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Sooby and I had set a plan in motion to seduce her younger sister Tooby into having oral sex and if our plan worked having intercourse or the first time with me. Sooby was a lady I have been seeing for a few years on and off. She was a beautiful, young 25 year old, medium dark woman from the Caribbean who had just graduated from college and was working for a hospital. She was a great person, sexy woman and she was an outstanding piece of ass. Her sex drive was endless and her willingness to please made her a great lover. She loved my tongue and mouth licking and sucking on her pussy as well as my big cock. When we got together we would fuck and suck each other for hours. We both had off for the entire weekend and she was spending it with me. We both sat in front of the fireplace talking and drinking wine coming down from one tremendous fuck session. She started telling me about her 20-year-old sister Tooby! She told me: Tooby is a virgin! She had never been with a man.

I'm sure she has fingered herself and maybe even used things girls use to get off. But, she has told me that she has never had the thrill of being fucked by a man! Sooby continued: "She has never had or given oral sex. Now she is in college and is very lonely and very inexperienced. So he doesn't date much. I think we should teacher her all about sex." I asked her: "So do you think we can seduce your sister into having sex with us?" She smiled and asked me: "Would you like to fuck a young, beautiful, black, virgin Mr. XX?" I smiled and said: I haven't seen your sister baby but if she looks like you, what man wouldn't want her in his bed? Sure I'll help you to get your sister educated and help teach her all about sex, sucking and fucking." How do you want to start?" Sooby told me she had an idea. She would call me in a few days. We talked for a long time about the best way to do it. Finally we decided that Tooby should first be introduced to the wonderful world of pleasures from oral sex. Then we can bring her along until she is ready and willing to be fucked! Sooby looked at my cock and said: "Well you better be gentle with this big fucking pipe. She wrapped her dark fingers around my cock and began to stroke it up and down as we continued to talk. I began to play with he beautiful 34C breasts as she told me: "Here's what we'll do. I'll get her to watch us. I mean she will be hiding some place and we can give each other oral sex letting her see how we please each other. I think I can get her to hide in my big clothes closet and we'll have oral sex in front of it. We'll only be 3 or 4 feet away from her. You can show her what it's like by doing me real good with that wonderful tongue of yours, baby!! That way you'll enjoy giving it to me and you know dam well I'll certainly enjoy getting it. She'll learn that it won't hurt I'm sure from the sound of my voice as you get me off. She'll know how fucking good it feels!! Wonderful!" I smiled and said: "OK I can do that. What's next?"

She smiled and told me I would like this part the best. She said: "Then you lay back and I'll work on this big cock of yours sucking you until you cum! I'll suck and lick your cock and balls so she can see what I'm doing. And, when you shoot your cum I'll let some of it shoot up in the air so she can see what happens when you orgasm! How does that sound?" I smiled and said: "I can't wait until you call me Sooby! You make me so hot and ready just talking about it! But, you know, if we are going to have an audience, we better practice again and again so we to do it just right!" I pulled her dark body over to me. She rolled into my body and we kissed and tongued each other as we rolled around on the rug in front of the fire. Since we had dropped our clothes hours ago, my leg was up between her legs and she had her thigh between my legs rubbing over my cock. I was hard again. When I got her under me, I licked and kissed down her neck and body stopping at her full round breasts with those nipples sitting way up high pointing at me. I sucked and licked her long hard nipples pinching them with my fingers and biting them gently with my teeth. She arched her back pushing her tits into my face so I could suck on them one at a time. As I continued licking and kissing down her body, I felt her hands on my head pushing gently moving me down her body further and further. She pushed and I licked until I was licking over her closely trimmed pussy hair. Further down she pushed as I kept licking her body. I knew where she wanted my mouth and I teased her a little before putting my head between her thighs! She opened them wide for me and I pushed them open even more as I licked up and down her inner thighs! As my mouth moved closer to her center and her slit, I could feel the heat coming off of it. She was almost always wet and hot between her legs. It was something she told me she had to live with. Being always hot and sexually worked up a little was a problem for her. That is until she met me.

I have been only one of 3 men in her life that has been able to satisfy her sexual appetite. She moaned now as she felt my tongue lick justs outside her body's cunt lips. I licked in that crease where her thigh met her pussy! You know that place where the bones to her legs meet at her pussy. That crease on both sides of her pussy that look like dimples in women who are thin and athletic enough. As I opened her pussy with my fingers now I saw and licked over all of her wet pink insides. She sighed and said: "Now that's what I'm talking about! Mummm baby! You do me so good! Oh god yes Mr. XX!! There!! Right there! Oh yes!!! You know where I like it! Oh yea! Mumm baby! Ahhhh! Heaven! You suck me to heaven baby! Suck me Mr. XX! Suck me good make me cum again!" I sucked and lick Sooby's wet dark pussy over and over in and out, over and under it. I covered all of it! And when I stuck my tongue directly into her hole and began fucking her with it, she started to orgasm. I love the taste of her cum and as she reached her first orgasm. It was almost running out her cunt on to my tongue she was that wet! There's nothing better than seeing your woman pumping her ass and hips up meeting your tongue and fingers as you eat and finger fuck her into paradise. Well, almost nothing! Seeing her pumping her ass up to meet your cock as you bang away in her cunt cumming in her pussy might be better!! It's one if the best things in the world to see your woman getting off so nice from all your work.

Sooby really got off. I mean her hips were pumping into my face as I held her lower body up off the bed with my hands under her ass! As she began her second climax, I vibrated my lips on her clit and as usual she screamed out my name and slammed her pussy into my face fucking on it! God it's great eating pussy! Her young dark sexy body worked hard to give her the maximum benefit of my licking, sucking, and finger fucking her sweet young pussy! My hand and face were covered with Sooby's juices. The wetness actually dripped down my arm as I worked on her. Picture this! She was a really beautiful, young, black woman holding her knees up and out with her hands as far as she could get them, opening her cunt completely to me. She was humping her hips into my face pushing her cunt into my mouth as I licked and sucked and finger fucked her wet wonderful pussy! She would hold her knees when her legs got tired and when they weren't tired, she used her hands to position and then hold my head exactly where she wanted it between her legs! She cried out as her orgasms build again and this one hit her hard. Again and again I made her cum! Her tits were bouncing up and down, her ass was lifting us both up off the floor and her hips were grinding into me as I ate this very beautiful clean wet cunt! Finally after I don't know how long she lowered her ass and legs back to the floor and pulled my head out from between her legs. She pulled me up to her face and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth! We kissed and sucked each other's tongue as she rocked slowly against my extremely hard cock that was between her legs. My cock was rubbing over her wet cunt s she dry pumped into me.

story by: THE FUCKER

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