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Adam had been working hard for weeks. Going in a couple hours early, staying at work for a couple extra hours every day, all to try to get things running

there the way he thought they should. It had been a hell of a grind but, in the long run, his vision of how the shop should run would be realized. Things

were turning and, although it was not one of his goals, he was getting recognized by upper management and it was feeling good.

One Friday afternoon during the late summer, much sooner than normal, he decided to go home early to surprise Lorali. They had been married for over twenty

years and she was used to him working a lot when the work load demanded but lately she had given him hints that she was starting to feel a little neglected.

He didn’t intend to ignore her. In fact, he was going home early because he missed her a lot. She was an average height, blonde haired green-eyed beauty

who had larger than average breasts and a great set of legs. He loved taking her out on the town because she usually wore something really revealing and

loved wearing very high heels to show off her legs. She was an incredibly sexy woman with a very sexual spirit and he missed spending time with her.

He pulled in the driveway shortly after noon with a couple bottles of her favorite moscato and a bouquet of day lilies but noticed, around the corner from

the driveway, a sports car parked in front of the vacant house across the street. He wondered if someone was looking at the house and hoped that some real

estate agent had finally gotten off their ass and shown the place to someone who was ready to buy.

The garage door was open and he walked in expecting her to be on the couch, watching some talk show or doing Face Book on her computer, but she wasn’t in the

living room. It was then he thought he heard her voice. He stopped to listen and he heard her again. It sounded like the moan/scream she makes during sex.

He put the wine and flowers on the counter then started upstairs towards the master bedroom. The moans got louder and it sounded like she was probably in

the middle of a really good round of masturbation. He decided to just peek around the corner and watch for a minute. Sneaking upstairs without being heard

was not easy for him. He had often tried to catch her in the shower or masturbating and usually she heard him and ruined the surprise. He was well over six

feet and two hundred pounds. He wasn’t athletically graceful but could be stealthy when he really concentrated on it.

When he got to the doorway, she was on all fours with her head and chest pressed down against their bed and a muscular, younger man was fucking her from

behind. He was pistoning in and out of her like there was no tomorrow with his hand in the middle of her shoulder blades pushing her down into the mattress.

He knew he should be pissed off and hurt but peeking around the corner of his own bedroom and watching some guy fuck his wife fast and hard, just the way

she liked it, excited him more than anything he had experienced in years. He had fantasized of watching her fuck other men before but never shared them with

anyone, let alone her. Now a fantasy had, in a way, come true and he wasn’t sure what he should do. His trousers felt tighter as his erection grew. He

adjusted to get relief but continued to watch. She climaxed and he could tell that it was a real sheet soaker. This appeared to push the stranger over the

edge because his back arched and he shoved deep inside her. He let out a guttural groan and held her in place with his hands gripping her ass like his life

depended on it. Adam slipped back downstairs to the living room.

When Lorali and her young stud came downstairs, Adam was sitting in his recliner drinking a beer. She was wearing only a sheer lacy pair of boy shorts and

one of Adam’s unbuttoned white oxford shirts, her tryst partner was dressed except for his shoes, which he was carrying. She saw Adam first and stopped

like she had just seen a ghost. Then he saw Adam and stopped too. They both stood there for a few seconds, Lorali, not knowing what to say and the stud

wondering if he was going to get shot. She broke the silence.

With an aire of confidence and class, she introduced them. Adam, obligingly stood up and reached to shake his hand. The guy, not knowing what to do, shook

Adam’s hand and started moving toward the door still carrying his shoes. He was obviously nervous, which Adam got a secret kick out of and sat back down.

Lorali followed and turned him around to kiss him on the lips. He obliged, although quickly, then practically ran out.

Lorali moved around in front of Adam where he had sat back in his chair. She knelt and looked up at him with eyes filling with tears.

“Do you hate me?”

“No.” He answered flatly.

“Are you pissed?”



“I’m not sure what I feel right now.” His response came out a bit more forcefully than he intended.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am. But, it’s been so long and I had to have something.

“I’m really sorry you found out like this.” Her tears streaming down her cheeks and he knew the sobs were soon to come.

She looked down at the floor for a few seconds and meekly asked, “Can you forgive me?”

“I don’t know.” Again his response came out more forcefully than he intended. ” How many times have you done this? Tell the truth!”

“I’ve done it four or five times since New Years but never with the same guy twice and I usually go to their place. They never get my phone number and the

only reason I brought him here is that he is only in town for a day or two.” The sobbing started and her whole body convulsed.

Adam finished his beer and stood up. “I’m going out for a bit to clear my head and think, but, I will be back in a couple of hours. We’ll discuss this when

I get back.” He made a strong effort keep is voice emotionless and headed out the door as she sat on the floor crying.

He sat at the bar running over what he had just seen, everything that was said and, weighing his options on what to do next. He knew he should be furious or

hurt but he wasn’t. He had to accept the fact that he had been ignoring her and maybe even disserved this a bit. He was trying to understand why he felt

really turned on instead of pissed-off. He had to just accept his feelings for what they were and decide what to do about it. An idea came to him and after

an hour he felt he had the details worked out and how to best approach her.

When he returned home she was wearing a short silk robe that he had bought her and had always told her that she looked incredibly sexy in. She had fixed her

hair and make-up and Adam thought that she was scared he would leave her so she was putting forth a major effort to show him what he would miss if he left.

She didn’t look up when he came in.

She was sitting at the dining room table with a glass of wine and staring blankly at the place mat. He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat down around

the corner of the table from her.

“I’m not sure how to start but I need to get some things out and I want you to listen to all of it before you respond. OK?”

“OK.” She said quietly. She looked up at him now.

“What happened this afternoon should have hurt like Hell and it should have pissed me off. However, I would not be truthful if I didn’t admit that what I

saw really turned me on.”

The look on her face could not have expressed more surprise if Elvis himself had just walked in the door.

“Therefore, I want to propose something that I’m sure you will find shocking and probably a bit confusing. Later this next week, a security company will be

coming here to install a video surveillance system in our bedroom. It will have multiple cameras and I will be able to control it from my computer.” She

started to glare at him. She thought, “You son-of-a-bitch! You’re going to spy on me?”

He continued before she had a chance to speak. “What you will do is send me a message the next time you want to fuck someone and I will log on to watch.”

She was indeed shocked and confused. She sat there staring at him for what seemed like forever.

“You actually want me to fuck around on you while you watch from a computer somewhere?”

“There is one other thing. Next Saturday, you and I will go to a club but we will go in separate cars. We will not sit together and I will send you a text

telling you who you will pick up and bring home to test this whole thing out.” He waited for her response and wasn’t sure what it would be. It was truly a

50-50 shot as to whether she would agree out of guilt and feeling a sense of duty to pay a penance, or she would tell him to go fuck himself.

“If I do this, will you forgive me?”

“Absolutely and completely.”

She sat in thought for a while and her thoughts were written all of her face. She was torn between being pissed and feeling hopeless that she didn’t really

have a choice if she wanted to save her marriage.

“I’ll do it.”

He smiled, pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Her eyes teared-up.

That evening they made love like they hadn’t in years. She surrendered completely and he practically devoured her . They had great sex for a couple hours

and afterwards, while they lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, thoughts of what she had agreed to kept running through her head. She was still trying to

reconcile being pissed, and thankful that they would not be splitting up…at least for now.

On Thursday morning the security company arrived right on time and she let them in. She was still a bit angry with her husband and wanted to get in a little

“fuck you” . When she got out of the shower she had put on a tank top that was made of a thin sheer burn-out style material that made it easy for the most

casual observer to see her areole and nipples. She had also taken a pair of very low-wasted jeans and cut the legs off so high that her ass peeked out from

underneath. While the men worked on installing the cameras and controller, she made sure they all had ample opportunity to get a really good look at her and

did a bit of flirting. She was really tempted to do all three of the installers out of revenge but resisted the urge and just let them all leave with raging

boners and a good story for their friends about the strange surveillance system install they had done at this milf’s house.

Saturday came and the entire day she was nervous about what was going to happen that night. He just went about his Saturday chores of lawn mowing and

washing the cars as if today was like every other Saturday. She spent the morning cleaning and re-cleaning the bedroom, then mid-afternoon, sat on the couch

and took a nap. When she awoke, a new pair of heels and a dress were placed on her dresser. She understood what that meant and she went in to the bathroom

to prepare for the evening.

When she came downstairs, he was sitting there and his jaw dropped open as she walked across the floor. Her stiletto heeled platforms were black patent

leather with a wide strap around the ankle. Her dress was also black with a cowl neckline that plunged down to where the tan-line from her bikini bottoms

came to. The hem was so high that when she first put it on she wondered if it was not a dress at all and actually just a top. But, this was his game and,

even though her bits were barely covered and her breasts peeked out if she wasn’t extremely careful how she moved, she would play it out exactly by the

rules that he had set and it was his problem if he didn’t like the outcome. His expression was so flattering that it made her blush. She added a little more

wiggle to her walk to intensify the effect. He reached out to give her a hug and she stopped him.

“Tonight you are just watching and not touching, remember?”

He chuckled and said “Yes. I know. But you look fantastic!”

“No, I look like a slut. But, that was your intent, wasn’t it?”

“You could say that I guess.”

She was sitting at a high top table in the club and he was at the bar. She looked around the room and mentally checking off which ones she would pick if she

had a choice, which of course she didn’t. She was about to order a second glass of wine when the text came.

Tall guy, black suit, white shirt, no tie She knew exactly who he had picked. She had noticed him herself and had secretly hoped that he would be the one. She watched him closely and the next time

the guy looked at her, she spread her legs just a little wider than necessary to step down off the stool. The guy at the bar got a good look at what was

under the dress and there was nothing there to obscure his view of her freshly shaved pussy. She walked past him to the ladies room and smiled sweetly as

she met his gaze. He had definitely seen the show she had just put on and his eyes gave away his interest. When she returned to her seat the guy walked

over with a drink in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. He introduced himself and she invited him to sit.

Adam watched as discretely as he could but occasionally Lorali would catch him. She was smiling and appeared to be having a great conversation with the guy.

After an hour he got up and went to the men’s room. When he was returning to his stool, Lorali winked at Adam and he knew exactly what she was trying to

communicate. He paid his check and left.

He drove home and parked in front of the vacant house. He quickly made his way to the office he had built in the shop in the backyard and powered up the

laptop out there. The video windows came up and he sat patiently waiting.

Shortly, two cars pulled into the driveway and he heard laughter. Peeking out the window of the shop, he had a great view of the sliding glass door that led

from the patio in to the living room. Lorali walked in front of it, staring back at Adam but didn’t reach for the cord to close the curtain. The man came

up behind her and reached around to embrace her. He kissed her neck and her head rolled back to expose more of it to him. She took one of his hands and

slid it inside her dress to cup her breast. His other hand went right to her crotch and started fondling. After a few minutes of making out, she spun

around, pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately. She stepped back and took him by the hand to lead him upstairs to the bedroom.

She walked straight for the bed and slipped the straps of the dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor as she walked. She looked at the

surveillance controller and saw a small light glowing that indicated it was being monitored. She crawled on to the bed then rolled over on her back, laying

there touching her dripping pussy while the guy stripped out of his clothes, thinking that Adam was going to get one hell of a show. She was determined to

give him much more than he had bargained for. That will teach him. She didn’t bother taking the shoes off because she thought that would give it a

pornography-like effect. And a porn show was exactly what she intended to put on. Admittedly though, she was starting to enjoy knowing that she had an

audience and wondered if Adam was sitting at his desk jerking off. She was getting more excited by the minute, knowing her husband was watching and this

guy had no clue what was happening. He crawled on to the bed and immediately started eating her. She felt that overall tingle right away and a few minutes

later her back arched as she had an orgasm. The guy continued to lick her clit and alternately sucked in each lip, gently sucking and licking each one. She

was almost ready to come again when he latched on to her clit with a strong suction while simultaneously flicking her clit with his tongue. She exploded in

another orgasm. She rolled her head over to look directly in to the camera sitting on the dresser. She mouthed “Oh my God!” to let Adam know that this guy

totally knew what he was doing. When the guy slid up and mounted her she stuck her legs straight up in to the air, pointing her toes, then the moans got

louder and louder until she finally screamed out from yet another release. This guy was rocking her world and she was loving it. Adam was watching from the

office in the shop and she was loving it. But, Adam still needed to pay for this little act of attrition. She pushed the guy off and reached in to the

night stand to pull out a bottle of lubricant that she had bought the day before. She got up on all fours and squirted some the liquid on to her fingers.

She handed the bottle to the guy and she started rubbing the lubricant it in to her anus. The guy quickly caught on and started coating his sizeable tool.

Her put the lube on the headboard and maneuvered behind her. She looked directly in to the camera with a subtle expression of defiance. The guy slowly

started entering her ass, gently but steadily. Her eyes closed and she gasped. Soon he was pumping her ass and her moans became screams as she surprised

herself with a huge orgasm. Adam had asked for anal sex for years and she had always refused. But the act of defiance was worth it and she was shocked at

how much she was enjoying it. Minutes later, Adam saw her say something but since there was no sound to the surveillance system, he couldn’t make it out.

The guy started pumping faster and Adam could hear screams from his clandestine location. The guy then pulled out and, stroking his dick shot an enormous

load of jizz on her back and ass. Lorali smiled into the camera.

They both collapsed on to the bed, breathing heavily for several minutes then went to the bathroom. They showered together, gently washing each other off

and Lorali was getting turned on again but the guy stepped out of the shower, dried off and started dressing.

Adam waited in the shop until he heard the guys car leave then headed inside to find Lorali sitting in the living room still wearing the heels and her short

silk robe.

“Well? Did you enjoy your show?” She asked innocently.

Adam stood there with his mouth hanging open, not knowing exactly what to say. He started tearing at his robe and pulling her in to a tight embrace. He

attacked her like a mad man, kissing, groping and ripping her robe off. He pulled her to the floor and started fucking her so fast that she thought “This is

how a sixteen year old boy being offered his first piece by a Playboy model acts.” He collapsed on top of her after only a few minutes and she embraced him.

She had to be honest with herself at least. She really had enjoyed his little game and had just had some of the strongest orgasms she had experienced in

years. She was no longer angry and in fact, felt like she was on a serious power trip. But, she wondered what happens next? Would the surveillance

equipment just sit idle from now on or would he expect to replay this game regularly now?

Three weeks had passed and they never once spoke of the game. Their attitude toward each other was loving and she even felt like their relationship had been

refreshed. Adam wasn’t spending as much time at work and she was happier than she had been in a long time. They were making love more often and they were

starting to introduce new things to their sex life. She had bought a set of tie-downs from an adult book store and invited him tie her up one evening.

Another evening when she knew he was coming home on time, she met him at the door wearing nothing but that pair of stiletto heeled platforms and handed him a

drink. She spent the evening strutting around in front of him, occasionally reaching over to rub his crotch a little and teased him mercilessly until she

finally let him have her later that night.

One Saturday morning he told her that unfortunately, he had a project he had to have finished for Monday and that he would need to spend the day in the shop

out back on the computer. But, when he finished he would take her out to dinner and the movie of her choice. She kissed him and agreed to leave him to his

work. After all, her friend Cathy was coming over this afternoon to visit for a while.

That afternoon he was just putting the finishing touches on his work when a text came in on his phone. It was from Lorali and simply said, “watch”.

He sat there for a second, confused, but then realized what she meant. He logged on to the surveillance system and saw Lorali and her friend Cathy, standing

next to the bed, kissing and groping each other. Cathy was a statuesque brunette, a few years younger, but Adam had always thought she was one of the

sexiest women he had ever seen. He often wondered what it would be like to have her. Lorali and Cathy pulled each other’s clothes off and then Cathy’s

boyfriend, stepped in to the view and walked up behind Lorali. He was completely nude and had a raging hard-on. He started kissing her neck and fondling

her breasts while Cathy started working her way South. Lorali looked directly in to the camera and smiled.


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