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I feel warm, loved and truly, truly sexy. In 25 years of marriage I never once felt sexy and loved like this – and this gorgeous new man has achieved this in just a few short minutes on our first time together. I feel like the Queen.He undoes my bra and lets my breasts spill out. He looks in the mirror and fondles them gently from behind heightening the warmth I feel. “Lie down on the bed beautiful lady.†Sean says “I want to devour you.†I feel warm, loved and truly, truly sexy. In 25 years of marriage I never once felt sexy and loved like this – and this gorgeous new man has achieved this in just a few short minutes on our first time together. I feel like the Queen.He undoes my bra and lets my breasts spill out. He looks in the mirror and fondles them gently from behind heightening the warmth I feel. “Lie down on the bed beautiful lady.†Sean says “I want to devour you.â€

I stare into my own eyes as I carefully apply a second coat of black mascara to my long lashes.

‘Not doing too bad old girl.’ I say to myself. ‘A few little lines round the eyes but for 45 you’re doing OK.’

I add a coat of lip-gloss smack my lips together and step back to take in my whole reflection.

A new figure-hugging black dress with plunge neckline, long, slim legs covered by fine silk stockings and a brand new pair of classy heels. And of course a new, black lacy bra underneath with matching undies.

‘Not bad baby. Not bad at all!’ All the yoga and salads have paid off.

I take a swig of wine.

I exude confidence on the outside, but inside I am feeling nervous. Tonight is the first time I’ll have sex with a man I’m not married to. For 25 years I slept with my husband. We were married young, he was my first, and I have never known anyone else.

2 years ago I left him. The kids had their own lives and I was sick of his Saturday night 2-minutes-in-missionary sex routine. It was time for me to find out what else was out there.

I met Sean online. 

He’s hot and sexy with a beautiful, gentle caring side. We’ve dated a few times but not had sex yet. I guess I’ve felt nervous about someone new and want to be sure it’s right. Sean has been really understanding but I think his balls are getting a bit blue… It’s time…

We’re booked into the Sheraton for 2 nights. Waves of excitement and nervous energy bash into each other in the pit of my stomach. 

I take another swig of wine.

Dinner is fabulous. We stare into each others eyes and talk about our hopes and dreams. And then he stops me mid sentence, grabs my hand and says

“I need you now babe.â€

We’re alone in the lift and he kisses me tenderly biting at my lips and cupping my head in his hands. I smell his desire and feel safe in his strong arms. I moan with anticipation. 

He whispers in my ear

“Baby get ready to feel like you’ve never felt before.†My new undies start to get wet.

Inside the room Sean takes total control. 

He kisses me passionately again. Our tongues dance and he strokes the side of my neck and my hair. Then he gently bites and nibbles my lips. My eyes are closed and I am deep inside myself, all I can feel is the delicious sensations on my lips and the beautiful warmth rising up from my pussy to my belly.

He pulls away and holds my face. I open my eyes and find him staring deeply at me taking in every detail.

“Sarah you are beautiful. So exquisitely beautiful.†he smiles.

He slides his hands down to my shoulders and gently takes the straps of my dress down my arms. He comes round behind me so I am looking in the full-length mirrored wardrobe doors and can see Sean’s reflection behind me.

He bites the side of my neck gently, I can feel his hot breath on my skin and shivers of pleasure run up and down my spine. Gently and slowly he undoes my dress and it falls to the floor.

I look again at my reflection. I’m standing in my bra, undies, stockings and shoes with this fabulous man bear-hugging me from behind.

“Look how beautiful and sexy you look Sarah.†says Sean. “I want to devour every inch of you.â€

“Thank you beautiful man.†I smile and reach around to stroke his hair.

I feel warm, loved and truly, truly sexy. In 25 years of marriage I never once felt sexy and loved like this – and this gorgeous new man has achieved this in just a few short minutes on our first time together. I feel like the Queen.

He unhooks my bra and lets my breasts spill out. He looks in the mirror and fondles them gently from behind heightening the warmth I feel.

“Lie down on the bed beautiful lady.†Sean says “I want to devour you.â€

He pulls back the top sheet and arranges the pillows for me

“Just here beautiful.†he says guiding me to the middle of the bed. When I lay back my head and shoulders are slightly raised so that I can see down my body and to the mirror beyond.

Sean takes off my shoes and rolls my stockings gently off. Then slowly and deliberately he takes off his shirt to reveal a toned body with just a tiny hint of chest hair. He unbuttons his pants and slides everything off.

His semi-hard circumcised cock is huge. My pussy tingles and I lick my lips wanting it inside me soooo bad.

He starts at my left ankle and slowly plants gentle kisses on the inside of my leg working upwards slowly and taking in my scent with every kiss. His top hand caresses my thigh as he goes. It’s delicious – I feel feminine and loved.

“Baby I feel so spoiled.†I say. 

As he works his butterfly kisses up to my inner thigh I start to caress his head running my fingers through his hair. His butterfly kisses get stronger and turn to little bites as he devours first one inner thigh then the other.

He stops and breathes deeply into each groin biting gently – this is incredible and shoots fire up and down my body. I start to squirm – willing him to give my aching pussy and clit attention.

He props his head up on an elbow and traces around my pussy with the fingers of his other hand. I the feeling of his touch through the thin barrier of my silk undies is delicious but frustrating. I moan.

“Good baby?†he asks.

“Fabulous.†I nod.

He changes it up. He quickly slides a finger in the side of my undies and enters my soaking pussy. He finger-fucks me hard and fast finding what I guess is my g-spot in seconds and tipping me into a wild orgasm.

“Oh Oh Oh Oh.†I scream “Oooooooh.†

The pleasure is delicious like nothing I have felt before. He adds a second finger and pushes hard into me so his hand is pressing on the bone of my pelvis and he shoves me with all his might.

I cum again juicing all over his hand. The feeling is shocking and incredible – another first. He continues to pump hard until I dissolve back onto the bed.

I take a moment to recover then look at his face feeling a mixture of surprise, joy and lust.

“Good girl.†he says “Good girl.†smiling at me.

Gently he closes my legs and removes my undies.

“I can’t wait to see and taste you.†Sean smiles.

He bends my knees up and slowly parts my legs like he’s unwrapping a very special gift. He stares at my hairless pussy in wonder.

“Wow that’s beautiful Sarah.†he smiles “So beautiful.â€

He lays down between my legs and brings his lips down to meet my outer lips. He sucks on them gently.

“Wow you taste so good.†he says.

He starts to bite, lick and kiss gently around my whole pussy and delicious warm ecstasy rises
up my body. Sean starts to lose himself in me wiping his face on my pussy, licking with fierce long strokes and blowing raspberries on me.

He’s clearly loving it.

Never before have I had a man enjoy going down on me. My husband licked me occasionally but it always felt like he was doing me a massive favour and if I didn’t come within a few minutes – bad luck. Time up.

Tonight this man is in heaven and it shows.

He thrusts his tongue deep inside me and moves his jaw so his chin probes the outside of my ass. I feel a minor wave come and then crash down over me – it doesn’t stop though – already this man can tip me over and then keep me there – I’ve no idea what he’s doing anymore as wave after wave of pleasure hits me.

“This is incredible Sean. I feel amazing.†I manage to say.

Sean looks up and smiles.

“Baby we’ve only just started.â€

He puts his head back down this time unwrapping my clit and starting to give it some attention. He starts with gentle slow licks, increases the pace, and then slows again.

He reaches up and grabs a nipple and alternately squeezes and strokes it.

I’m heading towards a massive orgasm. As I get close and my breath shortens. He seems to know and backs off just a little holding me close but not letting me tip over. I grab his hair and thrust my hips into him.

“Please baby please!†I beg.

This is a new Sarah. Never ever in my old life would I have let myself go and thrust my hips into a man’s face. What a change!

“How much do you want it?†Sean asks.

“I need it baby – I need to cum now!†I beg.

Sean slowly and deliberated slides 2 fingers inside me and then moves them slowly in and out. Then he licks my clit with a steady regular pace. It’s like he knows exactly what I need.

The waves build slowly and surely. I close my eyes and bask in the pleasure of certain orgasm. He keeps the steady pace going and I build and build to a place higher than I’ve ever been before… and then I crash over the edge into delicious wave after delicious wave of pleasure.

Sean keeps working my pussy and clit gently and my climax goes on and on until gradually the waves fade away.

I open my eyes and smile

“Wow!†is all I can say “Wow Wow Wow!â€

Sean smiles and crawls up my body kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples briefly before kissing my mouth. I taste my own musky flavor – mixed with Sean’s taste… it’s delicious.

“Are you ready to be fucked gorgeous lady?†he whispers in my ear.

“Yes! Yes please.†I moan. I am more than ready for my first time with this divine man.

He lifts my legs up on to his shoulders and enters me slowly. He goes all he way in so I can feel his pelvis grind down onto me. All the time we stares into my eyes.

“Oh†I hear myself say “Oh that’s lovely.â€

And it is. I feel totally full, peaceful and warm. The warmth spreads from my pussy and out to my fingers and toes and back again.

Sean starts with slow thrusts staring into my eyes. Then he ups the pace and the strength until his is pounding into me hard and fast. I’ve never been taken like this before. His pelvis grinds into my clit and his meat fills me up.

It’s fan-fucking-tastic.

Based on my past life I’m expecting only a couple of minutes, but Sean pounds into me for relentlessly for at least 10 minutes – changing the pace up and down and giving me wave after wave of pleasure.

Then he pulls out.

“Crawl to the end of the bed beautiful.†he says. “I want you doggy.â€

I’m there in a flash.

“Knees together baby.†Sean guides me into position. Head down. Bum up. Another first for me. So many firsts tonight.

Sean strokes my ass and pussy gently and then slides in. He grabs my hips and starts slowly building the pace and intensity gradually. I feel the first waves of pleasure build.

“Are you ready to cop it baby?†he asks.

“I sure am.†I growl.

He slaps my ass and gives it to me. Hard, fast and furious fucking.

I lose all sense of place and time and just enjoy being totally absorbed in the pleasure this amazing man is giving me. Wave after wave crashes over me.

“That’s it – good girl. You do that. You cum on my cock baby.â€

And I do. Over and over and over. I can’t believe how many times I have come and how much stamina this man has.

Eventually he pulls out.

“Roll over baby. I want you on your back. I want to see your face.â€

I roll over and he drags me towards him so that he and slide into me standing at the end of the bed.

He starts slowly again. All the while staring at my face. Then slowly he builds the pace up and up and up once again pounding into me.

“Baby your pussy is incredible.†he smiles “Just incredible.â€â€™

He keeps pumping, changing the pace and intensity just enough to keep the waves of pleasure washing over me. Then his face becomes more intense

“OK baby are you ready? Are you ready for my cum?â€

“Yes please. Yes please!†I beg.

“OK baby here it comes! Arrrggggh!â€

His face contorts and he growls deeply as load after load of hot cum fill my pussy. I tip over again – riding high with Sean on a shared wave of ecstasy.

The waves slowly subsided and I feel nothing but peace, warmth and love.

Sean gets a towel and gently wipes us before laying on the bed for a hug. I lay in his arms with my head on his chest and just enjoy the tingling sensations flow through my body.

“Wow baby that was incredible.†I smile “Totally incredible.â€

“You’re incredible.†he smiles kissing my forehead. “Not bad for our first time. I’ll be ready for you for more in an hour or so. How about you?â€

“Yes please,†I smile like a cat who’s got the cream “Yes please.â€


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