The jimmy benson saga, part 1

sex stories

NOTE: No person in this story having sex is below the age of fourteen. I took these postings down some time ago to do a serious revamp of them. I hope that this posting will be much more readable than the previous ones. This series of postings is important to have very many of my following stories to be understood.

THE SAGA OF JIMMY (JAMES) BENSON 1: High School Girl’s Trouble


Jimmy and Sue are riding in the back seat of the Benson family sedan. Mom is driving. Jimmy doesn’t mind, but Sue’s attitude is undecipherable. All he wanted this evening was to be as close to Sue as possible. They had been dating since middle school and had been a well-known steady couple in high school.

Jimmy had high expectations for the evening. Even though Sue had always been attentive and affectionate, she had never let him past second base. And the hopes of high school boys for after the PROM are well known.

Jimmy noticed Sue’s pensiveness and so asked her, “Are you alright, Sue?” “You seem a little />
No answer from Sue.

The parents were well aware of a boy’s expectations, of course. And to head off this eventuality, they had planned a closed ‘after the PROM’ party for them. It was the parent’s idea of fun for them, not theirs. And in this, at least, some of the girls agreed. But, a number of the couples had arranged an alternative party. One that the parents wouldn’t approve of, for sure.

It involved them ducking out of the PROM unnoticed, and then being transported somehow (each couple had to figure out their own way) to the prearranged site, which was the summer home of one of the families. The family was in the dark about this, and all of the couples had vigorously promised to be on their best behavior, to even be allowed to know the site.

Since Jimmy and Sue were well known and well-liked they were among the automatic invitees. And they had arranged to ride with one of the other couples. He had a car. Jimmy didn’t really like Bad Bob, and didn’t know Sheila all that well. But, he and Sue only had to ride with them. They would not associate with them at the party.

Mom was completely oblivious to this, of course.

They now approached the high school gym, which had been tastefully transformed into an appropriate venue for the PROM. Sue waited for Jimmy to help her out of the car. She was wearing a very pretty gown and didn’t want it to snag on the door of the car. Jimmy, who was elegant in his tux, gallantly exited the back seat of the car, from next to her and helped her out. She was still virtually expressionless, which was causing Jimmy to wonder what was going on.

They walked up the steps of the transformed gym to the notice and admiration of their fellow students who were attending. Finally, an expression on Sue’s face. She enjoyed the attention very much. And for sure, they made a handsome couple.

Mom had driven away confident in her part of the plans for the post-PROM party. Completely unknown to her were the plans for the alternative party and her son’s plans to attend.



They walked into the PROM with Sue preoccupied by something unknown to Jimmy and Jimmy unsettled over it.

Jimmy—–Sue, are you serious? You want to go off with Bad Bob after coming to the PROM with me?

Sue———Yes, I have been planning this for some time. But, thank you for bringing me. You are such a sweetie.

Jimmy—–Well, thank you, I think! Does that mean what I think it does? I thought that you were saving yourself for me. After all we have been going together since 6th grade.

Sue———You are very precious, Jimmy. But, since I just turned 18, I want to share this night with Bob.

Jimmy——I guess this means it is over between us then?

Sue———-No Jimmy. We are still a couple. This is just one night.

Jimmy——Yeah, sure. One night when Bob gets what I have been waiting years for. We just both just turned eighteen and I thought you indicated that we would share each other tonight.

only one night, Jimmy.

Jimmy——Why did you come with me tonight, then?

you know that my parents don’t approve of Bob.

Jimmy——Oh yes, it is use Jimmy night. What am I supposed to do since you are dumping me?

Sue———I am not dumping you. We can still go out next Friday. Besides Jimmy, you are a sweet guy and no doubt one of the other girls will certainly be glad to dance with you.

Jimmy—–Maybe. But, it was not just dancing that I was counting on tonight.

Sue———Grow up, Jimmy! You just have one thing on your mind!

Jimmy—–I bet Bad Bob has it on his mind, too!

Sue———Bye, Jimmy. There’s Bob over there.

[Jimmy is left standing alone with a stricken expression on his face. While he is trying to figure out what to do next, Sheila walks over to him. She is a junior and very pretty. All of the parts are average: height, weight, build and brown hair. But, some people are much more than the sum of their parts. She had such a warmth of heart about her. Jimmy was above average height, slim, with short brown hair, and very expressive eyes.]

Sheila——-Hi Jimmy! I see that you are alone over here.

Jimmy——Hi Sheila (in low tones.) I’m sorry. I am feeling a little down right now.

Sheila——A little down? You look like you have just lost your last friend. What’s up?

sorry, Sheila. I just can’t talk about it.

Sheila—–Well, you and Sue have been a couple for years and there she goes off with Bob Barker, so I can guess what has hurt your feelings. You both turned 18 recently and this is the PROM with its expectations I’m so sorry, Jimmy.

Jimmy——Yes, this is sure not the way I thought tonight would turn out. I have dreamed of this night for years.

dreams have a habit of not working out as we think they will.

Jimmy—–Yeah, this one has turned into my worst nightmare!

Sheila——It doesn’t have to stay a nightmare. Come and dance with me.

not a very good dancer, Sheila.

Sheila——It is OK. We can dance and talk.

Jimmy—–(While dancing,) Isn’t someone missing you? Who did you come with?

Sheila——I came with Bob, Jimmy.

Jimmy——Well then, two of us have been hurt, then.

Sheila——Not really. I knew from what the girls were saying plus what Bob told me of what was going to happen.

knew about this? But me?

Sheila—–Not everyone, Jimmy. But, some did.

Jimmy—–Why did you come with him, then?

Sheila——Well, you know that I am a junior, and this was a chance to come to the senior prom. I’m 18 now too, you know.

Jimmy——Oh, I see.

Sheila——What do you plan on doing after the prom tonight?

Jimmy——Well, the parents have grouped together and planned a party for us on the other side of the mountains. Wenatchee, I think. They want to stop any hanky-panky, I guess. But, I had other plans for me and Sue. I don’t know what I will do now. I wouldn’t want to go to the party without Sue. Everyone would pity me. I guess I will go home.

Sheila——-If you have nothing else to do, why don’t you go with me?

you are a junior. You can’t go to the party.

Sheila——-I know, Jimmy. Let’s have our own party. A party for two.

Jimmy——Where would we go? My parents would freak out if I just disappear-ed from the planned party. And anywhere I would go for us to be alone, they would guess.

Sheila—–I have an idea. My parents don’t know I am here. They think I am staying over at Jeannie’s parent’s home. They wouldn’t have let me go out with Bob. They don’t approve of him, either. Why don’t you just call someone at home and say that you are staying over with a friend and will be home in the morning.

Jimmy——- (phone call) Ron, let mom and dad know that I won’t be home tonight. I won’t be at the planned party. But am staying over at a />
Ron———-Who are you staying with? Mom and Dad will be mad!

talk to you later. (As he hangs up.)


Jimmy——OK. Sheila that is taken care of. What do we do now?

Sheila—–Come out to my car and we can discuss it.

Sheila—–(While in the car) Lets leave here and I will take us to the drive-in. No one would think to look for us there and we can talk.

Jimmy—–OK, what is playing?

Sheila—–Does it matter?

Jimmy—–No, I guess not.

Sheila—–(As they arrive at the movie,) Do you have any money with you? I haven’t received my allowance yet.

Jimmy—–Yes. I got my pay from the supermarket yesterday and have some cash with me.

Sheila—–Good. Can we get something to eat and drink, too?

Jimmy—–Sure, I have plenty. I had planned on spending it on />
OK, Jimmy. I am with you now.

Sheila—–(After paying and driving in the dark,) Lets park here in the back by the corner. We can talk and not be bothered.


Sheila—–(After parking,) Let’s move the front seats as far forward as possible and then move to the back seat where we will have more room to relax.

Jimmy—–Ok, Sheila. Would you like to go with me to get the snacks and drinks now, since the movie hasn’t started? Or would you rather stay here and have me do it, since then you wouldn’t be seen with me?

Sheila—–Jimmy, I am proud to be seen with you. And I need to use the ladies’ room too. Then I can help you to carry the stuff back.


Sheila—–(As she walks holding his hand,) this is real nice, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–Yes it is.

Sheila—–(As they get back to the car,) Here Jimmy, let me get the blanket out of the trunk so that we will be warm as we watch the movie in the backseat.

Jimmy—–OK, Sheila. Where do you want me to sit?

Sheila—–Let me get in first. Then, get in and back yourself into the corner by the door and I will back up into your arms, so we can cuddle, talk and share the snacks.


Sheila—–(After getting comfortable and while ignoring the movie,) Jimmy, what are you going to do after graduation?

Jimmy—–I don’t know. My parents and teachers want me to go to college. Miss Smith got me a full scholarship to Western. She really stuck her neck out for me. I did very well on the college boards, so she is very happy about sticking up for me and has high expectations for me.

But, I feel very young to be spending all the time, money and commitment on college, now.

I am thinking of joining the service and getting away for a while, to get my feet on the ground.

Sheila—–Either way, Jimmy. Would you write me till we can see each other again?

Jimmy—–You want me to write you? I had no idea that you felt that way about me. I have noticed you over the years even though you were a grade behind me. We have even had some classes together, haven’t we? But, I had no idea you had any feelings for me. You have always been nice to me, though.

Sheila—–I have noticed and thought of you for a long time. And the reason you didn’t notice was that you were ‘going with’ Sue and were true to her. She was very devoted to you, until recently. I guess you didn’t notice the change in her. I was hoping that you would notice me, when she screwed-up. I am so happy to be with you now, Jimmy. But, I hope that this will be more than just one night together!

Jimmy—–Sheila, you are a very sweet girl. I like you a lot! But, I can’t make any promises to you now. But, I will write you, if you like. And I like being with you, too.

Sheila—–That is good enough for now, Jimmy.


Sheila—–(As they are relaxed, cuddling together her back to his front when done with the snacks and still barely paying any attention to the movie,) Jimmy, have you ever been with a girl? (Said in low tones, firmly, but with a respectful tone.)

Jimmy—–Uh, no Sheila. I thought that it would be tonight with Sue. You mean ‘all of the way, don’t you?’

Sheila—–Yes, that is what I mean. Do you know much about it?

Jimmy——Well, I had Health class. They talked about it. There were drawings. But, not much information. I guessed that there was a lot more to it from the way my Dad and Mom act. And by what I heard at night. And if it was as simple as what we read in the Health book, why are so many people so obsessed by it? What do you know about it?

Sheila——If you remember, I had Health class with you. Sue had it in a differ-ent period. I had very hot dreams about you when we had that class together. I also felt that we were denied a lot of information in that class, so I got a book on sex from the library. I had to steal it, since they wouldn’t check it out to me. Don’t look at me that way, I took it back after I read it. I learned a lot of things we were not told about in class. And then I read a couple of books that mentioned a lot more. Left me with very hot dreams, and very strong desires.

Jimmy——Wow, Sheila! I didn’t even know that they had books like that. Would you share some of what you learned with me about this?

see. But, the thing I learned most was that it is fun and very exciting. Not just to have babies.

Jimmy—–I suspected that.

Sheila—–Yes, and that girls have very strong desires for it, too. Though they are different than what the boys have. The girls are more about feel-ings. The boys were just about doing it.

Jimmy—–This is all beyond me, Sheila. Do you, have any experience with it?

Sheila—–I am still a virgin, but have had some experience. Not all the way yet, though.

Jimmy—–I didn’t think that girls talk about this. Especially with boys.

Sheila—–They usually don’t, not unless they really like the boy.

Jimmy—–So, you really like me?

Sheila—–Yes, I do Jimmy! I guess this helps to show how much.

Jimmy——Well Sheila, I have liked you too. But, I have been with Sue for so long. No, not in THAT way. But, she says that we are still a couple after tonight.

do you want to still be WITH someone who would do this to you???

Jimmy—–No, I guess I wouldn’t. NO, YOU ARE RIGHT! It is over.

Sheila—–Jimmy, I am not telling you what to do. It is up to you. But, I am here for you anyway.

Jimmy—–Gee, Sheila! Don’t you have a boyfriend?

Sheila—–No, Jimmy. I have dated. But, there is no one serious for me. I have been waiting and hoping for you to notice me.

Jimmy—–Sheila, I am very confused. Till just a while ago, I thought that Sue and I were meant to be together. Now she has gone off with Bob, with little care about me. This all is a lot for me to sort out. I like you so much, and I am very happy to be here with you. I am so bitter towards Sue. I am feeling very strong desires for you right />
be bitter towards Sue, Jimmy. Just focus on us here and now. See what we can share and then decide. I am confident in us. I think that you are such a sweet boy. And I want you very much! Let me help you sort out your feelings.

Jimmy—–How can you do that, Sheila?

Sheila—–I will show you what you should have had with Sue, and can have with me!

Jimmy——Uh, I don’t know that much. I don’t want to hurt you or dis-appoint you.

be just fine, Jimmy. Good loving comes from the heart any-way. Let me guide you for now.

Jimmy—–OK, what do we do to start?

Sheila—–I am going to lay back into your arms. Then you can caress my body, all over. Anywhere you like. Everywhere! Start at the top and work your way down, slowly.

Sheila—–Good, Jimmy. That feels so good. You have such a soft touch. Reach under my blouse, Jimmy. Cup my breasts in your caress and squeeze your fingers over my Run your hands down my under my skirt and caress the soft upper/inner part of my legs. Oh, Jimmy, you are doing so well. Very light rub lightly on my my one finger up the middle between my legs on the lightly from the top to and the warmth there? (Yes, I for you Jimmy gently pull my panties down…..Run your fingers up and down my the the clit at the is like your very it is very it and rub very slowly and move down and feel the caress your finger around the ease it all the way in…very carefully, because I don’t want to lose my virginity to your is so very nice, Jimmy! OK, now kiss me, Jimmy. On my mouth, silly…The rest can come later.

Jimmy—–Sheila, I had no idea that this could feel so good. Your body is beautiful. And it responds to my touch so well. I can’t wait to learn more.

Sheila—–You haven’t seen much yet. Wait till you see how you feel when I make love with you!

Sheila—–Now sit up so I can kiss your face off! Kiss me like you mean it, Jimmy. Hug me tight, quite that that is good… lay back while I open your pants and pull your shorts relax and don’t try to do enjoy the feeling of my mouth on your cock….you can touch me wherever you want, but don’t strain is about you and your cock, now…..just lay back and enjoy.

Jimmy—–OH MY GOD, Sheila! That feels so good! OH, Oh, something is happening. What was that?

Sheila—–You just came into my mouth. (She said calmly.)

so sorry Sheila. I didn’t mean to do THAT!

Sheila—–It is OK, Jimmy. That is what I was trying to cause. You will get stiff again very soon. And then you can cum again, soon after.

Sheila—–Now Jimmy, I want you to lift my skirt as I lay back on the seat and pull my panties off.

Jimmy—–I thought that they were off already honey?

Sheila—–I pulled them back up for a few minutes. But, now it is time for you to use your tongue on me. OK, Jimmy, now crouch down in the foot space, bend over and put your face right up there in my />
Jimmy—–What do I do now?

Sheila—–Use your lips like I had you use your />
[Some time />
Sheila—–That was wonderful, Jimmy! It felt very good. You are doing very well. How do you like it?

Jimmy—–I just had no idea, Sheila. This is all so ……I don’t know how to des-cribe it…..just so wonderful!

Sheila—–It is supposed to be wonderful, Jimmy! For those in love and who care about each other.

Jimmy—–I like you very much. Just so much!! And this is, is just so awesome. I can’t even think of the right words to express how I feel right now. I think my heart is going to explode. You are just so precious to me now. I don’t ever want this to end. I don’t want to lose you, Sheila! But, do we love each other?

Sheila—–Answer your own questions, my lover. What do you think?

Jimmy—–I thought I loved Sue. But, I never felt this way about her.

Sheila—–Maybe you would have Jimmy, if you were sharing with her what we are sharing now. (They were still kissing and caressing each other.)

Jimmy—–No, I don’t think so. You are so kind, considerate and generous. I can’t imagine that she would have been anything like this.

maybe not. But, Jimmy you are the one I am with now. It is my body under you. I am the one responding to your touch. When you try to figure this out, remember that, honey.

Jimmy——I will NEVER forget this, Sheila!

Sheila——Me neither.

Sheila—–Now you have a job to return your tongue to my up and down the center of… I am going to have you lay down on the seat and I am going to be on top with my front down to your front, only with each of us at the other’s sexy area with our mouths. It is called 69. OK, we are not supposed to move our sexy areas, just our tongues on each other’s sexy area. I will have my mouth on your cock and won’t be able to talk, so just lick anything that you want to there and put your tongue anywhere you want to.

[Some minutes later.]

Sheila—–How did you like that, Jimmy?

Jimmy—–It just feels so wonderful! I don’t know what else to say, except I don’t want it to end.

Sheila—–Yes, Jimmy it is wonderful. And I have never felt this hot and sexy before. But, Jimmy it will end soon, but not permanently. We can be together again.

Jimmy—–I sure hope so.

Sheila—–I am now going to get up off of you and have you get up off of the seat. I am going to lay down then on my back and spread my legs. You should start by rubbing your cock where your finger and tongue have been on my />
Sheila—–Oh Jimmy, That feels so start rubbing the cock around the entry and slightly into it.

I get you pregnant from that? Shouldn’t I wear protection?

worry Jimmy. I am push your cock in until you feel some resistance. OK, now this is going to hurt me a don’t worry, I can take it and I am giving this to push harder to get past the that hurts a stop….keep pushing in until you are all the way in… have such a nice long and thick know if I can take it yes… are all the way in…..all of you…..we fit together so start pumping in and slowly to THAT STINGS A OK, don’t that feels better now….let me put my legs together with you in pumping….a little harder hard as you can…..keep did is the best of />
Jimmy—–Sheila, I am so overcome with love for you and such strong feelings. I want to hold you close to me (as he was doing so) forever. I want to protect you. I want your body close to mine forever. Please, don’t leave me or forget this!

Sheila—–Jimmy, that is what it is supposed to do. You will feel very gentle towards me (as he is kissing, caressing and patting her.) It helps weld the couple together. Sharing something very private and personal together. Only with each other.

Jimmy—–How do you know all of this, Sheila?

Sheila—–Part of it is instinct. Part is the books that I have read. Some more is my mother who is cool and shared with me her only daughter. And some Jimmy, is from my dreams of you which I have treasured over the years waiting for my chance with you. I promised myself that if I ever got that chance, that I wouldn’t waste it. Tonight was as much for me. Jimmy, as it is for you
Jimmy—–I don’t know how I could ever feel this strong towards anyone else.

Sheila—–The first time is very special, Jimmy. But it was special too, because we so enjoyed each other.

Jimmy—–I don’t think that I feel so confused />
Sheila—–I never was. But, this sure is just what I hoped it would be. Jimmy, I am so happy right now!

Jimmy—–I don’t want anyone but you, now. The good years with Sue were just preparation for my love of you. It is over with her. I don’t believe that she would ever have done that with me. I don’t want to hold you too tight, but I want us to build a future together.

Sheila—–That is enough for now. And No, I will never hurt you on purpose. If you want it to be, we belong to each other now.

Jimmy—–Yes, I do.

Sheila—–Well, now we need to clean up and get dressed to face the music with our parents. I am not going to tell anyone about this. It is our little secret.

Jimmy—–Me neither. I will just say that I hung out with a couple of guys since Sue dumped me. They will believe that, or at least pretend to, because of their sympathy for my feelings. I might get restricted to home for a week of nights, but that will only be to set an example for my brothers and sisters.

Sheila—–OK, I am going to the ladies room before we leave. You can use my hankies and napkins to clean up while I am gone. And then we can leave when I get back.



As Jimmy gets the hankies out of Sheila’s purse, he notices several unexpected items: a syringe, a packet of condoms, a baggie with a brown substance, some Q-tips, one table spoon (with burn marks on the bottom,) a small bottle of water (?), some pills, a length of cord, a large knife and a clasped little black book. Again a dismal feeling intruded into Jimmy’s mind. ‘What does this mean?’

About then, Sheila shows up at the car again and gets in with an inquisitive expression on her face.

Sheila—–Jimmy, you look a little down. You saw into my purse, didn’t you?

Jimmy—–Yes, I did. And what I saw in it, troubles my heart. What does it mean?

Sheila—–Jimmy, I intended for you to see those things. I wanted to see how you would take knowing these things about me. I have a mild drug problem and give blowjobs to help pay for it. B.J.’s like I gave you tonight when I used my mouth on your cock.

Jimmy—–Were you really a virgin until tonight, Sheila?

Sheila—–Yes, I was. That was real. And everything I said about my feelings about you was true too. Does this change how you feel about me, Jimmy?

Jimmy—–I will have to think about all of this.

Sheila—–When can I see you again? I hope you give me a chance, Jimmy. I can beat the drugs! And I love you, honey.

Jimmy—–Give me your phone number and I will call you if we can go out next weekend. That is if I am not We will also see each other at school and can talk there, too.

Sheila—–Will you be ashamed to be seen with me now that you know about me?

Jimmy—–No, I won’t. But, I am not going to join you in your drug problem. And if we are to have a real future, you will need to beat the habit. I would like to see you do that, Sheila, whether you can see me again or not. And I will write you as long as you want me to.

Sheila—–Fair enough! Let me take you home now. And thank you for such a good time, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–You weren’t the only one who had a great time, Sheila.


[Sue sees Jimmy sitting at a table during lunch]

Sue——–Hi, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–Oh, hi Sue.

Sue——–Is that all you are going to say to me? Hi, Sue!!

Jimmy—–I can’t think of anything else to say, under the circumstances.

you even want to know what happened? Between Bob and I?

Jimmy—–I particularly DON”T want to know what happened between you two.


not interested, Sue! And it doesn’t change anything.

Sue——–What do you mean by that?

Jimmy—–You walked off with Bad Bob. You didn’t care what I thought or felt about it. So what difference does it make whether anything happened or not? You were evidently ready for things to happen.

call him Bad Bob! He is my friend.

Jimmy——– OK, just don’t talk to me about it. Matter of fact, I don’t want to talk to you at all anymore.

Sue——–But, Jimmy, we have been a couple for years. What will everyone think? Aren’t we going to date anymore?

Jimmy—–Why would you care what think? They saw you dump me at the Prom and go off with Bob. Why would you want to date me any-way? You evidently want to be with Bob.

Sue——–But, Bob rarely has any money to go out with. And you usually do. And you are so sweet, Jimmy. How am I going to go out if you won’t take me out?

Jimmy—–Not my problem, Sue. And I need to get back to class now.

[Later that night]

[Jimmy is about to fall asleep and hears a tap on his window.]

Sue——–Jimmy, let me in. (Said in hushed tones)

Jimmy—–Sue, what are you doing here? If I let you in and my parents find out, I will be grounded for the rest of my life.

Sue——–We need to talk and I couldn’t get you to talk much at school.

Jimmy—–OK, come on in. But, please be as quiet as you can. I may have my own room, but the walls in this house have ears.

Sue——–OK, I will try to be quiet.

Jimmy—–Sue, I am really upset with you. We were supposed to be a couple and you dumped me to go with Bob while we were at the Prom. What could I possibly want to talk to you about now?

Sue——–But Jimmy, I still want to go with you and date you. You are fun and it will look bad for me if we break up this close to graduation. Can’t you just forget about Bob? I’m not going to see him very often anyway?

Jimmy—–You have got to be kidding! What will I look like to everyone if I continue to date you after what you did last night? No thank you.

I change your mind, Jimmy?

Jimmy—–I don’t see how.
[Sue takes off all of her clothes except for her panties and bra and gets under the covers with Jimmy]

Jimmy—–Sue, what are you doing? I thought you didn’t want to be with me like this.

silly Jimmy! I will only see Bob once in a while. It is really you that I love Jimmy. Now lay back and relax.

[With that she has Jimmy lay on his back and hugs him, then lightly kisses him on the lips. Then her hands move over his body. Teasing him till they finally enter under his pajama bottoms and his underwear. She finds what she is seeking and gently caresses it, while Jimmy moans very quietly. She lightly cups his balls and gently squeezes them. This causes Jimmy’s body to involuntarily rise up in the bed. She then reaches back to his rear and squeezes his buns followed by fingering his anus. She takes her finger and lubes it with saliva and slowly but firmly inserts it up his back channel. She pushes it in until she can feel his prostate from the inside and begins to massage it. While she is doing this, she puts her other hand under the sheets, pulls down his pajama bottoms and briefs down and begins to kiss and lick his cock. After a bit, she takes him into her mouth and uses her tongue to gently swirl around his cock all the time still massaging his prostate with her fingers. His cock swells to enormous size and then she adds a sucking action to the swirling. He is getting so close to cumming, so she adds her other hand to pump his shaft. With that he explodes in her mouth, she smiles and swallows. He collapses back onto the bed and she rises up to hug him and greedily kiss him.]

Jimmy—–OH MY GOD, Sue!!!

welcome, too! When are you going to pick me up this Friday?

Jimmy—–I don’t know if I can, since I am in deep trouble with Mom and Dad. I still don’t know if I am restricted or not. Probably depends on how lonely I act the rest of the week.

Jimmy—–Can I play with you now, Sue?

Sue——–No time for that now. I have to get home.

Jimmy—–It is dark outside. How are you going to get home?

Sue——–Oh, it is OK. I have a ride.

Jimmy—–Oh, let me guess! Bob?

Sue——–Does it matter? Anyway, I will see you as soon as I can.

Jimmy—–Uh, />
[Sue goes out the window to the car.]

Bob——–What took so long? I thought you were just getting your charge cord.

Sue——–Well, I had to calm Jimmy down. He was still real upset about last night.

Bob——–Why do you care what that dork thinks?

he is still useful some times.

Bob——–Do we have to go straight to your />
Sue——–Yes, it is late and I have to get up early in the morning.

Bob——–I thought that we />
Sue——–Jesus, Bob! Is that all you guys think about?

Bob——–Well, I will take you home now.


[The next morning in front of the school, with Jimmy on the way in.]

Sheila—–Hi, Jimmy!

Jimmy—–Oh, Hi Sheila. How are you?

Sheila—–I am fine. I saw you yesterday, but couldn’t talk to you since you were talking to Sue.

Jimmy—–Yeah, I know. She sort of cornered me and I had trouble escaping her. And I didn’t want to make a scene in front of the whole cafeteria. There have to be at least some of our friends that don’t know about last night.

Sheila—–Well, there are some things that I know that they don’t know.

I sure hope not.

Sheila—–[Eyes simmering] Does that mean that you didn’t like the other night and are ashamed of me???

Jimmy—–No, no, no, Sheila. I just don’t want to have to explain any of this during the last few days of school.

down] Oh, OK.

Sheila—–When do we get together again, Jimmy?

Jimmy—–I don’t know. Things are sort of tense at home over me skipping out on the preplanned party and not explaining where I was to their satisfaction.

Sheila—–Yeah, I can see where that would have them upset. Can we meet secretly somewhere before you are free to go on an open date?

not sure what you mean.

Sheila—–Silly, I want to fuck you again! That was the most fun I have ever had.

yeah. It was all new to me. Not quite what I expected. But, it sure felt great.

Sheila—-We can get better Jimmy as you learn more and we gain some practice. There are things that I have read about that we haven’t even tried.

Jimmy—–If they are more exciting that what we have already done, I don’t know if I could survive them.

Sheila—–Oh, you will survive them all right! And want more, too. I can guarantee it.

Jimmy—–I can’t wait then.

Sheila—–You don’t have to wait, Jimmy. I can show you something right now.

Jimmy—–Right now???

Sheila—–Sure, we have twenty minutes till class starts. And our Health teacher is always at least five minutes late to class.

Jimmy—–Well, where then?

Sheila—–The janitor doesn’t get to her work room until an hour from now, since she is always in the gym for her first hour. The other janitor helps out at the middle school today.

Jimmy—–OK. But, we need to hurry.

Sheila—–We need to take separate routes. I will meet you there in three minutes.

[Jimmy takes off like a bolt. Sheila walks quickly another way.]

[As he rounds the corner, he runs into Sue (literally.)]

Jimmy—–Sorry Sue, got to go. [And he bolts off.]

Sue——–[She looks puzzled as Jimmy disappears down the hallway.]

Jimmy—–(As he opens the janitor’s door, he notices Sheila is already there.) You beat me!

[She takes off her ratty sweater and puts it on the floor in front of Jimmy. She then smiles up at him and lightly touches his cock and his balls. Then she takes the tip of his shaft into her mouth and plays with it with her tongue. She uses her saliva to douse the tip and shaft and vigorously pump in and out of her mouth with his cock. (Jimmy thinks he better act surprised.) While she is busy with his cock and while looking up at him, she begins to knead his buns. (This is beginning to feel familiar to Jimmy.) She removes her mouth from his cock, spits on her finger and then takes her place again with his cock in her mouth. She takes her finger and plays around his anus and finally inserts her finger inside. After a minute or two, she takes her finger out and puts two back in. (Jimmy hopes that is all she will use, since he can’t expect to accept any more without pain. It is already very tight.) She then begins to pump her fingers in and out of his anus while also pumping her mouth at the same time on his cock. She is also maintaining eye contact with his eyes, too. Now she begins to massage his prostrate from inside. He then explodes and his cum fills her mouth. She opens her mouth. Shows it to him and then with a sexy smile, swallows it.]

Jimmy—– That was the best ever, Sheila! (He blurts out while regaining his

Sheila—–You mean that you have done this before with someone else? Sue? (She says through frowned eyes.)

Jimmy—–No, no, no, Sheila. I just mean it was so much more wonderful that I thought it would be. (Jimmy starts to sweat.)

Sheila—–You mean that you knew about this? (The frown has deepened.)

Jimmy—–(Has regained his composure.) No Sheila, I just imagined what some things might be like. And you were much better that I expected.

Sheila—–OK, I guess that makes sense. (Only slightly mollified.) We need to get to class.

Jimmy—–OK, See you later.

[Jimmy dashes out the door, only to run into Sue (in reality again.)]


Sue——–What were you doing in there with Sheila? You know that she is the slut who hangs out with Bad Bob, don’t you?

Jimmy—–What? I thought that we weren’t going to call them bad names!

change the subject! What happened in there? (Sue, getting angry.)

Jimmy—–Oh nothing! Just like you and Bob. See you later. (As he rushes off to class.)


[Later that evening]

Mom——-Jimmy, I need you to go over to the Nelson’s and return the cherry pitter that I borrowed from Fran.

Jimmy—–Cherry pitter? Are we suddenly into retro commodities production?

Mom——-No, Jimmy. I had the party last week and I asked each of the ladies to bring an antique kitchen tool for us to see and talk about. A lot more fun than what we usually discuss.

Jimmy—–Oh. Actually sounds like fun, mom.

Mom——-Yeah, I couldn’t find one anywhere in our house, so I borrowed one from Fran. And she also brought another for herself. It was a cherry pitter.

they still make those?

Mom——-Yes, but this was a very old one that she brought. It is very interesting to see how they used to make a tool to solve a problem like removing pits from cherries.

Jimmy—–(Said with a slight deprecating attitude.) Yeah Mom. Truly inspirational!

Mom——-OK, smarty, take the cherry pitter over to Fran before I start to remember Prom night.

Jimmy—–OK Mom! Not that, please.

[A few minutes later at The />
Jeannie—-Oh HI, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–Hi Jeannie, is your mom home? My mom had me bring this cherry pitter back from the party.

Jeannie—-OK, I’ll take it for her. Can’t think why she keeps these old around here anyway. Would you like to come in for a few minutes? There is something I want to talk to you about.

Jimmy—–What is that, Jeannie?

Jeannie—-Well, come in and we can discuss it.


Jeannie—-(As they settled onto the couch, each one at the opposite end,) Jimmy, Sheila is my best friend and we were talking last night when she was here and she told me some things that concern me.

Jimmy—–(With a pronounced frown,) what did she tell you?

Jeannie—-Jimmy, she tells me everything! We have been best friends forever. But, don’t worry, we don’t tell any of it to anyone else. These are our secrets. Our secret private lives.

Jimmy—–Oh, Darn! She said that she wouldn’t tell anyone. What did she tell you anyway?

We never hold anything back.

Jimmy—–Like, What?

Jeannie—–For instance, that you two went ‘all the way.’ She seemed real happy about it, too. She said you were wonderful.

Jimmy—– (Blushing,) she was wonderful too.

Jeannie—-I know, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–You know? You know what?

Jeannie—-That she is warm, beautiful and hopelessly sexy.

Jimmy—–To you?

Jeannie—-Yes, to me too!

Jimmy—–Oh, I didn’t know. I’m sorry if I am interfering with you two.

Jeannie—-It isn’t like that, Jimmy. We are for each other, but there is room for others in our hearts, too. She also likes other boys and I like other girls.

Jimmy—–Other boys?

Jeannie—-Yes, Jimmy, in a lot of ways I feel that I am a boy in a girl’s body. I don’t mind having a girl’s body. It is very responsive, but I just wish I had a penis, too.

Jimmy—–That must be a real bummer, Jeannie.

Jeannie—-Oh, it is OK. There are ways to work around it and I have found ways to use them with Sheila.

Jimmy—–But, she was a virgin when we were together the other day wasn’t she?

Jeannie—-Yes, at least a type of virgin. No one had put a penis in her vagina. But, there are other things that we can do to replace it.

Jimmy—– I’m not sure I want to know any more about this.

OK, Jimmy. Maybe another time. But, since I have never seen a penis up close, I wondered if I could see and touch yours?

Jimmy—–You have never seen one up close? Oh, that’s right, you are an only child. No brothers. No guy has shown you his? Haven’t even seen your Dad’s?

Jeannie—No, because of my basic nature I have discouraged that. And my dad is intensely private so I have never seen anything but the briefest glimpses.

Jimmy—–I don’t know if we should do that or even talk about it. What if your parents found out?

Jeannie—-Are you kidding! They would be thrilled if I took an interest in a boy. They would probably buy us condoms, let us use their bed and serve us drinks if they thought that it would help. They are afraid that they will have no grandchildren. They shouldn’t worry about that, though. Even if I choose a female mate to share my love and life with, I still plan to have children. I’m sure that some nice man (looking at him with dimmed eyes) will help out with that.

Jimmy—–Would they be OK with that?

Jeannie—-Hell, Dad would do it himself if it was the only way to get grandchildren and Mom would hold his hand while he did it. They are that desperate! It wasn’t their choice to have only one child. And the truth is that they have been wonderful parents. I love them very much and would do anything for them, except sacrifice my happiness.

Jimmy—–They sound like great folks. Mine are too!

Jeannie—-Yes, they are. Yours, too!

Jeannie—-You don’t need to be shy with me, Jimmy. Not after what you did with Sheila. From what she said, you are a real quick learner. And don’t worry what Sheila will think about it. She will never know, I am no competition for her anyway. She is so pretty. And she is very confident about you.

Jimmy—–I am very fond of her. And she is so wildly sexy. But, she has some issues to deal with before we could be a real couple. I sure hope she can do it.

Jeannie—-Yes, I agree with you on that for sure.

Jeannie—-OK, now how about my request?

Jimmy—–I don’t know, Jeannie. This sort of creeps me out, you know.

worry about it. Just close your eyes, lean back on the couch and relax. I will do the rest. And remember, my parents would be thrilled if they saw or otherwise found out.

Jimmy—– OK. (As he complies with her request)

[Jeannie moves over the couch to his side slowly and purposefully. She gently arranges his body so that it will accomplish her purpose. She undoes his belt and the snaps on his jeans. She then pulls them down with his shorts, which leaves him nude from the waist down. She looks carefully at him from several angles and then gently touches him. (He lightly jerks away when she first touches him, but soon relaxes under her gentle touches.)]

Jeannie—–My, what a large cock you have. You got all of that inside Sheila?

Jimmy—–Yes we did.

Jeannie—-Now please just lay back and relax. I will do all of the work.

[She now strokes his cock, gently encouraging it to reach its full stature. It begins to leak a slickery fluid. She asks him about it.]

Jimmy—–It is pre-cum. It sterilizes the urethra and is also a very effective lubricant for entry into the vagina. (He asserts.) We learned at least that much in Health Class.

a junior, Jimmy. I haven’t had that class yet. I am planning on taking it as a senior. Sheila said that she put her mouth on your cock, in her mouth and sucked. I wonder how it tasted to her? Just relax and I will find out.

Jimmy—–(Relax, she says!!!!!!)

[She sticks her tongue out and searches around his balls, up the shaft and around the tip. She then licks the tip which has a generous amount of cum on it. (Not bad, she thinks.) Then on impulse she took his cock into her mouth and played with it like she would do Sheila’s clit. To her amazement she found out that she enjoyed it. It was so sweet and gave her real power over a boy. A boy she liked she realized. She now asked him to shift over more to the center of the couch. (Keep your eyes closed, she said firmly!) As he settled into place she lifted her skirt and removed her panties. It came like a bolt out of the blue. (I am going to fuck this boy now, and if I get pregnant, so much the better!) He felt weight shifting on the couch. He cracked his eyes and saw her settle down over his cock, guiding it into herself. She settled down on him and began to rotate her ample hips around his cock. (Damn this feels good, she realizes.) Her instincts take over and she begins to pump up and down and alternately flex her body back and forth. She began to feel the heat buildup and the tension in her belly. He shot his load and she let out a shriek as her body convulsed in intensely pleasurable spasms. She automatically leaned forward and hugged and kissed him with wild abandon. She then smiled and rolled off to clean up.]

worry Jimmy. I won’t tell who it was.

Jimmy—–What do you mean? You said that you tell Sheila everything.

Jeannie—-I won’t tell her this. At least not without your permission.

Jimmy—–OK, I’ve got to go now. Mom is probably wondering why I am being so long. I’ll just tell her that I was helping you with a math assignment. She is bound to believe that!

Jeannie—-OK and thank you, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–Yeah, well OK.

[Little did they suspect that Fran was looking in the window and saw most of what had happened. She smiled to herself and thought, “Maybe there is hope after all.”]

[Mercifully, Jimmy had no extended contact with any of them over the next few days. But, here comes Friday with its own challenges.]


Sheila—–(On phone) Hi Jimmy.

Jimmy—–Hi to you too, Sheila.

Sheila——I was just wondering if we were going to see each other tonight?

Jimmy—–I don’t know. My parents are still pissed over last weekend. They haven’t said anything about when I will be released to go out. I don’t want to ask them yet and take the chance that I might reawaken their anger.

Sheila—–So you don’t know if you will be able to go out tonight, then?

Jimmy—–Yeah, I will let you know, when or if I find out.

Sheila—–OK, Jimmy. See you at school.

Jimmy—–OK. (Sheila hangs up.)

Sue——–(On phone) Hi, Jimmy. When are you going to pick me up tonight? There is a movie that I want to see!

Jimmy—–Tonight is probably not going to work out. My parents are upset with me and I am short of cash.

up with your family and could you ask them to you some money for tonight?

Jimmy—–It is a family matter and my folks don’t lend money.

Sue——–How selfish of them!!!

Jimmy—–Watch out, Sue! That is my Mom and Dad you are talking about.

Sue——–Well, OK. />
Jimmy—–Well, I have to finish getting ready for school. Bye.

Sue——–OK, I’ll talk to you later.

[A relieved Jimmy hangs up the phone. Only to have it ring again.]

Mom——-(From the kitchen) Boy, that phone is sure busy this morning.

Jimmy—–(To himself) You have no idea!

Jeannie—-Jimmy, I need to talk to you right away.

Jimmy—–What is it about?

talk over the phone. Can I see you after classes at the BURGER BURP?

Jimmy—–Sorry, no money. And my parents expect me to come right home tonight. I am still on some kind of restrictions.

Jeannie—-OK, I will get back to you later.


[Jimmy is now walking down the street towards the school bus stop. Freaky Frieda (to those who are afraid of her considerable intelligence) or Fabulous Frieda (to those who are enthralled by her beauty) pulls up in her car and rolls the window down.]

Frieda—–Say, Jimmy, could you help me with something?

Jimmy—–Now? How? What? (He stammers.)

Frieda—–Just get in the car Benson and I will explain.

Jimmy—–OK. (He replies meekly.)

[While driving in the direction of the school]

Frieda—–You know, don’t you, that I have been put in charge of the final editing of the comments in the yearbook under the senior students names?

Jimmy—–No, I didn’t know that.

Frieda—–The caption under your name currently reads, “Who is going to make a mark in the teaching field?” But after what I have been hearing lately, I will have to change it to, “Who is going to entertain the most girls before he />
Jimmy—–Ouch! You can’t get away with that can you?

not. But, I can undoubtedly come up with something that passes on the same message that would slip by. Don’t you think?

Jimmy—–Yeah, I guess YOU could. This sounds a lot like a case of extortion coming on. What do you want? I have little money and nothing else that you could want as far as I can think of.

Frieda—–Just let me be the judge of that. I will get back to you on what I come up with.

Jimmy—–You are just wasting your time, Frieda! Get it out of your mind. Be-sides, if you pass on unfounded rumors in print or otherwise you could get in real trouble. And with your grades and reputation up to now, I don’t see how you would want to chance that over what little you could force out of me anyway.

Frieda—–Now I know why I want to deal with you. You are one of the few that have any real smarts.

Jimmy—–If I was really smart, I wouldn’t be in this situation.

Frieda—–Gives you something to think about, doesn’t it? Maybe you need to work on your decision making process.

Jimmy—–I certainly agree with that.

Frieda—–Jimmy, if nothing but that comes out of this, I will consider that a lot.

[Jimmy gets out of her car and wanders to his first class with a quizzical expression on his face.]

[Several people approach him during the day, but he is immersed in his thoughts and doesn’t react to any of them. Even Sue wanders off frustrated with his non-reaction to her.]

Mom——-(When he comes to the dinner table before the others,) You seem to be preoccupied Jim. Is there anything you want to talk about, son?

Jimmy—–No mom. It’s just that someone said something to me today that has seemed to change the way I view things. I don’t know what to think about it, much less how to deal with the actual changes themselves.

Mom——-This sounds awfully deep for an 18 year old high school senior. Hon-estly Jim, sometimes you sound like a 60 year old man speaking through an 18 year old mouth with an even younger set of eyes above it.

Jimmy—–Well mom, I am terribly confused right now.

Mom——Just slow down and think things through. Evaluate the possible results of what you are about to do. You can’t do much about what has been done, nor does it make sense to make too rigid plans for the future. Things just change so fast in life. And there are so many unexpected things that will happen. Son, it is best to lay out general plans with generous room for adjustments and then focus on each next step as it comes along.

Jimmy—–How did you get so wise, mom?

Mom——-I am no smarter than you, Son. I have just had to face many of the decisions that you face now. Some of them I did real well with, like choosing your dad to share my life with. But, I have made some doozies, too. The painful results from them have made a lasting impression on me. It just takes time and experiences. It helps if you are paying attention, too!

Jimmy—–Thank you mom. It helps.

Mom——-I hope so. Some of the steps you will make soon or are making now will affect your whole life.

Jimmy—–Yes. Someone today brought that to my attention.

Mom——For good or bad?

know yet.

Mom——Well, son. If I can help, please come to me…..or your dad. He is a good man.
Jimmy—–You already have. And yes you and dad are good people. I am very proud of you both.

Let’s get the table set and the food on it.

[Later that night with Jimmy, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap (on Jimmy’s window)]

Jimmy—–Oh, what the fuck! (To himself: Who in the hell is that? I don’t care, I’m not going to answer the taps. They can just go away.)

I think I will go to sleep now! (Said loudly so whoever is outside will hear)

[Jimmy buries his head under his pillow and soon goes to sleep.]

[The weekend is uneventful. Jimmy hangs out around his family at home when he wasn’t working. No mention is made of a restriction, but he acts like he is under one. His confused state of mind abates somewhat. And no one calls him!]

[Monday morning, Jimmy walks very firmly and purposely to the bus, gets on and immediately moves to the back to sit with the guys. When he gets to school he walks directly to his locker and then to class meeting the eyes of none of the girls about him. He is very attentive in class.]

[However at />
Sue——–Jimmy, you didn’t call me over the weekend.

Jimmy—–Uh, yeah that’s right. I worked and stayed home with the family.

Sue——–Your folks restricted you for the weekend?

Jimmy—–No, but I acted as if they had.

Jimmy—–So that things would calm down at home. Seemed to work too. I don’t think there will be any mention of a restriction now.

Sue——–So we can go out this coming Friday, then?

Jimmy—–Well, school ends Wednesday and I will then have Wednesday and Thursday off through the summer. I will be saving as much money as I can while I decide what to do starting in the Fall.

Sue——–Well, where does that leave me, then?

Jimmy—–With Bad Bob, I guess. He’s the one you chose anyway.

downcast,) I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, Jimmy. I don’t want us to end as a couple.

Jimmy—–Maybe not, but you didn’t care if you did, either. Well, I need to get back to class now.

we going to see each other anymore?

Jimmy—–Sue, I just don’t know. (And he walks away.)

[As he walks preoccupied to his class, he unknowingly walks right past Sheila, Jeannie and Frieda.]


Sheila—–Bob, I am over at Jeannie’s. Can you come over and take me home? I left my car at home because it is low on gas.

Bob——–Well, how did you get there in the first place? Have I somehow become your chauffeur?

Sheila—–Down, big boy. Besides you still owe me for my taking care of Jimmy at the Prom. Though, I don’t think he was going to cause any trouble, anyway. At least none that you couldn’t handle.

Bob——–You did OK, Sheila. Alright, I will come and get you. But, I am going to count it against the I promised you.

Sheila—–Never mind, then. I will find another way home.

Bob——–Suit yourself.

Sheila—–Jimmy, can you come and get me at Jeannie’s. I am stuck here and need to go home. I rode the bus home with Jeannie and my ride home isn’t going to work out.

have to ask mom.

Jimmy—–Mom, a friend of mine is stuck away from home. May I use the car to take her home?

Mom——-OK, Just because you asked ‘May I?’ instead of ‘Can I?’

Jimmy—–Any excuse to give a favor, huh Mom?

Mom——-Yeah, something like that.

Jimmy—–OK, Sheila I will be there soon.

Sheila—–OK, soon I hope.

Jimmy is coming to get me in a few minutes.

Jeannie—Are you thinking the same thing that I am thinking?

Sheila—–(With frowned brow,) Depends on what you are thinking.

Jeannie—You told me about what happened between you two. And I told you what happened here. />
Sheila—–I like Jimmy, but I am not really serious about him. It is you that I love.

Jeannie—I know and I love you too. But, Jimmy is nice and sexy as hell. When would we get another chance to share him? And if he should get one of us pregnant, so much the better. You’re not using birth control, are you? (No!) OK, neither am I. And since we are going to be together, it would be nice to raise a child together. Even better, if it is a boy. And my parents would be thrilled. They seem to know what is up with us. I found out that she saw me with Jimmy. She lives for the hope that I will go No chance of that, of course. But, Jimmy would be a very nice diversion for us.

Sheila—–You know, you are right. He was very sweet at the drive in. And a fast learner. He was very submissive, too. No telling what we might talk him into.

Jeannie—So how do you think we should work this? Let him find us naked? Get him drunk? Just openly ask him? Jointly seduce him? Try to buy him off somehow? Rape him?

Sheila—–I think if we just get him to sit on the couch between us and talk together with him, while being affectionate with him, we can work our magic.

Jeannie—OK, perhaps something for him to snack on, will cause him to relax and let down his guard, too!

Sheila—–Good Idea! What could we fix?

Jeannie—I have some pizza left over from last night. And some root beer. That should work.

Sheila—–Well, you heat up the oven, I’ll get the frosted glasses and root beer out. I think that they will really work.

[The doorbell rings.]

Just a minute!

Jimmy—–Oh damn, in such a hurry and then leaves me standing at the door.

Sheila—–Come on in Jimmy, and sit on the couch. I have to help Jeannie with something before I leave.

Jimmy—–OK. [He sits and fidgets for a bit.]

Jeannie—Jimmy, I have this pizza that Sheila said that she would help me finish off. Would you help us, too? I have some root beer to go along with it.

Jimmy—–OK. Hard to turn down pizza and root beer.

[Jeannie brings in the pizza, sits on Jimmy’s left as she nudges him towards the center of the couch. Sheila follows with the frosted glasses of root beer and sits on his right.]

Sheila—–Go ahead Jimmy, have some pizza and root beer.

you two going to have some, too?

Jeannie—Sure, but first we want to talk to you.

Jimmy—–About, what?

Sheila—–About us, silly!

Jeannie—–Sure, Sheila told me about the drive in. I told you that she doesn’t hold anything back from me. I told her about us, too.

Jimmy—–(Chokes a little bit on the pizza down the wrong tube.)

Sheila—–Jimmy, are you alright? Just stop and cough a little and sip some root beer.

his throat, slowly gaining back his composure) />
up close to him,) We wondered if you would like to play with both of us together? Now? (Sheila nudges up against him on the other side.)

Jimmy—–Well, I don’t know. I thought that your type of girls didn’t like boys.

On the boy.

Jeannie—Even though Sheila and I are together, we still like boys. But, just as a diversion. Not Seriously. Playing with them is not like the love-making we share together. Besides, we both like you Jimmy.

Jimmy—–Well, I, well. I, uh, like you both, too.

Sheila—–I thought so. Just relax, Jimmy and let Jeannie and I take the lead.


[With that the girls start to work on him. Jeannie moves the pizza away and begins to kiss him deeply, opening her mouth, probing in his with her tongue. At the same time Sheila begins to work on his cock through his trousers. Jimmy grabs a breast from each on them, cupping and caressing them through their blouses. They both moan. Sheila moves down to remove his pants. Jeannie stands up on the cushions straddling Jimmy, lifts her skirt, lowers her panties and pulls Jimmy’s face into her pussy. He gets the idea and begins to lick and kiss her pink domain. Sheila now has his pants off and is working on his cock. It is responding quickly. After a few minutes, Sheila and Jeannie trade places. Jeannie takes his cock into her mouth, swirls her tongue around it, pumps her mouth in and out around it and finally starts a sucking action. Sheila at the same time pulls down her pants and panties straddling Jimmy’s waist and leans forward to put her pussy into Jimmy’s licking zone. Jeannie can tell that he is getting close, and since she wants the cum inside her pussy, taps Sheila on the tush and as Sheila turns around motions towards the floor. Sheila nods and grabs the blanket on the back of the couch which she spreads on the floor. Then Jeannie guides him to lay down on the floor with his back down. Jeannie resumes working on his cock and Sheila straddles his face, while he licks and sucks on her pussy. After a few minutes Jeannie lifts her skirt, pulls her panties to the side and inserts his cock into her vagina. She starts a very slow rocking motion forward and back. Since she is facing Jimmy’s head, Sheila lifts herself up and turns her body around to face Jeannie. As she settles her pussy down again on Jimmy’s face, she begins to kiss Jeannie fervently and caress her tits. Sheila, who is turned-on returns Jeannie’s kisses and shares in the breast play, by paying attention to Jeannie’s tits, too. As the kissing continues, Jeannie begins to increase the frequency and power of the rocking over Jimmy’s cock. She also starts a pumping motion. Jimmy now explodes into Jeannie’s vagina. She catches her breath and grabs hold of Sheila and hugs her very hard. They all sort of collapse together panting and a little light on their consciousness. Sort of like they had melted together into one sensory body. All three of them felt at peace with each other and the whole cosmos. And totally in love with each other.]

After they had caught their breath, they let their bodies settle down, and untangled themselves, they settled back, stared at each other and then broke out in raucous laughter out of pure gladness of the heart.

Sheila got a crooked grin on her face and asked, “OK, where is mine, now?]

Jimmy—–Sorry Sheila, but I don’t think I am up to that right now. Besides, mom is probably wondering where I am and why I am taking so long.

Sheila—–It is OK, Jimmy. I need to get home anyway. But! You two owe one big time, now.

Jeannie—Yeah, I know. Jimmy you have to be part of it, you know.

Jimmy—–I figured as much.


[School ends for the year on Wednesday. Nothing has happened of significance up till then. Jimmy goes to the graduation party alone, which causes some upraised eyebrows amongst his fellow seniors who are used to seeing him with Sue. No one feels like asking him or Sue about it, since breakups amongst graduating high school sweethearts are not all that uncommon. He is having a fun time when Frieda approaches him.]

Frieda—–Well, Benson, you managed to hold yourself together long enough to graduate! How does it feel and what are your plans?

Jimmy—–It feels great. I am still thinking about my plans. There are several options available to me. What are you going to do?

[He doesn’t mention the yearbook threat and neither does she. They will arrive in another week, so he’ll know by then anyway.]

Frieda—–My parents have lined me up to go to Stanford. I have been accepted for entry this fall.

not surprised, Frieda. And congratulations, you deserve it.

Frieda—–Why thank you, Benson. That is very gracious of you.

Jimmy—–No problem, Frieda.

Frieda—–Are you doing anything now? Would you like to solve some algebraic equations, discuss a critical review of MOBY DICK or try to extract hydrogen out of those cookies over there, Benson?

Jimmy—–Oh, I think not Frieda, though I have no doubt that you could do it.

Frieda —–Which one?

Jimmy—–Any of them, all of them, Frieda!

Frieda—–You think of me as a don’t you?

Jimmy—–Frieda, I have deep respect for your intelligence. And for the work you put in here in high school. I expect you will go far in any field you chose.

Frieda—–That means a lot to me, Benson. You are one of the few here that I truly respected for your work, too.

Jimmy—–Well, thank you Frieda, but I am not in your class, not even close.

sell yourself short, Benson. You are plenty smart enough to go far in any of several fields.

Jimmy—–You think so?

Frieda —–Oh, yes! Reach high, Benson.

Jimmy—–OK, perhaps I will.

Frieda—–If you don’t, be aware that you will hear from me! And maybe if you do, too.

Jimmy—–That gives me something to consider, for sure.

Frieda—–You bet.

[Nothing else of consequence occurs thru Friday evening until he gets off of work at 9pm and arrives home to find his Senior Yearbook in its mailing wrapper on his bed. He thinks, “Great, we get them too late to have them signed. I won’t see some of those people ever again. On well, there is always the reunions that will come up. I as he reached for the yearbook and he ripped off the covering. The pages are flipped until he reaches his picture. Under it was posted, “Most Likely To Exceed His Hmmmmmmm. Interesting. That’s a double-edged sword of a comment, if I ever saw one. As he smiled he thought, typical Frieda. At our reunions, she would look prophetic no matter what happens to him. Clever! I’ll have to wink and bow to her next time I see to let her know I am in on it.]

[Phone rings.]


Sheila—–What you doing, sport?

Jimmy—–Uh, hi />
Sheila—–Call me And you, you didn’t answer my question.

Jimmy—–I got my yearbook when I got home from work. I am a little tired.

Sheila—– I got mine today, too. What did Frieda mean by her comment under your picture?

Jimmy—–What do you mean? She was just the editor for the senior comments. How do you know it was her comment?

Sheila—–Give me a break, Jimmy. It has ‘her’ written all over it. Everyone knows she is sweet on you!

Jimmy—–How come everyone knows these things but me?

Sheila—–Well Jimmy, you have been so ‘in’ to Sue for years, you wouldn’t have noticed if Raquel Welch was hot for you. Not your fault. Everyone admired you two as a couple and were just a little jealous, too. It is sort of stunning how quickly it ended.

Jimmy—–Sheila, I am not sure it is all over. I am very confused by what has happened these last two weeks.

Sheila—–I thought that you told me that it is over. When we went to the drive-in.

Jimmy—–Sheila, I was very upset that night and hurt. I mostly just agreed with your question. But, it is probably true, though. It wasn’t just what she did, but how very little she cared about my feelings. And after we were so close for so long.

beat yourself up over it! Sue isn’t evil. You two have now just grown apart after several happy years. Happens all the time, even in marriage. Don’t you think that you should just move along?

But, she seems to be having a hard time accepting that it is probably over. She keeps asking me to take her out. Why would she want anything to do with me after her choosing Bad Bob?

Sheila—–My grandmother told me once that a love affair is like a river. Sometimes running smoothly, sometimes over rapids and ends like it is going over a waterfall. Maybe Sue is having a hard time facing the waterfall! And she is not serious over Bob. No one ever is. He’s just a temporary diversion for any girl. Someday, when he loses his rugged good looks, wrecks his cool pickup or ends up in jail it will be all over for him. And none of the girls will miss him much. Oh, they may smile at some memory of him, but there will be no permanent memory in their hearts.

Jimmy—–Gee, that is harsh Sheila! Is that how you feel about me, too? And the other />
Sheila—–No, Jimmy. You are a nice guy. Any girl that gets you will be lucky. I want to be your friend. And I really do want you to write me when you leave. But, now you know that Jeannie and I are We both want you to be our ‘special friend’ though. We very much enjoy being with you. Could you come over tonight, and maybe stay over? Maybe you could say that you are going to a ‘late party’ and will be sleeping over so that you won’t get into trouble on the way home.

Jimmy—–Oh, I have to be at work at 10:00 am. And I don’t know if my father would go for this.

Sheila—–Just ask them. Whatever happens is not in their house. And you are an adult now. They should certainly respect the idea of you caring for your safety. Just say the party is at Jeannie’s mother’s home. Your mom knows her, doesn’t she?

[He talks to Mom. She agrees. After all he is an adult now. And he seems to be being adult about it. Can’t shelter him all of his life.]

Jimmy—–OK, when do you want me to come over?

Sheila—–Right now, and bring your work clothes for tomorrow, so you can stay on in the morning and not go home. Don’t bother with jammies.

Jimmy—–OK, on my way.

Jimmy is on the way and he is staying the night.

Jeannie—Should have asked me first. But, it is a great idea. He is such fun.

Sheila—–Yeah, you got most of the fun last time.

have plenty of time to make up for that. Good thing that my parents will be out late. And they won’t notice one more body in my bed. Probably be glad to see that one of them is male.

Sheila—–Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You are so funny, />
Jeannie—My parents are sweet. But I don’t want to rub any of this in their faces.

OK. They won’t hear anything but an occasional scream. Nothing unusual for two girls. Jimmy is pretty quiet anyway. And if he starts to get noisy, we know how to muffle that, don’t we? Ha! Ha!

Sheila—–We each have two handful sized mufflers, don’t we?

You’re pretty funny too, sometimes.

Sheila—–Oh, yes. I do have my moments too, don’t I? Not that often, though!

start a ‘pity party’ now. We have fun arriving in a few moments. Do you think that we should invite Mona over to share in the fun?

Sheila—–Not tonight. We shouldn’t take things too far, too fast with Jimmy. Don’t want to scare him off. I can’t think of another boy who I would want to take his place. If we play things right, he can be there for us for some time to come.

we pushed him pretty fast so far? It is a wonder we haven’t scared him off already.

Sheila—–Well, it has only been a couple of weeks since he has begun to be initiated into our little And he has taken it very well, indeed. We can have Mona just accidently show up some other time.

Jeannie—–OK, gives us something to look forward to.

that him coming up the sidewalk now?

Sheila——Sure is. But you knew that didn’t you?

Jeannie—-Yah, but I want to have as much fun with this as possible.

Sheila—–Me too. Since it is your house, won’t you get the door? And let’s take things slowly this time. Not rush him. We have all night.

Jeannie—Sounds good.

[Rap on door.]

Jeannie—[As she opens the door.] Hi, Jimmy. Come on in, Sheila is downstairs practicing on the pool table.


Jeannie—–Pool, silly. Let’s go down, too.


[Several hours later. The parents have come and gone. The kids have played pool, (the girls won every game except for one they graciously let Jimmy win {the truth is that he might have won it anyway, he played very well on it}) cuddled with Jimmy to watch T.V, ate a ton of snacks, just lazed together on the couch and talked about things in general: what they each planned to do with their lives, or at least the options they were considering. The girls were very friendly and relaxed with Jimmy. No overt actions. Jimmy was at first surprised and then relieved at this. And as time wore on, he came to be very much at ease with them. After all, he truly liked these two girls. Jimmy totally enjoyed being with them. And they came to a new accommodation with his presence with the two of them. There might not be much of a future in this with him, but it surely would be fun as long as it lasted, the girls both thought. Jimmy wasn’t so much on his future this evening, just worrying about it.]

[As bedtime approached]

we all have busy days tomorrow. You need to get some sleep before you go to work. It’s eleven, let’s go to bed.

Sheila—–Jimmy, Jeannie and I usually take a shower together before bedtime. Would you like to join us?

I don’t know. Is the shower big enough for all of us?

Jeannie—–Oh sure, it is. It is huge! It has water coming from both ends. And mirrors on the inside and ceiling. Ah, yes, I am talking about my parent’s shower. My folks are embarrassed by it, but it was here when we bought the house and they saw no reason to spend the money necessary to replace it. Secretly, I think they enjoy it, too! I just don’t think they want anyone to know. I think they really wanted more children. They certainly practiced enough. It just didn’t happen. No good reason it didn’t evidently. Reason they want me to have children, I guess. While they would rather have me be with a guy, they don’t really object to Sheila. Oh darn, I really run off at the mouth sometimes, don’t I?

Sheila—–OK, just don’t do it again! (They all laughed together.)

Jeannie—OK, let’s take our clothes off in my bedroom and take our towels together into the shower room. I’ll take my pink one, Sheila take the red one and Jimmy the blue one. Sheila usually uses the blue one, but you get to use it any time you are with us, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–OK, I’ll remember that. (And a whole lot else, too, as he admires two truly great looking girl’s bodies.)

The girls enter the shower first after the water temperature has been adjusted. The girls liked it very warm and Jimmy agreed with them that it was very comfortable. They moved together to one end and asked Jimmy to move to the other while they soaped each other down. “OK, said Jimmy. It was quite a sight to Jimmy, watching the girls soap down their really cute bodies. Full breasts, small little pubis patches, cute little tushes, pretty long wet hair hanging down their bodies, languid eyes from the water’s heat and from the feel of each other’s hands on each other. Jimmy was just entranced by the scene he was a observing. After a couple of minutes, he felt he had better start sudsing up too. But, Jeannie said, “No, Jimmy, wait for us! We will take care of that.” “OK,” said Jimmy. And he waited, enthralled by them, with time seeming stopped. The back of his mind registered that his cock was stiffening and raising at the sight he was beholding. While the girls were very much in to each other, they were not oblivious of Jimmy. They would look at him, when the opportunity presented itself. And shared small sexy smiles with him. Finally, they rinsed off and turned their attention to Jimmy. They soaped him down using all four hands, spreading the soap everywhere (except for the eyes, thankfully.) The way he was feeling right now, he might not have noticed soap in his eyes. He did notice the taste of it on his lips though.

They rinsed him off, and then jointly kissed and kissed him and each other all together, there in the shower. Sheila backed up to his front and bent over to give him access to her pussy from behind. Jeannie moved to behind him and hugged him and played with his cock. As Sheila got into proper position for entry, Jeannie reached around and guided him towards her goal. There was a brief moment of misdirection. Wrong hole! “Not this time, Jimmy,” said Sheila. With a slight adjustment, Jimmy was entered into the proper orifice and Sheila began to rock back against him. Jimmy couldn’t move much with Jeannie behind him. But, Sheila was making up for that with her motions. They were each getting totally into the adventure. As Jimmy was swelling inside Sheila and Sheila’s vagina was squeezing him with small spasms to start her orgasm, Jeannie got down on her knees in the shower behind Jimmy and began to finger his anal area. This was just too much for Jimmy to take and he shot a hot full load into Sheila as she completed her climax.

With their bodies spent, they just held on to each other and murmured contentment. After a few minutes, which felt much longer than they really were, they gingerly moved out of the shower and toweled off themselves and each other. Then they padded down to the bedroom and got into bed together with no clothes on. Jimmy felt so happy and contented that he wanted to die rather than lose the moment and feeling. However, they quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept the sleep of the dead all night.

Early in the morning they awoke all together. The girls excused themselves to go to the bathroom and were in there for an extended time. While they were gone, Jimmy lightly drowsed in the bed. When the girls returned hand-in-hand they got in one on each side of Jimmy. They cuddled up to him and jointly hugged and kissed him all over the face, neck and shoulders. They suckled his nipples and returned to his mouth, deep-throating him with their tongues. Since they had showered they didn’t want to be mussed up, so they set about to get Jimmy off with a hand job. Jimmy had little experience with this. He had only masturbated a couple of times in his life. His cock was very responsive to the light but energetic touch and movement of the hands of these two pretty girls. They continued with the kissing and hugging, while paying attentive to his entire pubic area. Soft hands glided over his cock. While other soft hands played with his cock and butt. While Sheila was using one hand on his attentive cock and the other on his butt, Jeannie turned and reached into the bedside nightstand and retrieved the lube. She put a generous amount on her fingers of one hand. And then some on Jimmy around his anus. While Sheila continued elsewhere, Jeannie swirled her fingers around the anal area, feeling it pucker and swell under the attention. As she could feel the movements of Sheila’s hands on Jimmy’s cock through his body, she carefully but firmly pushed her index finger into the emerging available hole. Then she withdrew it, then reentered the orifice. Jimmy was moaning now. As Sheila continued the pumping of his cock, Jeannie now pushed two fingers in and massaged his prostrate. Jimmy was about to explode, Sheila felt it. So she cupped her hands above the tip of his cock and felt the hot cum come spurting out into her hands. She gently caressed his cock after wiping her hands on an available towel, all the while eagerly kissing him and hugging him, while Jeannie with her fingers still inside him hugged and kissed his belly and chest. Soon, they all calmed down and Jimmy excused himself to use Jeannie’s private shower to clean up and CALM DOWN.

They got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Jeannie’s mom was somewhat surprised to see Jimmy come down the stairs with the girls, but she made no comment nor any noticeable change of expression over it. Her eyes did arch very slightly though as she noticed the self-satisfied expressions on all three of their faces. She covered over it well by serving a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and jam covered toast. She also noticed that they all three ate very heartily. With a well-covered sense of amusement it came to her what this was all about. Well, OK, it is time for them to get all of this out of their systems before real life comes smack face-up to them. And she remembered />
The kids excused themselves to go to the living room. Under the circumstances, Mom excused Jeannie from the usual cleaning up she did. Mom could hear hushed small talk in the next room. She had no curiosity over what was spoken. From long forgotten but now reawaked memories, she knew. And smiled! Jimmy left first, after receiving a hearty hug and kiss from each girl and then Sheila left, with a smile and what was that (?) a tiny tear in her eye? Ah, the emotions of youth. And the responsibilities that faced these three nice kids, very soon.]


Jimmy arrived at work, stowed his coat and lunch (which Jeannie’s mom had made for him,) ignoring his protests that he didn’t need it [but, he being secretly very grateful indeed for a small sample of her mom’s wonderful cooking,] and put on his work apron and I.D. badge. As he walked down the stairs from the combination lunch room and locker-room, he encountered the new Assistant Manager named Hilda. She was only about 25 years old, smart and very sweet natured, if the scuttle butt was true. As he passed her going the other way, he got a friendly smile. Good start, he thought.

He really liked his job here at the supermarket. He was only a helper-clerk at a low wage, but he was learning lot about the business. He got to work in all of the areas of the store, but the meat market and bakery because they were different unions. He also wasn’t allowed to checkout customers by the union contract. But, he didn’t mind that since he was rarely called to the front end except to bag groceries when it was really busy. In the meantime he gets to work all over the store.

He has thought about just staying with the grocery business and pursuing his business degree, first at the local junior college and then at state. Nothing wrong with that. He could stay near home (and close to Sheila and Jeannie) and the fact is, he liked everything about the grocery business. But, somewhere from the back of his mind came a thought from Frieda, and it had angry eyes at the thought of him settling for less than what he could reach up for. Well, he was going to have to make up his mind soon, he had already been tentatively accepted at several schools, and was being actively recruited by several military branches.

Guess I better get to work, he thought. First to start on frozen foods. He always hated going into the freezers. They were set at 20 degrees below zero. Just froze the nose hairs right off of your face. But, thankfully, James the frozen foods manager who was a bit abrasive at times, did put the most likely items to be stocked on 6-wheelers ready to wheel right out of the storeroom freezer. Made the job much easier.

But, on the other hand, William would have the milk cases stacked high on his 6-wheelers, and they would be much heavier than the frozen foods boxes. And Helene had those 8 ft. bread tray stacks to move. Well, he had his work set out before him. He needed to get to it.

After four hours, he had his lunch time. Time to eat mom’s (Jeannie’s mom’s) prepared lunch. Didn’t know what it would be, but he knew it would be great. When he opened up the sack, there was arrayed a wonderful mini-feast. Hard boiled eggs, ham sandwich, home-made peanut butter cookies and a can of root beer. Yum! Yum! Also, a small envelope fell out and dropped to the floor.

“I wonder what that could be?” He thought.

He decided to eat his lunch first. It was great and there was plenty of time for any indigestion that would result from what was in the envelope. The couple of other people in the lunch room looked jealous and more than a little greedy as he lay out his spread. Then they smiled. It was all in good fun. For some reason, this kind of business attracted more than its share of good natured people. Perhaps, because they have to spend a lot of time interacting with the public. Also, they see many of the same people regularly, not to mention their workmates. Anyway, it makes for a very pleasant working environment if the coworkers, management and especially the manager help to foster it. Luckily, this store has a very positive minded boss now, and of course, there is pretty and sweet Hilda.

Having finished his lunch, Jimmy now decides to face-the-music and see what was inside the envelope. Opening it gingerly to not damage the contents, he found a folded note inside. He opened it and read: “Just a little note, Jimmy, to tell you how I feel about you. I am surprised to find that I am very much in love with you. I didn’t think that I would ever feel this way about a boy. It isn’t just the time we have been playing together. There just seems to be some kind of pull of me towards you. I am not going to give up Sheila. She just means too much to me. But, I find I want to build a life around you. I’ve known you for years and you have always been nice to me, even during the years when I plumped up around the time I was twelve. Even that didn’t matter to you. And I do know that you appreciate the current me. I know that I am very pleasing to look at! I see myself in the mirror every day. Not that that is all important. I want someone who will treat me right. And I sense that that is you, Jimmy. I know I told you that I tell Sheila everything. But, please just keep this between us. xoxoxoxo Jeannie. PS: BTW, Mom is thrilled. Not that I have told her anything. But, she seems to sense something is />
Oh damn, thought Jimmy. And things weren’t complicated enough before! I have always liked Jeannie, but I am only 18 and not ready to commit to anything. Can’t even make up my mind about what to do next. I sure hope that this calms down. I can’t ignore her. What the hell am I going to do?

Jimmy went back to work, at least partly to quiet the riot of feelings in his heart and the tornado of thoughts in his head. But also, because he simply loved this job. He knows you aren’t supposed to your job. You’re supposed to hate it and fixate on all of the negative things about it. But, he just couldn’t put his heart into that. He hated what he hated and loved what he loved. Didn’t want it to be any other way. It was going to be hard to leave this job and do anything else. The boss was a good guy, but sort of demanding and brash with him at times. Dad says this could go either way. It could be that he dislikes me or it could be that he sees a lot of potential in me. So, he could be guiding and training me to advance. (How do parents know all of these things, He wonders?) One of the jobs of management is to identify and train prospects to advance. And their upper bosses take their performance in this very seriously. Oh Goody, more for him to wonder (or worry) about. Funny how what Dad and Mom says pops up at the most unexpected and often most critical times. Must partly be how we are made, and partly how much we need (love) them.

Well, let’s get my mind on work now. I have those end displays to get done and then the adjustments I will have to make after Carl sees them. Carl is an older guy who has been in this business forever, I think. Knows everything, fussy about how things are to be done, and very helpful to those who listen. Probably the most respected and beloved person in the store. Dad says I am very blessed to work with someone like Carl. He says that you learn things from a person like that that you might never learn otherwise, or at least a lot quicker than might be.


Later that evening, Jimmy arrives home with a lot on his mind. Is he really totally done with Sue? What about Sheila? How would he answer the note from Jeannie? What really is behind Frieda’s actions? What the hell else can go wrong? Right? Or even more confusing? Are there more girls out there looking towards me? How would I handle them? What am I going to do about school? Or the service? Or the job? Should I just enter the J.C. here, work at the store, marry Jeannie and raise fit and happy babies? I could do a lot worse. How would I face Frieda at one of the reunions, if I did that? Should I even care what she thinks? Who can I discuss these things with who won’t freak out or insist that I go the way they think I should go? Am I losing my mind? Has my dick completely taken over my life? Damn, I am having a time that other guys only dream of. How can I leave it without hurting anyone? Is it even possible? What if my parents find out? Don’t they already know or suspect what is going on? Do they still love me anyway? What about the girl’s parents? Do they hate me? What if one or more of them get pregnant, since we have been using no protection at all? Could I possibly fuck things up any worse?

As he lays in his bed, looking up at the ceiling, he mimes a prayer, “Please God, let me just sleep tonight and not have to fuck any girls!” He falls asleep and mercifully no one taps on his window.

He wakes up in the morning, shakes the sleep out of his head, showers and dresses for work. It will be a couple of hours before he starts, but he wants to have a calm regular morning with his family, just like he used to have just a few weeks ago, before the PROM and the explosion of events that it led up to.

When he gets to the dining room, he finds his parents already serving breakfast to his brother and sister. There is the usual place set up for him. He takes his seat and prepares to enjoy one of Mom’s morning creations. Everyone, even the dog and cats, briefly stare at him and then go about feeding themselves. Everything is perfect, just like always. Mom is such a great cook. The bacon is crispy, the eggs done to each one’s desire and the toast is on the plate already buttered with a variety of jams and jellies available. His favorite is still raspberry. He wonders if Jeannie can cook like this. He suspects that she can or at least would learn very quickly. Boy, it would make her parent’s day if they got together and married. They wouldn’t even care if Sheila hung around in their life, too! As long as Jeannie was happy and they had grandchildren, all else would pale in their estimation.

No one said much at the table. Just a few murmurs of appreciation for the meal. It was like everyone had agreed to leave him firmly alone, despite all the chaos that has surrounded him the last few weeks. If so, he was very grateful for that. If anyone had tried to engage him in discussion about it, he simply wouldn’t know what to say. And then everyone would make their own estimation of his situation. He knew that each of them knew a little about what was going on. But, hopefully they wouldn’t have a chance to compare notes and guess a lot more.

Come to think of it, his parents would probably be pleased if he committed to Jeannie. They have been sort of family friends for years. Not that we have done much with them. We don’t do much with anyone, just mostly with family and usually within our household at that. It seems obvious though, that they like and more importantly approve of Jeannie. It would probably come as no great surprise if Jeannie and he eventually married. Families that know one another, come from similar backgrounds, kids who genuinely like each other, even go to the same church seem to have more success in their marriages. His Health teacher would be very approving of this.

But, he is only eighteen. That is way too early to travel that road. He knew that they needed time to be ready to make a real go of it. What to do in the meantime? Maybe if he wasn’t so close and available, that would help to slow things down to a manageable level. And they should start using protection to prevent (if it hadn’t already started) a premature pregnancy. Both families would insist on an immediate marriage if that happened. Good thing they all don’t know what has been happening. Or at least “ALL” that has been happening.

What about Sue? She had been his for several years. Everyone had expected them to marry one day. But, after the way she had treated him at the PROM, he just didn’t see her in the same light. He didn’t trust her anymore. Especially with his heart.

And Sheila? She had already let him know that she was really Jeannie and that he was mostly a play toy for them. But, she was honest about it, had not treated him unkindly and was glorious in bed. As was Jeannie, too. And both of them together simply melted his heart.

All these things were bouncing around his mind as he slowly ate his breakfast. The rest of the family studiously ignored this, as they gave him the time and privacy to sort out his newly complicated life.

After eating, he excused himself to go into the living room to watch the morning news. He was not oblivious to what was depicted on the screen, but his mind was still racing through his tangled life, trying to make some sense of it and also looking for solutions.

If I join the service, it will take me away for a while. A couple of years at least. I can still write her and Sheila or anyone else I want. I hear that there is a lot of loneliness at first, even with all the guys around. Such a big change in your life. And I hear that they are rather strict and also very harsh in forming you into the service of what a serviceman is supposed to be like. So, writing letters should keep at least some semblance of a connection with home and the girls.

But, how will they feel about it? Sheila won’t care much. She still would have Jeannie. Jeannie would probably miss me more. But the letters would help her to endure the separation, and coming home would be very special as he could well imagine.

The family would miss him. And the truth is, he would miss them very much. But, I am going to have to get used to that someday anyway. When I marry my life will revolve around my wife and children, just like my parents’ lives do here at home. But, not today. No need to rush this.

Now if I buy a car right away, that would change everything. There is the cost of the car, fuel and insurance. And dad would remind me of the maintenance. But, it would probably anchor me here at home for a while and obligate me to work more. Maybe that would keep me out of some of the trouble I have been in lately, he mused. The working more that is. The car could make it easier to get into more trouble, also.

However, I can feel the pressure coming from Jeannie if I buy the car. To spend more time with her. Increasing the likelihood of a premature pregnancy. The maneuvering of me towards marriage before I am ready. The looking at houses and />
Or I can go away to college. Get me away from Jeannie for a while. Amazing how I am starting to take it for granted that Jeannie and I will end up together. Don’t seem to mind the thought, either. Of course, a lot can happen and probably will happen over the next few years. And maybe she will get impatient to marry before I am ready. If her parents like me they will probably help to stifle that. I can just hear her mom, be silly Jeannie, you may not find another boy like him.” Well, that is more than a little presumptuous of me. And where are all of these ‘big’ words coming from? Must be all of the reading I do. Or at least did, until I found ‘something else’ to do with my spare time. He smiled at that thought.


Oh Gosh, the time is getting away from me. I need to get to work.

When Jimmy got to work, there was a note affixed to his time card which said: When you punch in, please come immediately to the office. Mr. Hewitt.

‘Oh No!’ He thought. What have I done now? He couldn’t think of anything. But, Mr. Hewitt was a very particular about his store. It was the company’s store only second in being his possession. Any hospital would be well pleased to have as clean of surroundings as he insisted of his store and workers. Probably one of the reasons that I like this kind of work. He also took a personal interest in how each of the departments was run.

When Jimmy got to the office, everyone else fled from it, except for Mr. Hewitt. Jimmy wanted to run, too. But, Mr. Hewitt motioned for Jimmy to sit down, with a not unkind expression on his face. Not friendly, but studious, like he had serious thoughts to share with him.

Mr. Hewitt opened the discussion (which means he does almost all of the talking and recipient does most of the listening) with, “OK, Mr. Benson, you’re not in any kind of trouble….. For now, at least!” He said this with the slightest smile.

Hewitt—–What I want to talk to you about is your future here with the company. Since you have just graduated from High School and are eighteen, some additional opportunities will come to you. You are well spoken of here in the store. And I have noticed your good work habits. What I am proposing is that you become a department assistant head, to help you to become ready to take over that department or another as needed. The department head has agreed to take you on as his assistant. I must say that he showed considerable enthusiasm at the prospect. Means that we expect you to do very well at it. The department is (at this Jimmy felt a cold hand clutch his heart, a frozen one that is) the Frozen Foods Department. (“Oh no, Jimmy thought! A wonderful opportunity. But couldn’t it have been Produce or somewhere else? Anywhere but Frozen Foods?”)

I know that this might not be your first choice, but it is a chance for you to advance. You will be getting at least 40 hours per week. If things work out, you will be promoted to clerk in two months, with the appropriate increase in pay. This is the department we need you in now, since James will be moving into the management training program in the fall. I know you have other tentative plans for your future. But, we here in the company would like you to consider staying with us. This is a token of our faith and interest in you. Even, if you decide elsewise, you are welcome to take this assignment for the summer, until you decide to act, whatever you decide.

James starts at 4am and you will work 6am till 2:30pm with a half-hour lunch. He will support the front end as needed as a checker, but you will remain in the department under his direction. As you know, that department is especially busy in the summer with all of the ice that we’ll sell and ice cream sales. You will be very busy. On extremely busy days you might have to help bag and bring carts in but I will be watching to make sure they don’t over utilize you in the front end. We will need you back there and very busy, too, as much as possible. We are going to show a little mercy on you and give you Friday and Saturdays off. We need you on Sunday, because James is off that day. By the way, you don’t have any more like you at home do you? (He asked with a crooked grin.)

Jimmy—–Too young yet, but I’ll tell them.

Hewitt—–You do that, Jimmy! The schedule starts next week. So you will be working this Sunday. Sorry you will work the whole weekend, and through the week until next Friday, but it will all straighten out then.


Hewitt—–Any questions?

Jimmy—–No, I think you covered it.

Hewitt—–OK, down to work with you. And Jimmy, congratulations. You earned this.

Jimmy—–Thank you, Mr. Hewitt.

Hewitt—–Oh, off with you now. (And his usual sober expression returned.)

Well, this sure stirs the pot, doesn’t it! It sure gives me a solid opportunity in something I enjoy. Well, I guess we will see how this goes.

Hilda had a big grin as I passed her on the way to working the back wall. I have just got to quit thinking that every girl who smiles at me wants into my pants, he thought as he walked towards the back of the store.

That evening, Jimmy enjoyed another quiet meal with the family. Everyone was much more with him as they felt his calmer demeanor. With the indepth thinking, personal resolutions and events of the day he was feeling more peace in his heart than he had for several weeks. The family noticed. Nobody broached any discussion on recent events, though. And Jimmy withheld any notice of the day’s events at work until they became a reality. That would be soon enough to have to explain the changes in his schedule. Also, then he would have to explain why he would need increased access to the family’s second vehicle or get one himself. Boy, that was going to produce some static, because it would affect everyone else’s usual mode, too! By him starting at 6am, when there are no buses running, he will have to have other transportation. If he could get a ride to work, though, he could ride the bus home. Or I could ride my bike to work. Close enough for that. What about bad weather, though? Well, I will have to think this through, too, I guess. Why did dad and mom infect me with this attitude of thinking things through? To torture me with worries? Probably not. Just want me to succeed, I guess.


After dinner and a little TV, Jimmy went to bed. And then of course, the phone rang.

Jeannie—Jimmy, we need to talk.

Jimmy—–Well OK, but not on the phone.

Jeannie—Can I come over?

Jimmy—–I don’t think that that would be a good idea. How about if I meet you down the block and we can talk in your parent’s car?

Jeannie—OK, I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.

see you there.

Twenty minutes later in the car

Jimmy—–OK Jeannie, what is this about?

Jeannie—–Well, I needed to let you know that Sheila has blabbed to several people about what we have been doing.

Jimmy—–What!!! I thought you said she only shared these kinds of things with you. Who has she told?

Jeannie—–Well, up to now she has been very closed mouth about things. But, she has talked around about things to people, I don’t know who. But, it has gotten back to me.

Jimmy—–OK, but what does it matter? Those who like us will laugh, be a little jealous and perhaps view us as heroes. Those that dislike us, will still dislike us. Also, be a little jealous, too. We haven’t done anything illegal of anything. So what’s the harm?

Jeannie—–But, what about our parents? They have been very discreet about what has been going on But, it will hurt them very badly if this all becomes public. It’s one thing for it to be private within our families, but another for it to be out in the open.

Jimmy—–What do you think we should do about it?

Jeannie—We could just ignore it and let whatever comes out die down, and wait for our parents to forgive us, we could quit seeing each other and let the furor die down or we married. If we get married it would all be a nonissue.

I am only eighteen years old. I am not ready to marry. We both have things to do before we settle down. I’m just not ready for that, Jeannie!

Jeannie—Jimmy, but I love you. And want us to be together and share Sheila with us.

Jimmy—–I can’t see Jeannie.

Jeannie—Why don’t you come over here? Maybe you will change your mind?

Jimmy—–Unfair, I’ll think things over and get back to you.

Jeannie—OK. Don’t wait too long, though.

Another work day and Jimmy gets home early and decides that he wants to do something alone that evening. He settles on going roller skating. He has always enjoyed it. It is sort of mindless, but there is good music and a congenial atmosphere at the rink. So he excuses himself from home and walks to the rink.

When he arrives and after paying for the entry and skates, he goes up to the skate counter. The guy handing out the skates knows him and so he makes sure that Jimmy gets a good pair. Jimmy takes then and checks out the wheels. Smooth. And then spins them to check the bearings. These rink rentals have ball bearings and it they are not kept properly lubricated and the nut properly tightened, the bearings will get flat spots and vibrate terribly. Then he tried the boots on for fit and they were fine.

He now stood up on his skates and stayed behind the bar, that separates the lounge area from the skating floor, to get his ‘skating legs.’ He soon felt the familiar sense of balance return and decided to venture out onto the floor to get his legs attuned again to roller skating. He was focused on himself and after a lap he was ready to stretch himself.

As he rounded the corner, he thought that he saw Jeannie ahead of him. And who was that hanging all over her? Bob!!!! Bad Bob? Oh shit! Wasn’t there any girl in town that hadn’t had her ticket punched by him?

As they briefly untangled, she caught sight of Jimmy. She briefly held her breath and then skated over to Jimmy.

Jeannie—Jimmy, it is not what you think!

Jimmy—–I don’t have to think about it. I saw with my own eyes what was going on. Jeannie, I know what the story is. Isn’t it wonderful that the girl who wrote the note and pleaded with me last night is here hanging all over Bob? I’m impressed, you know. Why the hell did you even bring up marriage to me?
Jeannie—I really do love you. It’s just that Bob helps me with my medicine. It is expensive and I can’t afford to pay for it. He allows me to pay for it another way. I have to spend time with him.

Jimmy—–I see. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go home now.

(As he walks away)


[Jimmy leaves amid mixed feelings, well flavored with a sigh of relief.]

As he walked home, a decision was forming in his mind. With that his mind was clearing. His determination was calming his heart. He knew what he had to do and why. It was all so clear now.

The next day he called in for a day off. It was unusual for him to do so. It was an unseasonably slow day, so it was granted. He told his parents that he needed to go downtown and take care of some business. He proceeded directly to the Military Recruitment Center and told the Sergeant at the door that he wanted to talk to the Air Force recruiter. He was pointed towards the Air Force recruiting Sergeant, who motioned him to sit down.

Recruiter—What may I do for you, young man?

Jimmy—–Well sir, I am considering joining the Air Force and would like to know more about it.

Recruiter—First of all, I am a NCO and not addressed as, sir. When you are in basic training that will be different. But, except for there, I am addressed as Sergeant Grandy. Since you are not enlisted yet, you may call me George.

Jimmy—–I think that I would be more comfortable calling you Sergeant for now.

Recruiter—That is fine for now. Now, let’s talk about you, your background, your education, your hopes and your plans for the future.

[Sometime later after a lengthy and in depth discussion]

I can see no reason why you wouldn’t be accepted for enlistment and for you to succeed in your service. If you want, we can have you fill out the enlistment papers now, or you can take them home. Since, you are seventeen and a half, it would be preferred to have at least one of your parents sign assent for your enlistment, but since you have graduated from high school it isn’t necessary.

Jimmy—–Yes, I would like to fill them out now.

Recruiter—This isn’t a rash decision on your part, is it? It wouldn’t matter as to you being accepted. But, it might affect how happy you are with it.

Jimmy—–It is an abrupt decision, but I have considered this for some time. And things have sort of cleared up in the last few days. Also, though I have several opportunities available to me now, I feel that I need to get away for a while and separate myself from some troubling things going on here.

in the family?

Jimmy—–No, the family is solid. It is not the family.

Recruiter—Good! Young men from solid families tend to take to military life better that those who aren’t. They’re just used to a more structured life. And respect for authority.

Jimmy—–My folks are great. And I will miss them a lot.

Recruiter—How about a girl? One that you will miss a lot?

Jimmy—–No, no one that special now.

Recruiter—OK, let’s get the paperwork done. And if you have time, we can do your assessment tests. They will take about an hour and we can get the results right after. With them we will know what specialties you would be qualified for and you will probably have several choices to be chosen among.

[Two hours later and after the assessment]

Recruiter—OK, we have all of the paperwork done and the results from your test. It shows you with many specialty opportunities. The one area that we have a great need in now is as an Electronics Technician. You got a 99% on the results for this, the highest score you got. If you accept this, we can promise you automatic promotion to E-3 (Airman Second Class) upon successful completion of tech school. You can think about this for a couple of weeks if you would like.

Jimmy—–No, I want to move on right away. How soon can I leave?

Recruiter—Well, we have a vacancy available Monday. But, that is awfully quick, you know. Many guys like to have a couple of weeks to get used to the idea and to close out personal matters.

Jimmy—–I have nothing holding me back. I want to just get to it.

Recruiter—OK, be here at 7:30 Monday morning. You can have one of your parents sign this authorized copy, but I will send the originals in right away by fax. There will be a delayed background check while you are in basic training, but I will sign off it based on your interview. You seem well prepared to see this through.

Jimmy—–OK, I guess I have a lot to accomplish today, so I will get to it. I have to tell my employer.

Jimmy stops to the store and leaves a message explaining what he had done, thanking them for the opportunities that were offered and apologizing for not giving them two week notice. The manager was not there, but Hilda accepted his termination notice reluctantly and she sincerely wished him well. She also told him that he would have a job waiting for him any time he wanted it as long as Mr. Hewitt or she were still there. He thanked her for that and received a very circumspect hug in return. As he left there were a lot of questioning looks by his workmates, but he decided to leave them in ignorance. They would find out soon enough.

(At home at dinner)

Jimmy—–While everyone is here, I need to let everyone know something (Profound silence ensued, with everyone’s eyes on him. What was this about? What was he about to say? Each one had their guesses. Several involved marriage. But, to whom?) I have decided to enlist in the Air Force. I will be leaving for basic training on Monday morning. I have already signed And I love all of you so much!

Mom——-(With choked voice) Jimmy, isn’t this very sudden? Can you change your mind? Are you sure this is what you want to do with your life? You are only seventeen and a half. Is it legal for you to sign up with-out our permission?

Jimmy—–Yes mom, it is what I want. And since I am out of high school, it is legal, but I would still like one of your signatures, though.

Dad——–I will sign, (looking past mom’s mild glare.) The boy is a man now and he has made a man’s decision. I will totally support this. This can be very good for him.

Mom——You mean him dying somewhere? My son gone?

Dad——–He is joining the Air Force. He will not be a pilot, not at first anyway, because you usually need a college degree to directly enter that program. That is true Jimmy, isn’t it?

Jimmy—–Pretty much. But, I entered the Air Force not so much to avoid any danger, but because the specialty that I have accepted, namely Electronics Technician, is what I am interested in pursuing.

Mom——(Calming down) Well ok son, just let me get used to the idea.

Jimmy—–Mom, I am leaving Monday morning.

Mom——-I guess I will have to get used to it quickly then. (And she stood up and hugged him from behind.)

Jimmy—–It will be OK, mom.

(With that they all got up to come to grips with the shock that they were now feeling.)


Sheila—–(Phone call) Jimmy, is it true? I just heard.

Jimmy—–Is what true?

Sheila—–That you are going into the service? I have a friend at the store and she knew that I would want to know.

Jimmy—–Yes, it is true, I am leaving Monday morning.

Sheila—–Monday morning? This Monday? So soon? What’s happened, Jimmy?

Jimmy—–Sheila, yes to all those. This coming Monday, I will leave. With the so many things that have happened, I just feel that I need to get away for a while and there are the opportunities.

Sheila—–Are you running away from me, Jimmy?

Jimmy—–No, Sheila. I just need to get away from everything for a while. Too many things have come too fast. I need to separate myself from it all for a while.

Sheila—–You can’t run from your problems, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–I know, but I need time to breathe.

Sheila—–OK, I can understand that. You are still going to write me, aren’t you? And what about Jeannie?

Jimmy—–Yes Sheila, I promised that I would write and I will as long as you want me to. I don’t know about Jeannie, she seems to be busy elsewhere.

Sheila—–Yeah, I heard about her and Bob at the roller rink.

Jimmy—–Does everyone know about us and all of our dirt?

Sheila—–Pretty much, yes. We seem to be the persons of interest lately around here. Maybe that is a good reason for you to leave for a while after all.

Jimmy—–Yes, one of the things that I decided.

Sheila—–Can we see each other before you leave? I want you to remember me wherever you go.

Jimmy—–OK, you can come over tomorrow, Sunday at about 3 in the afternoon and we can have some time together. Mom and Dad usually take the kids to a movie then, and we will have some time together. A couple of hours at least.

Sheila—–Should be enough. And I will give you something to remember.

Jimmy—–I will look forward to that. Talk to you later.

Sheila—–OK, Jimmy.

[When he hangs up the phone, it rings again.]

Sue—–Hello Jimmy, I just called to see if what I have heard is true.

Jimmy—–What is that, Sue?

Sue——–That you and Jeannie have broken up and that you are running away in the Army to escape her.

Jimmy—–Well, she and I were never actually a couple and it will not be the Army, but the Air Force. No comment on the rest.

Sue——–And you didn’t call to tell me?

Jimmy—–Tell you what, Sue? My matters are no longer your business anymore.

Sue——–That is pretty harsh, Jimmy!


Sue——–Can we spend some time together before you leave? I would like to make up for some things that have happened between us lately.

Jimmy—–Sue, that is very nice of you to offer, but I leave Monday and want to spend tomorrow with my family.

Sue——–So soon, Jimmy? Can’t you delay it?

Jimmy—-No I can’t delay. I have already signed an agreement with them.

Sue——–Will you write me then, Jimmy?

Jimmy—–I don’t know. Maybe. I know your address and will see how busy I will be. I will be writing my mom, and you can contact her once in a while, for any new news.

Sue——–Oh, OK I think. Take care, Jimmy.

Jimmy—–I will.


(Next day, Sunday at 3pm) (Mom and Dad are hurrying the kids to go to the movie. They are about to leave as Sheila arrives.)

Mom——-(With a knowing look.) OK, you two, there is pizza in the fridge if you get hungry. We will be gone for at least three hours. See you when we get back.

Jimmy—–Thank you mom, we will see you then.

Mom——-And forgive my manners, Sheila. Nice to see you. Bye you two for

Jimmy and Sheila—Bye, mom.

[With the empty house surrounding them, they walked hand in hand to the privacy of his room. They sat on his bed and just cuddled together for a while and said nothing. Didn’t move an inch. Just like they were watching a movie, a roiled parade of emotions rushing through each of them. After a while, she looked him in the eyes />
Sheila—–Jimmy, just relax and lay back. Yes, like that. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and evenly. Don’t freeze up, but don’t move either. Stay still and relaxed. You’re in my hands for now. I want you to enjoy yourself. I want you to remember me. I want you to want to rush back to me.

mute as she ordered him, left his eyes closed and nodded.)

She stripped down to her panties and began to caress and kiss him while he was laying prone on the bed on his back. Her kisses and caresses became more urgent as she leaned over him with her bare smallish breasts ever so slightly brushing his chest and occasionally his face as if by accident. Quickly enough by his face to not allow him to kiss them. Gently teasing. She then lifted one of her legs up and laid lengthwise on him and kissed him deeply, probing with her tongue while lightly squirming on his body. It was all he could do to not move in response. Of course, one central part of his body was very much responding to all of this sensuous attention. She noticed this and reached down with one hand, adjusted her position down a little atop his body and reached inside of his shorts to find his engorged member. She continued the kissing and body movements as she added light stroking on his dick to her ministrations. After a few minutes of this, which to him were like hours of bliss, she then proceeded directly to his cock with her mouth. No more teasing. With his eyes still shut and his mouth still mute, he never the less involuntarily rose to her mouth to probe it deeper for the warmth in it. She took him deeper than ever before, taking him into her throat, all of him, even feeling his balls against her chin. She then added her reach around to his butt, squeezing his buns releasing and letting go in unison to her sucking and pumping of his cock. That did it! He shot the biggest load ever right down her throat. She took it in good order and swallowed it. She then proceeded to lick him clean all around the groin area. He laid there in absolute ecstasy, his bones turned to rubber and his mind and heart at peace with the universe. He started to get up, but she put her hand on his chest and whispered, “Not yet, Jimmy!”

So he laid there for a number of minutes, getting his strength back with her plastered cuddling against his side. He then rose himself, opened his eyes, but remained mute as he took in her tousled loveliness with her panties soaked through. He kissed her deeply and briefly on the lips and moved down to her pussy to return the favor. At first he kissed and suckled her pussy through her sexy black panties, but he then removed them very, very gently and reverently. As he examined them, he saw her juices had soaked them. He smiled at the sweet flavor of her. Then he proceeded to her pussy and all of the wonders there. She was so deliciously wet. And tasted and smelled so good. An earthy /sea-like flavor that intoxicated him. He licked, lightly bit and probed with his tongue on and in her pussy. Her clit, the lips, the vaginal opening and her inner thighs, which have the tenderest skin of the body, and are often neglected by lovers, received his attentions. Her clit and her pussy had swelled to their maxi-mum, she was rising to meet his tongue and gently moaning. So he moved into position to mount and enter her but she said, “Not this way, Jimmy. Let me turn over, I have a special treat for you!”

Sheila—–Jimmy, do you have any sex lube available?

Jimmy—–Not really, though mom has some body lotion in her room that I have used before.

Sheila—–OK, that will do. Please go get it!


[While he is gone. She rearranges the pillow, stacking two of them up. She then leans over, with them under her lower belly, spreads her legs, puts her head down on the bed with her head turned and lays it on her right ear. She begins to massage her buns and anal area. Gently probing with her fingers. Then Jimmy comes back with the lube and settles down behind her. Enjoying the view, too!….]

Sheila—–Ok Jimmy, now start kissing and caressing my anal area, while I play with my pussy and clit. That’s it, lick around the hole gently and slowly. Probe with your tongue every lap or so. Massage my buns, too! Keep it up, Jimmy, slowly, but firmly. Feel it swelling? Sure you do, and can see it too. OK, now take the lube and put some on your index finger and spread some around my anus. Slowly, honey. Now put some more on your finger and gently insert it up the anus moving your finger slowly and gently so it spreads the lubrication around. Now pull your finger out, put some more lotion on it and reinsert it and push it a little deeper. Very slowly, Jimmy. Can you feel the channel align itself with your finger and the muscles beginning to relax? [He nods yes, but remembers that she can’t see him very well, so he says with a husky voice,”Yes, I do!”] OK Jimmy, keep repeating this slowly and in small steps until your finger is all the way in.

[Shortly later, with that accomplished, she now instructed him to use two fingers, gently inserting and withdrawing them, adding additional lube each time and after they were all the way in the same with three fingers. By this time her body was reacting greatly to the sensations he was causing and his cock was rock-hard. She then leaned forward a little and told him to enter her with the same steps that he used with his fingers. So he did so.]

Sheila—–Slowly Jimmy, a little at a time, let my anal cavity get used to you being in there. You are coming into where usually things are coming out. Yes Jimmy, that feels real good. Deeper Jimmy, slowly and deeper. Until you are all the way in. (When that was accomplished she said,) Hold still for a few minutes while my body gets used to this. Just squirm around in there a bit so that it knows where it is and my ass knows it is there. OK, now start pumping in and out, very shallow movements at first. Now deeper and longer thrusts, Deep and faster now… Faster, Jimmy. Harder, Slap my buns, Jimmy! Make my buns Jimmy!!!!!! Pound my ass, Oh, Jimmy, that feels so am going to lay down on my belly on the bed, move down with me, don’t withdraw, and pound my ass with all you’ve Oh Jimmy, I am going to cum! Oh, Jimmy! Oh Jimmy, you are cumming, too! (as she felt him cumming up her ass) OHHHH, />
[They lay quiescent for a number of minutes. As his cock shrank and withdrew itself from her ass, he notices leakage of his cum. Without even thinking about it, he puts his mouth up to her ass and drinks of his cum coming out. She moans in appreciation. And he moans in abject passion and exhaustion. He then moves the pillows, turns her onto her back and lays his body on hers, heedless of his weight and simply tries to pull her heart, mind and body into his. They gently sleep in this position for about a half an hour and then suddenly awaken as they hear noises downstairs. Could it have been three hours already? No the time on the clock only shows about an hour and a half. What is going on then? But he hears his Dad’s voice, so he is comforted. They quickly get up and dress. At that they walk downstairs and join the rest of the family.]

Mom——-The movie was horrible, so we came back home early. We didn’t disturb you did we?

Jimmy—–No mom, we just did a lot of talking. About the future and such.

Mom——-(With a knowing smile) Yes, I can well imagine. Sheila, I am going to fix dinner. Would you like to join us?

Sheila—–Thank you very much Mrs. Benson. But, I have to get home to fix dinner for my dad.

Mom——-OK, Honey. Anytime.

Sheila——Thank you, maybe next time.

Sheila—–(To Jimmy as she left,) Don’t forget to write, Jimmy!

Jimmy—–No, I won’t forget.

story by: James Dylan Dean

Tags: blowjob consensual sex fantasy anal romance teen male/teen females group sex sex story

Author: James Dylan Dean

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