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It was 10:00pm and Ellen a beautifull 13 year old was staggering along the main road called Parsons Avenue. Ellen was 5'4, longe black hair, greeb eyes and a nicly developed teen body. She was wearing a Cotton mini skirt that had flower patterns at the bottom and canvas shoes. She had been invited to a gatho and had no credit to call her mom and she lived about 45minutes away.

After a sip of the beer she was carrying and a ciggerette, the first car she had seen in ages pulled up along side her.
'Exscuse me,' said the driver from the holden 'Are you lost?'
Ellen turned to the women and said 'No, my bitchy mom forgot about me and i have to walk home and thats like 1hour away!'
'Well would you like a lift?' the women offered.
Ellen thought for a couple of minutes and hopped into the car.
'Were are you headed?'
'Summerset road.'
'ok then, im Mel.'
Mel was around 29, Long blonde hair, green eyes tall, nice body with nice tits and wearing mini shorts and a tank top. Ellen and Mel sat their silently and Mel drove of. It was about 10minutes into the drive and Mel offered Ellen a ciggie and a cold one.
'Thank you Mel.' Ellen took the beer and lit the fag and Mel unexpectedly said
'Sorry, but that will have to cost you, im running out of fuel so next fuel station you chip in.'
Ellen nodded and continued to smoke and drink.

The car came to a complete stop on the side of the road. It was about 10:20pm and still no cars.
'Shit,' Mel screamed 'I'll call the car repair guys to come get us.'
Ellen waited patiently untill Mel Returned.
'I have Good and Bad news Ell, they are coming…But, wont be for another 2Hours.'
'Shit, can i call my mom to tell her?'
Mel handed Ellen the phone and Ellen rung and told her mom that she was staying at her mates allnight.

They both sat silently in the car and not a car insite.
'I'll be back,' Ellen said 'im going to go in the bush and chuck a pee.'
'Good idea ill come with.

Mel and Ellen squated down beside each other.
'Ahh damn!,' Ellen shouted 'I pissed on my undies!.'
'Here have mine.' Mel offered Ellen the undies but didnt want them.

They both went back to the car and sat silently again.
'Hey can you see if i have a make up bag in the bag at the back?'
Ellen stood up and turned and reached for the bag. Mel went forward to get a nice upskirt view and saw her fresh shaved slit. Ellen sat on the seat and told Mel she couldn't find one. Mel touched Ellens knee and told her not to worry about the make up. Mel rubbed Ellens knee and straight to her thigh. Ellen creeped into the corner of the car.
'What are you doing?' questioned Ellen.
'Well, i am a lesbian and your a nice cute girl..'
'So you what to have sex with me?'
'Well yer kinda.'
Ellen moved Mels hand away and reached for the handle. Mell jumped towards her and said 'Im just mesding with you im sorry.'

Mel had both of Ellens hands and reached to kiss her on the cheek. Mel planted some a few times when Ellen knew she couldn't escape. Ellen opened her mouth for a kiss and had a angry look on her face. Mel kissed Ellen several times on the lips and climbed ontop of her. She kissed Ellens neck and removed the right dress strap. She kissed her shoulder and removed the other strap. Mel moved the top of the dress down to see her bra. Mel moved her hand in her bra and squeezed her Bcup breasts while kissing her. Ellen removed her bra and squeezed her breasts while Mel took of her pants. Ellen then sat on Mel and kissed and rubbed Mels panties. Elled then went down and removed Mels panties and saw her pussy with a 2cm wide piubic hair line. Ellen stretched Mels pussy open and licked it. After a while Ellen put her ass in the air for Mel. Mel rubbed Ellens pussy as she licked her ass hole.

Ellen sat in the back and opened her legs. Mel went to the back and they both scissored while foundaling with eachothers breasts. After a while Ellen jumped onto Mels face and Mel licked her.
'Im Cumming babe!' Ellen shouted.
Within seconds Ellens juices ran down into Mels mouth. Mel did the same to Ellen and Ellen got a mouthful of Mel. The decided
To put their clothes on while they waited for the Car repair man. The man showed up and refeuled their car. All of the way home Ellen licked and fingered Mel.

Ellen got home and went to her room and thought about what just happebed. Her mom entered her room ad said
'Ellen… Why are you here?'

Ellen told her mom what happened exept the whole sex bit.

The next day Ellen heard the door ring and she went and opened the door. It was Mel. They both had a shock on their face.
'Oh Ellen, I see you have met my Girlfriend Mel.'
'Mum when did you turn lesbian!'
'around the time when your father left me.'

Ellen couldnt believe it! She has had sex with her mums new girlfriend. Karren Eppens mum was 34 years old brown hair hazel eyes and the body have a actress. Karren kissed Mel and went to Mels car to get Mels suitcase.
'Well Ellen looks like you have a new mummy, lets keep last night a secret just between you an me.

story by: MistyxXx

Tags: fiction masturbation young female / girl first time virginity lesbian teen sex story

Author: MistyxXx

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