Amy's rape

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It was a hot summer morning. Amy had packed her two girls Becky and Jenny off to their friends for the day. Amy thought that they were lucky. Their friends each had pools. They’d probably spend the whole day in the pools splashing around and having a grand time. Amy sighed. How nice it would be to have a pool that I could laze in.

“This is my time,” she thought. a few things to do in the house and then I’ll go out back and work in the garden and sun myself at the same time.”

Ever since her ex-husband left, there seemed to be less and less time to get the things done around the house that needed to be done. The girls required so much of her time. Becky, the oldest at 9, was a swimmer and dancer. Jenny was 7 and did ballet and piano. Though they went to the same studios, they were, of course, at different times. So taxi mom would be running all over town depositing one girl at the studio for dance, then run the other across town to the other studio for ballet. After a full day’s work, 4 trips, feeding the girls, helping with their homework and cleaning up, she was exhausted. Though the girls were good, there’s only so much help a 7 and 9 year old could do to help around the house.

Amy went into the house and up to her room to get changed into her bikini. She turned on the radio and listened to the music as she undressed. She absent mindedly was swaying to the music and looking at herself in the full length mirror as she took off her blouse. She unbuttoned her skirt, lowered the zipper and slowly and erotically undulated her hips with the beat of the music as she wiggled the skirt over her hips. She ran her hands slowly up her hips to her waist, then her small breasts, up her chest and then over her head flinging her hair at the finish.

“I still have a tight body,” she though. “I wish I had bigger tits, but I like my small ones.”

She was, indeed, small. Standing at only 5’2” and weighing only 105 pounds, and, though 28, she was often mistaken for the older sister of her girls. Heck, she could almost wear Becky’s clothes!

She brought her hands under her breasts and cupped them. The nipples on the crown of her breasts were getting hard from her touch. Her tiny pink areoles were dime sized, but her nipples raised outwards screaming to be caressed and pinched and twisted. She teased her nipples but very lightly rubbing her finger over the tips barely touching her sensitive skin. Almost impossibly, they got harder. She then squeezed her breasts hard and pinched her nipples and twisted them. The luscious feelings flowing through her body from her nipples down to her pussy seemed to echo back and forth. First to her pussy, then back to her nipples and then back down again to her pussy.

She slid her hands down her tight, slim belly and waist. Below, was her smooth mons venus. She always shaved herself ever since her Uncle Tony told her to. He was magical to her when she was a little girl. She was so in love with him, she would have done anything for him – and did.

She remembered his touch as she lowered her hands and caressed herself while thinking of her Uncle Tony. She gently teased her outer pussy lips. The radio started to play a song that they considered “their song.” Could this get any better? Her pussy was flooding at his memory and her teasing of her vaginal lips. Her left hand slid back up her body to her right breast. She caressed it and rolled her nipple between her fingers as she massaged her clit.

“Oh, Tony! Why did you leave your slut?” she moaned. “It would do anything you asked it to do! Fuck your cum slut, Tony!”

She pushed her ring and middle fingers deep into her cunt and started finger fucking herself. She pinched her nipple hard which sent nerve impulses directly to her clit. She was moaning loudly. Her fingers were moving quickly and hard in and out of her pussy. She brought her left hand down to her clit and started to rub her clit hard. Her legs were trembling so hard now, so close. She got on her knees on the floor her hands still between her legs. She leaned forward, put her face on the area rug and spread her knees apart. Her fingers were a blur in her pussy.

So close. Here it cums!

“Oh my god!! OOOOHhHhhh!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!! Fuck me!!!”, she screamed! Her pussy gushed her cum down her fingers and into her hand as her cunt tried to suck the cock-like fingers deeper into her. Her pussy pulsed around her fingers. Spasm after glorious spasm wracked through her body as she came. She shuddered with each spasm, quaking with pleasure. She moaned as the spasms decreased, and she slowly stopped finger-fucking herself. Little aftershocks of joy continues as her fingers rested inside her cunt. Oh, she needed that!

She stayed there slowly returning to her senses, her right fingers slowly pulling out of her pussy. She put her left hand out and propped herself up and licked her cum from her fingers making sure that she licked in between each finger to get all of her juices. Hmmmmmmm. She really does love the taste of pussy. She sucked on each finger that was in her hole, swirling her tongue around each digit, tasting herself on them. Savoring the feelings of her tongue on her fingers.

She thought back to last week when she saw Becky playing with herself. “I wonder what she tastes like?”, she thought.

She got up and went into the bathroom and washed her hands. She went back to the bedroom and put on her bikini. It was a nice Ami Sanzuri pink string halter top with a boy short bottom that hugged her well below the hips. She laughed thinking about the one time she dove into a pool wearing this. She lost her bottoms clean off her legs. The men at the party loved it. Embarrassed the hell out of her, and she loved it. Great for sunbathing. Not so much on swimming.

She put on some sunscreen, grabbed her sunglasses, fixed up a water bottle and went out back. She got her tools from the shed for gardening and started to work doing some weeding. She put a lot of work into this garden and it really shows. She’ll have a bumper crop of flowers this year. The grass is nice and thick. It will be great for us girls to lay out and sun ourselves. Nice and soft.

There was a soft breeze that kept things cool. The wind almost licked her skin softly and sensually. She would love to take off her bikini, but it was Saturday. People were home and she didn’t want to flash them too much.

At night, they’ll go naked to the hot tub and soak. She always loved that. Especially in winter. The icy cold walk gave them Goosebumps and made their nipples stand out. The water would be very hot in comparison and feel scalding in comparison. She couldn’t get in directly even though the air was near zero. After a long soak, getting out wet, hot and steamy, the water would freeze on their bodies as they scampered through the snow to the house laughing and squealing to get dry. So, the neighbors would see them then. That was enough.

As the morning wore on and turned towards noon, the sun started to get hot and strong. She didn’t want to burn herself, and it was still early in the season. Time enough to get a good tan.

She packed up her tools and went back inside to cool off. She glanced at the clock and saw it was 11:30. That’s when she heard the noise. She turned around and saw three men standing between her and the kitchen doorway. Her only exit.

“Well, lookie what we’ve got here, boys! This is better than anything we could take from this place. She’s got nothin’ to steal. Whaddya say? Up for some fun?”, said the man who was obviously the leader. He was about 6’2” tall and around 200 pounds with brown hair and eyes. Square jawed, broad shouldered, narrow waist. A hunk, an Adonis, a girl’s wet dream. But this wasn’t going to be a girl’s dream – more like a nightmare.

The neighborhood appeared to be rich and ripe for plucking. The house they had cased was a woman with two daughters and no husband apparent. They dressed nice. Had a nice house. Well landscaped. Decent car. It looked like they had money. Probably good alimony payments. When they went in, they saw little in terms of the kinds of things thieves liked to take. No good silver or money. There were prints on the wall, not cheap, but no value either. The best they could say was that it was a nice house and nicely appointed, but nothing worth stealing. Even the stereo wasn’t worth much. And no TV? What’s with that?

The other two agreed. Having her would be better than what they’d found so far in the house. get her, Frank!” one said.

“Get out of my house!”, screamed Amy.

She tried to protect herself and to get out of the kitchen, but Frank was on her. She tried to get around him, under him, through him, but he was having none of it. She tried to kick him, but missed as he dodged out of the way. He grabbed her hard and spun her around. He clamped his arms around her and held her tightly. All her wild thrashing and squirming merely exhausted her. It also forced her tits out from behind her top. Frank carried her out of the kitchen

“Andy. Get the duct tape we saw in that closet,” Frank ordered. Frank dumped her on the bed. He allowed her to sit up on the edge.

“OK, little girl. This is how it is. There’s three of us and one of you, and frankly, that’s not much. Damn, girl, you’re a little ‘un! The tit fairy musta passed you by,” Frank said. The others got a chuckle out of it.

“You />
Smack! She was slapped hard on the face knocking her to the bed. It briefly stunned her. She felt herself being pulled up to sitting by her hair. Then, Smack again! “Listen, bitch! Don’t speak unless spoken to. You got it?”

She thought she saw an opening. She tried to get away again, but Frank was ready for her. He grabbed her hair as she bolted by. Her head snapped back and she almost lost her footing. She grabbed his arm to ease the pressure on her hair and to steady herself. He slapped her face again with the back of his hand. He then threw her back on the bed.

“You finished, cunt?” Frank asked. “You ain’t goin’ nowheres. Now some questions for you. Where are your />
“I don’t have any.”

Smack! “Girl. You got pictures of the little cunts all over the place! Now, let’s try this again. Where are they?”

at />
better.” He was stroking her cheek with the palm of his hand. His thumb wiped her tears away. He was actually gentle. But she knew that he would punish her severely if she didn’t cooperate.

“Now. When do they come home? When do you expect them?”

“After she wimpered.

He smiled. “We have you for hours, then, don’t we. You’re going to be raw when we’re done with you. Stand up.”

She did as told.

Slowly she reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bikini top. She let it fall to the floor.

“Man, they’re small, boss!” said Andy. “Like a little girl’s tits. But look at those nipples. Hard as rocks! She likes this.”

He reached out and grabbed her tit and squeezed it. She closed her eyes and shuddered at his touch.

“Firm, too. whore. The bottoms, too.”

Amy shuddered at being called a whore. She loved sex and had a very high sex drive that was unsatisfied since her ex left her 2 years ago. She’s only had a few men in her since then. She really missed it. But she was pretty sure she didn’t want to be taken like this!

Reluctantly, she hooked her thumbs under the waist band of the panties and pulled them down her legs. She stepped out of them. Andy bent down and picked them up and looked at them.

“Geez! She’s fuckin’ wet! She’s drenched the crotch of these! She’s a damned whore!”

Amy blushed deeply. Frank grabbed her hair and pulled her onto her bed. Amy let out a yelp as she fell onto the bed. The third man, Bob, came around and took Frank’s place holding her arms above her head. He had already taken off his clothing. Andy was just about finished while Frank was just getting started.

Amy felt as if there was no good to come from resisting any more. They were going to have their way with her. She knew that Frank would hit her if she didn’t cooperate. It really stung when he slapped her across her face, and she noticed that her lip was bleeding.

She wanted sex, just not like this. She couldn’t help herself. She struggled under Bob’s control even though she knew it was hopeless. He was holding her hands above her head, but his cock was resting on her forehead. He was looking down at her face and smiled.

really fucked. You just don’t know it yet. You like my cock on your face, bitch?” He rubbed it on her face and over her eyes. She could feel his balls against the top of her head. His dick was warm and smooth on her face. He was good sized, about 8” and pretty thick. She whimpered as she thought of what was to come. She tried to pull her hands away, but he held them fast. She tried to move the cock off of her face, but his knees kept her head from moving too far. All she really accomplished was rubbing his pre-cum all over her face and getting him hard in the process.

bitch! Open up for Bobby.” He pulled her chin back towards him tilting her head.

“Open your mouth.”

She couldn’t do it. His cock was against her lips trying to force it’s way into her mouth. He slapped her face.

“I said open your mouth! You’re going to be sucking our cocks anyways, might as well get started.”

Not opening up as he demanded, he pinched her nose. She opened her mouth to breath and in it went.

“Bite, and you’re dead,” Bob said.

She didn’t bite, but she didn’t suck him, either. His cock just laid in her mouth. Saliva started to work up in her mouth and it was getting ready to run out. She swallowed it, and as she did, closed her mouth around his member. The swallowing made her tongue rub against his cock. He moaned and pushed it in further.

it, girl. Lick the dick like the pro you are.”

He started to fuck her face. He was pushing more of his cock into her mouth with each thrust. And because her head was tilted back, his cock had a straight shot down her throat, and Bob was taking advantage of that. His cock was sliding deeper and deeper into her mouth and down her gullet. He put his hands on her cheeks and helped her take him deeper.

Amy didn’t realize that her hands were free, or even what they were doing, but Frank noticed it.

Frank said. “Check it out, Andy. She’s got her hands on his ass.”

Oh, my god, Amy thought! What kind of slut am I? Suddenly, she realized that not only were her hands on his ass helping him violate her own mouth, but her knees were bent and feet spread apart inviting anyone to do anything to her.

Bob was really pushing his prick deep into her mouth and hard, now. Amy’s breathing was timed so she was holding her breath for a lot of it, exhaling a little when he pulled out, and inhaling then, too. That way, she didn’t gag. His balls were hitting her eyes as he face fucked her.

a pro at this, Frank! Doesn’t even gag on me. Damn! She’s a fine suck! Gonna crack my nuts down her throat in a minute!”

He was leaning over her now. He was still pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Her hands still on his ass. He leaned down and started to suck on her left tit. She moaned as he nibbled on her nipple, grabbed it between his teeth and pulled extending her breast from her chest.

“Oh, yes! You’re gonna make me cum bitch!

The first load of cum for the night exited a cock and into Amy. This time, it was her mouth. He shot a lot of it directly down her throat, but he pulled out as she started to gag from it, and dumped the rest of his cum load into her mouth. It was a large load. It was leaking from around the cock in her mouth and dribbling down the sides of her face.

“Very nice, girl. Now swallow.” She did.

When Frank was undressed, she saw his cock for the first time. It wasn’t that he was huge, he wasn’t, or that his dick was thick, it was a bit above average. It was how his entire was put together. He was a powerful man. He exuded command. He was strong, probably from lifting weights, or in some construction job or something. His chest was well muscled. His waist was thin and ripped. His hips were narrow and powerful with a beautiful muscled ass. His legs were strong with large thighs and tight calves.

“OK, mommy whore. Time to be really used.” Said Frank.

He positioned himself between her legs. She tried to close them, but it was too late for that. All she really did was get her legs wrapped around him. Not the message she intended to send to her rapists! She tried to push him away, but Bob was holding her shoulders flat on her back. She couldn’t move. She tried to twist, but again, Frank was between her legs and simply held her hips down. They were so much stronger than she was.

Andy came around and relieved Bob. Andy made sure that his cock and balls were in her face at all times, smearing his pre-cum all over her face. Such a pretty girl, he thought. It would be just fine to spray his jism all over her face and hair.

Frank pried open her legs and pushed her knees into her arm pits. Her bald pussy was fully on display to them.

“No hair at all. Not even stubble! Damn! Not even in her ass crack!” exclaimed Frank. a nice small asshole, too. It’ll be fun to fuck that, too. Bet you’re tight back there, eh slut?” he laughed and then smacked her ass hard.

He bent down to her crotch and licked her thighs.

She could feel his wet tongue on her thighs licking his way towards her pussy. Like all females, she loved her thighs licked and kissed. Amy’s pussy was getting wet. Her body was betraying her.

He licked that area between her thigh and her pussy lips. He started to bite her there on the muscle. As he moved over to the other side of her pussy, he licked her outer lips very lightly.

Disregarding orders from her consciousness, her hips moved trying to get him to lick her more. Her pussy was flooding now, it was so wet. Her juices were running down the crack of her ass. Frank opened up her ass cheeks and watched her juice disappear into her butt hole. It was winking at him. It almost seemed like it was inviting him in. He put his middle finger to her anus and pushed it inside.

she gasped!

“Like that bitch?” asked Frank as he started to finger fuck her butt hole. Eventually he got his whole finger inside her ass. Then, he started to attack her pussy with his tongue while his fingers worked on her back door.

When Frank bent down to lick her pussy, Andy started to slap her face with his cock. “Come on, whore. Open wide and suck me.”

Reluctantly, Amy opened her mouth and let the cock in. Just then, Frank flicked his tongue over her clit.

she moaned.

Andy said, a good cocksucker! Now, suck me good and I’ll give you a big reward!” Slowly he started to rock his hips back and forth pushing his cock in and out of Amy’s mouth.

Frank had gotten himself hard now and was ready to have his enjoyment of her body. He positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy. She could feel his cock head piercing her labia. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but it was no use. Frank rammed his cock hard into her pussy. His cock was so big compared to her little pussy that he pushed his way into her cervix a little.

gasped Amy around the cock that was still in her mouth. Andy just pushed and her mouth closed around his cock again.

Frank said, “Damn that’s a fine tight pussy you have there, slut!” He started to fuck her with long hard strokes. Each time he pulled back, he’d almost come out of her pussy. Then he’d ram it home again, deep into her cunt and cervix. He rammed her like a piston. She felt like a toy, like a bitch to be used. She hadn’t had these feelings in a very long time. And yet, though she was definitely feeling like she was being violated and used, she couldn’t help it. She could feel the stirrings deep inside her. There she was, two men inside her she didn’t know. One fucking her face while the other her pussy, and she was helpless to stop them! She didn’t know if she wanted them to.

Frank, working like a jack hammer between her legs was feeling her pussy grip his cock as he fucked her. “Yeah, slut! Squeeze my cock with your pussy! Damn that feels sooooooo good! You have a fantastic cunt bitch! I’m gonna cum any minute now. I’m gonna cum in your pussy you fuckin’ cunt!”

Randy, working her other end said, “yeah, and I’m gonna cum all over your face! Ohhh, you suck soo good! Here it comes, bitch!”

The first shot he let go down her throat. Then he shot 3 strong ropes of cum on her neck, face and hair. Two weaker shots of jism went on her eyes.

Seeing his buddy cum on her like that took Frank over the edge. He let loose with an animalistic growl as he filled her fuck hole with his cum.

Feeling the hot cum on her face and as it filled her pussy, Amy started to cum herself. Damn it! It felt so good but was so wrong! She came hard. It was the first cum she’d had from fucking in a long time – many months. It felt so good to cum like that. But how could she do that? This was not a man she knew, loved or even liked. He had beaten her to get control of her. Punched her in the stomach, slapped her face, cut her lip.

Frank pulled out of her with a plop. Some of his cum oozed out of her and down her butt crack between her legs. He let her legs flop down on the bed and moved around to her head. “Clean my cock.”

“No, please,” she pleaded. “Please don’t do this to me any more.”

Frank put his dick to her lips and told her to open. Or else. Meekly she opened up and in it went.

“Now suck it. Clean off all your filthy cunt juices. And don’t forget to lick my balls clean, too!” he said.

She sucked his cock clean. She could taste his cum mixed with her nectar, which brought back another flood of memories. She swirled her tongue around his penis, sucking all of his cum from his cock. She also gently sucked his balls into her mouth and softly cleaned them with her tongue.

He pulled off of her and turned around. He pulled on his ass cheeks and sat on her face. “Now here, slut.”

She didn’t do anything. This was so humiliating, so dirty. />
Still nothing.

He fully sat on her face, her nose in his crack and her mouth on his ass hole. “Lick it, or you’ll />
He felt her tongue on his asshole lapping at it. He let up after a little to let her breathe. She gasped for air. He sat back down on her face and she started licking his hole again.

After awhile, Frank got off of her face. She was panting trying to fill her lungs with air. He reached under her back and rolled her over onto her stomach. He lifted her easily by her waist with one arm and pushed her knees under her so her ass was up in the air.

“Spread your legs apart.”

She did it.

“Put your hands between your knees.”

She did that, too.

He pulled her hands all the way through to her ankles. He took the duct tape from Bob and taped her wrists to the insides of her ankles. Then he taped her elbows to the insides of her knees. This caused her legs to spread even more, and made her totally immobile. He then spanked her ass until it was a nice pink.

Over the next three hours, the three men had her. They had each fucked her ass, cunt and mouth at least once. Bob, for instance, loved fucking her throat, but he still used her pussy and shitter a few times. Andy was an ass man, Frank liked her tight pussy. She had taken two or three loads of cum in each hole with the rest deposited over her naked body. Like a slut, she had cum numerous times and was beyond caring and exhaustion by the time they were ready to leave. She was utterly and totally used. She was spent and they were discarding her.

Frank leaned in next to her ear and told her that they had a great time with her. He also said that if she talked about it to police, they’d come back and have a great time with her again, only next time, they’ll bring their friends. And since men shouldn’t stand around waiting on pussy, they’d make her daughters join her in servicing them. Their ability to survive afterwards would be likely impossible. Capisce? She nodded.

Through the haze of post-coital activity, about 30 minutes after they left, she heard the door open again. She was afraid that they were returning for more, and possibly to await for her daughters. She heard the light tread of footsteps coming towards her door.

“Oh, my God,” thought Amy.

Becky was in the doorway. The sight that greeted her was of her mother on her knees with her ass in the air facing her. She could see her mom’s hands bound to her ankles. She could see that there was a white stuff coming out of her cunny and butt and that there was more on her back. She could tell that her mom was in distress.

“Mommy? Are you ok?” she asked.

Amy broke down and cried. Above all the abuse that she had just faced; the use of her vagina, anus and mouth by men against her will, the abject humiliation and debasement of this moment was the worse. She wept. She said nothing, but cried. Not hard or hysterically. This was the low point.

Becky could see that her mom’s lip was cut, and that she was crying. I guess kids these days grow up quickly, because she realized what had happened to her mother. Despite the stuff that was all over her, she hugged her mother, and kissed her. She could taste their cum on her lips.

“Mommy. I love you very much. Should I call the police?”

“Oh, honey! I’m so dirty! What those men did to me, I shouldn’t be touched! Just untie me.”

Becky got a pair of scissors and cut the duct tape off of her. She pulled the tape off of her mother. She was fascinated by the stuff coming out of her mother. She watched a drip of cum exit her mom’s pussy.

“Should I call the police, mom?”

Amy remembered Frank’s warning to her. She couldn’t imagine putting her young girls through that kind of abuse. She was very liberal, open and frank with her girls in all things sexual. The girls were comfortable asking her about sex, and Amy was very forthright about responding to them. But to actually put them in a position to be forced to do something like what she went through was beyond the pale. She couldn’t risk it.

“No. I’ll be ok. I need a bath, but I’m so worn out.”

“I’ll help you, mommy. You just lay there and I’ll get the bath ready.”

Becky went into the bath and ran the hot water. She tested the temperature against the inside of her wrist to make sure it wasn’t too hot. Then she went back into the bedroom and helped her mom get up.

Amy was led to the bath. She was told to stand so she could be rinsed off. Amy stood on her wobbly legs and allowed her daughter take control. As she did, she started to feel better already. Not having to make a decision about what to do next was such a relief!

Amy felt the warm water cascade over her body rinsing the events of the day away. She was sore, but the water felt so good against her body; the warmth enveloped her seemingly down to her core. Then she realized that Becky was in the shower with her. She felt Becky’s strong fingers massaging her head with shampoo. It felt so good and relaxing.

Becky then washed her mother’s face with her hands, erasing all of the cum that splattered her there. She washed her lip to make sure that the cut was clean. She then moved her mother’s face under the warm water and rinsed off the soap. Holding her mother’s head in her hands, she leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. “I love you, mommy.”

Amy was in a fog of submission to the ministrations of her daughter and the events of the afternoon. The kiss was warm and loving.

Becky soaped up her hands and began washing her mother’s neck and shoulders. She took her time making the touches long, but firm and massaging. She turned her mother around and began rubbing her back with soap, kneading her back in the process.

Moans of enjoyment escaped Amy’s lips.

Becky reached around her mother and hugged her back. Her hands rested just under Amy’s breasts. She kissed her back. “Mommy, I love you.”

Amy held her daughters hands in the embrace, absorbing the love and feeling the warm shower water pulsing against her front and cascading down her in rivulets. Some of these leaving her body at her pussy lips and clitoris hood. She always loved that feeling.

Becky released her embrace and soaped her hands again. She washed her mother’s legs, though there was little cum on them. She was just being thorough. She turned her mother around facing her. She soaped her hands again and started to clean her chest. They had deposited a lot of cum on her chest and tits. Though her front was under the water, the cum still stuck to her. Becky had to rub it off of her.

Becky’s hands wandered over her mother’s chest and breasts. She loved the feel of her mom’s skin and the firmness of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples. Becky knew her mom’s breasts were considered small by most, but they were beautiful on her, and they felt glorious in her hands. She squeezed them gently at first under the pretense of getting the congealed cum off of her tits, but then it became more lustful. Becky started to roll her mother’s nipples between her fingers.

Amy let out another moan and raised her chin to let the water run off of the top of her head and down her body. The water rinsed her breasts of soap and cum. Now Becky’s rolling of her nipples had more friction and became a pinching of them. Much more enjoyable.

Becky washed Amy’s stomach. As she was doing this, she realized that Amy’s legs were trembling.

“Are you OK mom?”

“Becky, I’m so tired I can’t stand any more.”

Becky stoppered the tub and it began to fill with water. She turned off the shower and lowered her mother into the rising water. Becky soaped her hands again and started to wash her mom’s pussy. She was surprised that Amy had opened her legs to her.

Becky slowly slid her hand down her mother’s tummy to her mound. As she went over the crest, she felt her warm vaginal folds and washed them slowly and gently. Amy was now openly moaning, which brought a smile to Becky’s face. Becky washed her inner thighs.

Becky turned on the water again. She took the massaging shower head and put it on stream. She got her mother to roll over and get on all fours and put the stream to her butt hole and washed the cum from there. Amy felt the warm water rushing into her asshole, and the sensations were amazing for her!

“Oh, Becky! What are you doing?”

“Trying to get the cum out of you, Mommy. There’s a lot in there, ” she said as she slipped a soapy finger in as far as she could eliciting another moan from Amy.

Becky hooked her finger and pulled a gob of cum out and went back in for more. She thought it would be better if she used 2 fingers instead of just one, so she inserted another finger. She kept digging in and out of her mother’s ass, in effect finger fucking her. She finally couldn’t reach any more cum though she tried hard, even wiggling her fingers deep inside her mother’s asshole trying to get more out. Amy was visibly shaking and breathing heavily. Becky washed her out one more time and heard her mother moan loudly now.

“I got a lot of it out back there. Get on your back and I’ll do the front. I’ll try to get the cum out of your vagina, mom.”

Amy, compliant as she was got on her back in the bottom of the tub. Becky gently pushed her legs open, and raised them up to her chest. Amy automatically held them that way, unconsciously presenting her pussy to her daughter.

Amy was totally submitting to the attentions of her daughter. She had allowed Becky to touch her in places only men or herself had touched before. The part of her brain that deals with morality had been shut down since the rape began. It was still off. She didn’t think about how wrong it was that her daughter, aged 9 for god’s sake, was touching her in such intimate ways. All she could do was think how softly her hands felt on her body where, just a few hours ago, had been brutalized.

Amy again gently washed her mother’s torso, even though she had just cleaned it a few minutes ago. She then washed her mother’s vagina the same way that she had done her ass. She was able to use more fingers to get the cum out, so she did. She marveled that she could fit her whole tiny hand inside her mother’s pussy. She also noticed that her mother was pushing her hips up to meet her each time she pushed her hand in to get more cum. Becky gently began feeling her breast with one hand as she washed her mother’s pussy with the other.

As Becky rotated her hand palm up, she started to rub the upper walls of her mom’s vagina, she found a small cavity. She didn’t realize that she had just found Amy’s G-spot and she was massaging it a lot.

Amy’s body had betraying her yet again. She orgasmed to her daughter’s fingers!

Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop! OOOHHHHH my />
Becky brought her hand down from her mom’s tits and just touched her clit. Becky’s hand was flooded with her mom’s cum. She had never seen anything like that. Did her mom just pee all over her? She didn’t really care.

“I love you, mommy.” Becky said to her mom who was now passed out on the bottom of the tub.

She finished washing her as she was passed out, turned the water off and wondered how to get her out of the tub. As she wondered, Jenny came home. Jenny shouldn’t see her mom in the state she was in. Becky hurried out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She got the bedroom door closed and intercepted Jenny in the hallway.

feeling sick and I’m taking care of her. She’s ok, it’s just a mess right now. Why don’t you go watch TV. I’ll let you know when it’s OK to see her. It shouldn’t be too long. It would be nice if you could fix some soup for all of us.”

Jenny padded off to the kitchen to see what was around. Becky checked on mom to make sure she was OK. Still out. She then changed the sheets on the bed, threw away the duct tape, and picked up discarded bikini. She’ll wash the sheets and bathing suit later.

She finally got her mother to wake up. She got her out of the tub and gently dried her off with a clean, soft towel. Her mother was so weak that she had to sit. Amy put her arms around Becky, and, hugging her tightly, cried.

It was the cry of a woman who is relieved that the horrors were over. The cry of fear that it could happen again. The cry of terror that the next time could include her girls. The cry of shame of what she was put through. And the cry of humiliation because her daughter had seen her used so thoroughly.

But perhaps mostly it was the cry of the way her body reacted to the violation by the men and her helplessness to prevent it. She hadn’t been bound in years, and she felt like a total slut when they restrained her. Her body loved it! She had totally lost track of the number of times that she had orgasmed, and one of those times was to her own daughter.

“I love you, mommy.”

story by: Greg S

Tags: female / girl rape incest fantasm sex story

Author: Greg S

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