looked in them.

We had been dating seriously for six months and it was long time before I got naked in front of Jason for sex. I now feel comfortable showing him my body. But you can leave me out of photos.  

Jason was 22 when I fell for him – I had just turned 19. I wasn’t a prude but was still young and very naive sexually. I had had sex and loved it, but Jason was something else, always wanting to be inside me, always pushing me to try and do new things.

Sex in the open with the sun warming us, sex in the rain, sex in public. Different positions and marathon sessions were all just the norm now with Jason and I loved every bit of it. I even masturbated for him under the table at dinner while we were at his parents place…  

It was time to stop him from taking more photos.

 â€œI’m horny Jason, come let’s go back to my place, Mum and Dad won’t be back until tomorrow.†I said.

“Sure let’s go babe. You know me – any chance to be inside you.†He said enthusiastically grabbing his cock and balls and giving them a shake.

As we arrived at my place Jason was already semi-hard I could see his big fat cock bludging in his pants. It was like he was on permanent Viagra or something. And I loved him that way.

I opened the door and he rushed in and tossed off all his clothes and sat on the lounge, his long cock now in his hand being pulled to total erection. My cunt pulsed at the thought of it sliding inside me. But first I want to get changed. I raced up stairs.

I had bought some new lingerie and wanted him to see me in it. I know it’s just wrapping but I was the gift under it and I knew he would love it. I locked the door behind me.

It wasn’t long before Jason was knocking on the door.

Open up I want you.  He called through the door.

“Wait Jason I’m not ready.†I yelled as I pulled up the three quarter stockings and clipped them up. It was a matching set, white in colour, it held my small breasts perfectly and the pants hugged my peach butt just right.  Even I was impressed and I am my worst critic. So I knew Jason would be. Well I hoped he would anyway.

“Come on Terri let me in stop teasing.†Jason was getting louder and banging louder.  

“I coming Jason hang on,†I said as I sprayed myself with the perfume he bought me.

I slipped on my high heals that set the whole outfit off perfectly and looked in my full-length mirror admiring how sexy I looked. Jason knocked harder and started to push the door.

“Come on Terri, I am going to fuck you so hard when I get you. Open up or I will jump on your Mum’s bed.†He yelled.

I know Jason well and he would do just that. I unlocked the door and he fell in the room. Looking up from the floor he sat their gobsmacked. He had never seen me in this before – truth be told I had never worn it before.

“Fuck Terri, fuck me you are so fucking, wow, fuck me, hot!†his words were all a jumble.

“I have to take a photo of you just one.†He said before running out the door. 

I walked back to my bed my pussy aching for some action. I was wet, very wet and the thought of Jason taking photos of me like this just heated my hole up even more. I felt my nipples harden and tingle. I felt my skin come alive with goose bumps waiting for Jason to touch it. I now needed him to touch me.

He ran back in the room with phone in hand. I stood there at the end of the bed my hands above my head holding my long hair black together in a ponytail of sorts.  His cock dangling between his legs made my pussy churn and throb each time I saw it.

“Pose for me babe.†He said

Instead of being angry, as I usual am when he takes my photo, I was radically tuned on more than ever in my life. I felt loved and secure and exhilarated that my man wanted to take shots of me at my most intimate.

I posed for him bending and spreading my legs. I got on my hands and knees and crawled to him with Jason taking snaps all along.

I stopped crawling at his feet, my cunt dripping. He kept taking snaps of me the more he took the hotter I felt. I lifted my face to an inch from his long soft cock. I opened my mouth and Jason slid it in. The head of his cock filled my mouth – he had pre-cum covering it I sucked and licked it all of -sucking his cock until I felt it hard in my mouth.

I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth and Jason took some more shots spurring me on to suck him harder and take more of him in my mouth. I could feel his cock start to creep into my throat. It encouraged me to take more of his long hard thick shaft into my mouth and I loved it.

Then I stopped sucking and pulled his cock slowly as I leaned forward and sucked on each of his balls. Jason shaved them so no pubes got in the way. I loved the feeling of them rolling around in my mouth – to know I was sucking on his jewels. His Jason juice makers.

Jason’s hand rested on my head, half cupping my face as he continued to take shots of me with his balls in my mouth – me looking at him – showing how I needed to please him with my eyes.

“Oh babe that’s so good, wow babe fuck you are awesome.†Jason said.

I looked back at him – his cock laying over my face and his balls in my mouth and posed for another photo.

Fuck I was feeling so hot so sexy,

I rolled onto my back and lay on the white fluffy rug on my floor.

“Do you like what you see Jason. Do you want more?†I asked.

“Fuck yes babe. More show me more.†He replied.

Jason kept taking photos of me as I slid my hand down to my panties and started to play with my pussy through them. My pussy was so wet and so in need of Jason’s hard cock, but I loved being his model. I loved every bit of it.

I unclipped my suspenders and undid them at the back and tossed them to the side. I slowly slid off my panties – my legs long stretched into the air partly crossed hiding the spot I so needed ploughing.

Click after click of the camera made my pussy burn more. I took off my lacy bra and tossed it on the pile as Jason encouraged me along. I was in my element. Shot after shot made my whole body ache more then ever before.

Show me babe, show me your beautiful pussy. I want to take a shot of it. Without hesitation I opened my legs wi
de for him running my fingers down and over the outer rim of my joy hole. Feeling them touch my clit sent shivers deep inside me that reached my head and shot off in all directions causing a chain reaction I could no longer control.

I came hard, my body shook and my pussy tightened, I rubbed harder on my clit as my legs begged to close, I did what I could to will them open until this pleasure wave had subsided. Coming back to centre I found I had two fingers still inside my hole fingering feeling my inner most walls without fear or shame.

“Jason fuck me I need your cock fuck me please.†I begged him.

I was now his putty in his hands to mould and shape me any way he wanted. I was an insane ball of lust and only Jason’s hard throbbing meat could ease the burning that raged inside me

“No worries babe, get on your knees at the end of the bed so I can still see us in the mirror. I want to take some shots of me fucking you.†He said

His words, were now burning into my ears. I ran to the edge of the bed and like a good girl I kneeled and waited my fucking. Waited for his monster cock to fill me from behind. For Jason to grab my hips and use my body to pleasure his cock as my cunt lips wrapped around him and sucked and fucked him until he came deep inside me.

I didn’t have to wait long; Jason started to touch my burning skin – his touch sent shivers through me as I knew what was next. Next he would hold my hips with his left hand then take hold of his beautiful cock with his right. He would then take the tip and rub it just inside the start of my love tunnel, spreading my lips and teasing my clit. I love it. I wanted it so much, I wanted him.

My pussy screamed ‘fuck me’ as I waved it in the air, bucking an invisible, hard cock until Jason slid inside me.

Bit by bit I felt my inner walls open, I felt every bit of it, every bit of him fill me up and drag me open.

“Babe fuck you are so wet. You love this.†He smiled.

His cock was deep inside me now and Jason thrust in and out of me at his own pace. He owned me now, I was under his total command and right now I would do what ever my man needed.

I lowered my face to the bed leaving my hole siting high, perfectly placed for Jason’s needs.

“Yes babe that’s it you dance on my cock†I heard him say as my pussy began to squirm as the next orgasm start to flow through my body. It took over my senses and I came with wild abandonment unable to hold myself, let alone speak. Sounds not words escaped – I groaned and screamed as the pleasure felt as if it would explode out of me – on and on as I felt Jason’s cock sliding in and out of me again in a faster harder rhythm.

Then with both hands on my hips he pumped into me as he pulled me back onto him with every thrust.

I love it. I love being his girl, his fuck, his pleaser.

After a while I craved a change. I fell to the bed and rolled over. Film me Jason, go on please film me fucking myself. I begged.

Reaching into my lower draw I pulled out my dildo. I have used this guy so many times, but today was different. I was hot, I was now Jason’s porn star and I wanted to give him a show.

“Sure babe.†he said flicking the phone over to camera.

“Go on then show me.†Jason said

I was already rubbing the dildo on the outside of my pussy making it wet I was so juicy. I grabbed my Lelo Gigi and placed it directly on my joy button which was already on high alert. It was so good my body started to tremble before I slid my dildo in.

“Oh babe your eyes as so fucking sexy. Fuck this is so hot. Do it, stick it in.†Jason said lust dripping of every word.

I slid the dildo into my flaming hole, it was cold and not like the real thing – not like Jason. But I wanted to give him a good show.

I started to slide it in and out of my drenched pussy. Jason was walking around the bed filming everything I did. Faster and faster I worked it in and out my hand starting to cramp as I drove it hard into my hole of fun.

“Of fuck im cum im cum im cummmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg.†I scream.

My hips bucked into the air matching my thrusts into my hole – totally uncontrolled. My nipples ached to be touched, pulled and squeezed – so I let go of my buzzer and started to give them both what they were craving.

“Oh fuck babe this is so fucking good. You’re a porn queen – you are dead set a fucking porn queen.†Jason screamed.

That was it. That sent me over the edge. He was saying something but I was too lost in pleasure to even know he was there, my body convulsed and whatever happed after that I had no idea or control over.

“Come on open your mouth babe.†I heard as I came back to earth. I looked up to see Jason standing over me. “Open up I want to film you sucking me hard.â€

I sat up just a little and he threw two pillows under my head. He gave me the camera and put it where he wanted it, perfectly positioned to see his cock slide into my mouth

Jason grabbed hold of my head and started to fuck my face. I struggled to keep the camera still but oh so want to please him. He fucked my mouth and spoiled me as he rubbed his hard cock and balls all over my face.

“Baby jump on, I want you to ride me.†He said.  

I was consumed by the thought of pleasing him and my hole was burning with desire. I climbed on, eased myself onto his long shaft and started to ride. I pumped my body willingly onto his thick shaft filling me completely.

“Oh yes Jason I love your cock†I said as I slide up and down over and over. I felt the head of his man meat invade my tunnel and scrape as it pulls out of me as I slide up again.

My clit rubbing on his pelvis added more fuel to my already well-stoked fire pushing me closer and closer to another shuttering orgasm. It hits and descends through me like lighting and cascades out through my whole body and back to my swollen pussy.

The whole time Jason was taking photos of me sitting tall and proud, his long hard cock buried deep inside me.

“Jason I want to do something I haven’t tried before. Please baby can I ride your cock in my ass.†I plead with him. My ass needed to be filled a craving, no wanting that I had wanted to for fill for so long.

“Hang on let me record it,†said Jason. My cunt throbbed and squeezed showing my approval.

I sat up just enough to let his rod out of my joy hole and guided it so the tip of his head is sat directly on my ass hole. I hold here as it’s never easy to get started. It doesn’t matter how many times a day he fucks my ass. Usually it’s him taking control and me just taking what I am given, and loving it. But my nerves were taking hold, as it was I now going to penetrate my ass with his fuck tool and ride it.

I looked down at Jason he was smiling, mixed with that look he gets in his eyes that makes my pussy juice and my knee weak. He took another photo.

I swallowed and lowered myself down on his hard beautiful cock my face showing the onslaught of the pervading monster sliding into me. Slowly I edged it in all the way so his shaft meets his body and stopped to catch my breath.

“Of fuck Jason you’re so big in there, I feel you twitching throbbing inside me. oh babe am I your good girl? Do you love me?†I said, not out of controlled thought just lust and desire. He clicked again.

I started to ride up and down, faster and harder with each pump.  There was no conscious thought but I felt proud of my achievement in filling a desire that had burned for so long and was loving the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of his fuck hole. Just his cock. 

I saw Jason needed more, he needed me and I so wanted him. I was proud of my efforts getting Jason’s cock inside my ass the first time ever riding him myself but now he needed more an
d I was all to willing to let him have it.

“I am going to fuck your ass now babe. I want you back on your knees.†He moved and I fell off him as he had commanded and crawled to the side of the bed my ass open and twitching knowing what was coming.

Jason tossed the camera on video record on the bed, focusing it directly on my face. He wanted to capture every moment. I grimaced as I feel his hard rod enter me. Although I was ready, open and totally willing, the start is always a task for me, but as usual once he was in oh I felt so good.

The grimace on my face turned to one of deviant pleasure and I lost myself. Not just because I loved the feeling. I loved the fact Jason was getting what he needed and it was my ass that was providing that for him.

“Take that,†he screamed.

“Yes, yes, Jason fuck me fuck my ass.†I screamed back.

“Enjoy me babe enjoy my ass its all yours no one else get that hole ever. It has only ever been your and only will be yours.â€

“Good girl.†Jason said slapping my ass with approval.

The smack stang just a touch but didn’t hurt; it stoked the fire and I craved another. I bowed my head down and my ass took the full length of his meat, yearning for the next spank on my ass cheeks. He knew and made me wait.

“Spank me Jason spank that ass.†I screamed, as I couldn’t hold it.

 My ass was begging to be spanked, to feel the firmness of his hand wrapping around my cheek, bringing the heat only a good spank can bring.

Jason landed one to the left cheek then one to the right. Again and again he slapped until I felt his body shudder in the unmistakable way, telling of his impending onslaught.

My body froze as I knew Jason was about to cum. I held the bed as he increased his pace building quickly and dropping the pretence of softness he pounded into me. I hung onto the bed as he thrashes deep inside my ass – I started to hear him scream.

My ass gripped tight as his moans sent me into in outer space and I came harder and more completely then I had all session. I felt him pump and thrust deep and hard into me as the jets of cum shot out of his beautiful cock into my tight cumming asshole. I held strong and firm as my orgasm slid away matching his as he emptied the last drop of his precious juice inside me.

“Oh babe fuck, that was so fucking awesome,†he said out of breath

Both covered in sweat, we fell on the bed and soaked up every bit of pleasure our bodies sent our way in post orgasm. My was body alive – well pleasured and satisfied. My ass cheeks stung from the spanking and my lower region was humming with pure delight.

I rolled over onto the phone and picked it up. Jason grabbed it

“Come here.†he said pulling me close as we started to go through our afternoon together.

We have bought another camera and a stand since then, but that was great for a first time.

 After all this time, I really do like photos after all.


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