Stopping by for a drink with friends

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Stopping by for a drink with friends ~ One evening as I was getting off work, I got a text from a very good friend. Stop by Bar 145 on your way home and have a beer with us. Bar 145 is a nice upscale bar that always has some very sexy ladies there during happy hour and it is only a few minutes away from my house. Ok, sounds good, I shot a message back, see you soon. After having a few drinks and checking out the sexy ladies with my buddy Russ and Nate, one of his friends, I left and arrived home while feeling a little horny and a little buzzed.

Where have you been, my wife asked. Oh I met Russ and Nate who is one of Russ’s buddies up the street at Bar 145 for a few beers. Oh that’s good she smiled and replied. First, a little background story is needed here. Russ is one of my best friends and he has often sexted with my wife which we all found to be a huge turn on. It probably helped that my wife thought Russ has handsome and it didn’t hurt that he was very well hung. My wife and I knew that because we had seen him naked on a houseboat trip that we all had taken together. Normally he is a little reserved, but he certainly isn’t shy if he has been drinking. On that particular houseboat weekend we found that Russ loves to let everyone know he has a big cock and he definitely likes showing off his big cock to the ladies. I really think that was the weekend that my wife became more interested in bigger cocks. I had seen big cocks in porno movies but always thought it was a porno myth, so I must say that the first time I saw his big cock that I was impressed too. After that house boating experience we met him for an afternoon of powerboating and we all enjoyed a few drinks. One thing lead to another and we all ended up in a very hot swinging four way with Russ and his ex-wife Linda. That day was some of the hottest sex we ever had.

After that encounter, we had a few other three-ways with Russ alone. His wife Laura did not seem to mind that Russ stopped by a few times for a little extra curricular fun. These 3 way excursions seemed to spice up our sex life and always got my wife and I very excited. Truthfully, I must say that Russ really was a good lover, he knew just how to use his big cock and turn my wife into being a wanton little slut for him. My wife always said she could not get over the way he fucked her with his big hard cock. She has told me numerous times that it is just sex and she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings but he fucks her much better than I do and he makes her cum so much better because he has such a big thick cock. I must admit that Russ was masterful in the way he used his big 9” tool on my wife. He could make her orgasm whenever he wanted her to cum, instantly, over and over. Russ quickly learned that he could make my slutty wife do almost anything for him, at any time. Since those encounters we have hooked up with Russ many more times because of my wife’s newly acquired appreciation of big hard cocks. Shelly has even met with Russ alone for some seriously hot fucking which they graciously took pics and videos of the hot action so they both could brag to me about how good he fucks her with his big cock. They even sent me a few cell phone pics and a short video to drive me crazy and I must admit I became so hard that I could not leave my office desk for quite a while. After that time, Russ has said he wants to get Shelly alone and even have her spend the night sometime which oddly enough I find it little exciting and it makes me a little nervous. Nervous because I love her dearly but after hooking up with Russ for those super-hot sexy three-ways, my wife has grown to love a bigger cock. Shelly doesn’t think that I know that she basically has no need for regular sex with me very much because I don’t make her cum much if at all with my smaller cock. When she does cum it is not with the erotic intensity that Russ’s big cock can make her orgasm. She has never said anything to me, but let’s be real. I have had sex with numerous women so I am not inexperienced. I have also seen videos of Russ making her cum and her orgasms are super intense with him. Plus we rarely fuck anymore unless she is drunk, and even then we always talk about how good Russ fucks her with his big cock. We both know that she wants a bigger cock, a really big thick 9” cock whenever she fucks me. When drinking she always admits that she loves a big hard dick pounding into her pussy over and over until her orgasms are multiple and intense. Here’s a little tip guys, if you are giving your woman sexual pleasure and the mind numbing orgasms she desires, and she is having fun, don’t you think she won’t want to fuck your brains out several times a week? Ha, of course she will. Believe me, if your woman is not having sexual fun or if she isn’t sexually satisfied, she will only let you fuck her when she absolutely has to. So I have discovered that a big fat cock fucking her brains out, totally fulfills my wifes sexual needs and desires. So back to my original story about when I came home from Bar 145. Let’s just say I was a little horny and buzzed. For some reason Shelly was being extra flirty with me so I began teasing and flirting with her. I told her about meeting up with Russ earlier and how I bet she would love to be playing with his big cock right now. Just thinking about Russ’s big cock fucking her, usually gets her very excited and pretty hot to trot, so I tried to tease her and get her interested in playing around.

She got my subtle hints and told me to go upstairs and she would be up in a little bit. As I was sitting naked in the big chair by our bed, I began to jack off and as odd as it seems I began to fantasize about Russ coming over to fuck my wife. My sexy wife walked in the bedroom and saw me jacking off my hard cock. Oh I see you have already started without me. Well you teased me good downstairs, so you better be getting your cock ready to fuck me! She said and smiled.

Then she came over and began playing with my hard cock and began teasing me. She is an expert cock teaser. We usually like to fantasize about other men joining us, specifically Russ, and she started talking dirty to me about other men coming in to fuck her which got my 6” cock extremely hard. She seemed to take extra delight this night in teasing me and bringing me to the brink but not letting me come. She played this orgasm denial game for several minutes, then she got up and said, Ok lover, give me 5 minutes and I will be right back, but don’t you dare cum. I thought it was a little strange but she went into her closet and moments later she came out wearing a super sexy outfit. I thought this was also odd because she doesn’t usually dress sexy for our sexcapades. She usually only dresses sexy if we are meeting up with Russ for sex. Plus this was an outfit I had never seen her wear before. Believe me I would have remembered it because her outfit was soooo fucking hot.

My cock jumped when I saw that she was dressed like a dominatrix, with a black neck choker, black corset, black thigh highs, black thong, and tall black boots. I must have looked like a sex crazed maniac as I sat there rubbing my hardness with my jaw dropped open. Wow I said you looking smoking hot!!! Mmmm I am glad you like it too, thank you honey, she replied. Too? What did she mean by that I wondered? But that thought soon slipped from my mind as I watched her go over to the dresser and pull out a small dildo. She then took a bottle of lube and rubbed it all over the dildo. As she approached my easy chair, I was mesmerized by her hotness. She ordered me to call her Mistress or Miss Shelly. Mistress….Miss Shelly…WOW I thought, where did she come up with this outfit? Is she is starting a new sex game? Oh fuck, she looks so fucking hot, I thought to myself!!! Then she began to tease me with the dildo, acting like she was going to lick it or maybe even put on a show for me with it. Telling me how hot it would be for her to have a big cock in her pussy and a nice hard cock in her ass at the same time. She smiled and said how badly she needs those big hard cocks to fuck her pussy. Watching Miss Shelly being a seductive dominate temptress was making it very hard for me to not to shoot my hot cum all over my chest.

Ohhh fuck Mistress you look so fucking hot, I said. Then my sexy wife reached down between my legs and slowly rubbed my hard cock and placed the dildo on my ass. I was a little stunned but she was cock teasing me like crazy. I squirmed around some, then she slowly inserted the dildo into my ass. Oh fuck, Mmmm I moaned out loud. Oh I see that you like this cock in your ass, she smiled. This is long overdue, I have always wanted to fuck your ass she said. Tell me how you like this cock in your ass, Shelly almost commanded. Mmmmmm ohhh fuckkk, Miss Shelly I am about to cum, yes I think I might like it Mistress I gasped. As she slowly fucked my ass she lightly stroked on my hard cock asking me if I wanted to see her getting fucked by a nice big cock. Since our encounters with Russ, my wife and I have tried a few other three ways with some different men. The guys always had much larger cocks than mine and they always made her come so good, so this is one of our favorite sexual situations to fantasize about. Miss Shelly continued with cock teasing me and the orgasm denial. Just as she was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm she would abruptly stop. She continued this cock teasing and orgasm denial for 25 to 30 minutes. I was ready to explode my hot load so many times but she would not let me cum. What an immense turn on. Just as she had me ready to cum once again she stopped and told me that I was to keep jacking off but she strictly ordered me not to cum and that she would be right back in a few minutes. She gave me a quick kiss and disappeared.

She left the room and I heard her go downstairs I continued jacking off and bringing myself close to orgasm but not letting myself come. It seemed that she was gone forever but I was enjoying myself too much to notice that 5 minutes had gone by when she reentered the room. She acted almost surprised that I hadn’t come yet and ask me in a sexy voice, did you miss me? Oh you know I did I replied. Well then tell me what you were thinking about while I was gone she asked. Well honestly baby, I was thinking about you getting fucked by Russ’s big hard cock, and his friend Nate that was at the bar today would be fucking your mouth with his big cock.

With that she bent down and started rubbing my hard cock again and started fucking my ass with the dildo. She had me all worked up but she would not let me cum. She was being such a cock teaser this evening. Mmmm that is hot, so you like that, do you? So you want to see me getting fucked with a nice big hard cock do you, she asked. MMMMM yes I do, I love watching you getting fucked by Russ’s big hard cock. She could tell that I was close to coming but she wasn’t about to let me cum before she was ready for me to cum. She was playing her new dominatrix role very well, almost like she had done this before. Then my Mistress asked, tell me what you will do for me if I let you watch me getting fucked by both of their big hard cocks. The fantasy continued as I loudly moaned, Ohhhhh fuck Miss Shelly, that is so fucking hot, I groaned, you know I’ll do whatever you tell me. You know how much I love watching you getting fucked and I also know how much you love getting fucked by those bigger cocks. Mmmm Miss Shelly, I have always known how much better they make you cum than my cock can make you cum. That’s right, they do make me cum better than your little cock, I do love those big cocks fucking me, Miss Shelly said as she continued her teasing and denial. What if those big hard cocks were here right now, would you do whatever I told you to, she asked me once again, but this time in a very stern voice. I was in agony and wanted to cum badly as I moaned, Mmmmmmmm, you know I will do whatever you want. That’s right, you will do whatever I ask you to do because you want to please me don’t you, she said sternly? Ohhh yes you know that I want to please you Mistress, I moaned. She was really getting into teasing my hard cock and denying me an orgasm, she was playing her newly found dominatrix role perfectly.

I faintly heard her phone beeping from a text in the other room, and she must have heard it too and She suddenly jumped up very quickly. Then looking down at me she sternly said that, “I was to keep my little cock hard but not to cum” and she would be right back, after she saw who was texting her. I closed my eyes and drifted into fantasy land while jacking off my hard cock, again without cumming. Although I must say it was difficult because I kept thinking about her getting fucked with a really nice big hard cock. As I was jacking off I faintly heard her quietly shuffle down the stairs and for a moment I thought I heard one of our doors quietly opening then shutting. But as I continued jacking off I quickly dismissed that thought, thinking maybe she had gone back downstairs to go to the garage or basement for a drink or something.

Soon enough my sexy Mistress came back into the room with a cold drink in her hand. She put her drink down and came over and slapped my hand off of my swollen cock and roughly grabbed ahold of my aching member and continued her cock teasing and denial. Now where were we she asked? Well baby, I think we were talking about you getting fucked by Russ’s big hard cock while his friend Nate is fucking your mouth, I told her. And didn’t you tell me that you would be a good boy and do whatever I asked you to? I didn’t reply quickly enough and so she sharply asked again but this time it was almost an order, you will be a good boy and do everything I order you to do, right? Oh Fuck Yes Miss Shelly, I really need to cum badly, I want to cum, please, you know I will, you already know I will do whatever you want. You know how much I love you and I love when you are being a slut for him and his friends. Oh, do you now, she sternly asked? So you already knew how much I like the way he makes me cum? Well did also you know that he makes me come so much better than you, she queried me? By now I was begging for her to let me cum and she loved it. Yes I replied, I knew that, I have watched the videos of you two fucking many times and I could see by the videos of you two fucking that he make you cum good and hard, much better than I make you cum. I have known for a long time that his big hard cock makes you come much better than my cock does.

She continued her teasing torture and continued to work my hard cock up and down while fucking my ass with the dildo. She had me right where she wanted me, begging to cum, I was willing to promise her anything if she would just make me cum. So, tell me this, if he was here right now, this very minute, will you suck his big fat cock for me and get his cock big and hard for my pussy, she asked. By now I needed to cum, I was about to shoot my pent up load all over my chest and I would do just about anything for her if she would only let me cum. Oh Fuckkkkk, I want to cum I begged, please let me cum now, you have teased my cock soooo much, I can’t take much more. She began aggressively fucking my ass, well maybe I will let you cum, but you have not answered your Mistress yet, have you? She commanded assertively. Ohhhhhh fuck….mmmmmm fuck yes, you know I will do as you say, I will suck his cock and I’ll suck his friend Nates cock too. Continuing in her dominatrix role, (which by now I found to be a very exciting side of her that I had never seen) my Mistress leaned in and bit my nipple hard and asked me again, tell me that you will be a good boy and promise me that you will do everything I tell you to do. You do want to please me, don’t you, she said and then bit my nipple even harder? Ouch, Ohhhh fuck yes I do, I want to please you, I promise I’ll do as you order me too, I’ll keep them good and hard so they can fuck you all night long. I must admit that I was astonished that she had me begging her for this, since I am usually the one in control. Well honey, I think you know how much I need a good hard fucking with a nice big cock don’t you, she asked me once again. Oh good I thought, she is going to want me to fuck her good and hard now. So continuing on with the fantasy I replied, Yes I know you do, we should set something up with them to come over a fuck you really good…….sometime. As she was jacking me off I closed my eyes to fantasize about watching them fuck her when I heard a creak in the floor. I opened my eyes and looked up startled.

There stood Russ and his friend Nate from the bar, they were both totally naked. I nearly jumped out of my chair, then I realized who it was. What the fuck is going on here I asked? Russ replied sarcastically, well Ron it looks like you have a cock in your ass and you’re getting jacked off by your wife, what did you think was going on. I mean what the fuck are you guys doing here I asked. Well Ron, your sexy wife knew that we were at the bar with you because you told her, so she sexted us to come on over to your house because she was hot and horny, and she said she really needed fucked by a few big dicks, Russ replied. Miss Shelly gave me an affirmative nod, smiled at Russ and said, so what do you think Russ? Do you still like the hot outfit you bought for me, my wife asked? Don’t you think it is fitting for today, she asked. Oh yeah baby, it looks super-hot on you, you are so sexy, Russ replied. What the fuck is going on here I wondered?? So Russ bought her the sexy hot dominatrix outfit? How long has this been going on? How long have these two been secretly hooking up? I silently thought to myself. I was feeling angst and a little humiliated, and in defense I reverted back to my normally dominate personality.

I could feel my agitated manhood rising up within me as I sharply asked, just what is fucking going on here Russ? Russ looked at me and said, well as I said earlier, from what I can see, it looks like your wife has a little cock in her hand and a dildo shoved in your ass. He and his friend chuckled and smiling he said, maybe that little fella it isn’t quite as big as she needs. I started to protest when Russ spoke over me and said you probably didn’t know that both of us have been standing outside of the door for the last 10 minutes. Holding up his cell phone he said, I must say it was pretty entertaining listening to you beg your wife for both of us to come over and fuck her good. So I decided to make a recording of you talking about both of us coming over to fuck your sexy wife. It was hot hearing you begging your wife to suck our big cocks, and how you wanted to keep these cocks good and hard so we could fuck her sweet pussy more. You know what? That sounds like a really good plan for a cuckold husband to me, he said as they both laughed. So listen up cuckold, you might be happy to know that your sexy wife text us to come over and fuck her hot pussy. Your slutty wife is my girlfriend said she needs a good fucking by our big cocks, she practically begged us in her sext for both of us to come over and fuck her. So that is why we are here, we are both are here to fuck your hot little slut wife and you are going to love it too, understand? From what we have just heard, it sounds like you’re going to enjoy this almost as much as she is. As I mentioned earlier, in the past we had hooked up with Russ, but usually it was when we all were together after much drinking and mutual teasing. I was a little upset because I felt like the only one who didn’t know what was going on. Check out this pic that she sent us, Russ boasted. Sure enough, there was my sexy wife posing in a revealing sexy selfie for another man, wearing her new dominatrix outfit. The sext read….Hi Russ, will you please come over and fuck me? I really need your big hard cock in my pussy right now! I need you to come over right now and give me a good hard fucking. Please bring your friend from Bar 145 over too. Sext me when you get here, as I have something special planned for my husband. As I read it, I felt a little embarrassed. I got to say I was not feeling very manly. Here I was sitting here naked, with my throbbing hard cock, with a dildo shoved up my ass, while my wife was sexting two men to come over and fuck her. Sensing my uneasiness, Russ joked, Check him out, reality must have hit him and he chuckled. Naturally, who wouldn’t be a little embarrassed to be found totally naked with a throbbing hard cock and a dildo up their ass? My head was spinning from the drinks at the bar, and I wondered if my wife had set this up. The quiet trips down the stairs and the doors quietly shutting all seemed to make sense to me. I quietly wondered if she had arranged my meeting with Russ and Nate at Bar 145 too (as it turned out she and Russ did set everything up). Russ did not seem to notice and said to me, Look cuckold, we all have a role to play here, I think that you need to get over here and start sucking my big cock. Cuckold, what the fuck is that? Why is he calling me that I wondered? My wife leaned over and strongly urged me to come over and suck on his big fat cock. You promised your Mistress, you better do as you promised or you won’t get any of this pussy for a long time. You know you want to suck their big cocks, I know you want to suck those big cocks, and now Russ and his buddy know that you want to suck their big cocks, and you promised your Mistress that you would suck their big cocks, didn’t you? Don’t you want to watch them fuck me? You know how much I enjoy having those big hard cocks fucking me…right? In my mind I agreed with her, I knew she needed and wanted a good fucking with their big cocks. But here I was caught in a catch 22, a very perplexing situation, yes I really wanted to suck their cocks, and I really did want them to fuck my wife but this felt like entrapment. First I find out that they have been secretly having sex, Russ even bought her the sexy outfit she had on, he now had a recording of me talking about sucking his cock and wanting him to fuck her good, plus my wife was a willing participant, partner and apparently girlfriend to this whole scenario. Right now I wasn’t feeling in control. What could I do? I knew I was trapped and I relinquished my feigned control of the situation and slowly nodded yes to her questions.

Well you know what you need to do, don’t you? A softly spoken yes Miss Shelly escaped from my mouth. Russ laughed again. “Yeah, my little cock sucking cuckold, your wife is needing a good fucking so you better get over here and get busy on this big cock. I looked over at my Mistress, she nodded in agreement, as if to say you better do what we say, and they all laughed at me. I turned bright red, humiliated, embarrassed, and wanted to yell, but I knew Russ was right. From our past experiences, I knew I couldn’t fuck my wife like his big fat cock can! I looked back up at this “big cocked bull” and this time he gruffly ordered me to suck his cock. I must have looked shocked! You do know I’m not gay! I almost yelled. I looked at Miss Shelly and she just looked back sternly and said, “If you want to stay in the room I think you better do it now my cucky husband. This is who you are, this is who we are now, I am his slut and you are the cuckold husband. So, suck his big cock, and you better get used to it! Go on suck his big cock good and get it hard for my pussy, and you better do a good job because I am needing a good fucking, she harshly replied.”

Look at him Russ chided, his cock is hard as a rock, he must really be enjoying this, at that they all laughed some more. I found it strange that she was submissive to Russ and I was sexually submitting to both of them, but I must admit that he was right, my cock had never been harder than it was right then. Russ placed his big hands on the back of my head and guided me toward his big cock. He positioned his big cock right in front of my mouth and pulled my head into him. I don’t know what came over me, but as if in a trance my mouth automatically opened. I began licking and sucking on his huge cock head. They all seemed to take great delight at me obeying their commands, as if they had achieved one of their major obstacles. My wife came over and helped guide me on how to perfectly suck a cock. She leaned in to taste his swelling meat and our tongues intertwined around Russ’s big fat cock and soon his cock was beginning to get hard. I think he likes it, look how good he is sucking my cock and look how hard his little cock is Russ commented to Nate as they further humiliating me in front of my wife. Russ was right, I am not sure but something must have come over me because my cock got so hard while sucking Russ’s big thick cock. My wife grabbed my head and shoved me deeper onto his meaty pole. “Go all the way down on him, show him what a good cocksucker you are,” she said. “You know you are going to like sucking their cocks and eating their salty cum from my pussy don’t you? You are such a cuckold! My, my, just look at him! My hubby is such a willing cuckold, here he is sucking another man’s bigger cock so he can fuck his wife’s pussy!” I moaned and nodded in agreement and blushed. I felt like such an idiot and so humiliated, I still had a dildo in my ass and now I had a monster cock in my mouth. I guess they were right, I was their cuckold service boy and yet I was so turned on. I noticed Russ’s young buddy Nate had been quiet the whole evening. He knew who was leading this parade so he had been quietly watching the hot action and jacking off his long cock. I must admit he had a really nice cock, longer than mine with a little more girth. Later I learned that Russ had been bragging about his slutty girlfriend that would do anything he wanted. Russ had told him all about us, and he was going to show him what my slutty wife would do for his big cock. Russ was enjoying directing the action and he motioned for his buddy to come over and get in on some of the sexy action. He sheepishly stepped over and stood directly in front of Russ with his long hard cock jutting out.

Russ ordered for both of us to suck Nate’s cock, and then added, you both better do a good job if you want us to give Shelly a good fucking. My wife eagerly began to suck Nate’s long cock, and he let out a low moan of approval. You like my long cock don’t you my slut, he spoke. He did not say 10 words all evening and now he had his cock in my wife’s mouth and he was calling her his slut. Russ grabbed my head and moved it over to his friends cock, suck his cock too. Do it! That’s it, I want to watch both of you sucking his cock, Russ commanded. Both my wife and I greedily started sucking Nates cock. Miss Shelly wanted to be sure to do a good job for Russ and his friend as she wanted the promised fucking afterwards. Nate rolled his eyes back in his head as I moved in and took over, I endeavored to go all the way down on his long hard shaft. Ohhhh fuck, he goes deep on my cock, he is sucking my cock sooooo good he moaned loudly. Russ chuckled, yes he is a good little cock sucker, it’s the only reason why we are going to let him in on our sexcapades. Suck his big dick baby, my wife said playfully. Be sure to get him good and hard because I am going to need a good hard fucking from him too. I noticed that I was taking great delight knowing that I was pleasing all of them as I licked and sucked his long cock. My wife moved me out of the way and took his long cock in her hand and squeezed it, feeling the heftiness of it. Once again I noticed my cock was super hard, I rubbed on my hard shaft and almost came right there watching her handle his long meaty cock. She slid forward to be closer to him, Oh I love his big cock too, it feels so good, Miss Shelly cooed. Russ, chimed in and said he has been bragging to his buddy about this sweet slut he had as he encouraged her to not let him down by doing a bad job sucking his cock. She used her free hand to cradle his heavy balls while she kept squeezing the long smooth shaft. She looked back at me smiling, mouthing the word ‘WOW’, as she slowly stroked him. Her lips were a few inches from the head of his cock when she moved forward and took his hard meat into her mouth again. My mouth dropped open as she began licking his head, circling it with her tongue. She looked so beautiful on her knees in front of a friend of Russ’s but he was a total stranger. His cock was already hard and thick, but it was getting longer and harder as she teased him. She leaned forward and started to suck him as deeply as she could, slowly but sucking it very hard. With her expertise his cock became rock hard, I watched her lips hungrily pull and stretch on his long cock shaft.

I leaned in closer to where she was in front of him as she looked over at me again and smiled, her lips stretched around his cock. Her mouth slid up and down as she lightly scratched his heavy balls with her nails. I could hardly breathe, I was mere inches away from what was happening. I watched my slutty wife sucking his cock and I must admit that I was mesmerized. She stopped sucking him and looked back at me, smiling. She was holding the shaft of his hard cock, so big and heavy that it was bending over her hand, his huge cockhead wet from her mouth. She pointed his cock at me again and gave it a playful shake, offering me another chance to help her suck it. My stomach instantly tingled. This was so hot. My mouth watered at the idea of both of us tasting his cock, of helping her to lick and suck his long cock. I wanted his meat in my mouth so bad and she knew it. I started to lean forward, my wife was holding his cock out for me, guiding him towards my mouth. She suddenly pulled it back and, letting out a laugh, wrapped her own lips around him again. I could hear her moaning as she worked it, enjoying the sheer pleasure of having such a beautiful long cock deep in her mouth. Russ chuckled again at the way she was cock teasing me. I sat on my knees next to her and she looked back at me, never stopping her slow rhythmic stroking of his long shaft, her tongue working the underside of his fat cockhead, his huge balls swinging freely. As I sat next to her on the floor, I leaned forward, moving slowly towards the head of his cock. Just then she grasped his ball sack with her free hand and lifted it up for me, moving it towards my waiting mouth. She ordered me to suck his large balls while she continued his blowjob. I hungrily lapped at his young balls, so hot and full of cum, running my tongue up and down them. I could hear my wife moaning against his cock as I began to suck one of his balls into my mouth. It was huge, and I gently sucked it, taking it completely into my mouth as my wife continued to suck his cock as deeply as she could. We were lost like that, consumed with lust for this younger man’s cock, wanting to pleasure him in every way possible, then to hopefully feel his hot load shooting into both of our mouths. I began sucking his other ball, looking up at my beautiful wife, watching as he slowly fucked her mouth with his long cock. Russ seemed very pleased with the job we were doing, as he continued to jack off his massive meat and keeping it hard for what would come next. I told you that it would be the best sex you have ever had, didn’t I, he asked his buddy. Nate nodded his head yes as he moaned his approval. Fuck yes, you were right about it being the best, these two certainly love cock, he commented back to Russ. Russ laughed hard, we haven’t even fucked this hot little pussy yet. Wait until you see what a slut she becomes for us after she rides these two hard cocks. I think she may be just about ready for a good hard fucking. His friend laughed at Russ’s comment. Miss Shelly began selfishly sucking his long cock, not letting me have my turn. I watched her firm tits and body move as her long silky blonde hair was moving back and forth as she sucked him harder. He started breathing heavy….he was experiencing such pleasure, his legs began to shake, his orgasm was beginning to well up within him. She suddenly stood up, pulling her mouth from Nates long cock with a wet popping sound. She looked at Russ and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, his thick meat pole dangled inches from my mouth. Miss Shelly purred that she needed to have his big cock inside her now, Please baby, I need fucked badly Miss Shelly pleaded. Russ and my wife passionately kissed and he could taste all of our cocks on her warm mouth. See, I have been a good slut for you, my wife began begging Russ, please tell him to fuck me, I need it now! Pleaseeeeee, my pussy really needs a good hard fucking. At her begging Russ motioned for his buddy to come over to where they were. I think my slut’s pussy needs a good hard fucking, what do you think? Russ smiled at his friend. Oh yeah, I think you might be right, Nate replied as he reached out to take my slutty wife. She eagerly pulled him down on top of her onto the bed, and he spread her legs apart, I could see that her pussy lips were soaking wet.

Fuck me, please. I need a good fucking with that nice long cock, my wife moaned. Nate crawled between her spread legs, his long cock dangled in front of her moist opening. Ohhh please don’t tease me anymore, put it in me, give it to me, give me your big cock, I need it badly, I need fucked right now, she begged. I reached up behind him and cradled his full balls with one hand, and guided his long hard cock to her aching pussy lips, then I helped him slip his long cock inside her. It was so intense watching her becoming a slut for his big cock, my own cock was so ready to explode, it seemed like it could shoot its warm load at any minute. She gasped loudly as he began to slide his long meat home. He took it slow, just to tease her, letting her feel the size of his beautiful fuck stick. He began to fuck her slowly, intimately, and kissing her deeply, while Russ and I sat watching and jacking off. Russ ordered me to come over and suck him while he watched his slut fucking his young friend. I began sucking Russ’s meaty cock as ordered, and he pushed me deeper onto his thick man pole. I found it odd that I wanted to please him and keep his cock good and hard for my wife. I found it strange that I was super excited, I wanted to suck his cock, so I was surprised that I was doing the best I could to suck and lick his on big hard cock. Soon I was trying to get him to cum in my mouth. It must have worked because he backed me off of him and ordered me to slow down a little.

Nate began to shove his long cock into my wife’s well lubricated pussy as deep as he could go, and she began thrusting her hips back onto him with reckless abandon “Oh, oh, Ooooooohhhh Yessssss, Fuuuuuuccccckkkk! Yeesssssssssss’. With all the excitement it wasn’t long before an orgasm crept up on her. As she came you could see her tight pussy squeezing his young cock and her hips raised off the bed to meet his pounding thrusts. Looking up I saw Russ taking it all in and his grin had returned as he said, C’mon let’s give your cuckold husband a really good show and let him see how good these big cocks can turn his hot wife into being a little slut for our big cocks. My wife loves dirty talking and with that encouragement, his friends cock entered my wife’s pussy again. He slid into her very wet pussy easily until it could go no deeper, she moaned very loudly and her upper body raised upwards as she gripped the edges of the bed with both hands and thrust herself hard against him. “Ohhhhh Fuck, Ohhhh Fuck Yes, Oh fuck me good please. Let’s show my husband what a slut I am for big cocks. Oh, Oh, Oh, YES fuckkkkkkkk, fuck me good, I need it badly, I really need a good hard fucking, I’ll do whatever you tell me just fuck me good with that wonderful cock,” Miss Shelly cried out. She had never fucked me like this. I loved that she had become submissive to them and hearing her slutty moaning’s as her pussy convulsed around his long cock. She came several times at the sensation of his large cock deep inside her. He paused, allowing her to bask momentarily in the glow of one of the best orgasms she had in a while. Slowly, rhythmically He started pumping again into her wet pussy and she began pushing back, she looked over at me then at Russ and said am I being a good slut for you Russ? Yes baby girl, you are being a very good slut for us, this is exactly what we all wanted, Russ confirmed. Ohhhh good, OH YES, OH FUCK YES, Ohhhh Fuck me goooooood, mmmmmm I love your big hard cock, Oh yes, fuck me, ohhhhh please fuck me good, it feels so wonderful, Oh honey his hard cock feels fantastic. Ohhhh yes fuck me, looking at me she moaned, his cock is so my bigger than your cock honey and can you see how a real cock makes me cum? My wife’s body trembled as she built up another explosive orgasm… Oh, YES fuckkkkkkkk meeee, cum in my pussy, oh fuck… OOOOHHHH fuck, fuck yesssssss, Russ’s buddy could not hold back any longer at her efforts to make him cum. His man meat exploded streams of built up ward cum into my wife’s waiting pussy. His orgasm was intensified by the thought of this being the first time in a situation like this, by the thought of knowing Russ and I could hear all the sexual commotion, by the thought of using another man’s wife in front of him and knowing that we all could hear my slutty wife loudly moaning from one orgasm to another, by the thought that he was fucking her better than her husband ever did. Add to that the sight of my wife’s beautiful body and tits and he had what was probably the most intense, mind blowing orgasm of his life. Oh wow, I really needed it, that felt fucking great as my wife collapsed down onto the bed under him. I continued sucking Russ’s big cock as he reached over and gave his buddy a high five as they both celebrated their sexual conquest. I told you she was a slutty sex machine, Russ bragged. Russ withdrew his cock from my mouth completely and stroked it, right above my mouth. He told me to lick the salty pre-cum off his thick meat and he rubbed it on my waiting tongue. I could tell what was coming next. My wife was about to get fucked really good by his enormous cock. But Russ had something else in mind first. He had to show his friend that he was the one in control of this situation. Russ looked over at me and pointed at my wife’s well fucked pussy. Nate’s cum was oozing from her well fucked pussy. I kind of knew what Russ was going to require of me but just to be clear, and to assert himself as the Bull, he ordered me to lap up her well fucked cum-filled pussy. I had never done this as I slowly crawled up on the bed and I hesitantly began to suck and lick the fresh cream pie. Get all of his cum out of her pussy Russ barked, as I endeavored to lap up every drop of Nates salty cum. Waste not, want not cuckold, Russ teased me in front of both of them. All I could do was smile back and retorted, good to the last drop! That is good to know, now you can clean your wife pussy juice off of his cock, Rust commanded.

Once again he said this just to make a point that he is the dominate bull in this four way. I jumped off of the bed and took his softening salty cock into my mouth. Much to my surprise he really didn’t complain as I began to lick the rest of the salty cum off of his cock. To everyone’s amazement it appeared that he was enjoying this and it seemed that he didn’t want me to waste a drop or stop sucking his young cock as he was beginning to get hard again. My wife noticed and she asked me in a voice thick with lust, tell me honey, do you like sucking his big dick with my pussy juice on it? I nodded a yes as I continued to suck his cock. She continued, Suck it, suck it good for me my little cocksucker, this is what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it, you little cock sucking slut, suck my new boyfriend’s big cock for me, baby, lick my pussy juice off of it! I could see this was turning her on as her fingers were toying with her clit getting ready for round 2, this time with Russ. She usually wasn’t this interested in sex with me but then she’d never had two well hung men to please her before. I always suspected that she liked the idea but I really had no way of knowing how she would react. As I sucked Nates hardening cock, I heard my wife say, Please give me some of that big fat cock Russ. Make me your little slut! I need you to fuck me and show my husband that I am your slut. Russ eagerly jumped onto the bed and I saw him line up his massive thick cock to my wife’s already well fucked pussy. Russ touched her cunt lips with his massive cock and my wife gasped her approval, Oh Yesss give it to me please. Russ whispered in her ear, you want me to fuck you don’t you baby girl? My wife moaned Yes aggressively. You want to feel my big thick cock stretching out your cunt don’t you? My wife moaned another yesssss, I need fucked with that big cock of yours. Well don’t you think you need to tell your husband how bad you are always needing me to fuck you, Russ joked. My sexy wife moaned again and then I could just barely hear her say, yes I do. Right before my eyes Russ had shown me that he had already turned my wife into his personal slut. I realized my cock was hard and sore from not cumming, yet it was throbbing with excitement and I found myself wanting to see him fuck her too. I was so excited so I decided to watch the action from a nearby easy chair. Well, you need to tell him you are my slut Russ smiled. My wife followed his orders, and quietly spoke up, Honey, I am always needing a good fucking by Russ’s big hard cock. I am his slut and I call him several times a week to come over and fuck me. I hope you aren’t too pissed off at me. Russ and his friend laughed at my beautiful cock hungry slut. Do you want me to fuck you now slut, Russ asked her? Yes was her reply. Beg me for it then Russ said. There was no hesitation from my wife. Fuck me Russ. Please fuck me good with that beautiful cock of yours. Russ gave a victory laugh, I’m going to fuck you like a slut in heat. Oh yeah, watch this boys, now I am going to give my little slut a really good fucking for being such a good little girl. Russ leaned over my wife, as his thick cock entered her swollen pussy, you could see his big fat cock stretching out her wet hole. Then he plunged his cock into my wife’s hungry pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. He wasn’t concerned with her pleasure. He was just using her pussy as his fuck toy. My wife was thrusting back to meet each of Russ’s pounding lunges into her willing cunt. She started chanting “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” “Yes” in rhythm with their fucking. I watched Russ grabbed her hips and hammer her with several short strokes as he filled her pussy with his cock. I looked and her face and I saw my wife’s eyes roll back into her head and let out a massive moan. Oh fuck Russ! Your cock is so good! Fuck that pussy and make it yours! Show these boys how a real cock fucks his slut!!! Her pussy easily took his massive cock and Russ immediately started pounding her pussy relentlessly. My smaller cock jumped as I just sat there in the chair sucking Nates cock which was now rock hard cock. I heard my wife let out sounds I had never heard before! “Fuck this pussy Russ. Make me your slut, you know I am a slut for your big cock. Mmmmmm You know I will do whatever you want me to do….Please Make me cum. You’re the best fucking I’ve ever had. Give me that big hard cock baby, I have waited soooo long for it. Make me cum in front of my husband so he can see that I am a slut for you! Oh fuck me good and hard with your big cock, it feels so fuckinggggg goooooood. My pussy is so ready for you, mmmmm, you know how bad I have needed a good fucking! At her encouraging Russ redoubled his efforts. He was going to show us what a slut getting a good fucking looks like, and I must say he did put on a heck of a show. I realized right then that I have never, ever given my wife the fucking Russ was giving her. Russ grabbed his sluts hips and started fucking her slower and deeper. You are such a slut for my big cock aren’t you? He said as looked at us with a smile. Tell these guys how you are gonna do anything I want you to do so I will come over some more and fuck you with my big cock. You are my slut from now on aren’t you baby? You will only want my big cock from now on won’t you slut? And you will fuck who ever I tell you to fuck…right? My wife turned to look at me, I wondered what she would say, I wondered what she thought of me as I continued sucking Nates hard cock. A faraway look was in her eyes then she turned towards Russ and the excitement was more than she could handle as she exploded into another earth shattering orgasm. Yes, yes, yes, I do whatever you want from now on if you will fuck me good, my wife begged. Here I was sitting here and watching my wife getting railed by a huge cock, I was sucking his buddy’s cock and I was beating off my cock like crazy chimpanzee. At that moment I felt that our relationship had changed…..and it did change, right there. My wife turned back to look at me once again, and said, Ohhhh fuck honey, Do you see this? Do you see how good he fucks me with that big cock? I don’t care if it is ok with you or not, I want to be his slut from now on, and you better be ok with that! But understand it would be just for sex and nothing else because I still love you dearly. But I from now on I will do whatever he tells me to and I will fuck all of his friends if that what he wants. Ohhh fuckkkkk, it is soooo goood, as she struggled to get her words out, I’m sorry, I hope you are ok with this because his big cock fucks me so much better than your smaller cock. You know I don’t cum this good with you, and you can see how his big cock is making me cum over and over. Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk honey, see…look how good his big cock is fucking me. Ohhhh fuck, I have cum so many times already. He is fucking me soooooo good, Ohhhh I do love it, I love how good he makes me cum, Ohhhh baby you know how badly I needed a good hard fucking. His big fat cock feels sooooo fucking gooood, I love having this big cock deep in my pussy”. “Oh, oh, Ooooooohhhh Yessssss, Ohhhhh Fuuuuuuccccckkkk Yeesssssssssss’ as she came again. “Ohhhhh fuck Honey, look how good he is fucking me. You know you can’t fuck me like this. He fucks me sooo good, Ohhhh I love how good he makes me cum, Ohhhh Yessss I needed a good fucking from him. His big fat cock feels sooooo fucking gooood, I love having this big cock stretching me out and it is son fucking deep in my pussy”. Then she stopped, opened her eyes, to look directly at me, thought for a second, and smiled, “Do you see what his big cock is doing to me baby, OOOOHHHH fuck, fuck yesssssss his big cock feels so fucking good”, she said in a much louder tone All of this dirty talk and Russ’s big cock must have sent my wife completely over the edge because she shuddered and let out the loudest moan I have ever heard her make as she came hard on his big cock. Russ smiled with satisfaction of a fuck well done and just kept fucking my wife. He showed no signs of cumming anytime soon. He would occasionally pull out of my wife’s pussy and tease her clit with his massive meat, making her beg for him to put his monster cock back in her pussy. After about 45 minutes of fucking my wife senseless, Russ barked out, “Get on top of me so I can really fuck you good and make you a true slut for my cock.” My wife complied with his command and climbed up on top of Russ and proceeded to guide his big cock to her gaping pussy. She was surprised at how easy it was to slide his hard cock back into her wet pussy and moaned loudly once it hit her cervix again. Before Russ, my wife had never had anything bigger than a 6” cock inside her tight pussy. I continued to watch intently and jacked off my sore cock at the incredible show the two were putting on before Nate and I. My sexy wife started to pant as her pussy lips were being stretched out to accommodate the huge cock that was invading her once tight pussy. I could also see that her clitoris was larger than I had ever see it before. Slowly, inch by inch, she squealed as his cock filled her and finally reached its desired destination. His thick meat bumped deeply in and out of her and my wife gasped out. Oh yes fuckkkk… husband……my husband’s cock has never been this deep in me before. That’s right slut, I dig where others only scratch, Russ whispered to her. As my wife slid up and down on his big meat, I could see her pussy lips grabbing his meaty pole. They were bright red and her lips were very swollen. I looked at my wife with a genuine look of concern, but she was too busy to even notice me. Russ quickly grabbed the same lube that my wife used to fuck my ass and squirted it onto the head of his fat cock and slid it right back into my wife’s pussy. My wife immediately let out a scream and came again very loudly. I almost thought the neighbors would hear her. At that Russ grabbed her large tits, and started pile driving his thick cock deep into my wife’s pussy. My wife kept grunting, “Ohhh Fuck me! Fuck me please. Don’t stop till you shoot your cum deep into me. I want you to cum in me, cum in my pussy please. Oh fuck I love your big hard cock. Please keep fucking meeee! Russ ordered Nate to climb on the bed so my wife could suck on his hard cock. Suck it, suck his big cock for me he commanded his confirmed slut. I continued to jack off while watching my wife being fucked like never before. It was all I could do to keep from cumming. My wife did as Russ ordered and greedily sucked the cock presented to her without hesitation. It was quite a site to see my wife being turned in such a cum hungry slut. She then turned to looked me once again, pleased to know that I was taking in their sexual exhibition, Oh you dirty little dick cuckold, if only you knew how good this big his cock feels, and how big it really is and what’s worse is how tiny your cock is in comparison to his huge love muscle. All her dirty talking encouraged Russ to put on a show and fuck her even harder. Russ was in full control of his slut and he loved it as he ordered his friend to get behind my wife so they could DP her. Nate obeyed, grabbed the lube, and walked across the bed and climbed behind my wife and put both of his hands on her hips. I am sure thoughts of being DP’d had raced through my wife’s mind that evening. She was surprised to find his friends long cock was now being pressed into her pussy. With his cock lubed up, he pushed hard into her cunt. The incredible feelings made her pussy ache for this erotic stimulation. It took a little while but eventually his friends cock also slammed inside of her pussy, right next to Russ’s meaty pole. Wow she had two big cocks in her pussy as I continued jacking off to the live porno scene in front of me. I was mesmerized, here was my sexy wife wedged between two strong virile males – both trying to fill her pussy with their swollen erections. Her diminutive body was being assaulted and buffeted by their eager, forceful pumping and prodding, but I could tell she felt heavenly. Her once tight pussy that use to be tight for my six inch cock was now loose enough to fit two big cocked studs. Her pussy started to tighten as she pushed back onto the two dicks buried in her soaked pussy. She didn’t care if her husband’s dick wouldn’t fit anymore, she needed big dicks right now, most of all these 2 big dicks. My wife looked over and smiled as she said to me teasingly “How do you like watching your hot little wife getting worked over by two guys with big cocks? I hope you’re not mad or jealous, are you baby?” She was in the throes of passion now which helped her accommodate the oversized cocks in her, and I could hear and see the juices from her pussy as she took the hard pounding from their big fat cocks. I moaned my approval of how hot I thought it was, This is so hot, I never knew my cock wasn’t enough for you, I guess if I can’t give you what you need, it’s probably for the best that you get that from someone else while I watch and help! I maneuvered close to look at her getting fucked by the two cocks in her pussy. Wow what a sight, a real turn on, if you’ve never seen your wife get nailed like this and you can handle it – DO IT. She was getting hammered by both cocks and they continued to pound away at her pussy, with me jacking off and watching the most erotic porno show I had ever seen. Never before had my wife felt so sexually alive and in tune with her womanly desires. Every part of her burned with intense sexual desire, excitement and raw passion. As I watched intensely, I could see the familiar stirrings of another shattering orgasm rolling and crashing through my wife’s sexy body. Continuing to cry out in moans of pleasure, as both studs pumped in and out of her like pistons in a car motor. Russ and his friend were really thrusting in and out now of her cock hungry pussy now. With each motion she let out a long squeal of delight which further encouraged them on. Their hands were caressing her tits and naked body and you could see she felt so sexy. Russ had proceeded to pinch and suck on her rock hard nipples. His teeth raking across slowly them before biting them lightly. Squealing between her clenched teeth, the pain felt amazing. Her eyes shot open as she started to pant, Russ and Nate continued alternating thrusts which stimulated her stretched pussy constantly. What are you wanting to tell your hubby baby, Russ said softly. Mmmmm honey this feels so good……… I’m sorry……Ohhh it feels sooo gooooood. I’m so sorry.” She moaned, I’m sorry but I need it……I know you don’t really know this but I always need a really good fucking. I love their big cocks deep inside my pussy and making me cum…Ohhhhh Fuuuuuucccckkkk” Come for us! Russ hissed, urging her to go off. “I’m cumming . . .” “Uhgh…..oh yes…..fuck yes….I can feel your big cocks stretching my pussy out!!!!! My wife grimaced between their hard strokes as my wife lost it, her mind blowing. “Oh, baby . . .Oh yeah…..fuck me good and hard, I’m coming! You’re guys are making me cum sooooo goooood !!!!!” Am I hitting the spot?” Russ asked Shelly. “Ohhhhhh fuck yes you are hitting the spot” as Shelly continued begging him to fuck her, and talking dirty to him. He responded by calling her “his good little slut.” The rhythm increased, and then my wife yelled “Oh, Oh, Russ, Yes I’m cummminngg! Don’t stop. Fuck me goooooood! “Ohhhhh! Ummmmmm, oh fuck yeah!” Shelly groaned, “Oh, I need your big cocks so badly! Oh! Fuckkkkkkk, you alone know how badly I need to be fucked! Ohhhh! Ummmmmmmm!”OHHHHH yes. Oh, Fuck Yes, OH FUCK ME GOOD WITH YOUR BIG COCKS! “Well first you need to tell me, are you going to be my hot slut and do anything I want you to do?” Russ continued his cock teasing. Oh yes! I will be your fucking slut, Shelly cried out! OhhhhhhhhhhhYesssssssssss I’m cummminngg so fuckingggg gooooooood! Please Don’t Stop! Please Fuck Me! OHHHHH YES Your big hard cocks feel so good in me Russ and Nate.” “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhh!” Shelly groaned even louder. “Ohhh yeah! Yes! Fuck me! Don’t ever take your big dick out of me! Oh fuck me gooooood! “Well whose slut are you?” “Your husband needs to hear this again” Russ teased her. Oh Russ, I’m your fucking slut, Shelly moaned! I’ll do anything you want me to do….just fuck me good!!!” I felt a twinge of jealousy and humiliation at her comment and his insistence that she be his slut but I was also fascinated at how his big cock turned my quiet wife into his slut. The room was filled with the sound and scent of sex as I watched their orgasmic frenzy unfolding. Once again I was in total amazement and completely stunned at how they were turning my reserved wife into a cum slut for them. Nate was sweating and growling behind my wife, as he pushed himself with his great strength against her, driving his big cock into her pussy deeper and harder . . .faster and faster, until she could feel him touch her very core. I drifted off for a moment thinking how I knew I would never be able to satisfy my wife again after these two big cocked studs had fucked her like a porn star for the last two hours. Just then she let out a progressively massive scream as another gigantic orgasm hit her which brought me back to reality. Russ ordered his friend Nate to cum in my wife, and after a few more thrusts he shot his second load of the night into my wife. Suddenly he slammed his hips forward. A bright light flashed in Miss Shelly’s head and her insides seemed to burst with floods of cum . . .followed by a soothing warmth that washed throughout her ravaged body. At that my wife begged Russ to cum in her pussy and she sat down hard on him so it would shoot into her deeper. Oh OH Fuuuuuucccckkkk, Ohhhh Yes, Fuck Yes, Oooooooooooohhhhhh fucccccckkkkk, her whole body shook in an uncontrollably orgasm and apparently that was all it took for Russ’s massive cock to shoot its salty warm load deeply into her well fucked pussy. After their orgasms subsided, my wife fell to the side of Russ as lifted her off of him and pulled the rest of his long cock out of her well fucked pussy. As he pulled his big cock all the way out, I could see my wife’s pussy, and it was so red & swollen and it gaped wide open. I then looked over at Russ’s huge cock and just stared at it. I knew he had just shown my wife a side to fucking that I never had and she would want to repeat this often. My eyes made contact with him and he just smiled at me, winked, then he waved me over to get a closer look. I crawled over to my wife and just looked at his semi hard cock and my wife’s swollen pussy lips. Russ laughed out loud and said, “I think I finally gave this slut something she had been desiring for a long time, huh cucky boy? I also think you have something to do for us don’t you cucky boy, as Russ pointed at his cum soaked cock and my wife’s dripping pussy. You need to get over here right now and clean off my cock and our sluts cum soaked pussy.” I really didn’t want to do it, but was a little nervous of what would happen if I didn’t do as he commanded. So I slowly got up and climbed on the bed next to all three of them. I reluctantly took his big wet tool in my mouth and sucked their warm juices off it and was a little surprised that I was so turned on by doing it. Strangely I wanted more, so I opened my mouth wider and forced his semi hard man meat deep down my throat. My arms wrapped tightly around his strong thighs forcing his rod deep inside my mouth. After he was satisfied with the job I did he pointed to Nate’s cum covered cock. Do a good job for us Russ commanded. I leaned over a licked up every drop of the cum covered salty pole. And after he was satisfied with the job with Nate’s cock, and as if on que Russ pointed to my wife’s cream filled pussy, I think you know who will be next he barked again. I leaned over to my wife’s freshly fucked cum filled pussy and began gently lapping up their salty juices. I continued tenderly licking her pussy like this for several minutes while they sat back and talked about what a good fuck session that was. Next time I want you both to fuck my ass and pussy at the same time my sweet wife murmured, maybe even later if you have the time as she laughed. Wow I thought, was she really planning a next time already? Then as if the thought just stuck her, she said, hey let’s make my cuckold husband cum for us too. It was almost like I wasn’t even there and then she suddenly remember that I was. She smirked at the thought about how I was not getting anything except by my own hand. She repeated that maybe we need to make it up to him. Yea said Russ, let’s see you fucking his ass again like when we first came in. Oh yes that will be hot Miss Shelly exclaimed. She jumped off the bed and grabbed the dildo and rubbed more lube on it. She walked over to me on the bed and said, let’s show my boyfriend’s how much you like having your ass fucked honey. I did not know what to think and was very hesitant until I heard Russ once again order me to lay on my back so she could fuck my ass. As strange as it may seem, I found myself laying on my back in front of all of them as my wife poured lube onto my ass and cock. Russ ordered his friend to get on one side on my head and he would get on the other side of my head. I’m thinking he is going to be a slut for us too and he needs to have a few big cocks to suck on since he likes having his slutty ass fucked so much. With that Russ, Nate and my wife chuckled with delight at my predicament. My wife knelt between my legs and gently worked the dildo into my ass. My wife instinctively used her other hand to pump my aching hard shaft, slippery with the lube. I didn’t know what to think, here I was with a dildo in my ass and two big semi soft cocks hovered over my mouth. Oddly enough I felt my cock becoming harder as my hot wife began fucking my ass and jacking me off. Russ continued to be our dominate bull and ordered me to suck both cocks at the same time. Once again I found it to be strangely funny, but at this point I also felt that it was useless to resist so I complied with his command and took both cocks in my hands. I did not really understand why I liked this or what was happening to me. I was really starting to enjoy sucking their cocks, getting my ass fucked while Miss Shelly was jacking me off, and it seemed to make my cock even harder as I licked and sucked on one big cock and then the other. Mmmmm I like that Russ said, you are a good little cock sucker, even better than your wife, put both of our cocks in your mouth. Again I complied, I struggled to get both of their huge cocks into my mouth but I felt certain that I did a pretty good job. My wife began talking dirty to me, which always puts me over the edge. Mmmm did my little cocksucker like watching his wife getting fucked by these big cocks, she said. I mumbled a yes the best I could with two cocks in my mouth. I’ll bet you want to be our slut too, I’ll bet you want us to fuck you good with this dildo and these two cocks don’t you? My cock couldn’t take much more teasing and I could feel small amounts of cum leaking out of my super hard cock. Mistress Shelly sensed I was about to cum and talked even dirtier to me while jacking me off and fucking my ass harder. Mmmm I know how much you like having your ass fucked, are you going to cum for us my little cuckold cock sucker? You like sucking those big cocks for your Mistress, knowing how much I liked being fucked with them? My wife asked. Oh yes he does, and what a good little cock sucker he is turning out to be, we will need him to be our permanent fluffer from now on, Russ chipped in. Ohhhhh fuck that was enough to put me over the top, I was in a frenzy and my cock was harder than ever. I felt a warm rush of cum beginning to shoot up from my swollen balls. My Mistress noticed I was close and increased her grip and speed that she was jacking my cock off. Then suddenly she slammed the rubber cock all the way into my ass. Her efforts were rewarded as I groaned loudly and sprayed out my hot, milky fluid – literally blasting it everywhere. Fireworks went off in my head as I shuddered and let out a very loud long moan. Thick white ropes of cum forcefully flew from my cock and hit me in my face and chest as I convulsed over and over. I know that I came harder than I ever have before. They let me have a few moments to savor the powerful orgasm as my wife said, Wow, you came really good for us, I wonder who the real cum slut is here? They all three laughed at her comment. You do know you’re bisexual, right honey, she jokingly asked. Russ and his buddy chuckled. I don’t know, maybe I am, does that bother you Miss Shelly, I said. Not at all. In fact it is really hot, this way we both get what we need as she giggled. Russ laughed again. “Yes, I think you both are my little cock loving sluts now. I knew I could turn both of you into a cuckold relationship with me. Your wife told me after I fucked her the first time that she has never had anything like my big cock before and she said she wasn’t about to give up fucking this big cock. So, we set this little scene up for you. Plus don’t ever forget that I recorded everything earlier this evening and what you didn’t see was that I also recorded everything tonight and he pointed at a very small HD camera on the dresser. I recorded this evening mainly for Nate’s and my spank bank, but as a precaution, don’t you ever doubt that I will show all of your biker friends if I ever need to. So it looks like from now on you either let your wife fuck this big cock whenever she wants, or you won’t be getting sex anymore, period. At that they all laughed and began to get dressed to leave. After they all left Miss Shelly came over to me and whispered that she wanted me to fuck her and make her mine again. After some open, honest, & sexy talk about the incredible events that had unfolded that evening, I became stimulated and amazingly my cock got hard once again. I climbed on top of my sexy wife and slid my hard cock into her well fucked pussy and began pumping into her with a new found lust. Shelly just smiled, her eyes never leaving mine as I fucked her sloppy cum filled pussy. She said she couldn’t even feel my hard cock but begged me to cum in her pussy anyway. I am sure it was to make me feel better as she went thru the motions, “Oh baby fuck me, please fuck me, I love your cock in me, Oh I love it, PLEASE!” “Ohhh, yes, baby, yes. Ohhh, all the way, Oh yes, fuck me please, yes, ohhhh, yesssss, fuckkkkkkk me!” At her feigned encouragement I exploded into her well fucked pussy and I suppose I made her mine again. Afterwards we lay in bed again rehashing the incredible events from the evening and she confessed that she and Russ had set this whole thing up, mainly because she felt a little guilty that she meets up with Russ occasionally. But it is strictly for a good fucking with his big cock, a friends with benefits kind of thing she said. Honey, she said, I like that you are a type A, take charge type of man when we aren’t in the bedroom. However when in the bedroom, Miss Shelly admitted to me that she likes to be in charge and it wasn’t my fault but that she needed a bigger cocks than mine to make her orgasm. And she desperately wanted to finally be open and honest with me about the situation and her sexual needs. Somehow these were things that I already knew but never admitted it to myself. Now that I knew about everything, she said that she will continue to fuck his big cock whenever her sexual needs had to be fulfilled. She also said that she loved the role playing that went on in the bedroom that night and she wanted me to continue being her cuckold husband and to keep on calling her Miss Shelly. If I agreed to everything then I would be required to shave her pussy, help her buy some sexy clothes and help her get dressed in sexy outfits for her dates with Russ. Miss Shelly said that she may even decide to spend the night with Russ if she is in the mood. Miss Shelly promised me that she would love teasing me by sending me videos and pictures of him fucking her with his big cock so that I could jack off to the pics and videos. She also said that she wants me to buy a strap on dildo so that she can properly fuck my ass from time to time. Wow I thought, this is a lot to take in. Feeling a little overwhelmed with the events of the evening, and taking into consideration the incriminating video that Russ now had in his possession, I agreed that we could try it out and see how it goes but I also reserved the right to return things back to normal if I felt it wasn’t good for the both of us. Deep down I knew that things would never go back to normal. Miss Shelly and I both agreed to the terms and we both drifted off to sleep.


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