Naked: the two sisters

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I pulled into my driveway around 10:30pm. It was a Saturday evening and I was stark naked. Long story. (See: “Naked, Exposed, and Abused” for background information.) I looked around to see if anyone was out and about. It was then that I recognized the car parked at the curb in front of my small home. It was my />
“Oh great,” I muttered. We’d been engaged for just over a year but we were on the skids. I’d been planning on calling it off for the last few months and was mildly surprised she hadn’t already ended it. We’d go weeks without seeing each other. She worked in a high stress job requiring lots of hours. Of course she had a key to my house. Lights were on. She was waiting for me. If I were properly clothed, as I was while traveling to my dominatrix sisters that afternoon, I could always say I’d been at the movies. However, driving home naked, with just shoes and a borrowed bath towel from four college co-eds who’d spied my nudity on the way home, I was in deep trouble. I smiled at the thought of the four college-aged teenagers giving me head after cornering me.

I removed the towel and my shoes. In for a penny, as they say. I gingerly walked over the gravel driveway to the kitchen entrance and entered my home. Lisa sat at the kitchen table and stared uncomprehendingly at my lack of clothing and having been outside.

you remove your clothes?"

She didn’t understand. “I had to drive home naked.”

she exclaimed puzzled. “Why? Who />
I waved her off. “It’s a long, long story and I’m bone tired.” It was true. I’d been dominated sexually by two gorgeous women and a guy who I’d been forced to have gay sex with, and I’d achieve four orgasms since about 4pm. Then the teenagers. “Let me just say I had no choice.”
“Why didn’t you have a choice,” she demanded.

I was tempted to tell her to go to hell, but instead decided on telling her the truth. “I was blackmailed into femdom action,” I stated /> “What? How?” She stood and looked at my nakedness. She stepped around me and my face burned as she studied the red whip marks on my ass, back and legs. she muttered.

I shrugged. “I sent naked pics and a jack-off video to a coworker. She used it as blackmail. Made me do unspeakable things and had the same done to me.”

“You fucking asshole,” she spat. “And I suppose this was part of your fun?” She waived a memory stick inches in front of my face.

“I don’t know. What’s on it?” I placed both hands on my hips and glared at her. What had Cheryl and Sandy done to me now? Send her the videos they had made of me being sexually abused? Well, the cat was out of the bag now, and the issue of me calling of our engagement seemed to have been settled for me.

She went to the computer in my small bedroom and powered it up, put the stick in the port, and up popped the image of me riding the work-out bench naked like a kid riding a crotch rocket motorcycle. The cock head of a real live erect cock was being aimed at my anus. I watched fascinated as Elliot’s cock start to sink into my anus
“So you’re turning gay now? Well?”

“I was made to suffer that. Part of being />
She continued to play the video. But there was no reason to. She’d obviously seen it. Then it dawned on me. We had discussed just such a fantasy, me with a guy while she watched. I looked at her watching the video slack jawed. The video went on for twenty minutes, ending with me sucking Elliot off and jacking off at the same time. She watched me spurt. “How could you,” she demanded. She was in my face, literally. She then threw me for a loop. She mashed her lips on mine and eagerly French kissed me. Her tongue drove deep into my mouth.
Lisa was a classy, good looking woman who could have anyone she wanted. She had long, straight brown hair, same colored eyes, great figure, beautiful C-cup tits, narrow waist, perfect hips, gorgeous ass and a shaved pussy mound.

She reached for my cock and felt my package up. I groaned, half in pleasure, half in pain. How in hell was I going to cum a fifth time in as many hours? She got me stiff and went down on me. She sucked my cock eagerly, almost desperately, for long minutes. She stood and hurriedly stripped her clothes off. With both of us naked, she started the video over. She got on the bed and pulled me to her. She made me eat her cunt while she watched the video again. I lapped at her wet pussy as she no doubt liked what she was watching, that taboo scene of my ass being fucked by some guy.

She humped me while she played with her nice tits and her small aureoles and erect nipples. “Oh god,” she moaned. “He’s fucking your ass, his cock going in and out of your butt hole. I’m coming,” she moaned louder. As she did, she squirt a good quantity of her pussy juice in my face. I licked her through it.

She pushed my head away and turned over, and got on her knees. “Fuck my ass,” she demanded hotly. I had never stuck my cock in her ass before. I spit on my cock and put it to her anus and shoved it in. It was slow going, so I opened the side table and scooped a glob of Vaseline out and spread it on my cock and her anus. I shoved my hard cock rudely in to her butt hole. she moaned, her head turned to the video showing me turning over and getting fucked in the ass while I masturbated my cock. I rode her for long minutes while I watched the tape of myself getting fucked by a big, hard cock.

“Pull out,” she said. “I’m hurting.” I did so and got off the bed to wash my cock. She was restarting the recording, again. She lay back down on her back and spread her legs wide. “Fuck my cunt,” she demanded. I gladly obliged her. I did her missionary style for a while, then got on my knees and grabbed her hips and butt and pulled her to my waist.

“Masturbate while I fuck you,” I demanded. She did so eagerly, rubbing he clit.

“I’m gonna cum again,” she moaned a few minutes later.

“You like watching me get fucked in the ass by that guy?” She was into aural sex. I could always make her cum over the phone by talking dirty.
“Fuck yeah, it’s fucking hot. Ohhh, shit that’s good. Fuck me hard. Slap my tits.” I did, watching her gorgeous breasts ripple as I swatted at them. “Did you like him fucking your ass hole?”

“Oh yeah. It hurt at first, but I loved him doing me in front of the women.”

“Would you do it again?” she moaned.

“Hell yeah. But I still want women to watch.”

a fucking slut bag. Oh! I’m cuming,” she moaned. She bucked madly and I felt her pussy contractions on my sore, hard cock. She squirt again unabashedly and still I fucked her. I was nowhere near ready to cum. I doubted I would. The video ended. Lisa was spent and pushed me away. I collapsed next to her. She was covered in sweat, heaving big gulps of air into her lungs. I watched her erotic tits swell up and down.

“It’s a shame, really,” she said, “best sex we ever had. Now it’s over.” She got off the bed and posed, her ass to me. “Take a good look. You’ll never see me like this again.” She put her clothes on while I just lay there, analyzing my emotions. She didn’t care that I hadn’t come.
“I’m sorry,” he said, not really sounding apologetic.

“So why’d you send that woman naked pics of />
“You might as well ask why do guys do anything? A lot of us do stuff like that. We get horny and jacking off only carries us so far. We’re always escalating things.” I might as well have been talking to the wall. I walked with her to the kitchen door. She went outside and I followed her.
naked, for god’s sake. Get back in the house.”

“I don’t give a shit,” I said. “So, I guess this is />
“I’ll be back for my stuff later.” She got in her car, started it and drove away, leaving me standing at the end of the driveway naked.
“What stuff?” I asked myself out loud. What, some old coffee cups? Or just an excuse to come back for more of my cock. I noticed for the first time the glow of a cigarette from across the street. She was a nice old lady. She was always sitting in her cheap lawn chair on the small cement porch, chain smoking and passing the time of day, or night in this case. I waved and headed back inside. It was dark, lit only by outside lights. I suppose she could see me clearly enough.

“Nice butt,” she called out.

I turned and stared at her, my hands on my hips. “What about the rest of me?” I demanded, half amused.

She laughed. “Oh, I’ve seen bigger, back in the day.”

I turned and shook my head in disgust and waved to her over my head. She cackled merrily. So many people had seen me naked today that I just didn’t care anymore. I showered, took some Tylenol, and collapsed on top of my bed. What a day. I fell asleep instantly.

Mid-week I received an email from the Cheryl the dominatrix. I thought it would be my next appointment into the dark abyss of human degradation. I opened it, feeling myself getting aroused. All it contained was a website and a code to be entered. I clicked on the link. Her and Sandy stood in skimpy black leather outfits with whips. I went to the video link, entered the code which meant I could watch for free. Plenty of sites offered free videos. Wasn’t sure how many fools would pay to see these types of videos. I scanned the list of first names. I saw my name. Great. Clicked it on. Saw the two sessions they had filmed. Each was an hour long, obviously edited. I was tempted to send the link, sans the code, to Lisa. Maybe she could get off watching her ex-fiancé getting sexually humiliated. I wisely decided against it. I didn’t bother watching them.

Just then I got a text. “Coming over.” It was from Linda, Lisa’s older-by-a-year sister. And every bit as good looking as Lisa. I pondered this for a minute before typing Linda had flirted with me, the way only sisters could, irritating each other, usually when she was drunk. I ducked in the shower; had been doing yard work after work. I always leave the doors unlocked. She arrived twenty minutes later. It was nine-thirty. I had a towel wrapped around me and I was toweling my hair dry when I heard her call out a hello from the kitchen. “In here,” I called back.

“Are you decent?” she asked peeking in the bedroom.

“Well, I could remove the towel if you want,” I joked.

she joked back.

“You wish,” I said.

never know. I’ll wait in the kitchen while you get dressed.” I put on my favorite black pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

“So what’s up?” I asked.

up?” she asked incredulously. “You two break off your engagement, and this.” She waived the memory stick. “Pretty interesting stuff on here,” she said with a smile.

“If that’s what I think it is, why would Lisa share that with you.”

“She called me to say she had broken it off with you. I came over and she showed me the video of your gay It was kinda hot, Linda seeing me naked and getting cock stuffed in my anus. “I pretended to be disgusted, but I gotta tell you it turned me on.”
Oh what the hell. I said, “Oh, there’s a lot more to it than that.”

“The break-up?” she asked quizzically.

“No, that kind of activity. Wanna see?” I knew she couldn’t resist. And I was right. It was naughty of me. I knew she’d get all hot and bothered watching me abused and humiliated.

“Actually, yes. I’m intrigued.” We went to the bedroom, and I opened the website and clicked on my first femdom session.” She watched it all the way through. “Holy crap, Ted. I had no idea you were into this kind of stuff.” I told her how it came about. She nodded knowingly and sympathetically. “But you enjoy it too, right?”

“Hell yeah.” She watched the second video, skimming some of it. Certain scenes shocked her. She giggled with her hand to her mouth at me expelling water after they douched my ass, and for some reason the scene with me lying naked on the chaise as folks walked by and spied me sent her into delighted laughter. The penis fucking had her enthralled. I watched her closely. She was open-mouthed as they withdrew the corkscrew device with my cum on it, and watched the rest of my cum spurt and pour out. “Holy shit,” she muttered. I had a woody started, already half erect. The thin cotton of my summer PJ’s hid very little detail. The head of my penis was clearly defined through the material, as was the shaft of my cock.

When the video was over, she exited the website and turned to regard me. She looked right at my crotch. She giggled. “I seem to have excited you, watching you in action.”

“It is erotic, knowing you know everything about me now, every little detail of my naked body.”

She stood up and hugged me, making sure her pelvis was pushing hard on mine. “I’m so sorry you two had to break up.” She broke the embrace and I sat down on the bed. “How are you taking it,” she asked, sitting next to me. My cock was in a rampant state of erection and I did nothing to hide that fact. The last thing I wanted to talk about was Lisa and our failed engagement.

“I’ll be honest with you, Linda. After all, I have nothing to hide.” She giggled. “I was planning on breaking it off with her anyway, soon. We just grew apart, hardly ever saw her in the last four months.”

been seeing someone else.” News to me, of course.

“It’s for the best. I’m glad for her.” I paused. “And what about you?”

“Oh, I date around, have sex occasionally as the mood hits me, like it’s doing now.” She looked me in the eye.

“I have a confession to make,” I said. “I wanted you to see those videos, for just that reason.”

She nodded and said, “I wanted to see them, for just that reason too.” She leaned into me and kissed my lips gently. “It’s been a while for me.” She reached out with her left hand and grasped my hard-on. Rubbed it up and down through the fabric for a minute. I kissed her, then french kissed her. She took a deep breath and reciprocated. Her hand went under my waistband and cupped my balls. I spread my legs. She felt me up, cock, balls, my short pubic hair. She stretched my waistband away from my belly, looked at my cock. “I love the look of your cock head,” she whispered.

I lay her gently back on the bed and scooted off to my knees on the floor. I undid her jeans.

“I shouldn’t be doing this with you,” she said. think I’m a slut.”

I shushed her. “It’s okay.” I pulled her jeans down and off, then her underwear. It was wet in the crotch. How could it not be, looking at all that sexual activity. I spread her legs and got between them. I put my face to her crotch. I began licking her pussy and found her erect clit.
she moaned. She put her hands on my head and pressed me into her sex harder. After a few minutes, she was humping my face. “Put your fingers in me,” she moaned. “Make me come.” I did so, and fucked her with my two fingers. “You do me so good. Damn.” She moaned loudly. making me come. Oh, oh, now. Ohhhhhh.” She released some feminine lubricant into my mouth and I slurped it up noisily. I felt her shutter on my fingers deep in her pussy. she wailed, over and over. She pushed me away. “Fuck me.” She got on the bed and spread her legs. I stripped and climbed on the bed. “Fuck me that that beautiful, hard cock.” I entered her wet pussy to the hilt. She moaned. “I’ve wanted to do this with you for a long, long time.”

“Do what?” I asked huskily.

She laughed. “Fucking you, silly.”

“Me too.” I humped her slowly, driving her crazy.

“Fuck me harder. Promise me I can watch you cum,” she whispered in my ear. “I want to see that creamy white semen pour out of your hard cock.”

Aural just like her sister. “I’m going to turn you over and fuck your ass,” I said hotly in her ear.

“No, don’t. I’ve never been fucked there.”

“But you liked seeing my ass stuffed with hair brush handles and a real live cock.”

“Oh god yes, that was hot.” She moaned, humping me to meet my thrusts.

“Besides, I want to see your beautiful ass.” I pulled out, and turned her over. She complied reluctantly. I got her up on her knees, head and tits flat on the bed. “Nice fuckable ass,” I said. I spanked her lightly, watching her butt flesh ripple with the blows. I put my cock head to her anus.
“No, please, She moaned.

“I’ll poke it in just a little. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.” She didn’t reply so I pushed my cock head into her. She stiffened, panicked.

“No, please stop. I don’t like it.” I complied, and entered her steaming pussy instead. I rammed my cock home. I grabbed her hips and fucked her good.

“Finger yourself,” I demanded. She complied and humped me madly.

“Fuck, fuck, I’m coming again. Shit. Ohhh,” she wailed. Moaned all the way through her orgasm. It felt great on my cock. Fifteen more minutes of hard fucking and she told me to stop. “I’m hurting. Your male weapon is killing me. How do you last so fucking long?”

I withdrew and sat on the edge of the bed, my unrelieved cock standing straight up at attention. “Suck me off,” I said. “Put my cock in your mouth and blow me.”

She got on her knees on the floor and took me into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on me, holding the base of my shaft while massaging my balls. Occasionally she would stop and look at my cock head. Then she would continue with the oral sex.

“You like sucking cock?” I asked, in heat finally. She mumbled in the affirmative. I scooted further forward. “Stick your finger up my ass.” She licked her finger and fingered my butt hole. She lightly pushed it in. She wiggled it all the up my ass. “Move your finger around up my ass.” She did as I directed. After a minute I was ready. “I’m gonna cum,” I moaned. She withdrew my cock from her mouth and jacked me. Pre-cum was dripping out of my cockhead in a stream.

“Come for me. I want to watch you come. Spurt your hot, creamy cum out.”

“Now, oh, now, shit.” I spurt. The first two watery spurts hit her face. The rest spurt like a garden sprinkler spray, very watery. It kept coming.
“Holy shit, I’ve never seen so much cum.” She giggled in delight as she jacked me through it. My stomach was splattered all over in cum, having pointed my weapon there. I lay back on the bed, reveling in post cum delight. Linda ducked into the bathroom.

“There, all cleaned up.” Linda sniffed the wet washcloth. “I love the smell of cum.”

“It does have a distinct odor,” I admitted. I watched her get dressed as I remained naked, my preferred state.

“Well, it’s late; got to get up early for work.” Still naked, I walked her to the side door. Ms busybody across the street would see my most recent conquest leave the house no matter what, but at the front door she would see me naked again. Linda turned and kissed me passionately on the lips, “Can I see you again?”

“Of course, you can see me anytime you want. I’m naked most of the time while in the house.” I smiled. She smirked and looked pointedly at my shrunken cock.

“Not exactly what I had in mind, mister."

So I laid it out. “Look, Linda, anytime you want some sex, come on over. I would love to have sex with you every day. But I want you to think about your sister.”

She shrugged. “What about Lisa? She dumped you.”

“This isn’t about sister one-upmanship, is it?”

“Is it so strange than sisters could have a crush on the same guy?” I thought about it, but couldn’t get past the sibling rivalry thing.

“And when she finds out? And she will find out. What then?”

“I’ll lie. I’ll say I just stopped by for a visit, having heard you two had just broken up. Then you raped me.”

“Oh that’ll work.” She laughed. />
“Well, I could say one thing led to another and we had sympathy sex.”

I muttered. “Never hear of that before. But if that is what we just had, I need more sympathy. A whole lot more />
pathetic,” she giggled.

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I joked. “But, it’s your funeral. Lisa can’t do anything more to me.”

Linda smiled happily. She shook hands with my limp Mr Happy. “Do that again and you’re not going any ware, sister.”

“Okay, I’m leaving. Bye, for now.” She took one more look at my growing cock. “Save that for later.”

Two days later, Friday, Linda texted me saying she was horny and wanted to fuck my hard cock. Can’t get much more explicit than that. Forbidden sex was best. That was the good news. The bad news was I hadn’t heard from the dominatrix sisters for my regular Saturday treatment which consisted of degrading sex abuse for hours on end while being filmed. Linda showed at 8:30 carrying an overnight bag and two paper bags of Chinese food.

“First, some sex. Then we eat,” she scolded as I peeked into the bags. I was just out of the shower in my black pjs, as usual, and she yanked them down and off leaving me naked. She had on tight jean hip-huggers. I love the look of hip huggers on women, better than yoga pants, in my opinion, as sometimes they gave too much information by showing much more detail of the female anatomy. “Bend over and put your face on the couch, knees on the floor. Spread your legs.” She set up her phone to record what she was going to do. “I’ve had this thing I’ve always wanted to do.”

She grabbed my cock from behind, between my legs and stoked me until I was hard. She kissed my ass. “I’m going to milk you like a cow’s teat.” She had my cock pointed to the floor and she stroked it with her thumb up and pinky down. “This is the way farmers milk their cows, although I suppose it’s all done by machine now. Am I going to get some male milk from you?”

I moaned, “I think that’s a safe bet.”

As she jacked me off, or milked me, she related, “I have this fantasy that in the distant future, the number of men will dwindle. I actually read that somewhere. Something to do with men’s XY chromosomes. So the people of earth will have to line men up in long stalls, all naked of course, and all with cute butts, thank you very much, while women supervise and admire the men’s butts as they do so. They will have to stick their erect cocks into a machine that jacks them off for them. The sperm is collected and examined and women will be artificially inseminated with predetermined sex of the baby already known.”

“That would be hot,” I moaned.

“What, having women watch a machine jerk you off while you were naked and the women clothed in lab coats, wearing surgical masks and latex exam gloves?”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned louder.

“The machines would be made of clear plastic; the women would watch them cum. Uh oh, I have some pre-milk showing. It’s a big drop stretching to the floor.” She giggled. “I have a glass ready to collect your sperm. And the men who were having a difficult time of coming would get the old middle finger up their yahoo to massage the />
“I wonder if I could hold out that long,” I said. I couldn’t, the last femdom session with that fake plastic pussy on my cock. It had felt wonderful. I began humping, scrunching my butt in my thrusts.

“Coming, dear?” she asked sweetly.

I moaned. Her fantasy story had me horny. “I bet you’d like to be one of the />
“Oh yes. Watching a hundred naked guys all lined up next to each other, humping the jerk-off machines, butts scrunching in pleasure, moaning like you’re doing. I’d pay big bucks in bribes to get that job.”

“Oh fuck that’s hot,” I moaned louder. “I’m gonna cum. Milk my cock. Make me spurt my milk out.”

Linda giggled. She held the glass to my penis. “Say when.”

“Now, Ohhhh.” I came.

“Pump it out. Oh, yes, yes baby. Pump your male milk out for me. Nice orgasm,” Linda cooed. “Strong pumps of nice, creamy white globs of pure milky cum.”

“Oh fuck that was good,” I said. I felt her squeeze the last of my milk out.

“Okay, big boy. Come on, let’s eat. Give you time to recover for another go at it.” I ate naked, of course, our dinner placed on the glass table top. She’d placed the glass of cum on the table between us. Occasionally she would lift the glass to her nose and breathe in the smell of my spunk. “I love the smell of fresh cum, right from the farm.” She put her spoon in it and spread a little of the semen on her almond boneless chicken. she purred, looking down through the glass at my crotch.

After dinner, she took my hand and led me to the bedroom. “How many people do you suppose have seen you naked?”

“You mean live, or in the videos and />
“All of it, and what pictures?” she asked.

“Oh, I had taken naked shots taken of me and put them on some of the nude internet sites.”

“Really? And who took the pictures, may I ask?” she said accusingly.

“Well, for one, your sister. Mostly I took them of myself. But to answer your question, I suppose thousands of people have seen my naked body.”

“By the way, I could post the video of you milking me, if you like.”

“Fuck, that would be hot.” She stripped naked, jumped on the bed and spread her legs. “Eat me,” she demanded hotly.

I climbed aboard and sunk my mouth onto her sex. I spread her cunt lips apart and licked and sucked and nibbled her erect clit. It drove her crazy. She humped my face, writhing on the bed. She said, “I want to see you get jerked by a machine, naked and sweaty, while me and a bunch of women watch. I want you to fuck your ass with a dildo while you do it.” She went on and on with the gutter talk, being an aural woman as she was. I enjoyed it. “Then I want you to take me and fuck me while everyone watches. Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum. Fuck!” I pulled away and sawed her pussy with my fingers. She shot a stream of her cunt juice out and came mightily. “Oh, fuck!” she screamed and moaned.

I let her relax for a bit, snuggling her at her left tit, as her breathing relaxed. She climbed on top of me and pulled my cock into her pussy. She rode me, her hands on my chest, pinching my nipples. I played with her titties, feeling, pinching, mashing, and grabbed her hips. She fucked me long and hard and there was no question as to who was doing the fucking. It was Linda. She rubbed her clit as she humped up and down on my cock.

my little boy-slut, aren’t you?” she moaned in pleasure. “My boy toy to use any time I want. Just for my pleasure.” I agreed. “Your hard cock oozing pre-cum into my vagina, waiting to explode your semen deep inside me. Your hard cock head growing ever bigger, your cum rising in your belly. Racing down the tube from your cum gland and into your penis. Ohhhh, fuck me!” She squirt again, soaking my balls as she came. I rode her through her orgasm. She collapsed to my chest and french kissed me long and hard. Then she relaxed, my cock still deep in her. She rested. My cock shriveled out of her.

She got out of bed and dug in her purse. She withdrew her battery powered dildo. “This is going into your ass hole. Up on all fours. Now!” she demanded rudely. I assumed the position. She lubed up my anus and her boy toy and began pushing it into me. In and out, a little further with each push. It hurt. I relaxed. She lay beside me on my left, her right hand guiding the fake cock in and out of my ass.

“You like?” she asked. “Mr Dickie seems to like it.” I looked and saw my cock growing.

“Fuck yeah,” I moaned.

“First I milked your cock, now I’m milking your cum gland.” She giggled. “Jack off for me.” I took my cock in hand and rubbed it. Five minutes later, I was humping madly.

“Fuck my ass. Make me cum.”

She giggled. “Are you my little cum-slut boy?”

“Fuck yes. I’m a slut. A naked, rutting, slut boy. I’ll do anything to cum while you watch. Watch me jerk my hard cock. Oh, deeper in my ass. Fuck me deeper.” She pushed it in harder. Then she flicked the switch. A vibration started deep inside my bowels. It felt wonderful. “Ohhh, fuck! I’m cuming. Watch me cum.” With the device deep inside me, my cum only flowed out in small, pathetic spurts. I couldn’t shoot it out.

hot,” she cooed. “Your milk pouring out in slow motion. Fuck.” She caught it in her left hand. “Nice and warm, from deep inside your belly.” When I was done, she got up and pulled her device slowly out of my anus. I collapsed to the bed, face down, willing the pain there to diminish quickly. My insides had been stretched badly. When she was finished cleaning up, she came to wipe my ass of Vaseline. She lay beside me and we kissed and cuddled. We both nodded off and awoke later, a little chilly. We crawled under the covers. She hogged the bed.

The End

story by: Griffin-slut-boy

Tags: fiction male / females sex story

Author: Griffin-slut-boy

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