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Caught On DVD

I had just come home in a very good mood. School was over for the year and summer was here. My boyfriend was going off to college in the fall but we had the whole summer to ourselves. Life just couldn’t get any better than that.

Then dad came home from work…

He was a college professor and was he ever pissed…at me.

He roughly sat me down on the couch, put in a DVD, and hit play. There I was on the fifty-two inch wide-screen high-density television set in living color, completely naked, and fucking my boyfriend on my bed. My small tits were bouncing, my firm ass was bouncing, and his cock had felt so good in my cunt that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was shouting out “Oh God! Fuck me harder!” and cumming like there was no tomorrow. Then I was sucking his cock clean and begging for more. Finally as we lay there bathing in the afterglow of sex he asked me if I would fuck a few of his friends. Of course I had said yes. I would do anything that he wanted me to do, after all I loved him.

As I listened to the conversation I realized that I had not really listened to him in the first place. He wanted me to let some of his friends fuck me. He had six friends and one had a cottage on a lake that he wanted to take me too for a whole week. I had said yes then he called me his little whore and told me that he was going to charge his friends every time that they fucked me. He was going to get double payment if they fucked my ass. What! He said that he needed the money for college to buy beer and pot. He was prostituting me out. That fucking bastard!

Why hadn’t I realized what he had said when he said it. Maybe because he had gotten me drunk first.

Then I wondered how my father had a DVD of us in bed together. That was easy, he confessed that he had installed the cameras and microphones in my room when I started to develop. He said that he only wanted to keep an eye on me. I then knew that he had certainly kept an eye on me. I was almost always naked in my bedroom and I masturbated a lot on top of the covers. I had never dreamed that I was being spied on.

My father then told me that my affair with my boyfriend was over and that if it continued he would have him arrested. For what! He reminded me that I was fifteen years old and still a minor while my boyfriend was nineteen years old and an adult. Oh! He also reminded me of what I had just watched and that my boyfriend wanted to pimp me out as his whore to his friends for a week.

Then my father told me that he was also out for the summer and that we were going on a dig together. You see my father is an Archeologist and teaches Archeology at the University. Normally I get shipped off to my Aunt Marilyn for the summer but this year dad wants to keep a closer eye on me.

The very next day we were packed and off to Wyoming. There was a new dig started there and they were hoping to find evidence of some prehistoric bug. Oh goody!

The drive to Wyoming was a long one but dad and I got to talk a lot because he disconnected the car radio and he would not allow me to bring anything electronic. It wasn’t fair because he got to bring his laptop, his camera, and his cell phone.

Knowing where we were going I packed all of my summer stuff. I had some cute tops and miniskirts but mostly I had bikini tops, T-shirts, and shorts.

I had assumed that there would be more people there but it turned out to just be one lady and her son. The four of us were to search the area all summer to find any evidence of that bug. I knew that dad would like the lady. After all Helen was about his age, pretty, and she could speak his language. Her son Troy was my age and he was just as happy to be there as I was. He also had no choice and no electronic equipment.

It was hot as we set up our tent near their tent. Troy helped dad while Helen showed me the layout. She had set up a three-foot tall canvas wall in a square with an opening that shielded you from view when you squatted down. There was a ditch dug in the ground and an old coffee can with a roll of toilet paper in it. I would have to bury my poop when I was done too. Oh great, a topless outhouse.

A tarp had been set up to offer some shade from the sun as we prepared and ate our meals. She helped me carry our coolers over and place them near hers. We did not need our camp stove but our lantern would come in handy later. We also carried over four five-gallon jugs of water. Helen cautioned me to conserve it by just washing up with a cup of water before I went to bed. Oh yeah!

The rest of the day was spent getting acquainted. Troy and I talked about school, music, and sex. He was still a virgin but I told him that we could take care of that easy enough if he wanted too. Dad was right I was pretty brazen to offer to let a strange boy fuck me.

Our parents got off to a good start. They were both single raising a child, professors, and interested in the same stupid bug. We fixed dinner from dehydrated food packets and sat around watching the sunset. Then it was bedtime. Yeah right.

I got to go in first and wash up with a whole cup of water and a washcloth. When I was I called to dad to come in. I was no dummy though and I placed the lantern on one side of the tent and stood so that I cast a shadow on the side where my dad and Troy were sitting. As I bathed I watched my shadow. I looked pretty damn good if I did have say so myself.

When dad came in he said something about me casting a shadow on the tent wall but I told him not to look if it bothered him. He turned out the light and we climbed into our sleeping bags. Well it was way too hot to sleep. I was practically naked, lying on top of the sleeping bag, and I was still sweating like a pig.

I put on a T-shirt and went out into the night air. Troy was out there too. He just looked at me, smiled, and shined his flashlight toward the outhouse. I walked with him. It was far enough away from the tents so as not to smell. It was also just about the only place to hide too.

I noticed that Troy was very nervous around me so I simple asked him if he wanted to fuck me and get it over with. Apparently he did but he was just too shy to ask me. I lifted up my T-shirt and hung it over the short wall. Troy looked at my nude body with his flashlight for a while before he got undressed too. I lay down on the warm dirt and coaxed him to me. I had to help him get his hard cock into me but it was certainly worth it. It had been a few days since I had felt anything that good and I really wanted to enjoy it. However I also knew that he wouldn’t last long enough for me to really enjoy it so I just resolved myself to let him get his rocks off. I could always finger myself afterwards to relieve my tension.

As Troy fucked into me he was ferocious. He was a kid with a new toy and he wanted to know how it worked. He was hard and he was willing so I just let him have his way with me. I had been fucked harder before so it was no big deal to submit to his desires. Once he knocked the wind out of me but other than that he was okay. He was trying to break my pelvis bone when he finally cum in me. He collapsed on top of me and I had to push him off to the side. He was really breathing hard so I sucked his cock clean and deposited his cum in the trench as I peed. Then I went right back to him. We kissed for a while then I put on his boxer shorts and my T-shirt. Troy got dressed and we returned to our tents.

In the morning I just got up and walked out of my tent. Helen walked with me toward the outhouse. As we walked along she said that she had found a big gob of cum in the trench that morning that I hadn’t cover. She also noticed that I was wearing her son’s underwear. Then she asked me if I was on birth control. I told her that I was and then she said that we were to take our pills every morning together. She didn’t mind if I let her son fuck me but she didn’t want him to become a father at his age. Him! What about me! I certainly didn’t want to become a mother either.

After breakfast I changed into the skimpiest pair of shorts that I owned and put on a bikini top that would make Troy hard. Well I certainly made Troy hard and my father too. I had to smile as dad adjusted his stiffening cock in his pants. Helen noticed it too and just smiled.

Helen handed us each a GPS device so that we could always tell where we were and where base camp was. We were to carry them at all times. Then she had Troy and I go off in a certain direction for about a half an hour and search the ground for signs of ‘the bug.’

As Troy and I took off we held hands and talked the whole time. He was still thrilled about the night before so once we were out of sight I asked him if he wanted to do it again. He did so I just lowered my shorts, bent over, and told him to enjoy himself. He was a bit confused so I had to help him slip his cock into me from behind. A few quick thrusts and he was good to go. I just pulled my shorts back up and off we went on our mission. We walked to the location we had been given and looked around, but we were not really interested in any old bug. So I let Troy fuck me again. Finally he lasted long enough for me to enjoy it a little bit too. Of course I was fingering my clit the whole time but he didn’t know that. After that we really did start to look for signs of ‘the bug’ but we didn’t find any.

On our way back to base camp Troy wanted to do it again. I liked his enthusiasm so I let him do it again. I used a little of the water in my canteen to wash up with and Troy did the same thing. When we got back to camp our parents were not in sight. However as we got close I could hear the distinct sound of Helen having an orgasm. Troy and I just sat in the shade of the tarp and watched his tent. Soon Helen came out in just a T-shirt. She took one look at me, blushed, and headed for the outhouse. I could see her squat down out of sight and then cover her mess before coming back to us.

Helen simply said that Troy would be sleeping with me and that my father would be sleeping with her. Troy and I just smiled. Then I reminded her about her birth control pills and that I did not want a baby brother or a baby sister.

During dinner we talked about the new sleeping arrangements. It seemed that Helen and I were in charge of when, where, and how often the boys would be getting sex. I simply told her that Troy had already had sex with me three times that day. She smiled and said that we were even then. Dad was more sexual than I had thought.

Then I told Helen that I was planning on going topless or nude whenever I felt like it too. She said that she would join me. To test her I removed my bikini top and let my father see my tits. Helen then removed her T-shirt and let her son see her completely nude. I then had to remove my shorts and show my pussy to my father too. Both boys got hard so I simply bent over and grabbed my knees while Troy fucked me from behind. Helen looked at us and then backed into dad. He fucked her too as Troy fucked me. Troy cum first but dad had just done it minutes before we got back. I knew he was still trying to recover from that.

We watched the sunset and then headed to our own tents. Finally I got Troy on his back so that I could fuck him slowly and deeply. That was what I had needed all along.

In the morning I took out my birth control pills and together Helen and I swallowed them in front of the boys. We girls put on shorts and we all stuck together to search. It was much better with four sets of eyes, especially since two of them knew what we were looking for.

Each day we would search a different area. Helen and I almost never covered up entirely. We seemed to wear our panties a lot and nothing else. We made love whenever the boys wanted too. Then Helen got her period and shut dad off. Well I couldn’t let him suffer like that so I offered to let him fuck me. At first he was shocked but somehow Helen told him to go for it. So for the next three days I let both boys fuck me whenever they wanted too. It became a game. The boys were trying to out do one another with me getting it constantly. I sure as hell didn’t mind. I had often dreamt of dad fucking me and his cock felt so good compared to Troy’s cock and dad knew how to use it too. That third day when we were out searching, dad had me jump up in his arms while he impaled me with his cock and then let me down enough to sit on his hard member until he cum. It was my first standing fuck but certainly not my last. I liked it.

After Helen stopped bleeding things went back to normal for about a week, then I had my period. I sure didn’t mind if the boys fucked me but just to keep things going I told Troy to fuck his mother. After all she had sicked my father on me so I sicked her son on her. I smiled as Troy bent her over and drove her from behind. I didn’t actually think that Helen would let Troy fuck her but she did. I kept getting him hard so that he would fuck her more. It worked too and Helen asked me to stop because she was starting to get sore. I told her to toughen up and take it like a real woman. That was the start of a war.

A few weeks later when she had her period she kept getting my father and her son hard for me. After the end of the second day I knew just how she had felt but I wasn’t going to tell her that.

We were at the sight for about nine weeks and never found a single sign. We had to separate but we promised to stay in touch. We also planned on going back to that same sight the following summer together.

I slept with my father after that summer. I still kept my stuff in my own bedroom for appearances and whenever my girlfriends came over, but otherwise I was daddy’s little girl.

I didn’t go out on dates anymore. I just stayed home, learned to cook, and read a lot of my father’s books. I decided to follow in his footsteps and become an Archeologist too. Troy had come to the same conclusion.

We did meet every summer in Wyoming in that same place. Troy and I graduated from high school and entered college. Then we graduated from college. Finally the four of us had a double wedding after graduation.

That very summer the four of us Archeologists discovered “The Bug” not very far from where we had started back years before.

The End
Caught On DVD

story by: fbailey

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Author: fbailey

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