Distant love- part 2 – now i know you better…

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After the house was completely silent…we started chatting about what we did earlier…or the other day…we sat by his bed talking.

"So…what were you doing on the chat…?" I asked.

"Just horny…and you?" he asked.

"I was curious…and…I was kinda surprised that you had pics of yourself to give away" I said.

"Those are old…everybody changes…." He said.

"Maybe…but you are still chubby to me…." I said smirking to him.

actually gonna go there 'Mr.4 pack'?" he said rolling his eyes at me.

"Duh…of course I am I said laughing.

"You're a jerk…" He said.

"Oh come on..I'm kidding! Here…I'll make it up to you…ask anything you want…" I said.

did you become bi?" He asked.

"Back in Brazil, I was introduced to this after my first blowjob from a boy…" I said. "But I had blowjobs from girls too" I continued.

"And…which did you like better?" He asked.

"Boys….the feeling is as if they actually wanted to try it." I explained.

"I…kinda never had a blowjob today…" he said.

I asked.

question…are you a />
"Front door or back door?" I asked.

"Both" he replied.

a virgin both ways…" I said.

"ahh…so the all cool 'Black Swordsman' is still a virgin?" He said.

"Black Swordsman" was my Sword Play School Club nickname…when I first got in the club, the master asked us to change out bamboo swords to our liking…and I painted it black…that combined with my victories during the year earned that nickname.

I said.

"Hum…last question now…how do you feel…about me…?" He said blushing a little.

"Let's see…when I look at you I feel butterflies on my stomach, my breathing gets faster and heavier, my heart beats faster….and I keep thinking of you all day…" I said.

like you…I mean…you are special…you make me laugh, you comfort me when I'm upset…and I've never felt like this towards anyone…" He said.

"…me neither…"I said.

"Yeah but I pretty much like you….uh…I He said.

"oh come on…end it…" I said.

"I'm afraid of it…we're fine as brothers…and friends…" he said.

"But it's ok…" I said…he let out a sigh and looked at me again.

"I love you…" He said

"…I love you too…and I guess I always did…from the moment I first saw you…" I said getting near him.

He said. It was everything he said before he got his face closer to mine…kissing me deeply…his tongue slid inside my mouth as his hands got on my shoulders….we got up and he laid over me on his bed, never breaking the kiss…I could feel his dick rubbing mine…and if felt so good…I almost blew myself right there…then I suggested…

"Wanna get naked and continue making out…?" I said.

He said smiling. We stripped naked and continued making out, he stopped and looked at me…
"You have a nice body…" He said.

have a perfect one…well…a bit chubby but…"I said laughing a bit.

"You hoe…" He said pulling me for another kiss…which he fastly broke as he lowered himself kissing my chest…my belly and facing my dick…

"Are you sure you want to do it…?" I asked.

"Let my acts talk for me…" He said exactly the way I had spoken earlier…before enveloping his mouth around it…his mouth was warm….and felt perfect on me…I found myself moaning softly as he sucked on it…I ran my hand through his hair, caressing his head amd he let go of my dick.

"Why did you stop…?" I asked him.

"I want…to feel you…for real" He said.

"It doesn't seems fair….the least I can do…is give it to you first…I wanna please you…" I said.

"No…I want you first…" He said.

We talked, talked and gave excuses so the other could go first…but eventyally he lost…so he got to go first…I got on my hands and knees and he got a small pot of lube he had hidden…taking some of it and rubbing it on my ass crack, slowly sliding his finger in, I squeezed his pillow.

"Are you ok..?" He asked.

just not…used to it…so…go slow…" I said.

said, slowly fucking me with his finger…in sometime…the pain died…and I said I was ready for the real deal…and he said himself behind me…he assured me…

"I'll go He said before slowly sticking his dick in…I felt the head slowly going through and when it got in…the rest of it went in easily…it hurt a bit because his dick was as big as mine, but a bit thicker, I was moaning softly not to wake anyone in the house as his thrusts became a bit faster…he kept moaning with his eyes closed…from what I understood…it was as good for him as it was to me….

I said between my moans.

He replied as he went faster and deeper…his dick felt amazingly good inside of me, I was biting the pillow by this time….and I was occasionally whispering to I wanted every inch he had inside of me…

feels so stop.." I let out…I was completely lost between my lust and pleasure…

so tight…I…I love you!" He said. I myself was nearing my climax and I knew I would cum soon…so I pushed myself against him hard…and I felt the last inches slide into me feeling his pubes by my buttcheeks, I moaned loud and came on the bed, he continued his thrusts for 2 more minutes and he finally came, I could feel it deep inside as his cum filled me…his breathing was hard as he was still recollecting himself, me also….he rested his head on my back regaining his breath and sliding his now soft dick out of me…

"That I said.

"Ahh Matt…I love you..you hoe.." He said moving to my side.

"I love you too you little, chubby boy…" I said.

like…2 inches shorter!" he said.

"Still shorter than me…" I said with a smirk.

"Ugh…I hate you…" He said.

"Nooo you I said leaning to kiss him again, then I broke the kiss. "you know…sometime I was gonna ask you what would you do to me if I was with you alone…but that's an answered question" I said.

a hoe…did I ever tell you that you're a hoe?" He asked sarcasticly.

"Well…from the day we met..and until now…hum…142 times…9 times only this week…" I said.

counting?" He said.

"Pretty much…I was gonna like, punish you when you made it to 200 times." I said.

"And what were you gonna do….?" He asked.

"Dunno….I was thinking of I said putting my arms behind my head.

He said.

is crazy…" I said.

"So call me maybe…" He said, we laughed hard, but soon enough…we slept…the last thing I felt was Alex cuddling up to me like a puppy…it was simply cute…I put my arm over him and slept…we wole up the next day completely tired from our little play time…

"Hey…we slept a lot…we better get dressed before someone busts in…like your brother or I said.

"Sure…just let me find my glasses…" He said.

"You use glasses…?" I asked.

school I mostly use contact lenses" He said.

"Oohh…are those the ones..?" I asked pointing at some glasses on the table.

said wearing them, he looked completely cute with glasses…

"You should go to school with glasses on…"I said.

"You think..?" He asked.

"You're adorable with them chubs…" I said.

"Thanks Coffee making boy…" he said.

"You still remembered this pic?" I said rolling my eyes at him.

The so called pic was a badly drew world map, it had USA as #1 and the other parts of the world with a different thing written…South America had "Coffee comes from here"…and he annoyed me sometimes with that…but the picture was funny.

"You're going to paaaaay for it!" I said jumping at him and tickling his feet, he tried kicking me off but no avail, and after sometime… I let go of him.

"I couldn't breath!!" He said slowly getting his clothes.

"Yeah right….drama princess…" I said, getting dressed.

"Why…cuz you are the Queen?" He asked.

the drama prince…so I'm the boy…" I said.

"Didn't seem like that He said.

"….Shut up…" I said as we moved to the living room to have breakfast, everyone, but his 2nd younger brother were awake…

"Did you boys sleep well?" His mother asked.

"Yes, thanks for letting me stay the night Mrs.Cruz…" I said.

"No problem" she replied smiling.

"You can stay a little more after the afternoon, your house is like 10 minutes from here…" Alex said.

"Ok then…if you sooo want it…" I said looking at him with a smile, he smiled back at me…and we kept on eating.

story by: MattC.

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: MattC.

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