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I bit her nipples harder than before taking care not to leave marks, and smacked her pussy repeatedly until she wiggled with pleasure, cumming in a wave of ecstasy and delight in one combined motion. I rubbed her clit until the wave ran out. Her eyes looked at me full of want. Did I know it was wrong?  Of course I did.  But I justified to myself like this…‘Would I like someone I bit her nipples harder than before taking care not to leave marks, and smacked her pussy repeatedly until she wiggled with pleasure, cumming in a wave of ecstasy and delight in one combined motion. I rubbed her clit until the wave ran out. Her eyes looked at me full of want.

Did I know it was wrong?  Of course I did.  

But I justified to myself like this…

‘Would I like someone fucking my wife?’

‘No way!’

But right now I am not married. And I was just fucking. She was just another client. She was the one with a partner so it was her who was cheating not me.

Ella was 28. An African-American girl. A soft soul to most. She lived the highlife her city banker husband provided.

They ate out most nights and the highlight of Ella’s day was getting ready to go out a shopping trip or workout.  Sometime she hung with the social set. That’s where she got my details from.

My name is Richard. I’m 44, fit and handy with my tools, if you know what I mean.

In theory I work as a handyman but really I have never fixed a thing except a customer’s yearning for a good fucking. I’m a woman’s entertainment. Where she can get what she needs and walk away clean. Well mostly.

I have met ‘the set’ as I call them, often. It seems that I am a rite of passage. Many times I have seen them together at lunch or dinner. Then I get call a booking me for a few hours of enjoyment.

Each one is different. Some want conversation; some bury my face in their pussy. Mostly they all have needs their husbands either can’t or just won’t scratch. And that’s where I come in.

Ella was beautiful. As I said, a soft soul to most. Except me. To me she was as nasty as the ladies from Sodom and Gomorrah. She took all I could give and always begged for more.

On this occasion she called and arranged for me to be at her place at 11am. Most have me there between 11 and 2.30pm after their partners leave and before school pick up.

I walked to the door with my tool belt around my hips. I rang the doorbell and Ella answered wearing a black flowing short dress. I knew what she needed me to fix.

As I walked in she closed the big door behind me.

Her place was beautiful – a marble staircase swooped around lined with original paintings and family photographs and leading up to heaven. To the left through an archway was a huge home cinema. Comforts included massive leather sofas, a large entertainment unit stacked with games, massive stereo with surround-sound and a flat screen TV that took up half a wall.

All of this at her disposal… and Ella was still unhappy.

Her husband put her on a pedestal and made soft, tender love to her nightly. But none of it was what she craved and needed. She loves her man with all her heart and would never leave him or want to hurt him in any way. She just needs, craves, to be taken and enjoyed, thrashed and used like a good woman should be.

As soon as I walked in I grabbed her and pushed her into the door, as it slammed shut. Lifting her up off the floor I shoved my hand up her dress and ripped away her tiny G-string. Ella partly resisted so I dropped her, grabbed her dress and ripped it off over her head tossing it to the floor.

Naked she was incredible – I was going to enjoy this.

Her nipples were as hard as rocks stook staring at me, begging to be touched. I unzipped my shorts and un-buckled my tool belt letting both drop down to my ankles.

‘Suck it bitch.’ I demanded.

She fell to her knees and grabbed my cock in her hands pulling it and shoving it in her full-lipped mouth. She sucked on it as if it would be the last cock she would ever suck with an enjoyment I have not experienced before or ever since.

My cock looked amazing disappearing into her chocolate coloured skin. She rubber my now hard cock all over her face and sucked it back into her mouth again.

‘What about my balls? Don’t leave them lonely. I shaved them just for you.’

In truth I keep them that way. She didn’t need to know. Her hungry mouth left my cock and went straight under my groin as I parted my legs wide. She sucked my balls into her mouth, her spare hand still pulling my cock. I was amazed at how eager she was.

I picked her up and carried her to the leather sofa and threw her on it.

‘On your knees.’ I demanded.

She looked unsure so I grabbed her, turned her around, hung her arms over the edge and pulled her hips back exposing her ready for me. Her pussy glistened and as a flower does each morning opening ready to receive the sunlight. She was ready to receive my cock. I rubbed her hole.

‘Do you like this you dirty whore? Like your cunt being played with you fucking bitch?’

‘Yes stick them in. Abuse it please!’ she said with a voice full of wanton lust. ‘Finger that dirty cunt hole.’

I shoved three fingers straight inside, finger fucking her doggie style. She moaned and I relentlessly scraped and pounded her inner walls with my finger until her cunt swelled, clenched and squeezed tight and her pleasure tipped her over until she came. And cum hard she did.

‘More! More! Fuck it, shove it in! Fuuuccckkk my cunt!’

Her dirty talk made me want to rip her even more apart so I shoved another finger inside her. My four fingers worked in and out rubbing her G-spot until the moisture dripping out of her hole collected on the lounge. She came again trying to hold it in to no avail.

‘You are so fucking dirty. Use that cunt use it good.’ she wailed as her body trembled. Her knees went weak as her orgasm subsided.

‘You said you have toys where are they?’ I asked.

‘In my room away from prying eyes.’ she said.

‘Well let’s get them.’ I said. She started to stand and walk off. I stopped her.

‘Well did you cum and make a mess? She looked down at the lounge.

‘Yes I did.’ Ella said her eyes cast down.

‘Well clean it up.’

She looked around for a cloth.

‘No lick it up. You made it you clean it.’

She walked back to the lounge and kneeled, her tongue lapped at the sweet nectar she had provided. Her arse poked in the air as she cleaned up her mess. When she finished she turned,

‘Thank you.’ she said with a smile.

That’s a good girl now my fingers.’

She opened her mouth wide I stuck two in at a time feeling the whole of her mouth, my fingers running along the inner cheeks and tongue. She sucked them hard her eyes lost in lust. Until one by one they were cleaned,

‘Let’s get those toys.’ I said.

She stood and turned dressed only in her high heels and headed up the stairs. After a couple of steps I slid my hand back into her crutch sliding straight into her already wet love patch. I fingered her until she came between their photo and a waterlily painting. She moaned hard as her body trembled.

 â€˜Well up you go. Don’t stop crawl up the stairs’ I said. She did with every third step my fingers disappearing back inside her. She came three more times before we got to the top landing.

I rolled her over so she was lying on the cream shag pile spread wide. Her small, f
irm breasts looked fabulous, her nipples still yearning for action. She looked a treat that no man could ever resist, so I didn’t. My cock was still hard and I needed some ebony to quell my desire.

I threw my shirt off and crawled over to her kissing and sucking her mouth, neck and chest. I spent time on her nipples rolling them in my mouth as my arm rested between her legs, which allowed her to rock and rub her cunt hole and clit against it.

My other hand rubbed her other nipple keeping it ready and hard waiting for its turn to be enjoyed. I bit a little harder and Ella moaned

‘Yes that’s it – harder. Bite it.’

The harder I bit, the more fiercely she rubbed her pussy on my arm. I moved from nipple to nipple my cock pointing at the thing I desired most. Ella.

My fingers now worked her nipples. She moaned loud.

‘Yes do it!’

The rougher I was the more she loved it.

‘More! More! More! Give me more!’

I started to suck her nipples again as my hand smacked her pussy. Soft at first then heating up with the motion of her moans.

‘Yes smack me! Smack that dirty hole. Smack it!’

I bit her nipples harder than before taking care not to leave marks, and smacked her pussy repeatedly until she wiggled with pleasure, cumming in a wave of ecstasy and delight in one combined motion.  I rubbed her clit until the wave ran out. Her eyes looked at me full of want. 

She stood and took my hand and led me to her room.  She walked to the cupboard and pulled out a box.

‘These are mine. Simon has no idea about them.’

She put the box on her bed, opened it and pulled out a pussy whip with a purple handle and black leather straps, a buzzer and a white flesh colored dildo. She reached in one more time pulling out the biggest black double-ended dildo I had ever seen.

I tossed her onto the bed the toys falling beside us.

‘My turn first. I need some of you.’

‘My pleasure.’ she said and opened her legs wide.

‘Come on boy take it.’

I leant forward and slid my cock into her silky delight. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight from the abuse it had already encountered. It was about to get worse.

Shoving my cock deep inside her I laid on top fucking her. Our bodies rubbing together. Her nipples rubbing on my chest and her mouth biting my neck. Sucking and biting and kissing.

She was lost.

She was in my total control.

I fucked her this way for a while wondering if this was her normal position.

I sprung up to my knees and captured her legs on my shoulders and leaning forward I pushed then up towards her head. Her pussy lips parted wide again. I dove straight back inside.

‘Wow fuck, that’s good.’ I said. Ella smiled.

‘Enjoy it. Use it good’ she said.

I did. I pounded and pounded, opening her legs wide at times then closing again.

I pulled my cock out of this delectable thing sliding to the end of the bed. Pulling her down by the legs and spreading her legs wide I positioned her ready for more fucking. I relentlessly shoved my hard 8-inch cock inside this beautiful shaped woman she came over and over.

Her pussy danced all over my cock, which in turn was taking its toll, spreading her wide open and driving her over the edge again and again.  

I saw the black dildo as I pulled my cock out of her spinning her around so her head now hung off the bed.

‘Use it!’ I said nodding at the black monster. She reached for it and pulled it to her mouth sucking and licking it coating it for the onslaught she was going to provide for me.

‘No stick it in you! Then lay your head back.’ I commanded. One side was long and really thick, much thicker then four fingers wide. The other end was much thinner. The rubber flecked about in her hands as she slid the big end inside cunt her slowly working it in and out.

‘Oggg ooowwww hhhhh its so big! Its… I’m so oooohhhhhh.’ she said.

I was enjoying this girl doing as she was told. She was so amazing, her husband was really missing out!

I slid my cock into her mouth and fucked her face with the same motion she was fucking her cunt with. Bit by bit I increased my pace and she followed until she was thrashing her cunt in an uncontrolled battering.

I held her face and head firm as I fucked her face as hard as she fucked her cunt. My cock disappearing deep into her throat muffled her screams of pleasure. I pumped her until she closed her legs around the tool waiting my next instruction as cum waves swept through her whole body her toes curling and releasing as she went.

I leant forward and pulled the rubber cock out of her.

‘Get on your knees slut!’ I commanded pulling her up putting her where I wanted her. She was my fuck my toy under my control.

‘Have you had fun you fucking slut?’ I ask looking deep into her eyes.

‘Oh fuck yes!’ she replied. ‘Monica was so right about you. You can seriously fuck.’

‘Well I want you ass. Get on your knees.’

‘No I am a virgin there my husband has never…’

‘That’s not my problem. On your knees!’ I demanded. ‘You don’t get to pick how I fuck you fucking dirty slut. Now move.’

She rolled over her head down and her holes up. I wasted no more time with her well-fucked cunt. It was her ebony arse I needed.

Sliding the tip of my head around the rim of her arse hole Ella pulled away.

‘Don’t be scared.’ I said. ‘I’m here to enjoy not totally damage you.’ I squirted lube in my hand sliding one finger then two into Ella’s tight arse.

‘Relax.’ I said ‘Breathe deep. You want this. Remember what you told me?… Fuck me hard and good. Don’t listen to no. Just pound me until I am a ball of quivering mess. I’m yours. Do what you will. Do you remember that?’ I said as I slapped her rounded arse cheek.

‘Well?’ I repeated as I slapped the other one.

‘Yes I remember. Do it. Finish me off make me a real slut.’

‘You were born one. You’re just living it out now.’

I slid my cock head inside her tight hole. It stuck to me like glue. I squirted lube on my cock and continued to slide in.

Ella didn’t move she stayed true like a proud dirty slut she was. Slowly but surely I worked in and out until I could move with ease Ella squealing like a stuffed pig bit still not moving.

‘Now play with your clit!’

She leant her shoulder on the bed so she could almost see me and rubbed her clit alternating with rubbing and smacking and pulling it in all directions. Her arse again tightened trying to push my invading rod out, just making me want it more.

Ella screamed.

‘I free I’m free fuck me, I’m free!’ she yelled as she shook with uncontrolled lust. She was cumming so intensely that she could only manage grunting sounds – words were no longer needed. Her orgasm sent waves through me, her arse milking my cock as I ploughed deep inside her.

Finally my legs shook and my butt clenched sending load after load of hot cum deep inside this anal virgin’s new fuck hole. I held her hips tight until the last drops of cum were out of me and deep inside her sweet well-fucked body.

I walked into her shower recess and washed off. Ella threw me a towel and headed out. By the time I was clean she had my clothes and tool belt on the bed her toys all packed away and the bed stripped.  

I got dressed, my cock still hanging low, wanting more of this beautiful thing. But my job here was done. She walked over and picked up the picture beside the bed – them on their wedding day. I turned and started to walk down the stairs. Ella w
alked out behind me

‘Your envelope is in your belt.’

I smiled

‘Thanks. I hope to see you again next time you need something fixed.’

Ella smiled, leaning over the railing in a white see through gown.  

‘Maybe one day.’

I walked back out into the sunlight closing the font door behind me.


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