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A week and a half had passed since Suzan and my video had been recorded for the contest and now Suzan was at Joe’s bar getting the results. I tried to busy myself watching tv and reading a magazine but I was very interested to find out the results. Finally she arrived.
“Hey baby.”, she said entering the house.
I stood in silence for a minute but she said nothing more. I asked.
“Well what?”, she answered, teasing me.
“You know what”, I snapped back sarcastically.
she paused again. “Now all the girls know what I know and that is that you are one sexy man!”.
“We won?”, I asked with a stunned voice.
“You won, baby. I just get to claim you”, she responded.
“So where’s the $5000?”, I was ready for my reward.
get it on Thursday. They are giving us a free dinner and then the awards ceremony”, she explained.
“Awards ceremony?”, I was puzzled.
“O, you know how these girls make everything into such a big deal. They want to see you when you get the money”, she finished her thought.
As long as I got my money, I was good. It did make me a little uncomfortable that all these women were going to be measuring me up.
“O and Megan gave me our video”, she held up a flash drive, “I thought you might want to see it and then celebrate together.” She moved up the stairs provocatively.
We watched the video. I must admit, it was arousing to remember all that went on. I especially liked the part when Megan wrapped her hand around me to pose things correctly. By the end of the video, I was hard as a rock and Suzan used every inch.
Thursday came along and Suzan and I got dressed for dinner. She looked hot in a slinky little red dress. It complimented her blonde hair and blue eyes and her legs looked great. I was in the typical khakis and a button down.
Dinner was scheduled for 11:30pm, which was late but the waitresses had asked for it then because they close at 12:00 and things are calmer. We entered the Joe’s Bikini Bar and saw a beautiful little blonde in a string bikini. As she stepped from behind the hostess stand you can see how firm every inch of her body was. Toned legs, firm shoulders and a very flat stomach.
“Hey there big guy”, she said. “Your tables this way.”
I had to think about it for a second but it seemed like a strange greeting. “Was she one of the judges?”, I asked Suzan.
Mindy”, she answered. “She was one of the three judges.”
I was a little uncomfortable, but I was seeing most of what Mindy had right now, so maybe it was fair. Next I saw beautiful Megan walking toward us. She was breathtaking in her tiny red bikini revealing her amazing breasts and athletic body.
“Hey stud”, she said as she walked past glancing briefly at my crotch.
Now I was definitely uncomfortable. Suzan just kept walking like nothing unusual was happening.
in the back room”, Mindy said gesturing toward a couple of glass paned doors. “Catch you in a few big guy”, Mindy said slapping my gently on the butt.
Before I could overcome my surprise I heard the women in the room.
“Here he is”, Linda said.
“The big winner”, Jan chimed in.
“I here he’s a BIG winner”, Linda added. Stephanie just laughed.
They were all married women in their 30’s and were well to do. Linda’s a tall, bleach blonde that’s married to a big time lawyer. Jan is a short, thin brunette, yoga instructor married to a banker. Nancy is of Latino descent and has dark brown eyes. She’s a corporate headhunter and Stephanie is a fair skinned, red head stay at home mom. I knew all of them to some degree and had spent time with all of their husbands. It was definitely odd to hear these comments from their mouths.
“O, the BIG winner is here”, a voice came from behind me. It was another one of the waitresses. She was about 5’10” blonde and very slim. Her bikini barely covered the tips of our bountiful breasts. I wondered if they were even real.
“This is Chelsea, another judge”, Suzan introduced.
“I would say it’s nice to meet you but I feel like I already know so much”, Chelsea said looking deep into my eyes.
“It’s a pleasure”, I responded not really knowing what to say.
“Yes it was”, she smiled and began to serve drinks.
Now I was uncomfortable and getting hard with all these women commenting on various parts of my sexual prowess.
We finally sat down and I was glad to have a tablecloth to scoot up under before any of the women noticed my arousal. We ordered appetizers and food. At that point a small framed hispanic waitress came to deliver our food. She was only about 5’4” and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. Her limbs were trim and her tiny butt swung side to side when she walked in her little yellow bikini.
“Did you order the clams?”, she asked, setting them in front of me.
“Um, I don’t think so”, I responded.
“O yea baby”, she answered. “You ordered the clams.” She set them down and walked away. The women all chuckled and continued with their conversations.
Maria”, Suzan said.
tell me”, I broke in, a judge”. Suzan just smiled at me.
I could see the restaurant clearing out as closing time came and soon we were pretty much the only one’s left. The food was great but I was ready to get my money and go. My uncomfortable meter had peaked out. That’s when the Megan, Mindy, Chelsea and Maria all entered the room in their tiny bikini’s. I must admit, they were an amazing sight of the pure beauty of the female form.
Chelsea held and envelope up between her massive breasts. “Ladies, as you know we have proudly selected a winner.” All the women applauded and laughed. “Just for you all to know, the vote was unanimous, with no further discussion necessary. I was growing even more uncomfortable now. “My job was to judge the best equipment and ladies, let me tell you, we have a winner!” The woman applauded and she passed the envelope to the little blonde, Mindy.
“I was to judge the best control and unlike many of our subjects, this guy has some serious control!”, she said gesturing toward me. The women continued to applaud and now I was red.
Maria snatched the envelope from the little blonde. “I judged performance and let me tell you, this guy has it and knows how to use it!”, she said clapping her hands together. The women joined in and continued laughing. “So”, she continued instructing the women to quiet down with her hands. “So, before we award the prize we have one request of you.” She looked right at me with her deep brown eyes. “We don’t think that the video did you justice, so we”, she gestured to her bikini clad friends, “would like a live look.” All of the women raised their voices and began applauding.
Her words were still processing in my head. “Did you know about this?”, I whispered to Suzan.
“No”, she said with a surprised look on her face. “I promise, they must have come up with this on their own.
I looked at the beautiful waitress, “I think I should probably just take the money and run at this point.”, I said trying to hide my shock.
The room exploded. “O come on Jon”, and other statements I can’t recall from the other women in the room.
“O come on”, Megan chimed in, “I told them how amazing you were.” Her dark blue eyes flashed in the light. Unlike when she was recording us I could now see her firm stomach and plump breasts gushing out of her bikini top. She was beautiful.
I snapped back to my senses. “I don’t think this is a good idea”, I said out loud and to myself, then I turned to Suzan. “I don’t think this is a good idea.” I said to her, repeating myself. She just looked at me blankly.
“I’ll put in another thousand”, Nancy called out.
“Me too”, Linda piped up.
“I’ll do it too”, Jan chimed in looking me up and down.
I was ready to snatch the envelope out of Maria’s hands and run. Suzan leaned into my ear. “I’ll give you my $500 too. That’s $8000 total.”
I couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife was bribing me to disrobe in front of three of her friends and four smoking hot, 20 somethings in bikinis. I can’t imagine what my face looked like.
Mindy moved in, leaning down close to me. big guy, I’ve never had a guy say no to me.” She tugged her bikini top enough to reveal the firm nipple on her suspended breast.
“I’ll put in all my tips from tonight”, Megan added to the pile.
I looked back at Suzan still in shock that she was on board with this. “Make me proud”, she said and I stood up to the applause of the room. Chelsea was clapping and bouncing, causing her breasts to practically jump out of her top.
“This should be Jan said to herself. The small framed yoga instructor with short, dark brown hair was now looking me up and down with her arms crossed.
get that stuff off”, Maria proclaimed.
I tried to clear my head. All I had to do was undress to get $8000 plus tips and have my wife forever in my debt. I tried to block everything out and unbuttoned my shirt. The women were all being gregarious and making comments. I handed my shirt to Suzan and slipped my shoes and socks off. Megan’s eyes were locked in on me. I could see her nipples hardening through the red bikini top. I was hardening as well.
I unhooked my belt and opened my pants. They dropped to the floor leaving me with just my boxers.
“I think he likes us”, Nancy said observing the bulge.
Chelsea spoke up, see it.” The room was loud with laughter and comments.
Now I was getting quite hard. I dropped my boxers and the room went quiet. I lifted my head and looked around. Jan’s mouth was open and Nancy had a smirk on her face. Stefanie just looked with her eyes wide open. Chelsea was lightly fondling her left breast while Mindy and Maria just stared at my cock.
“I told you”, Megan said softly while elbowing Mindy.
Mindy bent down, looking at my cock. “That is a very nice.”, she announced.
There I stood naked and erect with sixteen female eyes focused on me. I continued to grow harder.
“Is it still getting bigger?”, Jan asked.
“O yes”, Suzan answered matter of factly while sitting back in her chair with a smug look on her face. more.”
“Definitely one of the nicest one’s I’ve ever seen”, Maria added.
“Does that hurt”, Stephanie asked Suzan without taking her eyes off my now throbbing cock.
“O no”, Suzan answered. “When that thing fills you up, it’s pleasure through and /> “I told you”, Megan said louder nudging Maria again.
“Yea, I see”, she responded never taking her eyes off of me.
“We can’t just leave him like that”, Mindy said. too good of an erection to waste.”
“I’ll volunteer to help with that”, Chelsea spoke up.
“No way”, Jan interrupted, “I’ll pay $5000 to take care of it.” What would Steven think of that? The room exploded again in some sort of bidding war. I just stood there with my throbbing cock as they bickered.
“Um, ladies”, Suzan spoke up. The room grew quiet. are available for viewing but they are not for sale.” At that point Suzan dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around my desperate cock. “I can’t wait any longer”, she said to me as she wrapped her lips around me. She pumped me hard with her left hand while rolling her tongue around my tip and then sucking. In less than a minute I blew my load into her mouth with a moan.
The room applauded but there seemed to be some disappointment.
“Good show”, Nancy called out. As the other spoke up as well. They talked and joked around as I got dressed and exited as quickly as I could.
I arrived home that night with $8,652, a happy wife and a great story. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to that bar though.

story by: Jonothan

Tags: fiction blowjob exhibitionism coercion reluctance oral sex male / females sex story

Author: Jonothan

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