A dance to remember part-1

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Ok, because this story is realised close to Valentines day, I decided to release a Valentines day story.

This story begins as Alex, a 15 year old boy who is 5' 11" and lives in a small, but well populated town, goes to school on the week of Valentines day.

"Are you going to the dance?" asked Seth.

"Doubt it.." I replied

"Why? You know, that girl Taylor likes you."

"I know, but I'm too nervous to ask her" It was true, ever since I was 13, and really started looking into… and AT… girls, I was always really shy and really nervous around them. I had never had a girlfriend let alone had any sexual relationships.

"C'mon dude! Shes fucking hot!!!" Seth exclamed.

I sighed "Fine, I'll see what I can TRY and do, OK?" I replyed, getting a little annoyed at Seth always talking about MY love life, never HIS or ANYONE ELSES.

I walked down the hall with the normal crowd. Half the people in the hall bumped into me, guys and girls both. As I dragged my feet down the stuffy halls, I ran into someone and made them (and I) drop their books.

"Oh god sorry, I'm too tired to think this morning, I hate mondays, You know?" I started to blab before who ever I bumped into called me a lousy jerk or whatever. I started picking up the books they dropped before I realized that there was a pink-flowery book cover on thier math book, so I thought it must be a girl, which I instantly became nervous. I looked up, and stared into the most beautiful face I'd ever seen. She had dark brown hair and dark green eyes, and she wasnt taller than most of the other girls. She seemed about 5' 4" and, not to mention MARVELOUS tits. They were rounded and she was wearing a white shirt that day, a TIGHT white shirt, so I could easily see her bra.

"Oh it's ok!" she replied, a big grin on her face.

"No, really, I should look where Im going, and its totally my fault, don't be sorry" I tried to fish out the most nice sentence but it kinda all blended together.

"If you say so, she laughed and smiled at me.

"So, You're new around here? I'm pretty popular and I've never seen you around before"

"Oh, yeah, I've only been here about two weeks… I don't have many friends…" she said, almost in a depressed voice.

"Oh woah woah! I'm surprised, a beautiful girl like you should have tons of friends… I'll be your friend, I'm Alex." I requested in a friendly, nervous voice.

"Aww, your so sweet, Alex." she said as she gave me a hug, giving me a small glimpse of her bra down her shirt and over my shoulder. "My name is />
"Alright, I'll see you around, what classes are you taking next semester?"

"P.E., and I think next semester is French."

"Oh, sweet! So am I!" I exclamed.

"Great! See you then Alex!"

I continued down the hall, about two minutes before the bell rings. I sat through two hours of boredum, Math and History. Then came the best class, Science. It was boring… however there was a beautiful girl named Angel. I wasn't lying about me saying I'm pretty popular, I'm on the football team, and Angels a cheerleader. Her fire-hot red hair and tiny little freckles made her a hottie to fantasize about. She was a good friend of my friend, and we talk alot, but I dont really know her well.

"Hey Angel," I said "hows your day going?"

"Oh, hey Alex, its going good thanks." She replied "How was your weekend?"

"Man, it was great, I learned that one girl Taylor likes me"

"Haha, slow down Horny the Dog, do go humpin her leg now!" she said jokingly.

"Uh huh… sure thing…" I said nervously.

"I'm just joking Alex! You know your cute, so go get 'em… Tiger." she said winking.

She thinks I'm cute!!! Man, so many good things today… I'm starting to LOVE mondays! We sit in two seats far away during science, and I just stare at her ass all class. Soon as the bell rang, she left, and I waited while my erection subsided. I sat through two more classes till my Language Arts class, when Stephanie was transferred into the class with me and Taylor.

"Oh fun," I whispered to my friend Kevin, "Both girls I like are in this class"

"And thats a bad thing?" he laughed, whole heartedly.

I walked to Taylor casually "Hey Taylor," I said, she still doesn't know that I know she likes me, "How you doin?"

"Hehe… Good" she said, blushing and grinning. Stephanie came walking up to us right as she said this.

"Hey." Stephanie said

"Hey hey Stephanie! What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just got transferred! Im glad I get to be in your class now, Alex." she said, flirtingly

"Hey! Who are you anyway?" Taylor Jumped to attention.

"Ladies ladies! calm down! Theres enough of Alex to go around now!" I tired to say smoothly, however being my self, referred myself in third-person. The two girls bitched to eachother for a while untill the end-of-the-day bell rang.

"Hey Alex, you know theres a dance coming up Friday?" Taylor asked

Stephanie ran up beside her "Yeah! I wanted to know if you wanted to go." I heard a "you bitch" from Taylor under her breath as she looked away, and so I tried to improvise.

"Erm, we can all go together if you guys want." (a mistake I won't regret, but now that I'm older feel bad about).

"Erm.. Fine." They both agreed.

These next few days went by so horribly and slowly, the same routine every day. Fights, homework, projects, nervousness. Then Friday, the day of the dance, came around.

Stephanie came up and grabbed my arm at the end of L.A. Class "Ready to go dance till your legs explode?" Taylor quickly followed "We will see who can last longer" and gave stephanie a mean look.

We talked casually where we walked to the gym, where the dance was being held and waited an hour just helping hang up decorations. Taylor walked off to talk to one of her "girl friends" and Stephanie latched onto the situation and took a bold move.

"Alex, would you stop staring at my tits when you get on that ladder, your making me nervous." she said, and made me nearly fall off the ladder, and made me kinda dizzy having so much blood rush to my face.

"I'm… I'm sorry.." I said. Taylor had dissapeared somewhere and I was left alone with Steph. The dance was about to begin when she gave me a hug.

"Thanks in advance for taking me to the dance." she said.

"Its not a problem, you should know tha–" and she planted a nice kiss on my lips that lasted almost a minute when a teacher had to come break us apart. The dance began and we all were in casual clothes (and thats a good thing because I didn't feel like getting dressed up) and started to dance. Alot of the kids were making out in the corners of the gym, and every minute or so you would see a teacher run up and say "Stop that you crazy kids!"

Stephanie and I got really tired after dancing for almost a whole hour and stepped outside of the gym, into the cool air that made her nipples erect, among other things. She grabbed my chin and pointed my gaze away from her breast and up to her face.

"Are you going to stare at them all night, or are you going to do something about them?"

I quickly responded by taking her hand and we ran to the football field and started to make out under some bleachers. After a while of doing that I looked up and saw the busses that our school football team used were sitting in the corner of the track. We got up and pryed a door open, knowing no one would see us inside those tinted windows.

"Alex… you need to relax" she said as she unbuttoned my jeans. "Have you ever done anything like this before?"

"No.." I said, just as she unzipped my pants and saw my plaid boxers, with a good sized tent formed.

"Well where I came from, it was all about stuff like this, but this time its with a boy I actually like." She said, starting to pull down my boxers and take the good 7-inch cock into her nice experianced mouth. I barely let out an Oooh from her licking the head untill she sucked it deep into her mouth. The second my cock hit the back of her throat is felt like she was gaging, and it scared me so I asked if she was alright. She looked up at me like I was an idiot and said "I was only swallowing… silly" and went back to sucking my cock.

Only a minute or two went by when i felt the bottom of my cock tense up and my balls begin to rumble and I told her I was going to cum. She sucked me up and down and took her head off and jacked me off and I started to spurt. Me starting to shoot was like her cue to put a lid back on a soda that had been shook up, and she quickly put her head over my cock and I felt her lick up every drop.

"That was so … so damn good" I said, just starting to wake up from what happened. I looked at steph who had her shirt off now, but still had her bra on. Almost the second I looked up, it popped off, and I got to stare at her marvelous tits for the first time. I reached over and started fondling one of them and flicking the nipple of the other.

"Oohh" she sighed. "Alex… you wouldn't mind licking my pussy would you?" She asked.

"I don't know how exactly.." I said like a stupid little virgin.

"Just try it." she said as she took off her pants. I go see lightly through her white panties the little brown bush of hair above her soaked slit. She made me lay down in the bus seat and she straddled my face. She slid her panties off and before I knew it I had a new little pink friend in front of my face.

I pulled her down so I could get a better angle. I put my tounge to one of the folds and, to my surprise, it tasted good. I licked the wet hole all around and listened to her moan, and from watching some pornos I knew what a clit was, a when I saw the little nob, I teased it by barely touching the tip with my tounge. "Goddamnt Alex!" she said and shoved my face into her pussy, making me take her little erect nub into my mouth. I licked and sucked the little love button untill she started collapsing on top of me, her pussy still in my face.

she moaned "I'm going to cum!!! Ohhh shit and on my tounge I could feel her pussy twinge and it shot a load of pussy juice into my face, leaving her sprawled out on top of me. "Al- Al– Alex" She panted "That was so good im going to have to award my good little boy." As she said this she rubbed my cock a few times and did as she did on my face, straddled my cock. As she started to lower down on my cock and just couldn't get it in. "Let me try baby." I said, and gently laid her down in the doggy-style position and put my dick up to her glory hole. I tried to stick it in all at once when she yelled "ALLLLEX STOP IT! GO in lightly!!!!" I took the 2 inches out that I had stuck in there and lubed up the rest with her pussy juice. I started again, slower this time.

"Ohh, go a little faster than thATT!" she said as I decieded to ram the rest of it in there, savoring every minute of the hot steamy pussy I was getting. "Ohhhhh fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast, make me cum baby!" I sped my pace up.

"Oh shit yeah Steph, that feels incredible!" I had yelled out. I fucked her faster and faster, enjoying the little squishing sound of my cock pushing against the folds of her pussy. "Fuck Steph I'm going to cummmm!" I roared.

Steph was in too much estacy to even realize that I was going to shoot into her cunt. The sensation of my hard cock pounding the walls of her pussy, and brushing against her clit was just too much. "FUCK ALEX IM… IM .. OH she yelled, as I felt her pussy close onto my cock, creating one hell of a tunnel of love.

…Thats when I felt a huge rumble in my balls, and my cock got about twice as stiff. I exploded into her pussy, cum shooting everywhere inside of it. Steph screamed with all of her lungs and laid down on the bus seat, recovering when cum and juice dripped out of her pussy.

"Lick me clean Steph!" I commanded, and she sat up and started to lick my semi-hard cock clean. "Hurry Steph, we need to get our clothes on before anyone realises were gone."

More to come in part ~`~`~*2*~`~`~

story by: Lambchop

Tags: fiction school blowjob teen male/teen female sex story

Author: Lambchop

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