Running into kim – part 1

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/> This story is for the most part true. Granted I have embellished a few things to make it a better story and reconstructed dialog, but it is largely true. Names, of course, have been changed but I am sure if any of those involved were to read this, they would know who they are.
Hello, my name is Jacob. I am a 30 year old software quality engineer for a small software company here in Phoenix, Arizona and not all too long ago I had a chance run in with someone that led to rediscover a side of myself that not many people know about.

Several months before my girlfriend of 8 years, Emma left me. She said that it just wasn’t working between us. I knew it was true. Things hadn’t been right between us for nearly a year it seemed. But still, I was devastated. I entered a depression that lasted for several months. Emma and I remained friends, which honestly did not help too much as I was still hung up on her. I knew that the depression I was feeling was not healthy at all. I spent my off work hours sitting at home alone surfing the net, watching movie or masturbating to porn.

One Saturday, I had decided I needed to get the hell out of my house, the place was a mess and I had no desire to sit there or to clean. I decided I could work a good part of the day out by going to a movie. I drove to the shopping center were the theater was located and drove around finding a place to park and walked up to the theater. I hadn’t even bothered to check out what was playing or show times before I had left the house. I took a look at the movie times when I had gotten there and the only movie I really had any desire to see didn’t start for another hour and a half.

I looked at the lines at the ticket window and decided I had plenty of time and would just wait for the line to die down before I bothered to buy a ticket. I went to the coffee shop next the theater and grab a coffee. I went and sat at one of the shaded tables outside that allowed me to see when the lines at the ticket windows died down. As I sat there staring off into space in some inconsequential daydream while sipping on my coffee drink, I was snapped back to reality by a female voice from off to my side.

I turned and looked and standing there was a slender redhead, mid to late 20s, about 115 pounds. She was wearing a low-cut black top with a white Celtic cross on the front, a black pleated skirt that went down to her mid thigh and a pair of black boots that went up to her mid-calves. She wore a black leather choker around her neck with a small gold lock on the front of it. She had on what appeared to be very little makeup, just some black eyeliner and red lipstick. It was obvious that she knew me and she sure was familiar but I could not place it right away. Then as she came closer I looked into her stunning bright blue eyes. Oh yes, I could never forget those eyes.

I stood up and said “Holy shit, Kim? Damn I haven’t seen you in years”. Kim and I had a bit of a history, not a long one, but it sure was an enjoyable one.

“How are you doing?” I asked her.

“Good, how are you?”

I looked at her and shrugged a little. “I’m doing ok, I guess. You sure as hell still look good.”

I was surprised a bit as I saw her blush at my compliment. The Kim I remembered was not a girl you could call very shy. As I recalled from the days of my post high school youth, she was quite the risk taker and very much an exhibitionist. She was also a submissive pain slut and from the lock around her neck, I had to assume at least the submissive part was still partly true.

As I saw her standing there in front of me, a strange but familiar feeling came over me. Something that I had not felt in a very long time. It was an urge that felt very natural to me and very good. I gave her a hug and motioned to the seat across from me.

“If you aren’t in a hurry, why don’t you have a seat?”

Her lips stretched into an ever so slight smile and she sat down, placing her arms on the table strait in front of her, palms down. That was something that I recall from years before and she obviously did as well. The look in her eyes was one of a predator about to pounce on its prey; however she was obviously trying to appear more as the prey.


Allow me to tell you a bit about Kim from back when she and I were together. I met Kim when I was working in a shop in one of the local malls. The store sold a wide verity of things from metal t-shirts to lighters and “smoking and even some bondage gear and For some reason, we even carried a small array of all out sex toys, but those were by request only. Never on display. I was eighteen, had just graduated high school and moved into an apartment with my friend Jeff and his girlfriend Nichole. I had gotten the job as a way to pay my share of my rent and have some spending cash. The manager was the older brother of a friend of mine. A little while after I started working there, Kim was hired. At the time she was sixteen years old, hot as hell and she knew it.

The day I walked into the store to start my shift and the manager, Brian, introduced me is one I will never forget. He was this stunning little redhead with the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. I knew exactly why Brian had hired her, but I had no idea why she had applied to work in there, but I didn’t care. Brian had told me that I was to be training her. The only thought that crossed my mind was />
I showed her around the shop and we chatted for a while. In our conversation, I did manage to figure out why she had decided to work there. She was a bit of a wild child and she wanted the paycheck and employee discount to buy some of the things we sold as there was no way her aunt, who she lived with was going to give her any money to buy what she wanted. Over the next couple of days at work, Kim explained to me that she had just moved to Phoenix from Portland to live with her Aunt. He dad was in jail and her mother had just been hospitalized for a drug overdose. Her options were to live in foster care or on the streets in Portland or to move to Arizona and live with her aunt and cousin. While her mother was a drug addict, her aunt was an alcoholic.

I came to find out that actually knew her cousin, Megan. She graduated a year ahead of me in high school and I frequently saw her at some of the parties I went to. We hung in some of the same circles and knew each other, but were not that close. I guess the two of them were not getting along all too well. Kim wanted to hang out with Megan and meet some of her friends, but she had refused. I figured this was because she didn’t want it getting back to her mom what kind of slut she was. Not that I think she would have cared.

Saturday came along and a couple of hours before closing I was on the phone with my roommate finalizing our plans for that night.

When I got off the phone Kim asked “So, what are you doing tonight?”

“Meeting up with a couple of friends and going to go hangout down on Mill Avenue.”

Mill Avenue is in Tempe, right by Arizona State University. At the time it was a big weekend hangout and drag for people all around. There were several bars and clubs along it and while we were not old enough to get in, there was still plenty to do. Saturday nights meant Rocky! The Rocky Horror Picture Show played at the theater every Saturday night at midnight and drew freaks from all around. Whether we decided to go into the movie or handout outside with the freaks that didn’t, it was always a great and often strange time.

She smiled and asked me if she could go with. Initially I was going to say no, but I had a great thought jump into my head.

I looked at her stern faced and said “You can go on one condition. You do anything and everything that I tell you to do from the time we leave here to the time I drop you off at home.”

The smile disappeared from her face and I could see apprehension in her eyes. I figured that she was going to decide against it but to my amazement she looked down at the floor.

“Ok” she said.

“Are you sure about that? You don’t even really know me and you have no idea what sort of sick and twisted things I will order you to do, nor do you have any clue what I would do to you if you refuse.”

In hindsight, it would almost seem I was trying to convince her not to go, but I did want to make sure she understood.

“Yes, I’m sure” she said looking back up at me with a smirk I would eventually become so used to seeing.

When closing time came Kim and I were the only ones left in the store. I told Kim to straighten up out front and lock the doors and I went in to the back to collect a few things and take care of the daily till. I quickly grabbed my backpack I carried and filled it with some goodies from the store stock. Inventory was never really kept all too well, so I was pretty sure things would not be noticed missing. I wasn’t sure what I would end up getting to use, but I wanted to be prepared. Just as I was dropping the money from the register in the safe and finished zipping up my bag, Kim came in the back and said everything was good up front. We grabbed our things and headed out into the mall and out into the parking lot toward my car.

When we got my car I unlocked my passage side door and opened it for her.

Before I allowed her to get in I asked her “Last chance, are you sure you want to come with? Remember, you are to do ANYTHING that I order you to do and you will have some rules to follow.”

“Yes” she said.

I looked at her and said “The correct response is yes, sir.”

She looked at me for a half second confused.

“Yes sir, I am sure I want to go with you.”

She got into the passenger seat and I closed the door. As I walked around the car to the driver side I could only imagine the night I was going to have. Here I was with a gorgeous sixteen year old that I had only known for a few days and she was agreeing to do everything I commanded. I already had her calling me />
After I got in the car and started the engine, Kim asked if we could go by her house so she could get a change of clothes. I agreed and said to just grab a few things and she could change at my place. She lived just around the corner from the mall. She quickly ran in and got a few things. While she was inside I reached into my bag that I had placed in the back seat of my car and pulled out a spiked leather collar with a D ring on the front.

When Kim got back in the car, I held up the collar and told her “You will need to wear this. You are not to take it off unless I give you

With that I reached over and placed the collar around her neck and fastened it. As we drove the few miles to my apartment, she fidgeted with the collar and I could see had a smile on her face.

On the way to my place I explained to Kim that there were going to be a couple of standing rules that she needed to follow while she was with me. First, she was to always stay at my side unless otherwise instructed. Second, she was not to do anything without my permission. I also explained that there would be punishment if she did not follow these directions or if she did not do as she was told.

“Do you understand these rules?”

she responded.

I reached over and harshly pinched her left nipple through her shirt and bra. She let out a little squeal and retracted from me.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir”.

I glanced over at her and asked “you are starting to regret this a bit, aren’t you?”

She quickly answered “No, sir” and that wicked grin reappeared.

We arrived at the apartment complex where I lived and went up the short flight of stairs to my apartment. We walked in and my buddy Jon was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Where is Jeff?” I asked.

“Him and Nicole are in his room while we waited for you to get home. Need I fill you in on what they are doing?”

As he answered, he looked up and saw that I had a guest.

he said. “Who do we have here?”

“This is Kim. She was wanted to come along tonight and I agreed on the condition that she is to be my slave until I take her home in exchange.”

Jon started to say something and just stopped before any words came out. He had a dumbfounded look on his face and then he just smiled.

“Do you have a sister?”

“Ha, no she doesn’t have a sister” I said,”but she is Megan Fuller’s cousin.”

I introduced Kim to Jon and told her to say hello.

“My bedroom is down here, you can get ready in there.” I said as I lead her to my room.

As I passed Jeff’s door, I beat on it once loudly and said “I’m home, but take your time finishing up I’m gonna be a few minutes.”

I then led Kim into my bedroom and closed the door behind us.

I set my bag down on my dresser and instructed Kim to set her things on the bed. She looked at me quizzically wondering what I was planning.

“Go ahead, get undressed.”

She slowly removed the shirt that she had been wearing revealing a black lacey bra underneath. She had an absolutely perfect stomach. It was lean and flat. Her breasts on the other hand were far from flat. She then took off her tight jean shorts she had been wearing to reveal a matching black lace thong. She reached for her bag to get her change of clothes out.

“I don’t recall giving you permission to put your clothes back on.” I said.

She stopped in place “I’m sorry, sir.” She replied.

“Turn around, let me get a look at that ass” I commanded.

She did and I got my first look at her bare ass, minus the small strip of cloth from her black thong. It was perfect. I would later describe it as ‘an ass of wonder’ to a friend.

I walked up behind her and placed my right hand on her ass and squeezed gently.

I whispered into her left ear “Are you regretting it yet?”

“No, sir” she replied in a bit of a giggle.

I let my hand roam over her ass for a few seconds before moving it between her legs from behind. As my fingers moved over her pussy, I felt that the thong was soaking wet. Not just a little damp, but soaked. I whispered in her ear again

“My! My! We should get you out of these wet clothes. Take them off.”

Without hesitation, she bent over and slipped her panties off. I held out my hand in front of her and said “Give them to me.”

She turned back around and faced me and handed me her thong. I smiled and held it up to my nose and smelled her sweet pussy on them. I then neatly folded her thong and placed it into my pocket.

“You won’t be needing these tonight” I told her.

As I looked down, I saw that her cunt was completely bald. Not a hair in to be seen. At this point, my raging hard on jumped a bit in my pants.

“Take off your bra too” I said in a stern tone.

She reached behind her and undid the clasp and then let it fall to the floor. Her tits did not move an inch when her bra was removed. She was a perfect C cup. They were perky and perfect and seemed to defy gravity. Her nipples were small but erect. I reached forward and took her left nipple in between my thumb and forefinger. It was as hard as a rock. I gave it a small pinch and she let out a short gasp. I quickly spun her around and pulled her to me. My chest pressed up to her back. With my left hand I continued to play with her nipples. My right hand slowly made its way down her stomach over the smooth mound between her legs and stopped at her clit. I moved my index and ring fingers further down and slid them along her wet lips. With my middle finger I gently massaged her clit. This caused her to let out a series of low moans. After a couple of seconds I moved my middle finger down her slit and between her lips. I could feel her legs starting to shake.

“How many guys have you let fuck your little cunt, slut?” I whispered directly in her ear before kissing on her neck.

“Two, sir” she replied.

“Well, we shall see how many we can add to that tonight.”

As I said that, I felt her entire body stiffen. I had no intentions of sharing that sweet little pussy with any other guys tonight, but I didn’t have to let her know that. I enjoyed the fear that came over her by thinking I was going to make her fuck every guy in sight. What I loved more was that she gave me no protest.

I moved my middle finger around her warm, well lubricated hole a few times, and then plunged it in to the second knuckle. I then began rapidly moving my hand side to side in fast, but short movements. I made sure that my palm was covering her clit and my other fingers were firmly against her lips. In a matter of seconds her moans had become quite audible and her legs were shaking. After about 15 seconds of this movement I gripped her right nipple between my fingers and squeezed firmly and giving a small twist. She was instantly cumming in my hand and letting out a series of loud, short moans. Her legs had seemed to give way and I was holding her upright with the arm across her chest and the hand on her cunt.

After a few seconds, she seemed to regain some control over her legs. I sat her down on my bed and smiled at her. I held my right hand up and pushed my middle finger to her lips.

“Clean it off.”

Without hesitation she was sucking on my fingers and licking her juices from my hand. After she had cleaned my hand, I took a step back from her and said “Get on your knees” as I began to undo my belt and button on my pants. She was down on her knees in front of me in no time looking up at me with those blue eyes and that grin as I unzipped my pants. I then pulled out my raging hard on and pressed it to her lips. Without having to say anything she took it into her mouth. She was only able to get about half of it in her mouth at first. I grabbed her head and pulled it toward me as I pushed my pelvis forward.

“Have you ever deep throated a cock before?” I asked her.

She mumbled “no” around my dick with a slight shake of her head.

“Well, Nichole is quite good at it; perhaps we can have her give you some pointers tonight”.

With that I started moving her head back and forth on my cock. She moved her hand up and grasped it and was vigorously pumping my cock into her mouth.

“Have you ever had a guy cum in your mouth?” I asked.

“No, sir” she said removing my cock from her mouth while taking a quick breath before taking it right back in again.

“Well, we will have to change that, wont we?”

She looked up at me with a couple of tears running down her cheeks causing the eyeliner she was wearing to run a bit. That look was about all that I could take. I reached down, grabbed a handful of her hair and wrapped it around my fist and pulled her face close. I started shooting was felt like a dozen loads right into her mouths. She started choaking and pulled off my cock as soon as I loosened my grip.

I looked down at her and asked “Did you swallow that?”

She shook her head not opening her mouth due to the load she was holding.

“Swallow it”, I said.

She gave me a puppy dog look and obediently swallowed my cum. I smiled at her and wiped one of the tears that had run down her face. She gave me a very broad smile back. I was surprised. I had figured that after that she would be throwing on her cloths and storming out. Or at very least pissed that I had just cum in her mouth and forced her to swallow. But no, she was enjoying this so far. I wondered how far I could push this. I had no intentions of pushing her to do anything if she outright resisted, but I had every intention of seeing how far she would let me push.

“I guess it’s time we got you ready to go out.” I said to her. “Get on your knees on the bed, face down and arms to the side.”

She did as instructed and I was a bit amused to see she was still a bit wobbly legged as she got up and moved back to the bed. As she was doing that I zipped my pants back up and buckled my belt. I moved over to the dresser where I had set my backpack of goodies I had pilfered from the store. I rummaged through it pulling out a chain about 18” long with a pair of adjustable alligator clips on both ends and a small steel butt plug.

I opened one of my dresser drawers and pulled out a bottle of lube that I had stashed in there and walked over to the bed where Kim was presenting one of the greatest views I have ever seen. Her ass, high in the air, puckered asshole and wet pussy staring right at me. Even though I had just cum not two minutes before, I was getting hard again. As I got to the edge of the bed I tossed the chain over my shoulder.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” I asked

“No, sir.”

“Have you ever let someone finger your ass while they were going down on you or fucking you?”

“No, sir.”

“Have you ever played with your asshole while you />
There was a short pause, then she answered in an almost embarrassed voice, “Yes, sir.”

I applied a bit of lube to the plug and continued asking her questions while doing so.

“Do you enjoy fingering your asshole while you play with your pussy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Have you ever put anything else in your ass while you />
“Yes, sir. I have used the handle of my hair brush.”

“So, you want to be a little anal slut, you just haven’t admitted it yet.”

“I don’t know, sir. I have thought about trying it before.”

At this point I am pretty sure she thought I was going to fuck her ass and she seemed to be inviting me to do so. While that thought wasn’t far from my mind, it wasn’t what I had intended. With the butt plug lubed I rubbed the finger I was using to lube it against her asshole applying a bit there as well. She jumped a little as my finger touched her tight little hole. I applied just a bit more lube to my finger and pressed against the opening and gently pushed. I pushed my finger in to about the second knuckle and began slowly moving it in and out. Kim was making some very soft and low noises. I knew I was not hurting her and she seemed to be enjoying my finger.

After a short time of fingering her asshole I placed the butt plug up to her anus. I must have been a little cold as she jumped a little when it touched her opening. I then gently pushed it forward. I could see that she was tensing up a bit.

“Just relax and this will go in much easier.”

She relaxed her sphincter and I was able to gently push the round plug further in her anus. I could see her hands down at her sides grasp on to the sheets. After the plug was just past its full width, about an inch and a half, I let go of it. I quickly slid right in her ass with a small />
“Now, you are going to leave that right there until I give you permission to remove it. Now, stand up and face me.”

As she did as she was told, I removed the panties that I had placed in my pocket and wiped my finger off then returned the small piece of cloth to my pocket. She stood in front of me awkwardly trying to get used to the new feeling of a foreign object being lodged in her ass, but she did not complain.

I took the chain that I had slung over my shoulder and started to adjust the screws on the clips at the ends that set how tight and far the clip would close. While I did this Kim looked at what I was doing with a bit of curiosity and a little bit of apprehension. I did not want them to be too tight and cause an extreme amount of pain, but I did want them to be discomforting and securely fastened. Once I had them set to where I wanted I gently pinched her nipples to get them as erect as possible. I then placed the clamps on each of her nipples. She grimaced in a bit of pain as I did this but made no sound or attempt to protest.

“So, have you begun to regret coming with me tonight?” I asked her again in a tone that I can only describe as a father asking his child if she had learned her lesson yet.

“No, sir I have not. I am actually having a much better time than I had imagined I would. I can’t wait for what is next.” Again, her sly grin appeared.

Her response nearly floored me. Here was this gorgeous blue eyed, red headed sixteen year old standing in front of me who I had forced to strip, fingered to an orgasm and then made to swallow my cum all before putting a plug in her ass and clamping her nipples. Here she was and she was enjoying every moment waiting for what was next with anticipation.

“Ok, you may get dressed now, but no bra and no />
She gave me a look of glee. Almost saying “I was hoping you were going to say that.” First she pulled out a shirt from her bag and put it on. It was a skin tight red tank top that did little to hide the clamps on her nipples or the chain dangling between them. I could not have picked a better top myself. Next she took out a short black skirt and put it one. This was going to be great. She was going to be walking around with a short skirt and no panties and a butt plug in her ass. I was going to enjoy this for sure.

After she had gotten dressed she was standing there in her sexy outfit, running makeup and messy hair. As I stood next to her I leaned down and kissed her, moving my tongue passed her lips. As our tongues rolled around each other, I moved my right hand down and under her skirt. I began playing with her exposed clit before inserting my middle finger back into her hot little snatch. I moved my left hand around to her as and began to put pressure on and gyrate the butt plug sticking in her ass. Within seconds, she began to shake a bit and moan into my mouth. I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. I removed both of my hands and stepped back before she climaxed.

“One more rule, you are not allowed to cum without my I motioned toward the bathroom door and said “No go and get yourself straitened up, I’ll be out in the other room waiting for you.”

When I came out of my bedroom I could see that Jeff was sitting on the couch and Nichole was lying on the couch with her head on his lap. Jon was outside on the patio smoking a cigarette. Nichole shot up when she saw me come out of the room.

“Jon said something about you having a willing slave for the night? Megan’s cousin?” She asked, now sitting on the couch. Nichole knew Megan better than the rest of us. I guess it was Megan that Nichole had her first girl/girl experience with back in high school.

I walked up to Nichole and held out my right hand, middle finger extended, and moved it up to under her nose. She took a deep whiff and smiled broadly. Jeff could only laugh.

“She is in my bathroom getting fixed up. It seems her hair and makeup ended up getting a little messed up as she was changing clothes” I said with a grin.

Jeff and I had been best friends since we met our freshman year in high school. He and Nichole had been dating since the summer before our senior year, so about a year now. They had what I suppose you could call a somewhat open relationship. They enjoyed including others I guess is the best way to put it. Nichole was a little firecracker at 90 pounds soaking wet, blonde hair and perky little breasts. In an era where a girl being bisexual had become trendy, Nichole lived it. She was also the first girl I ever met that I would truly call a nympho. She wanted sex whenever and however she could get it. In the few weeks since we had all moved in together I had been involved in two threesomes with them and one five-way consisting of Jeff, Nichole, myself and 2 of Nichole’s friends. In fact, I had found out later that Jeff and Nichole had agreed that I was the only other guy she was allowed to have sex with. But those are other stories and perhaps for another time.

After a couple of minutes I heard the bathroom door open and Kim came out of the bedroom, her hair was fixed and her makeup cleaned up. I have to admit, I really liked the “well fucked whore” look she had on a few minutes ago, but she looked great. She had reapplied her eyeliner, added a bit of eye shadow and bright red lipstick. She did not look one bit sixteen years old anymore. I motioned for her to come over to the couch. Nichole quickly stood up.

“Wow, she is HOT!” Nichole exclaimed. I could see Kim blushing at the comment. “Are those nipple clamps?” Nichole asked seeing the very obvious outline of the clips and chain under her shirt. “Oh my god, Jake. Can I play with her?” I loved the way that Nichole was inferring that Kim was nothing more than my property like some toy or pet.

“In a minute, Nichole” I said. “There is something else you have to see.”

I looked at Nichole and patted the cushion of the couch and she sat back down with a broad smile on her face. It was as though she was of the assumption that Kim was some kind of birthday gift for her. While that was not the case, I was not going deny myself the joy of watching Nichole play with my new slave.

Kim was standing in front of me wondering what I was going to have her do next as Jon came walking back in and took a seat in the chair adjacent to the couch.

“Turn around.” I instructed Kim. “Now bend over.” Kim did as ordered and I heard a gasp and a giggle from Nichole as she saw the beautiful bare pussy in front of her and the butt plug in her ass. Jeff craned his neck a bit to get a better look.

Nichole scooted over on the couch and said “sit down”, placing her hand on the couch between the two of us. Kim looked around her shoulder at me wondering what I wanted her to do. I put my leg up on the couch and turned so my back was to the arm rest. I then motioned for her to sit. I turned her so she was sitting the same direction I was, back to my chest, between my legs. Her right leg was slung up on the couch.

In her ear I whispered “You will do whatever Nicole orders you to do as well.” Nichole heard what I had whispered and her eyes just lit up.

“Have you ever had another girl eat your pussy?” Nichole asked in a commanding voice, trying to mask her excitement.

“No” Kim replied shyly. I reached up around her with my left hand and took the clip on her left nipple into my fingers and gave it a little twist.

“How do you correctly answer the lady?” I sternly asked.

“No, Kim squealed.

Nichole’s face quickly lit up. She jumped up on her hands and knees on the couch. Her face was near Kim’s crotch and her ass right in front of Jeff. I can tell you, Jeff sure did not mind this at all either. Nichole moved Kim’s skirt up to around her waist and pulled her hips forward.

She looked up at Kim and said with a smile “It’s only fitting then that your cousin was the first girl to ever lick my pussy, now I am going to be the first to lick yours.”

Nichole then moved her face down to meet Kim’s glistening cunt. I had a great view of what Nichole’s tongue and fingers was doing to her and I loved it. Nicole began by running her tongue up and down the outer lips of Kim’s pussy, avoiding her clit altogether at first. After a minute of that, I could see that Kim’s pussy was soaked between her own juices and Nicole’s saliva.

Nichole then started to suck on her clit while she moved a finger slowly into Kim’s pussy. Nichole switched between licking her clit and sucking it as she pushed a second finger inside and picked up the speed. She reached around under Kim with her other hand and began to move the butt plug around in her ass.

Nichole took her mouth off of Kim’s clit for a second and looked up at me. “Damn, she is tight and tasty” she said.

Jeff, sitting with Nicole’s sexy ass right in front of him, moved her skirt up over her hips and moved her thong to the side. He started rubbing her cunt and she ground back against his hand, moaning into Kim’s pussy. Jeff put one hand on Nicole’s ass and spread it, while he placed a finger in her pussy and moved it in and out a few times. He took his now lubed index finger and started to press it into her asshole.

Nichole let out a long moan as he did this. I knew first hand that Nichole loved to get her ass fucked and loved even more to have a cock in both holes. Jeff then put his middle and ring finger into Nichole’s pussy and started to finger-fuck both holes.

I could tell that Kim was close to coming. She started to stare at the ceiling and I could tell that she was trying to follow my order and not cum unless I gave her permission. I reached around her with both hands and grabbed the clamps on her nipples and gently started to pull and twist. I knew she couldn’t take it much more and was going to cum with or without my permission.

am I… allowed to cum?” She panted. I leaned my head down and gently bit on her earlobe.

“Yes” I said after another couple of seconds. Instantly she was shaking and moaning and I could see a gush of fluids start to come out of her pussy around Nichole’s fingers and on to her tongue. Her entire body quivered with her orgasm.

Jeff continued to bang away at Nichole’s asshole and pussy while he massaged her clit with his other hand. Just as Kim began to cum, so too did Nichole. She was moaning into Kim’s pussy, never missing a beat.

Nichole continued to quickly finger-fuck her while sucking and licking on her clit and moving the butt plug. I continued to manipulate the nipple clamps, twisting them and pulling them more and more. Kim’s face was a mixture of pain and pleasure, mostly pleasure. Each time her body eased its shaking, she started right again with another climax. She came three times in short succession before going limp in my arms, panting heavily.

Nichole raised herself up on one hand and withdrew her fingers from Kim’s cunt. She then held them to Kim’s mouth and ordered her to suck. Jeff was still working his fingers in and out of Nichole’s holes and I could see the pleasure on her face. Nichole looked up at me and just as she started to come she asked can we keep her?”

I let out a bit of a laugh. Kim continued to suck her own fluids off on Nichole’s fingers as Jeff sped up his finger fucking of Nichole’s ass and pussy. In no time she was loudly moaning and crying stop fucker, if you ever want to fuck me again, you won’t fucking stop.” Nichole relished her orgasm and when it was over, she smiled, slumped forward removing her fingers from Kim’s mouth and began kissing her.

I looked at the clock 10:30. “We need to get going” I said.

It was a great night already and the night had just begun.


That was just the beginning of the great times I had with Kim. And now, here she is again after all of this time, sitting in front of me in a submissive pose, sexy as ever and with an all too familiar grin on her lips. I could only imagine what was in store for me and her, but I hoped it would be more than a conversation over coffee.

To be continued…

story by: Mrtroll

Tags: blowjob exhibitionism teen male/teen female cum swallowing anal true story humiliation domination/submission lesbian oral sex teen female/teen female sex story

Author: Mrtroll

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