Kelsey part 4

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"Now then, Pet, tonight you will only wear what I tell you to. For now, you are to remain naked. When you can put on clothes, I'll tell you." I still wanted to ogle her sublime form.

"Yes, Master, of course!" Damn, she's good.

We sat down to watch some TV, but about an hour in, cuddling with her under my arm, I noticed she was shivering.

"Go put your shirt back on, Pet, and sit on my lap." Once she was in place, I pulled a blanket over us. Soon enough, my fingers had found her nipples poking through her shirt, and I began fondling them.

"Master, may I play with myself?" She's really good!

"Yes, Pet, you can play with yourself. For now." Her hands went beneath the blanket, and I could hear her fingers sliding in and out of her wet hole. "Not too much, Pet. Remember, you're mine." I placed my hand over hers, slowed down her movements. Up and down, rubbing her clit, slowly but steadily. My other hand worked its way under her shirt, rolling her nipples between my fingers. Kelsey started to moan as I caressed her neck with my lips. Then I got a fantastic idea!

"Stand up and take off your shirt, Pet." As she obeyed, I got up, walked to the window, and opened the blinds. The sun streamed in, and I looked out over the parking lot beneath my window – I was on the second floor of my building. Standing at the window, naked, I beckoned Kelsey to come over to me.

"Stand against the window, facing it, and spread your legs open. Good, Pet. Now hold yourself against the frame." I walked up behind her, grabbed her nipple with one hand, and used the other to guide my dick into her smooth, moist cunt. She let out a soft groan as I began thrusting into her, slowly.

"Look out the window, Pet. See all the people?" She grunted affirmative. "All they have to do is look up, and they'll see me fucking you. Does that make you hot?" Another positive grunt. "I want you to watch them, Pet. If you find somebody interesting, tell me." My hands were fondling her tits and clit. "And if you see somebody watching you, I want you to grab the back of my head. Do you />
"Yes, Master!" I could hear the strain in her voice, trying to concentrate on not only the fucking I was giving her, but the people in the parking lot and answering me in a coherent manner. I picked up my pace, and her guttural noises followed suit.

"She looks amazing, Master!" Ooh, she picked a woman, eh? />
"Do you like the look of her, Pet? Can you imagine what she feels like under her clothes?" In response, I felt her vaginal walls tighten slightly around my cock. I was quite enjoying this little game!

"Keep watching, Pet. Don't let your eyes leave the parking lot." More confirmation. My hand left her tits, and I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. "I told you to kee watching the lot, Pet. Don't let me pull you back so far; I'm not going to let up." She drew her head back to its rightful place, while I was still pulling on her hair. Her walls tightened even more around my cock, in and out. Suddenly, her hand was on the back of my head!

"Tell me, Pet! Who's />
"Uh! It's the same lady! God!" Now I switched to pushing her head forward, almost touching the window.

"Is she on the left or the right, Pet?"

"Left, Master!" I turned her head so that she could still see the woman, and I leaned into Kelsey and looked over her shoulder. Sure enough, there was a woman looking up at us! A bit older, maybe 40 or so, definitely Cougar material. She was wearing a red dress, staring at us, her car door open as if she was just about to get in before noticing the show we were putting on.

I pressed Kelsey's face closer to the window. "Lick the glass, Pet." She did as she was told, her breath steaming up the glass as she gasped for air. The woman covered her mouth, but I also noticed that her other hand had migrated down; I can only fantasize that she was fondling herself, even if it was subconscious. Suddenly, she snapped back to reality, and quickly got into her car and drove off. I pulled Kelsey back to our original position, and started pounding her harder than before.

"UUUHH!! Yes Master! Harder! I felt her contracting around my dick, my clit-rubbing hand soaking wet; I became aware of my own grunting sounds as I shot my hot load into her fresh young pussy.

She was still having spasms when I picked her up by her legs, walked backwards to the couch, and sat down with her in my lap. We only sat there for a minute before I had an idea.

"Pet, I want you to go take a shower. We have to go do some grocery shopping. Leave the bathroom door open so I can watch you if I want to. Come back out here when you're done, I'll have clothes ready for you."

"Yes, Master!" She was chipper enough, and as she got up I gave her a little spank on her pert little ass. "Ooh!" She giggled as she ran off to the shower to follow my instructions. I watched her through the clear shower curtain for a minute, then went to the bedroom to fulfill my end of the directions. She already had jeans, but I didn't want her wearing the same shirt she came home in. Ah, that one will do nicely…

She only took a few minutes to wash up, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her towel off and walk toward me. I pointed to the couch where I'd laid her clothes – nothing but a shirt, jeans, and her socks. The shirt was a special one – it was mine, but it was also quite tight on me. I figured it would work for what I had in mind.

"Dress slowly, Pet. I love watching you move." She faced away from me to put the jeans on, just like I would have told her to do; she put them on the floor, stepped into them, and slowly bent over from the waist to pick them up. Such an amazing view! I couldn't help but to stick my finger into her sweet pussy and leave it there until she'd pulled the jeans up to my finger; I cleaned it off while she buttoned her tight little pants. Next, she put on the shirt, slowly, again just as I would have directed – facing me, as I rolled each nipple between my fingers. The shirt fit her loose enough, but there was something I needed it to do.

"Take a deep breath, Pet. Like that. Stick your chest out. Good girl." Perfect! Just as I'd hoped, when she did it right, her wonderful little nipples poked right through the shirt, plain as day! When she was relaxed, her nips barely showed, but if you looked close enough, it was obvious she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"OK! Let's go!" I didn't really have anything I needed, but I wanted to show her off, and play a little game at the same time…

We were at the store. I purposefully led her through the freezer sections repeatedly and unnecessarily, just to keep her nipples nice and rigid as possible. It wasn't all too crowded – it was an off-hour – but there were still a few people in the store, and it wasn't all that large. I nuzzled up close to her when we were alone in an aisle.

"How are you liking this, Pet? Are you having as much fun as I am? Knowing that so little separates you from everyone seeing you naked? It's terribly exciting isn't it?" I quickly pinched one of her nipples.

"Yes, Master! If only they knew…" We were interrupted by a little old lady walking into our aisle. She was occupied with her shopping list and probably hadn't even noticed either of us. I guided Kelsey down the aisle, right past the lady; just before we crossed paths, I gave Kelsey's ass a firm pinch, and she jumped a little. The lady did notice that, and after a split-second of surprise, just gave me a sly little "naughty kids" knowing smile. Dirty old broad!

We were alone in a different aisle – a freezer section! – when I gave Kelsey her next command.

"Pet, I want you to flash me. Do it quickly!" She had to set her shopping basket down, and did as she was ordered – wonderful! Nobody interfered with us this time, and despite being so brief, it was truly glorious show. Her nipples could've cut glass; I could see them straining, they were so erect. I had to have them, if only for a moment, so I walked over, thrust my hands beneath her shirt, and squeezed both nipples, kissed Kelsey, and released her. But it was time to bring this adventure to a close.

We only had a couple things, so we went through one of the checkouts – which is ridiculous, because there's nothing fast about them! It's like the checkout lady was intentionally going as slow as possible! I was getting quickly frustrated, and as soon as the lady was distracted, I slipped my had between Kelsey's thighs, putting pressure on her excellent cooch. Like a good little Pet, however, this time she didn't react at all. I left my hand there for several moments, even after the checkout lady turned her attention back to doing her job. I promptly moved my hand up to my nose, feigning the need to scratch, and drank in Kelsey's scent. Finally, the lady finished; I paid her, and we headed out to my car.

"You've soaked through your jeans, Pet! How delicious!" We had gotten in the car, but I wasn't about to start it just yet. I wasn't quite finished playing with her here. I put my hand directly over her crotch, rubbed it up and down, felt the dampness of her juices soaking into her clothes. She started to make very contented sounds as I rubbed faster.

"Unbutton your jeans, Pet. Now unzip them." There wasn't another car nearby, so we weren't in too much danger of getting caught, but the very thought that it might happen was exciting enough! I eased my hand into her pants, working my fingers down to her extraordinary slit. I put one, then two fingers into her, and slowly pumped my hand up and down, fingers sliding in and out. Kelsey was breathing rather hard at this point.

"Squeeze your nipples, Pet. I want to see them through my shirt." She did as she was told, rubbing them, moaning, as I brought her to the brink, but didn't push her over. We had been at this long enough that I could tell when she was about to cum, and I wanted to deny her that, at least for the time being.

"Stop rubbing, Pet!" She did as demanded, and I completely stopped moving my hand. She let out a whimper; it was clear that only a few more strokes and she would have been pushed over the edge.

"Stay this way, Pet. Don't go too far, I'm not done with you yet. We're going home now, and I want you just like this when we get there. Do you understand?" She nodded, still enraptured with being so close to climax. I took my hand out of her pants, and she shuddered a little, another little nudge toward orgasm. She quickly replaced my hand with her own, but just as I'd charged, she didn't continue too far. Such a good, wonderful Pet! Thankfully for the both of us (hey, I was edging myself here too!), I didn't live too far away, and soon enough we were back home.

"Zip, but don't button. Clean off your fingers so we can go upstairs and finish, Pet." She obediently licked her fingers clean, and zipped up; I'd always thought it was so sexy when the top button was left undone. We all but bounded up to my apartment, me following her so I could watch her fantastic butt bounce its way up the stairs. If we had an elevator in the building, I don't doubt that I would've torn her clothes off her body as soon as the doors closed, before we'd even made the trek up the single floor. We couldn't get through my door fast enough, as we both desperately wanted to finish what was started in the parking lot. Kelsey opened it and only got a couple steps in before I gave her another order.

"Stop! Wait there, Pet." I threw the groceries past her onto the floor, and stepped up behind her, grinding my cock into her backside. I bodily pushed her forward just enough so I could close the door behind us, and as it was still swinging closed, I unzipped her jeans and shoved my fingers into the moistness of her snatch. Her gasp was instant and erotic, quickly becoming a moan of pleasure as I fingered her harder and harder. I kissed her neck as I slid my middle and ring fingers in and out of her pussy, grabbing her tits with my other hand, and felt her body rock, her legs buckling, mouth panting, juices flowing down her leg, soaking her jeans. I almost couldn't keep both fingers inside her as she was constricting so much with her orgasm; I had to hold her up so she didn't collapse on the floor.

"Oh, thank you so much, Master!" She uttered between heaves.

"You're most welcome, Pet. I do love you too, my dear." Her legs were almost completely useless now, and she threw her arm around my neck to help stabilize herself. I brought us both down to the floor, resting against the door, holding her in my arms. We sat there, regaining composure and energy; I was caressing her neck and shoulders with my lips, her chest and tummy with my hands. Finally, though, the gnawing in my stomach overwhelmed my current horniness.

I was done being the Master for a while.

"Yeah?" Such a perfect little wonder, she switched back to the relationship instantly!

"I'm fuckin' hungry!" She giggled a little.

"Well, now that you mention it, I'm hungry too! Good thing we just got back from the grocery store, huh?"

With that, we both got up; Kelsey went to put on a dry pair of pants, having thoroughly soaked the ones she was wearing, and I got a few more ingredients ready for dinner. It had been a very good day, and I was ready to treat us both to a decent meal. I'm no chef in the truest sense of the word, but I know my way around a kitchen, and thankfully Kelsey – who joined me in the preparation – was pretty good herself. We teased each-other a bit, of course, but the pangs of hunger kept us on course until we sat down to eat.

We had a movie to watch, so we ate in front of the TV – not a good habit, but it was nice to have Kelsey put her head on my shoulder and cuddle as we enjoyed something together aside from just passionate, amazing, delicious sex. Of course, when watching The 40-Year-Old Virgin, at the end I couldn't help but make an observation.

"I'm so glad you came along and saved me from being a 40-year-old virgin!"

"Hmmm, so am I!" How long had she been rubbing my chest? I tend to get a little to distracted by movies… The credits hadn't even started rolling when she began kissing my neck. Now that got my attention! I turned and returned the favor of embrace as we both stood up off the couch. She leaned back, looked me over, and said "Take your shirt off."

"Well, yes, ma'am!" No argument there! I'd hardly gotten the fabric over my head when she put a hand on my chest and started pushing me backwards, guiding me around the couch, pointing me in the direction of the bedroom. Not giving me a chance to even take my pants off, she shoved me onto the bed; I had to fumble to get my jeans off as she was hurriedly undressing herself. Soon enough, she had that perfect little mouth around my throbbing member, teasing me just enough to get some pre-cum wetting the tip, just a little taste for her to enjoy, licking her lips.

She straddled me, easing my cock into her tight little pussy, that loving, seductive smile across her mouth, eyes closed, head back, teasing and squeezing her own nipples. Such a sublime sight to behold! Enraptured, I could only watch her as she slowly rode me Cowgirl-style (one of her preferred positions). My hands gained a mind of their own and began gripping her pert little ass, moving in time with her own rhythm. Her moans brought me back, taking me closer to my own climax – which I hadn't released since before we'd even gone to the store! I held her up, only the head of my dick still inside her, and gave her a few upward thrusts before reaching into my drawer and bringing out our good friend, the vibrator (which we'd come to call "Vibey" – yes, we're that creative). Kelsey still had her eyes closed, glowing with the feelings of our lovemaking. I took her hand, guided it down, and just as I put Vibey to her clit, I had her grab the running toy; the sensation made her gasp in pleasure. I could tell that, thankfully, she was getting as close to orgasm as I was, and I resumed thrusting up and into her wet slit.

As we both neared our respective peaks, I started to thrust faster, pulling her down to greet my hips; the increase in ferocity accelerated us both, and I soon found myself using all my might, burying my cock as deeply in to her as I could, exploding a massive load into her.

Kelsey grunted loudly as she felt my hot cum shoot inside; her own spasms of orgasm simultaneously joining my own. Her passion tremors continued after I'd been spent, but soon enough she collapsed on top of me, and once again I was in awe feeling the soft warmth of her smooth, flawless skin against mine. "Lovely, absolutely lovely!" she said as she kissed me.

"Mmmm, you're telling me!" I so adored running my hands over her back, down her butt, behind her thighs, and back up again. Caressing her was pleasurable in and of itself!

story by: Benoit_23

Tags: fiction male/teen female consensual sex exhibitionism sex story

Author: Benoit_23

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